Friends♡ mgc

"I was a lilac sky until you showed up, now I'm a jet black night..."


6. garden party


After the party, I honestly don't know what happened..all I could remember is that Michael drove me home and the rest is a blur.


I wake up with a large headache, pounding my brain.

"Oh my God ow.."

My eyes, squint as the morning light hits them.

"Blake, sweetheart!! I'm home!" My mom busts my door open, revealing more light.

"Hi was your trip?" I ask as she sits on my bed

"It was great, I won another case, which means more money!" She claps and cheers

I chuckle "that's great mom, do we still have that garden party to go to?" I whine

"Yes, sweetie...start to get ready..curl your, hair and wear a dress." She pats my lap and walks out my room

I nod and start to get ready for this shit banquet thing.

I pick out my sleeveless white and pink knee length dress thats with two white stripes on the bottom of the dress.

I pair it with a light wash jean jacket, pinkish-nude toned sandal heels, and a gold flower statement necklace.

I didn't want to curl my hair so I braid it into a loose fishtail braid.

I did my everyday makeup, just exaggerating my eyeliner a bit.

I spray my one moment by one direction perfume all over me.

"Ready!" I grab my purse and phone while running downstairs.

"I thought I told you to curl your hair.." Mom says touching up her curls looking in the mirror

"Oh, I didn't want to.." I cross my arms

"When were you ever the ruler of your hair?" She walks over to me

"Since I was 13's my hair, let me do what I want to it." I scoff and walk out the house waiting in the car.

A few minutes passed by, Brinlee and Tyler climb in the car arguing over the seat beside me.

"I got here first!" Brinlee pushes him out the way

"No..I wanna sit by Blake! Move! Butthead!"

"Shut up!"

"You shut up!"

"No you shut up!"

After that I was done, "CAN BOTH OF YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP?!"

I quickly cover my mouth. They gasp

"Blake, did you just curse?" Brinlee asks

"Um..." I think, what the hell who cares anyway? "Yes I did, now both of you please just sit in the back?"

Tyler whines "do I have too?"

"Yes, both of you,"

They scoff and whine while they sit in their unwanted seats

"Finally, peace and quiet.." I put my arms behind my head sighing in relief.

*at the garden party*

We pull up to a familiar looking mansion that I've seen somewhere before.

I knock on the door waiting for someone to open it.

The door flings open revealing Luke from the party last night.

My face freezes, his does as well.

"Um, hi..please come in.." He awkwardly says

Mom, dad, Brinlee and Tyler all walk in before me.

"Hey." He whispers as I'm the last to walk in

" didn't tell me that you were rich, and is the host of a garden party..nice suit" I squint at him

"You didn't tell me that Mikeyfucked you last night..and thank you" He smirks

" least I had, tell me about yourself, Mr. Hemmings." I take a seat in the lounge area

"Well, I'm Australian, I fuck any girl that wants me..and I'm very rich, my mom is a social networker, she makes All the apps and gives Ideas for the dad is a retired football player, I'm not uptight, like any of these shitheads...I'm punkrock, I hate all these people."

"Hey..some of these shitheads are my family..anyways have you seen Ashlyn? You must know her.."

"Ashlyn? She's my girlfriend.."

My face gets pale "she never told me that she had a boyfriend...and why you? You're so, so the total opposite of her, like w-"

He puts his finger on my lip "shh..she only knows the good side of me, you can't tell her that I told you."

"Told me what?"


Luke is such a fuckboy in this story...

I love it

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