Friends♡ mgc

"I was a lilac sky until you showed up, now I'm a jet black night..."


14. You choose


I figured that I should probably visit home..after all I kinda miss my siblings.

I drive back home, still having the house key opening the door to my dog jumping up and down super excited to see me.

"Blake?" My dad scurries down the steps to give me a huge hug. "I'm so glad that your're so grounded." He sternly looks at me

"Hi dad..where's mom?" I run my fingers through my hair

"Your mother and I are getting a divorce."

"...oh" i look down

"Blakey!!!" Brinlee and Tyler hug my waist...I feel so bad for walking out on them.

"Hey guys.." I hug them back.

"Alright you two go back to your homework."

"Okay." Their little feet scurry upstairs

"So where's your stuff??" My dad looks behind me "is it in the car? Let me h-"

"Dad, I'm not coming back I just wanted to come back and apologize, I'm sorry for walking out but I don't regret going bad, I feel like myself...this is who I am." I shrug my shoulders to emphasize my comment.

"Ok Blake, well you'll always be my babygirl.." He kisses my honey blonde hair.

"And you'll always be my pops." I chuckle and peck his cheek

"Oh! Blake, Elliot stopped by.."

"Really..." Note the sarcasm

"Yeah..isn't he your ex f-"

"From year 10, I know..gosh why is here?" I ask myself

"Well, I should get going dad..ill see you later." I squeeze him

"Bye little ones!"

"After my visit with dad I grabbed some b-fast for Mikey and I." I walk into IHOP and grab my order, I ordered on my phone before I got there.

"Thanks." I turn around and bump into you know who.


"Elliot please, I need to get back to Mikey..h-"

"Just one chance...come on please" his gray eyes look in mine.

After all Mikey and I aren't a couple, right?

"..fine only 30 minutes." And that's all you have, now can I please go?"

He moves out my way letting me get back to my car.

"Finally.." I mumble to my self as I turn the car on

*Michael's house*

"I'm back." I yell from downstairs.

"Mikeyyyy! I have food!"

I run upstairs to see a sound asleep Michael with his head hanging off the bed

I laugh to myself "Mikey, babe wake up" I gently shake him.

"Whaaaatttt...." He whines with his eyes closed

"I have food." I whisper in his ear

His eyes open up in a second

"OMG your like the best." He kisses my cheeks

I feel so bad for saying yes to Elliot I have to call him.

I join him downstairs it was time to tell him the truth.

"Enjoying?" I grab my seat sitting in front of him

He nods with pancakes in his mouth

"Listen Mikey, about yesterday at school, Elliot didn't ask about my family."

"What did he want?" He was such in a good mood

"He kissed me..BUT I pushed him off.."

"As long as you pushed him off and you didn't like it then we're ok." He looks back down to his food the back up "unless, you did like it.."

"What? Nooo! I'd never.." I push my hair back

"Blake, it's either me or him." You choose he pushes his plate away from him "thank you for the food." He pecks my cheek and storms


"I know we're young and people change."

-girls talk boys its littt🤘🏽

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