Friends♡ mgc

"I was a lilac sky until you showed up, now I'm a jet black night..."


13. Elliot


After school ended, we were barely there for, Mikey and I head to steak 'n' shake.

We find our seats and order

"Hi welcome to steak 'n' shake how may I help you?" This brunette girl asks

"I'll take a steak burger and a cookie dough milkshake." I look at the menu

"And for you sir?"

"You got any beer?" Mikey bluntly says

I chuckle to myself

"As a matter of fact we do, your orders will be ready in a bit." She smiles genuinely

Mikey and I chat until our orders are ready until a familiar face walks in.

At this moment I realize it's my Ex-boyfriend Elliot..



Mikey's face was twisted

"I haven't seen you in so long!" He says shockingly. "You look so...not pink!"

"I know it's crazy, how are you?"

"I'm doing fine, how about you?"

"Life's passing by the usual" I grin

"Um ok anyways are orders are here.." Mikey blurts in to the conversation.

"Ok Blake I'll see you around!" He waves goodbye


"Ok WHO IS THAT" he glares at me with his emerald eyes.

"He's my ex from like 10th grade, it's noth-"

"Nothing, can turn into something and that something can be you falling for him again."

"Mikey don't get so protective, I like you and only you." I peck his lips across the table

He sighs "I just don't want to lose you ya know?"

"I'll never leave you Mikey."

"So I can fuck you now?"

"Mikeyyyyy." I giggle

"I'm serious, can I can I pweeeeeezzz" he begs like a 5 year old.

"I'll think about it." I smirk.

"Hey that's good for me" he winks

After we ate we headed home, but as Mikey opened the door his lips touched mine, intensively we back away running upstairs to do the deeds (I didn't wanna write Michael smut so early lolz)

*morning time*

My school alarm woke Mikey and I up.

"But I don't wanna get uuuuppppp" Mikey whines

"Your so cute when you act like a 5year old." I chuckle while stretching"

"And your so hot when you get feisty" he raises his eyebrows up and down.

For today's outfit I wore a navy blue cropped halter with the words "California" paired with a black lace bralett, and then with some distressed denim jeans with a flannel around the waist, also paired with some cute cutout doc martens.

Mikey wore a she's kinda hot white tee, ripped black skinny's and his all black converse with a backwards hat, he was hot without even trying.

"Ready?" He asks grabbing his keys



Mikey and I make our way to our table with Luke, Calum, and Ashton, I haven't seen them since the party.

"Woah, what happened to you? You look hawt." Calum's eyes widen looking me up and down.

"Oh shut up Fuckboy." We all giggle

As we chat Elliot walks up to our table in concern

"Um, hi there, Blake can I talk to you...privately?"

"She's not going without me." Mikey rises.

"Mikey I'll be fine, here." I give him a 'I won't leave you kind of kiss' as I hear the boys whistling in the background.

"Come on Elliot, let's chat." I leave the table patting Mikey's red fire hair.

"So what do you want t-" without any warning Elliot's lips touch mine, I wasn't kissing back, I was pushing him off me.

"What are you doing?!" I yell at him pushing him away.

"I still love you Blake, please come back to me."

"Get away from me!" I shove him off walking sternly back to my table.

"What happened?" Mikey asks

"Oh nothing, he just asked about my family, and I walked away because i didn't want to talk about it...that's all." I softly grin, why didn't I tell Mikey about this? I think I still have feelings for Elliot.."



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