Friends♡ mgc

"I was a lilac sky until you showed up, now I'm a jet black night..."


9. they can't see you with me



I woke up with still sleeping Michael, breathily heavily, with his mouth slightly parted. His bright red hair scruffy and all over the place.

I slightly giggled making him wake up.

"Watcha looking at?" He groggily asks

"Oh nothing.." I start to rise up out of his bed

"No, please don't get up yet." He whines

"Mikey it's time for school." I say

"Fiine." He shrugs.

I laugh to myself as I check my phone, just calls from my mom and dad.

I ignore them, and start to get ready for school, I pick out a pink tank crop top with a light grey cardigan, some light wash shorts and my white converse.

"Please don't wear that..I got you something." He cuts me off of my concentrating.

"I bet it doesn't fit me." I smirk I actually wanted to know what he got me, but I kept a straight face.

He pulls out a Abercrombie & Fitch and a brandy Melville bag.

He pulls out a black and white Aztec print slouched sweater, with a maroon skater skirt, black knee-high socks and a pair of black Chelsea boots.

"Oh my god, Michael I love it." I run up hugging him.

He chuckles "go try it on."

I run to his bathroom all the way downstairs, he really needs to fix that.

I adjust myself and head back upstairs to show Mikey the outfit.

I knock on his room door slightly.

His head shoots up with his eyes wide.

"You look amazing..please wear that today."

"I love it so much..thank you." I instantly hug him.

"Come on its time to leave." I

He breaks away from my embrace picking up his bookbag.

I grab mine and follow him out.


Mikey and I are walking our way in, but as we go in I spot all my friends in the doorway of the school.

I gasp "shit! Mikey we can't go this way." I stop him with my arms

"Why?" He looks at me confused.

"Because my friends are right there." I whisper and point out the preppy clique in the front

"Well don't you want to show me off? Your not that good girl anymore.." He confronts me.

I sigh "are you sure?"

"Blake I'm always sure, hold my hand, just be yourself." He lends out his hand, I take it while walking into the school doors.

We walk pass my friends failing to get caught.

"Blake? Is that you?" My guy friend hunter asks me he's gay

I just go with my flow "oh, hey hunter, Ashlyn, Brittany."

"I almost didn't recognize you with all...that..darkness on." Brittany's face turns twisted

"Yeah, why are you wearing that?" Ashlyn asks

"She can wear whatever she wants.." Mikey blurts out making them flinch as I laugh to myself.

"Excuse me but who are you?" Brittany scowls at him

"The guy you fucked last summer, at parkway resort..come on Blake let's leave these fake bastards."

I actually agree with Mikey, who are you to tell me why I'm wearing this?

They all scoff and sashay out the hall.

"Thanks Mikey.."



Just a short chapter, didn't really in the mood to write a lot.

I'll update soon..





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