Friends♡ mgc

"I was a lilac sky until you showed up, now I'm a jet black night..."


17. Confessions


I honestly felt some type of way when Mikey said that..does he not like me? Was he using me? Am I just one of his little minions??

"O-ok, I'm gonna go to sleep I'm ti-"

"No, Blake its not like I don't like you or anything it's just that I've never had a real girlfriend before, all this time I've just been playing with girls hearts and I feel horrible for it, yet I love it...but did something to me and I don't wanna be like that anymore." His light green eyes droop to the thought of what he said.

"Michael, I didn't know I don't wanna pressure you...y-you don't have to be my boyfriend yet..take your time."

"I think I'm ready for it, truth is that I love you Blake." He covers his mouth in a frozen state.

"I-love you too." I smile back at him.

"Oh phew! I thought you were gonna walk out on me." He exhales in relief

I press my lips on his...this time it was real, the one were you know if there the one...and Mikey he was the one.

"It's time to do this right.." He says

"Do what?" I ask

"I have to meet your dad the right way..without you sneaking around just to be with me."

"Aw Mikey."

"So let's get dressed!!!" He jumps up excitedly

We're up in Mikey's room, trying to find something for Mikey to wear..he has nothing all.

" about this jean jacket (the one he always wears) and this shirt with these jeans, with some black boots not converse Mikey."

"Fiiiineee." He squints at me "what are you wearing?

"I'm wearing a solid black halter top with a minimalist black and white skater jacket with a light wash jean jacket and some black chunky platform boots."

"Snazzy." His eyebrows go up and down


Snazzy 😏

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