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"I was a lilac sky until you showed up, now I'm a jet black night..."


8. Sleepover


"Let's do something crazy." He pops up

"Like what?" I ask rubbing my eyes

"Let's get you a nose piercing." His face gets bright

"What? Mikey no my parents will kill me!" I giggle as I think he's teasing me like always

"I'm serious, c'mon let's do it!" He pulls my arm

"Mikeeeyy, I can't." I whine

"Pleeeeaaseee, you'll look even more beautiful with it." After he said that, I fell for it.

"Fine, let's go." I grab my boots sliding them on

While we ride to the piercing and tattoo parlor I turn up the radio as it plays teenage dirtbag by wheatus.

'Cause I'm just a teenage dirtbag, baby

Yeah I'm a teenage dirtbag baby

Listen to iron maiden maybe with me

He hums, I don't listen to this music but it's growing on me.

We arrive to the parlor, nervousness covers over me.

I notice that my hand are shaking, I could barley speak so I let Mikey do the talking.

"She wants a nose piercing." He gestures behind him

"Alrighty, let's get you seated, girly." A green and blue haired girl with dimple piercings and many tattoos guides me to the area where we get it done.

"Sit here." She pats the leather chair for me to sit

As it sit, I grab Michael's hand, never letting go.

"Ow, you're gonna break my hand.." He jokes

I giggle "everything will be fine." He assures me

The girl brings the piercing gun to my nose.

"Remember I got my eyebrow pierced, look at me now..just fine, it's okay to cry.." He rubs his thumb on top of my hand

"Alrighty, in 3...2...1" she clicks the trigger, pow! It's done

He was there the whole time

I yelp as I feel tiny air through my nose, a tear rolling down my face

"Your fine, you look beautiful." He says kissing my hand

"Let me put the jewel inside....aannd there you go!" She smiles with her British accent

"I'm so look gorgeous.." He kisses my forehead.

"Can I see it?" I croak

She hands me a mirror, I take a look, he was right, it did look really nice on me.

After that, he takes me to get ice cream...then he took me home.

"Even more beautiful.." He grins as he walks me to my porch..

I grin " really hurts though.." I look back when the girl had poked a hole in me.

"Aw, you'll be fine..see you at school." He pecks my lips then driving away.

I take a breath before I face my parents with this new piercing.

I slid my key into the doorknob, turning it slowly opening the door.

They were all eating dinner.

"Hey." I say shortly

My mom notices a sparkle in my nose

"Honey, did you get a nose piercing?"

"Um, yeah..why?" I shrug

"Why?! You didn't tell us a thing and your not even allowed to!"

"You're now telling me this so technically I can get one." I smartly say

"Go back and take get it out...NOW." She rises up out her seat

"Why don't you go back traveling around the world and have sex any man you see!" I yell

"Blake!" My dad joins in

"Yeah! You heard me! She's having sex with men behind you're back, I see all the texts!"

"Is it true Hannah?" My dad has a worried face looking at her

"No she's tr-" I cut her off

"Mom, stop trying to lie about just makes it bigger." I scoff

"Go to your room Blake.." Mom sternly commands me which really wasn't scary at all

"Whatever." I run to my room grabbing clothes, and all the stuff I needed so I can leave this place, and the thing about mom was true, she had left me in the car with her phone, Me being the snoopy teen I am I check her texts.

I scroll seeing all these unknown numbers, I tap on one, seeing my mom naked sending nudes to someone that's not dad.

"Ugh gross."

It wasn't even just one person, it was multiple men..after that I couldn't stand her any more..she lied to my dad, breaking his heart he poured out for her.

It hurt my heart so you know who I ran to..Michael.

I grab my keys realizing that I haven't used my black jeep in a while, I plop my overnight bag in the passenger seat

I crank my engine, it instantly plays crappy pop music, I plug in my aux cord while it plays i miss you by blink of my favorite songs that Michael showed me.

I drive in the darkness pulling up in his driveway, the lights were on so he was up.

I take my bag, my keys and my phone out the car.

I knock on his door..he flings the door open his face frozen

"Blake? What are you doing here?" He asks with his game controller in his hand.

"I got into a fight with my mom."

"Come in." He takes my bag from me leading me in.

He sighs "sit." He plopped my bag down beside me as I joined to sit with him

"She really did that?"

"Yes, I saw all of her sexts that she sends to them, phone calls, and then she meets them when she's supposed to be winning cases in court." I put my hands to my face my eyes swelling up from the tears about to fall

"I just want my family to be normal."

My sweater covered fist rubbing against my eye while my other is clenched between my lips, trying to stop the whimpers come out...I didn't want Michael to see me cry.

His face immediately dropped ", beautiful don't cry. You're too beautiful to cry" he loops his arms around my trembling body.

He pulled my figure against his, tucking my head into the crook of his neck as he gently rocked me back and fourth, I felt secure, like I was in the right place.

My makeup was smudged everywhere, his green eyes were full of concern, He didn't talk much, just letting me cry it out, only asking me after he wiped my final tears from my cheeks.

"I look like a mess." I croak

"No you're a goddess without makeup on." He assures me

I let out a small giggle "sure I do." I sigh "can I stay here with you tonight?"

"Sure, I'd love the company." He brings me into a hug.

*later that night*

Michael was still up at 2 in the morning playing his video games.

It was fun to watch but I got bored, he was sitting on his living room couch, his eyebrows furrowed in concentration with the controller in his hands, my head was on his lap as I was checking my twitter.

I grab a sharpie and started to draw random stuff on his arms: butterflies, hearts, flowers, small cute drawings.

I had an Idea and I wrote 'The new broken scene' with cool handwriting I smiled when I was done, proud of my 'masterpiece'

He paused his zombie-flooded game, glancing at the words on his arm "that looks nice.." He commented smiling as well. "Take a pic of it." He says

I grab his phone sliding it up to take a pic, not sure why he wanted me to but I did anyway.

I let out a yawn signaling that I'm tired "getting sleepy?" He asks rubbing my head.

I smile weakly "yeah, are you?"

"Just a bit, let's get ready for bed though, school in the morning." He lifts me up.

"Someone's ready for school? Whaaaat?" I giggle, he laughs back while he carries me up to his room.

"Wait am I sleeping with you or somewhere else?" I question

"It's up to you, the bed or the floor." He shrugs.

"I think I'm gonna choose the bed..but under one condition." I point

"What is it" he whines

"You can cuddle, big spoon, whatever, just no manhandling my parts mkay?"

"Shit, I was so least I get to cuddle." He climbs into the big comfy bed making a clear spot for me.

I didn't have my pjs on yet and his bathroom was downstairs, which was weird.

"I'm about to change, no peeking." I put my hands on my hips

"Okay okay, my eyes are covered." I could feel the smirk on his face.

I quickly slip off my sweater and bra, grabbing my very oversized grey shirt that had the Starbucks logo on it.

I slide my eye contacts out and place them back into its case, I grab my glasses and crawl into his king sized bed.

"I never knew you wore glasses."

"Yeah, I do only at night though"

"You should wear them more." He pokes my cheek

"I look like a nerd in these."

"Well, you look like a beautiful nerd goddess." He says starting to tickle me.

"You're so sweet sometimes, yet such a perv." I say.

We end up talking until we drift to sleep.


You used to call me on my flip-phone

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