Stormy of the Akatsuki

Stormy, my main character, started off as a loyal hidden sand shinobi. She had a mother and a father with powerful visual prowess. Join her as she journeys through life to where she is now

Naruto/Naruto Shippuden does not belong to me


1. 1

  Stormy walked around in the village, thinking to herself about the weather. She was supposed to go to a school to learn how to be a shinobi tomorrow so she decided to clear her mind.

  "Hey, Stormy!" Thunder, one of her friends, called out.

  "Oh, hey. Wasn't expecting you to be out here. What's up?" Thunder was about Stormy's age, just 2 months older. She was also supposed to start school tomorrow.

  "Not much. Just looking for something to do before school, I guess."

  "Wanna go put and practice something? I'm sure it'll help tomorrow."

  "I could ask my sister a thing or two. I hope she isn't too busy." Thunder started to go back to her home and Stormy followed. Her sister, Kimi, was sitting at the table poking around with a kunai knife. "Hey, sis, could you teach me and Stormy a thing or two? We wanna be ahead of our classmates tomorrow."

  "Well.." Kimi looked at the clock. "I guess. Anything in specific you wish to know?"

  Stormy was the first to answer. "A simple substitution jutsu would be nice, but I guess working on throwing kunai would be more helpful."

  "Alrighty. Follow me and I might just be able to help you guys out." Kimi lead Stormy and Thunder out and to an area where you could practice throwing various weapons. "First, tell me how you would go about throwing it."

  "Well, you would grab it by the handle and-" Thunder grabbed the kunai out of Kimi's hand and threw it at the target. "Taadaa!"

  "You barely hit it, Thunder. Here let me-" Stormy started.

  "Watch me first, please." Kimi took the kunai out of Stormy's hand and slowly went through the steps to properly throwing it. She thought through it well so she didn't embarrass herself in front of them. She let it slip nicely out of her hand and square onto the target. "That's how it's done!" She exclaimed.

  "I think I took note on what you did. Could I try now?" Stormy asked.

  "Sure. Just remember to follow through."

  "Of course." Stormy got the kunai from Kimi and took position. She followed through everything and managed to get a good hit on the target. "Hah! Better than you did, Thunderbutt!"

  "Why you-"

  "Be nice now. Give her another try as she just went ahead and threw it." Kimi passed a kunai to her sister. Thunder made sure to do everything correctly. Her kunai was close to Stormy's, but she still fell short. At that moment, a shinobi from the village came in and spoke to Kimi.

  "I have to go. Tell mother and father I had to go on an extremely important mission and I will be back sometime next month. I'm sorry for having to leave so suddenly." She went off with the shinobi without saying another word or waiting for a response.

  "Now what? There's no one left to teach us anything. It'll be pointless to practice throwing kunai without someone telling us what we're doing wrong." Thunder sadly mentioned. Her sister has gone on missions, but none as long as this one.

  "Aw, cheer up! I'm sure there's something we can do." Stormy got up and started to drag Thunder. "Come on, you lazy butt!"

  "Fine. You better not have any stupid ideas though." Thunder sighed. "Especially after last time you came up with something," she added.

  "You and I both know it wasn't so bad. Just a little bit.. weird." The last time Stormy came up with something to do it was to stand around like statues and see how long it took for someone to talk to them.

  "It's about noon so I think we should have some lunch. I'm kinda hungry." Thunder suggested.

  "I could see if my mom can take us out. She might give us something to do as well." 

  A few minutes later, Stormy was talking to her mother, Yuriki, about her possibly taking them out to eat. Thunder wasn't saying much throughout the whole thing. Just a little mention here and there. Yuriki soon agreed to take them out for some Ramen. When they got there, Everyone ate quickly. There wasn't any conversation between anyone besides the quick mention about the food. Yuriki paid and they started to walk back.

  "I should probably start heading to the hospital to let my mom know about Kimi. My father is probably too busy to be bothered right know but I'm sure I'll be able to tell him later." Thunder said out of nowhere.

  "Oh, what happened with Kimi?" Yuriki questioned.

  "She just got called on an 'extremely important' mission. She had to leave me and Stormy, who she was helping learn how to throw kunai, right when that shinobi came." She explained.

  "Oh I see. I hope all goes well for her." Yuriki sent Thunder off and went back to her home with Stormy to tell her a few things.

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