Friends♡ mgc

"I was a lilac sky until you showed up, now I'm a jet black night..."


18. Meet my dad


Mikey and I drive over to my dads house, he opens the car door for me as we walk up to my door.

"Blake? Is that you?" My dad asks I forgot my hair was brown

"Yes dad it's me." I chuckle

"And you are?" He looks over to Mikey

"I'm Michael, Michael Clifford, nice to meet you Mr. Coleman." I've never seen him so formal, he was so proper.

They shake hands "off to a good start." I say to myself we walk in to a room full of foods on the table. Brinlee and Tyler have grown over the time.

"Blake!!" They hug me tight feeling that 'I miss you hug'

"Hi guys!!"

We all walk to the dinner table to start eating.

After I had finished I decided to hang out with brinlee and let the boys talk.

"So how've you been since mom left?" I ask plopping onto her purple bed

"I've been ok..I really miss you are you ever coming back??" Her voice starts to shake

"Brin..I miss you too I promise I'll spend time with need a motherly figure in your life."

"Thanks..." She squeezes me

"Hey how about one day out this week you, Tyler, Mikey and I go on a fun filled day." I smile while her Green-bluish eyes light up, kinda looking like Michael's

"Yes! Please!!!! I can't wait!!!" She jumps up and down

I'm so happy to see Brinlee happy.

"Blake!! Time to leave!" Mikey calls me from downstairs.

"I'll be down in a sec!!" I grab my purse "I love you Brin..kisses." I hug her and head downstairs.

"Thanks for introducing Mikey to me Blake, he's one cool dude.."

"Please never say that again." I joke "I'll see you later dad I love you." I hug him tightly

"Love you too sweetie"

"So how was it??" I ask Mikey as I strap on my seatbelt.

"Your dad is a dream..he's so cool I love him."

I laugh "really?!? Wow you guys hit it off."


On our way home we made more conversation.

"Play with my hair." Mikey says


"Because I'm daddy last time I checked."

"Whatever Fuckboy."

"Whatever Good Girl." We laugh

"Hey, Blakeyyyy are you down to fuck?"

"Gosh Mikey you can't go a day without asking me..just tonight" I hear him smirking

"I taught you well..maybe since your birthday is coming up we could go for like 18 times??" His hand squeezes my thigh.

I flinch a little, he hasn't did this since our first 'date'

"Yes, please" I mumble to myself not realizing he heard me

"OMG ARE YOU FOREAL, SO CAN I JUST BE IN CONTROL THE WHOLE TIME!!" He starts yelling making me giggle "sure Mikey BUT DONT BE A TEASE, it gets me know what since you wanna tease me I'm gonna get you back, just wait till we get home." I smirk.


Blikey's couple goals are just straightfire🔥🔥

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