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"I was a lilac sky until you showed up, now I'm a jet black night..."


2. Fuckboy Michael


It was my first day in my senior year and I'm pretty excited.

I woke up feeling chirpy and bubbly.

I walked to my bathroom to start the day, I brush my teeth, curl my hair, wash my face and do my everyday makeup routine which was a shimmery champagne color on my eyelids, eyeliner, mascara, and pink lipstick.

I'm wearing my pink flower printed muscle low cropped shirt, a light cream colored cardigan, light wash fitted jeans folded at the bottom, and some white keds.

I grab my bookbag and phone to head downstairs.

"Good morning daddy." I greet him

"Morning babygirl, sleep well?"

"Yes, how about you?" I ask

"Wonderful..excited for your first day?" He replies

"I'm ecstatic to meet everyone." I squeal

He chuckles "alright it's time to go..Brinlee and Tyler your bus is here! You don't want to be late!" He gestures for them to go

"Bye Blake." They say

I wave and walk to my dads car, put my stuff in the back seat and sit in the passenger seat:


"Ok darling, have fun but not too much fun!" He makes his way to his office

"Okay! Love you!" I wave

After as couple of minutes I finally find my locker.

I place all my books and supplies inside it.

While I'm doing that a tall guy with bright red hair, a jean jacket with black skinny jeans, with a nirvana t-shirt, with a eyebrow piercing shows up beside me.

"Hello there.." He greets me with his super strong Australian accent.

"Um..hi." I awkwardly reply

"You know? Your super pretty."

"Thanks but I'm not interested, fuckboy." I scowl

"Mhm.." He then walks away

All I could do was walk to class normally until I bump into my best friend Ashlyn.

"Blakeyyyy!!!" She squeals

"Ash!!!" I give her a huge hug

"I'm back from Russia!!" She hand gestures (like this 💁)

I giggle "I can see! How was it."

"Tell ya later, I'm gonna be late!! Bye sweets!!!" She runs and waves

I scurry to class so I wouldn't be late, as I walk in there's only one seat left beside that red head fuckboy.

"Nice to see you again." He smirks

I scoff and continue with my school work.

His green eyes were staring at my face "Why are you doing that crap?"

I shoot up "so I can get straight A's and go to college and have a great life..and why are you asking this?"

He chuckles

"What are you laughing for?" I look at him crazily

"It's just that your such a good girl and I want you to be mine." He bites his lip

"Well that's not happening." I roll my eyes

"My name's Michael by the about you?"

"Not falling for your tricks fuckboy is my name." I scoff

He laughs "no for real what's your name?"

I give him a glare "my name is Blake."

"Ah Blake Coleman! The principals daughter, so you are a good girl.." He winks

"Stop calling me that! I'm no-"

"Blake Coleman detention! You too Michael Clifford." The teacher yells

I think to my self, I can't have detention I can't have detention oh my gosh!

"But he-"

"Do you want another day?"

"" I look down to my desk.

"Looks like you've fucked up haven't you?" He smirks

"You know you want me..." He says then leaves out the classroom when the bell rung

And it was true I did want him, I couldn't deny that, he was so bad and mysterious, his as a fire truck and his green eyes..complementing his pale skin.

I trudge out the classroom thinking about my detention and hoe my dad is going to kill me when he hears this






Told me I was pretty!!!


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