Stormy of the Akatsuki

Stormy, my main character, started off as a loyal hidden sand shinobi. She had a mother and a father with powerful visual prowess. Join her as she journeys through life to where she is now

Naruto/Naruto Shippuden does not belong to me


6. 6

  After the long feeling weekend, Stormy got up, feeling extremely tired. Her and Thunder stayed up late each night, playing fun games like Truth or Dare. She got ready for school with Thunder that morning, half asleep.

  "We should definitely get some sleep tonight." Stormy commented after yawning.

  "You're right. But I've heard that if you stay up till the same time each night you'll get used to it and not even be tired in the morning." Thunder replied.

  "Either way, I hate being tired. It's a horrible feeling."

  It's a pretty nice day out. They sky has few clouds and it's warm, but breezy. Stormy's favorite weather. Stormy and Thunder were walking to school when Sterling came up to them.

  "Where have you been!?" Sterling yelled at her friend. "I've went to your house multiple times over the weekend but you were never there or you just didn't open your door. I know you're pretty good with the door but what's going on?"

  Stormy sighed. "Just as I told Thunder on Saturday. My parents went on a month long mission and I was told that I could have stayed with you or Thunder. I just happened to find Thunder first so I've just kinda stuck around her."

  Sterling looked at Stormy with sympathy in her eyes. Her parents have gone away for many long missions before so they're almost never around.

  When the three of them got to class together they noticed a new student up in the front. She looked like she would be the kind of person to hang around Stormy's group so she tried to get her attention by eye contact. The new student noticed her and watched Stormy and her group for a few moments. Then the teacher came in. After doing his usual greeting, he welcomed the new student into the class.

  "This is Hara. She came from a different village so treat her kindly. Hara seems to be very nice so I'd like you all to treat her the same way." He turned to Hara and more quietly sorted out the seating situation. "You should go take a seat next to... hm. Lets see here. There's that group there; they're the kind of group that build up young and stays together. I don't really see them with anyone but themselves. Then there's the few loners but they're all very shy and tend to like being alone. I don't want to offer this but then there's those three." He lightly pointed to Stormy's group. "They seem pretty interested in you. If they say a bunch of weird or off stuff don't mind it. I'll let you choose where you sit but I think they want you to join them." He looked up to Stormy's group and made eye contact with them. Stormy seemed excited to have a new person in their group. Hopefully.

  Hara was still tired from the move so she wasn't talking as loud as she normally does. "I'll go sit with them. Thanks for introducing me." She went to join Stormy's group.

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