Friends♡ mgc

"I was a lilac sky until you showed up, now I'm a jet black night..."


5. what's my name?


It was later that night, almost time for Luke's big party I was forced to go to.

I walk over to my closet trying to find something that's not pink.

I skim all over my pink filled closet and I spot the perfect dress.

It was a black bodycon dress with a cutout in the front cleavage area, he did say sexy, I pair the dress with black suede pumps, and a gold statement necklace.

I straighten my hair, noticing it got super long.

I take out my charcoal colored trench coat to cover up my outfit and change my shoes to some black combat boots.

I check my phone for the time it was 7:55 so I had time to walk to the gas station.

"Dad, I'm going out with ash, I'll be home by 12, is that alright?"

"Yes, sweetie call me when your on your way home ok?" He pays attention to his newspaper

I nod and leave my house.

*five minutes later*

I walk up to the small gas station seeing Michael himself in a black Honda.

"Damn, you look pretty hot for a good girl, I'm definitely fucking you tonight, get in." His eyebrows raise up

"It's all I had, and no your not..not ever." I plop into the passenger seat.

"Mhm, okay.."

On the way there we talked for a bit

"Can you do one thing for me?" He asks with his eyes still on the dark road

"What is it."

"Call me daddy, please."


"Because, you sound hot when you say it and I like you, a lot."

I scoff "you're just saying that."

"" He puts his hand on my thigh squeezing it a little making me internally scream.

I yelp at the sudden touch of his hand as he moves it upward

I bite my lip "n-no..I can't.." I push his hand away

"Come on you can..." He whispers into my ear

"What's my name.." He moves his hand back to my thigh

I bite my lip once again "D-Daddy."

"Yeahh, that's me.." He smirks pecking my cheek.

I cover my now rosy red face with my hands.

He looks over "ARE YOU BLUSHING?!"

I flinch "no."

"Yesss you are..." He pinches my cheek

"No I'm not." I chuckle

"Better be glad we're here, I'd be fucking you right now.."

"Yeah, sure..." I grab my clutch as he opens the door for me

He guides me through the drunk teens passed out in the front of the house.

He pulls me over to his other friends

"Blake this is luke, Calum, and ashton."

I simply wave "hi, I was forced to be here, I don't want to be here and I want to go home." I smirk

"Damn, this is Blake?! She is hot as fuck." Calum pulls his arm closer to his body which was really muscular.

He moved his hand down my lower back and then moving to my butt.

I push him off moving back to Michael, even though he's not gonna protect me.

"Hands off cal." I he gives him a death glare.

"Mikey can we-"

"Hi there, I'm luke....sorry about them.." He shakes my hand softly

I actually like him, he's the normal one

"Don't believe him, he is not nice, he will fuck you up." Calum pushes him back "love me."

I chuckle "sorry, I'm allergic to fuckboys." I fake cough and sneeze

While I was standing between Luke and Mikey, I heard luke whisper something to me

"I'm gonna get to that place tonight, your my English love affair babe.."

He bites my ear leaving shivers down my back

"Oh really? You'll have to drive off a cliff if you want it." I lean in to

Mikey's chest for secureness, he swings his arm around me.

"Anyway...hi I'm ashton, the normal nice one." He smiles with his dimples showing, I was urging to poke.

"Hi, nice to meet someone that doesn't want to fuck me." I shake his hand

He giggles, that adorable giggle plays back in my head over and over.

"Hey, good girl..let's go get a drink.." He starts to pull me to the bar

"Oh noo, I don't drink...underage." I cross my arms in defense

"Blaaake, let loose good girl! Come on." He pulls me, I give in.

"Vodka on ice, two please." He commands the bartender

The bartender hands the drinks to us, with limes.

"What are the limes for?" I ask

"For the acidity." He shrugs "ready?"

I nod

He gulps it down, but anxiously grabs the lime

I sip the clear alcohol, instantly burning the back of my throat, I take the lime and suck on it.

"Whoo!" Mikey exclaims

"This is disgusting...I'm gonna get some fruit punch.." I walk over

Not thinking that anyone spiked it, I just needed something to wash that drink down.

"So refreshing.." I say as he walks over

I take a few more, because it was so good.

"Feeling okay?" He asks as I almost trip myself.

"Yeaaah I'm, feelin greaaatt." I chuckle

"Come on let's go upstairs.." Mikey escorts me

"Nooo, your gonna fuck me and act like we neverrr mett." I fall into him

"No, Blake I wouldn't do that to you.." He pecks my cheek "I really like you."

"Mhm okay."

He guides me up the stairs leading me to a Neatly made bed.


*WARNING! MICHAEL SMUT, I REPEAT MICHAEL SMUT* (I cringed while I wrote this)


He pushes me against the wall, pressing his lips on mine, tenderly, and hard, I grasp his firery red hair, tugging at it making him let out a moan through my mouth, his hand moves down to my butt as he squeezes it, "Mikey." I moan into his chest

"Jump." He mumbles, I hop onto him as he gradually puts me down onto the bed, I start to take off his shirt, revealing his pale back.

He unzips my dress leaving me with black lace set underwear and bra

"Nice choice.." He smirks

I smirk back "let me know if you want me to do this okay?" He asks, "yes, please..."

"I knew you wanted me...what's my name?" He asks as he dry humps me.

"Daddy." I pant

"Mhm, call me that from now on...your so beautiful.."

"Do you want me to fuck you? Fuck you?" He asks before he starts to take his boxers off

"Not yet...I want it to be special and romantic." I blurt

"That's my goodgirl."

"Such a fuckboy.." I chuckle.



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