Stormy of the Akatsuki

Stormy, my main character, started off as a loyal hidden sand shinobi. She had a mother and a father with powerful visual prowess. Join her as she journeys through life to where she is now

Naruto/Naruto Shippuden does not belong to me


5. 5

  Stormy woke up the next morning by herself. Normally her mom or dad come in to wake her up nicely but this morning there was an odd emptiness. She got up and went downstairs. She noticed a note on the table. She quickly went to gab it and read it. The note said:

  Hello, my dearest Stormy. Your father and I have gone off on a very important mission. I'm sorry for not even being here to see you this morning; we ha to leave in the middle of the night to remain secret. We should be back in about a month. You can probably go to Thunder's or Sterling's house while we're gone. We are sure you'll be alright without us.

          Love, Mom and Dad

  Stormy felt lost. She was never without her parents. She went back upstairs to get proper clothing on so she could see which one of her closest friends could have her over for the month. She picked out some simple pants and a shirt, nothing special for something not special. She left the house and went straight for Thunder. She looked around her village as she walked through it, counting the people she knew to pass time. When she go to Thunder's house, it seemed to be empty. Stormy always thought of herself to be closer to Thunder than Sterling, which made her feel bad when she noticed it, and she went to the group's hideout. 

  "Oh, hey Stormy!" She heard Thunder welcome her from the inside. "I heard my parents, your parents, and Sterling's parents got together last night. Ya know what's up?" She asked.

  Stormy was surprised to see Thunder there but she greeted her friend otherwise, ignoring it. "This morning I woke up to my parents gone and a note on the table. Apparently they're off on a mission for the first time out of the village while having me for a month. Kinda sudden. In the note my mom said I could stay with you or Sterling throughout that time. I'm guessing our parents already discussed it."

  Thunder thought about what to say for a moment. "I guess they did. Most likely last night. I'm sure we can keep you for that month. Anything else up?"

  "Not really. All I wanted to do this morning was get to you or Sterling so I could figure out where I was going to stay."

  "I see. Wanna take a walk around and see if there's anything fun we can do?"

  "Sure. Sounds better than sitting here and doing nothing. Am I right?" Stormy slightly laughed. 

  "Yep." Thunder looked around their hideout for a moment. "Maybe we could find a lantern for this place. It's pretty dark." Thunder nudged Stormy, teasingly. "I bet you're scared of the dark!"

  Stormy looked at Thunder for a moment. "I actually am."

  "Oh, I'm sorry! We should then definitely get a lantern then."

  Stormy left the hideout with Thunder to spend their day looking for a lantern and other supplies they could use. 

  By the end of the day, they got everything in and set up.  They had various things in there. Some useful and some so useless Stormy questioned herself why she even agreed to letting it in.

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