Stormy of the Akatsuki

Stormy, my main character, started off as a loyal hidden sand shinobi. She had a mother and a father with powerful visual prowess. Join her as she journeys through life to where she is now

Naruto/Naruto Shippuden does not belong to me


4. 4

 Kimi was finally home. Stormy and Sterling were invited to go see her with Thunder.

  "Hey, Kimi! How was your mission?" Thunder was so excited to see her sister again. She was almost exploding with happiness.

  "It went fine. I did loose a finger though." Kimi held up her hand to show she lost her ring finger. "It was a moment of my finger or my life so I obviously chose my finger. I also see you've brought your friends along."

  Stormy and Sterling looked at Thunder as she explained. "Well, I thought they might wanna see you because we never got to finish training."

 Stormy decided to jump in and tell Kimi about Monoke. "A jonin did come by though. I guess he helped us a bit. We also met the Kazekage."

  "Well isn't that exicting. Me and Monoke were actually in the chunin exam together. He's... interesting, to say the least." 

    "What do you mean by interesting?" Sterling asked.

  "For starters, he... well how do I put this... he thinks that him, of all people, can become Kazekage. He's pretty lazy, really. But no one has ever taken that dream away from him and they shouldn't. He just needs some sense talked into him, that's all."

  "A few people have that dream so I wouldn't exactly call it interesting. Everyone is at least a little lazy." Thunder pointed out. "Although I consider myself to not be lazy at all."

  Kimi started to laugh extremely loud. "You? Not lazy?" She was unable to control her laughter.

  "Not like you're any better!" Thunder yelled at her sister, but she was unable to stop laughing.

  "Thunder, dear friend, I'm sorry, but you can be kinda lazy. No offense. Just stating the truth." Stormy kindly said.

  "I agree with Stormy." Sterling gave Thunder an apologizing look.

  "I'm out." Thunder walks outside the door and sat down.

  "Excuse her. She doesn't seem to be able to handle the truth at the moment. Sometimes she embraces her laziness." Kimi loozed towards the door. "Come back in here, Thunder."

  The door opened again but is wasn't just Thunder. Monoke had Thunder and he carried her in. "I caught this child outside, Kimi. I think she belongs to you."

  "I am not a child!" Thunder said, deeply annoyed. "I may be in the academy, but we have our final exams tomorrow. I'll be a genin in no time!"

  Kimi chuckled at how easily Thunder was picked up by Monoke. "I heard you met these guys."

  "Yeah. But, of course, I've known Thunder for quite some time now, being your friend and all." Monoke reminded her.

  Kimi held up her hand. "Look. I lost a finger while I was out."

  Monoke walked up to Kimi to inspect her hand. "At least it was a finger instead of your whole hand. Or, even worse, your life."

  "Yeah," Kimi agreed. "It was my finger or my lofe, to be honest."

  "Glad to see you made the right decision. Well, I only came by to say a hello since you came back. I'll be off now." He left the room.

  "He never stays long enough to have a conversation." Kimi sadly whispered to herself.

  "What was that?" Thunder asked.

  "Oh, nothing." Kimi looked back at the group. "You guys don't have to stay here all day, ya know."

  "That's good, because we'll be heading back to school now. Seeya later, Kimi!" Thunder and her group went out of Kimi's hospital room.

  "Wait, you brats! Don't skip again!" Kimi angrily yelled after them.

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