Friends♡ mgc

"I was a lilac sky until you showed up, now I'm a jet black night..."


7. pillow fight


"Uh, that he might get a tattoo, yeah a tattoo.." I bite my lip

"Oh!! Luke please don't get any, you know I hate it.." She comes to sit in his lap

"Don't worry babe, I won't." He winks at me mouthing a 'thank you'

I nod.

"I'm going to go find my siblings.." I awkwardly walk away

Instead of finding them, I decide to ditch out of this snooty place.

I walk back home and wear something more comfortable.

I put on some black leggings, a grey cropped hoodie and my black ugg boots.

I pull my hair up into a messy ponytail.

I get a text from Michael

M- hey goodgirl

B- what's up fuckboy

M- I wanna come over ;)

B- sure my family won't be home until 9

M- yay I'll be there in 20.

I lock my phone and head downstairs for something to eat while I wait for him

I grab some pomegranate and a water a/n: my favorite combo ever

I plop down on the couch and watch some spongebob.

A few minutes later I hear my doorbell ring, obviously Chanel, my dog runs to the door barking like a maniac

"Chanel, chill out ok." I grab her while she nibbles on my finger

I fling the door open "hey Mikey, come in."

"Hey, and who is this cute thang?" He asks in a southern accent

"This is Chanel, my Yorkie puppy."

"She's adorable, like you." He pecks my cheek

I blush "thank you." I don't even know what him and I are.

"So why'd you wanna come over?" I ask while I let go of Chanel so she can wander.

"Because, I wanna see you." He starts to walk upstairs

"Or is it because you wanna get in my pants."

"That too..unless you want to." He put his hands on my waist.

"We can make out." I blurt, that was supposed to be to myself

His face was frozen "you did not just say that."

"Fine I guess not.." I walk away from his arms

"Noo, I want too I'm just so shocked to hear it f-"

I hit him with my pillow

"Oh okay, it's on.." He picks up a pillow hitting me back

"Ah!" I hit him back harder

I giggle as I hit him, then I feel a hard whack knocking me down onto my bed.

He crawls over laying on me apologizing and peppering kisses all over my face

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry..I'm sorry." He says Kiss after kiss

I giggle "I'm fine..stahp kissing me."

He lifts me up, placing me on his lap

"Are we a thing, Blake?" His green eyes looked serious

"I don't know Michael..after that night..I don't know."

"Neither do I, let's have time to think about it.." He taps my nose

I nod "now how about that makeup sesh?"

He smirks as he pushes his lips on mine I kiss back, we were a thing we just didn't know it yet.

He pokes the side of me making me giggle between the kiss.

"That giggle of yours is music to my ears." He pecks my lips one last time.

"Awh stahp." I say

"Stating the truth."

I hear a lock turn downstairs

A gasp falls from my mouth "shit! My parents are back! They were supposed to come back later!!" I whisper

"What do I do?" He asks

"Hide!!!" I push him into my closet, gladly it was a walking on.

I scurry to my bed, quickly getting under the covers.

I hear a knock on my door which made me flinch

"Blake? Darling? Why did you leave the party?" My dad comes in

"I uh, had some, uh cramps..yeah they were bad so I walked home." I lied

"Oh okay hun, well we're going to get ice cream..and maybe the movies..well see you later." He then shuts my door back.

I wait till they all, leave and until the main door closes.

"You can come out now.." I say still under my covers

He comes out "still having those cramps?" He mocks me

"What? You wanted me to say that there's a boy with fire truck red hair in my closet?" I giggle

He kicks his shoes off as he lays beside me.

I turn to face him

"When are you gonna stop calling me good girl?" I ask

"When your not one.." He smirks

"Fine." I clear my throat "hi I'm Michael and I'm a fuckboy, I get girls anytime, they always want me because I'm good in bed, blah blah blah." I mimic him

"Hi, I'm Blake, I'm always at the library, daddy's favorite, fluent in French..blah blah blah."

"Whatever fuckboy."

"Whatever goodgirl"

A/n: what have I done to all the Michael girls..

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