Friends♡ mgc

"I was a lilac sky until you showed up, now I'm a jet black night..."


4. Wear something sexy


Michael and I are walking by the pier.

My phone has 8 missed calls from Dad❤️.

I quickly call him back, he must be so mad.

"Hi dad.." I awkwardly say

"BLAKE ANASTASIA STEELE WHERE ARE YOU?" He yells through the phone making me flinch

"I'm on my way, yes sir, ok bye" I lock my phone and place it back in my pocket.

"I have to get home Mikey.." I start walking faster

"Oh so your calling me nicknames now?" He smirks

I punch him in the arm "no time for that..take me home Michael.

"Ow...okay okay, geez" he puts up his hands surrendering

****in front of Blake's house, didn't feel like writing that****

"Thanks for the ride..." I quickly grab my stuff but get stopped by his hand

"No kiss?" His lips pucker

"No, fuckboy." I roll my eyes and slam his car door

"My friend Luke is having this huge party tomorrow..wanna be my date?"

He looks through the car window

"I have curfew at 10 Mikey.." I whine

"Oh who fucking cares, just meet me at the gas station tomorrow night at 8, wear something sexy.." He then drives off into the beautiful evening.

I slowly push my key into the door not making a sound. Then forgetting I have a puppy she starts to bark

"Ugh, really Chanel? Really?" I whine

"Blake?" My dad sprints down the stairs.

"Yes..da-" he starts to speak when I didn't finish

"You were supposed to be home at exactly 4:00 sharp!" Why are you now getting home at 6:00?" He questions

"I-I was with ash and I didn't look at time...I'm sorry." I look down holding my hands together.

"Oh..okay, well I'm letting you off the hook..this time, but your grounded for a week." He glares at me

I sigh "ugh, alright...I'm going to my room, goodnight." I trudge and groan to my room.

As I flop onto my bed my phone buzzes

M-hey there..

B-what do you want?

M- well someone's spicy...and I like it ;)

B- you got me in trouble.

B- bastard.

M- whatevaaa, u know you want me ;)

B- stop winking it's creepin me out

M- good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught.

B- what?

M- that's what you are Blake...

B- shut up

M- fuck me

B- go fuck yourself

M- then you'll fuck me?


M- you'll say yes later..

B- mhm okay

M- still up for tomorrow night?

B- yeah..I guess

M- remember wear something so so sooo sexy okay?

B- why?

M- because I'm daddy

B- lies

M- don't wear ANYTHING PINK ok?

B- whatever

B- bye fuckboy

M- bye good girl ;)

I lock my phone and place it on my dresser.

***next morning***

My phone alarm wakes me up as it plays wildest dreams by Taylor swift.

I turn it off, groggily stepping out of bed for school.

I do my morning routine and wear my everyday makeup.

For my outfit I chose my light pink sweater crop top with a cotton white skater skirt and my white converse.

For jewelry I wore my long gold necklace with a gold triangle charm.

I lightly spray my Marc Jacobs 'daisy' perfume so I can smell good all day.

My dad and I make our way to school.


"Blake!" Ashlyn squeals from behind me

"Hi ash." I grin

"I have a question.." Her eyes squint at me

"Talk to me." I reply as I'm walking to class

"What's with you and Michael,'ve been hanging out with him lately...he's a fuckboy." She whispers the ending

"And you don't think I know that ash.." I roll my eyes

"I'm pretty sure you do..but come to my house tonight at 8, I wanna have a sleepover." She smiles

My eyes get bigger "aw I'm sorry I can't I'm g- grounded! Yeah I'm grounded sorry." I lie

She frowns "aww that sucks! well don't forget this Saturday we have a garden party to attend...yay." She says unhappily

"Raise the roof!" I sarcastically speak in a low voice.

***later that day***

"Hows it going good girl?" He joins my table uninvited

"Mikey, what are you doing here??" I whisper into his ear

"Why are we whispering??" He whispers back

I roll my eyes and continue to eat my food

"Come and meet my fwendss" he says in a baby voice

"You actually have friends? How do they deal with such a shithead like you?" He chuckles as I scoff at him

"You know I like it when you get feisty Blake." His voice changed suddenly with him whispering seductively in my ear.

"Michael, not now.." I scoot the opposite way from him.

"So you will fuck me?" His green eyes brighten by the second

"No, your probably under anyway.." I smirk to myself

"For your information, Blake I'm always on top." His eyebrows move up and down

"Whatever fuckboy."

"It's daddy, to you."



You know I like it when you love luke hemmings..

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