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"I was a lilac sky until you showed up, now I'm a jet black night..."


19. Losing children


"Mikey...wake up time to get the children." I shake him

"We have kids?!" He groans and stretches

"No brother and sister..duh" I poke his nose as he gives me a morning kiss.

"I made some breakfast btw, your fav because I love you." I walk out before him.

"And I love you more." He slaps my butt making me skip my steps I give him a look

Him and I get dressed to pick up brin and ty.

"I'll stay here you can get them."

"Okie dokie."

After a moment I see my mini-self and my adorable brother.

"Hi Blake!!" They climb in the backseat of the car.

"Hi cuties, where to first?" I run my hands through my hair.

"Can we go to the pier?" Their eyes brighten up

"Off to the pier!!!" Mikey drives off.

We jam out to some music, sing along bopping our heads.

After a couple minutes we arrive at the pier, there were a whole bunch of rides and concession stands.

"This is so cool!" Tyler says looking around

"I see pikachu!!!" Mikey squeals and runs to the stand leaving Tyler behind.

"And I'm the weird one.." I chuckle. "So brin, what do you want to do first?"

"I wanna get on the rides." She smiles, looking just like me with green eyes

"Ok I'll get your tickets!" We run to the ticket thingy

Mikey: (IKR)

I'm awed by all jiggly puffs and pikachu's, I want all of them...but then I spot my eye on pikachu onesie. *internally screams*

"Are you ok Mikey?" Tyler asks but I don't notice him.

"Michaelll." He shakes me

"Yes Tyler."

"Can we do something I wanna do?"

"After I get this onesie ok?" I grab my money out my pocket and hand it to the lady.

I play the games thinking pretty easy, all you had to do is know down some pins.

"Alrighty and here you are." The concession worker hands me the game balls

"3..2..1!" I start throwing the balls at the pins missing every time. "Fuck.." I whisper to myself.

I grab all my strength and finally hit a pin down. "YESSS." I put my fist up in the air

"Ugh.." I hear Tyler groan

"I'll be done in a sec!!"

After like 30 minutes of me trying to get my onesie I finally get it.

"Yes!! Hah I win fuckers!!!!!" I do a dance "gimme my onesie!!!"

"Here sir.." I take it "ok Tyler, let's find what you wanna do." I look around "tyler??, ty?" I start to panic "damnit..I lost him." I start running to Blake and brinlee at the hot dog stand.

"Blake, I-I kinda lost t-Tyler." I say running out of breath.

"You what?!" She drops her food.

"Michael how could you loose him, what were you doing?!?" She yells, I deserved it "I was trying to get this onesie.."

"Uggh, c'mon brinlee..Mikey I guess you can come..just gimme the onesie." She takes it out my hand "aw shit.." I look down

"Tyler!!" She yells, I stay quiet because I don't know if I should yell his name or shutup. I've never seen her this mad before.

"Where have you been" She stands behind him talking in a low yet aggressive voice.

"...oops?" He shrugs "your in big trouble.." She grabs his hand

"It wasn't my fault!!! Mikey wasn't paying attention to me!" He points to me, I put my hands up in surrender.

"Whatever, it's getting late lets get you guys home." Blake walks pass me like I was invisible


Blake walks out the car unlocking the door letting go of the door on me.


She walks upstairs not looking back, I try to run up before she slams the door, fail.

I trudge back downstairs, guess I'll be sleeping on the couch tonight.

Minutes later if me pondering I walk up to my room

I knock "can I get my onesie?" She hands it to me and closes the door back.

"Thanks.." I say in silence "I'm sorry..." And I walk back downstairs to my new bed.


My lil kitten is sad :(

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