Friends♡ mgc

"I was a lilac sky until you showed up, now I'm a jet black night..."


10. arguments


After 2 periods, Mikey and I had departed, he had music and I had math.

I'm walking down the hall to exchange my books, but I feel a petite hand grabbing my shoulder.

"Blake what was that?! What has gotten into you!" It was Ashlyn.

"What was what? You were dissing me because of my outfit! Really? And then you kiss up to luke and all your other fake friends, treating me like shit!" She gasps at my language

"I'm treating you like crap! No you're treating me like it, you've been hanging out more with that red-head freak since we came back to school! You said you were nothing with him!!! He's a reject! We don't hang out with those weirdos! You're starting to turn into one of them!"

I chuckle "Mikey is not a reject, nor a freak, you're the freak! The fakest basic bitch ever! How about that! I always questioned why we were best friends anyway! I hate you! You bastard!" I slam my locker pushing her books down walking away.

*later that day*

I've gotten into three arguments today, and they were all involving Brittany, Ashlyn, and Hunter. They were all fake, I knew it..and I'm in huge trouble for, 'accidentally' spilling cola on Brittany's dress.

"Hey Mikey..I love being like this..I feel so free! Thank you." I join him on the bench outside the school.

"Excuse me but your in my area." Hunter comes walking out the school.

"Watch this." Mikey whispers to me.

I nod "I fucked your mom last night, she said I was better than your dad."

He gasps running away. Leaving Mikey and I in a pool of laughter.

"That was sick!" I chuckle



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