Stormy of the Akatsuki

Stormy, my main character, started off as a loyal hidden sand shinobi. She had a mother and a father with powerful visual prowess. Join her as she journeys through life to where she is now

Naruto/Naruto Shippuden does not belong to me


2. 2

  Stormy woke up next morning and rolled out of bed. She then remembered how important today was. She ran out into the kitchen to make breakfast when there was already something on the table for her. She quickly ate it and went back to her room to get ready. When she was all finished, she headed out the door.

  Everyone was already pretty busy that morning. Little kids were running around, shinobi were going out on missions, and others were getting to their jobs or whatever thay had to do. Stormy saw Thunder walking with Sterling, one of her friends. She walked up to them and joined their conversation.

  "How have you been recently, Sterling?" Thunder asked. Stormy guessed they just met up.

  "Pretty good." Sterling noticed Stormy. "Oh, hey. Stormy, right?"

  "Yeah. Everyone ready for school?" Stormy faced them both.

  "My sister told me who to stay away from and who's nice and stuff. She also told me when we can ski-" 

  Stormy interrupted Thunder. "We will not be skipping any classes. Right, Sterling?"

  "Well.. I guess. We all wanna be great shinobi, right?"

  "We both do, but what if we aren't doing anything of use? Or going over something we all have down?" Thunder looked at her friends and waited for an answer.

  "I guess that wouldn't hurt too much. Right, Stormy?"

  Stormy looked away for a second. She thought about her answer. "I guess. But we should return after 10 mins. We don't wanna miss anything inportant"

  "Obviously. Now, let's hurry up so we aren't late!" Sterling started to run off with Thunder and Stormy in pursuit.

  In school, they were all together. Stormy and Sterling sat next to each other and Thunder sat next to Gaara, some kid everyone tried to avoid. She looked at him awkwardly, looked at Stormy and Sterling, and shrugged. Their seats weren't too far apart. Their sensei started the class and everyone listened.

  After school, Sterling, Stormy, and Thunder met up in the place where you can practice throwing kunai knives.

  "I'm guessing we're gonna practice. Who's here to help up?" Sterling asked. "I mean, Kimi went out on a mission for like a month and our parents are all busy. Are we supposed to teach ourselves?"

  "It seems that way. At least me and Thunder were able to get a few hints from Kimi before the shinobi came to take her to the Kazekage. She was helping us right when they came."

  "I got some hints from my dad, but he had to go, kinda like Kimi." Sterling mentioned.

  "Could we stop talking about Kimi?" Thunder looked at them both with a sad but serious expression. "My mom didn't handle her being gone for about a month very well. Me and her may not get along very well, but I still miss her. We are family, after all."

  Stormy looked sympathetically at Thunder. "Is she feeling better? Should we get her something?"

  "She's better. Just sad, of course. And nah. She'll be fine- no need to pity her. Father goes out on missions all the time, but she's used to him being away. She needs to realize that me and Kimi aren't little kids that need protecting anymore."

  "We haven't made genin yet, so I wouldn't be so sure about yourself yet." Sterling added.

  "I can't wait to become one though. Going on missions look fun!" Thunder exclaimed. Just then, one of the jonin walked by.

  "Missions aren't all that, especially at genin level. You'll get really simple jobs at first, such as capturing lost pets. As you progress, you'll get more challenging missions." The jonin explained. "Oh yeah, I'm Monoke. I figured I'd see what the future batch of genin would be like, being I'd be in a team with 3 of them. Show me what you guys have." Monoke motioned towards the target.

  "Sure!" Thunder jumped right up. She pulled out a kunai and aimed at the target.

  "Hold!" Monoke yelled. He walked up to Thunder and checked the way she held the knife. "Alright. Continue." He stepped back to let Thunder continue to throw the kunai. She threw it nicely and it hit pretty close to the center.

  "Good job, Thunder. You finally did better than I did yesterday!" Stormy teased.

  "Now come on. Be nice. You're all friends. Right?" Monoke asked.

  Sterling looked at Thunder and Stormy. "Well, yeah. Why else would we be practicing with each other?"

  "Just to practice. You're not always with people you like." Monoke looked like he just remembered something important. "Oh! I almost forgot to ask you- what are your names? I find it rude to just point at others."

  "I'm Thunder." 



  "Great. Nice to meet you all! Now, let's see what you two have, Stormy and Sterling." Monoke removed Thunder's kunai and handed it to Sterling. 

  They all took turns. They each got to throw the kunai about 3 times before the Kazekage approached them.

  "Hello there, young ones. Monoke, don't you have something you should be doing right now?" 

  Monoke looked between the Kazekage and the group of kids. "Well, I just finished a mission and got back just in time to see these future shinobi practice throwing kunai. I decided to stop by and help them for a bit."

  "Oh. And how are they?" The Kazekage looked at them.

  "They're doing well. I'm sure they'll make great shinobi for our village." Monoke ended with a smile.

  "Great to hear. Sorry I can't stick around and talk. I have quite a bit of work to do today." He turned to Thunder, Sterling, and Stormy. "It was great meeting you guys. You should return to practicing now, though." The three of them nodded.

  "Sorry I can't really stay either. I need to catch up with some old friends." Monoke went to walk off and added: "I hope you enjoy your school days while they last. Getting to chunin is a million times harder."

  "We will." They all replied at the same time. 

  "I'll be chunin before all of them, though." Thunder added.

  "Over my dead body!" Stormy replied. 

  "I wouldn't go around saying things like that if I were you, Stormy." Monoke looked back at her with deep pain is his eyes. 

  "Oh.. sorry." Stormy looked at the ground.

  "No need to be sorry. I'll see you guys sometime soon!" Monoke went away into the village.

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