You Had Me Wrapped Around Your Finger

Kasey has the life. She is beautiful, talented, popular, and has the hottest girlfriend. When 4 new students begin to go to her school, all of this will change.


1. The First Day of School

Arial=Kasey Lucidia Sans=Luke Hemmings Times New Roman=Ashton Irwin  Comic Sans MS=Calum Hood 

Courier New=Michael Clifford

       "Hey Kasey". "Yo Kasey whats up"? "Hello pretty thang"! This is my typical first day school. Actually, this is everyday of my life. I'm the stereotypical popular girl, head cheerleader, smart, friends with everyone, and of course I have the hottest girlfriend, Rose, who is the MVP of the basketball team. No one knows about the long hours of practice and studying while trying to maintain a relationship with family, friends, a girlfriend, teachers and coaches. You could say my life is perfect *sigh*. Anyway, the first day of school is the day where you have to wear the nicest of the clothes that your famous parents bought you and you have to have the fanciest hairstyle that your personal stylist showed you how to do. This year i'm a senior so everything is supposed to go perfect. Key word is supposed.  I ride my red Porsche to school and when i walk through the heavy doors, i greet almost everyone i see.

       I see Rose looking as hot as ever. She doesn't usually dress up but her mom literally forces her on special occasions. I sway my hips as i walk to greet her and we share a passionate, long, amazing kiss. I don't care if everyone goes all googly eyed when they see us, i'm proud. Just as we pull away, I see four guys that I never saw before. Each one tries to hide the bulge in their jeans with their binders and walk quickly to the bathroom. Rose's best friend Chelsea says to us, "You know those guys were checking you two out"? All I do is grab Rose's ass and say "Now, lets get our schedules". I see the boys peeking at me from inside the bathroom as we walk by. 

      Damn, those two girls that were kissing were fineee, especially the one i saw getting out of the Porsche. remember the last couple i broke up. Ahh, good times. Anyway, my first day of school in a new place with my best buds is supposed to be a happy day. Happy day....who am I? I hope some cool shit goes down here. My lip is still a little sore from my new lip ring but I think it will be better soon. I wonder who that girl is. "Guys come on, let go follow tho...i mean lets go get our schedules!" I say trying to hide my blushing.  I say "I wish us all a good year!" while looking around for that babe.


Hi, I'm Sarah and this is my first fan-fiction! I hope you enjoy!!!


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