Stormy of the Akatsuki

Stormy, my main character, started off as a loyal hidden sand shinobi. She had a mother and a father with powerful visual prowess. Join her as she journeys through life to where she is now

Naruto/Naruto Shippuden does not belong to me


3. 3

  It was a bit into their schooling when they found out that stuff that was already taught was being gone over. Thunder, Sterling, and Stormy were all deciding where they should go for their time out.

  "That's a horrible idea once again, Stormy. Why would we practice when its school we're getting away from?" Thunder complained.

  "She's right, Stormy. Let's just go out and walk around like we normally do before school anyway." Sterling suggested. "We should find a hangout place for the three of us so when we're bored and if we're there we might see one of the others."

  Stormy looked slightly offended. "I guess. I do like Sterling's idea though. And you don't need to be so harsh about it, Thunderbutt." 

  "I thought I told you not to call me that!" Thunder looked very irritated. "I do agree with Sterling. About finding a hangout area."

  "I think it should be a place where we can practice and hang out. Maybe somewhere in a little dug put cave. A big one." Stormy suggested.

  "What's up with you always wanting to practice, Stormy? There's a lot more to life than practicing." Thunder asked.

  "I just wanna be the best shinobi I can be, I guess. Surely you guys wanna do the same thing?"

  "I wanna be a medic. I don't think I'm cut out for this kind of work." Sterling shrugged. "It also seems better for me."

  "Great to know you won't be joining us. Hopefully your new sensei is nice." Thunder looked betrayed.

  "You should be happy that she's listening to herself, Thunder. Didn't you want the three of us to be like the leaf's three legendary sannin some day?"

  "Of course." Thunder looked shocked that Stormy had remembered that. Thunder had mentioned that back when they were little kids.

  "It's always useful to have a medical ninja around. Right, Sterling?"

  "Exactly. What would happen if one of you got hurt and we had no time to wait? I could just use medical ninjutsu and help you. If we're on the same team, that is."

  Thunder shrugged. "I guess it seems like a good idea now. Just don't only practice medical ninjutsu- we may need you to back us up sometime. And about being on the same team, I think that Monoke guy might put a word in for us. Not sure, but I hope. He seemed pretty nice."

  "He did. What if we do end up on the same team? How great would that be?" Excitement shone in Sterling's eyes.

  "It would be. Let's go ahead and find a hangout. We can talk about the details later. Alright, guys?" Stormy looked at them both.

  "Sure. Let's get going!" Thunder started to run ahead. Stormy and Sterling ran after her.

  They had gathered in a corner of the village when Stormy saw her mother walking by. They all ducked behind crates and stayed quiet while she passed. Luckily, they weren't noticed.

  "We should really be more careful. We can't get caught now. We just made it to an area where we can dig out a place." Sterling looked at her friends. "Now that we're here, how are we supposed to dig out a little cave?"

  "I never actually thought of that. It just kinda sounded good at that moment." Stormy started to look around for something to dig with while Thunder and Sterling planned the entrance. 

  "The entrance should just be big enough for the three of us to enter but small enough to be hidden by a crate or something." Sterling started. "It should be the longest part so any noise we make won't be heard, since little miss practice wants to also be able to practice in here."

  Thunder looked at the crate they hid behind when Yuriki walked by. "Maybe this big, since this crate is already here?"

  "Sure. We can start digging out the perimeter." Sterling turned to the area Stormy was at. "Hey, Stormy? Did you find anything?"

  Stormy came back within a few seconds with shovels and a pickaxe. "A family friend has a few tools so I went to him. I asked if I could borrow some and he said 'Sure, go ahead. Just make sure to return them'." Stormy put the pickaxe aside and gave both a shovel while she kept the last for herself.

  "Thanks. And good job, Stormy." Sterling turned to the area and started to dig.

  "Anytime. I know many useful people." Stormy looked inside a home for a clock. "Guys! The time!"

  "I totally lost track!" Thunder put the tools in the little area her and Sterling managed to dig out. Stormy then moved the crate over it to make sure no one found it. 

  "Hurry! I'll meet you guys there. Take the fastest route you know." Stormy quickly ran off, leaving Thunder and Sterling to go their own ways.

  Once they got to the school building, they all ran to where they had to be together. 

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