Kiss Me Already

When Taylor moves to Australia she quickly makes friends and meets lots of new guys, including Leo. In her opinion he is an annoying jerk, but they have a connection and many things in common. She tries to keep away from him and his rebel ways, but with his constant flirting, she finds it hard to keep away from him. Leo is interested in Taylor from the moment he meets her, even though he has a girlfriend, he is completely drawn to her. Will she ever accept that they are perfect for each other?

Written from both Leo and Taylor's points of view.


9. Chapter 9


That jerk. I've completely embarrassed myself now, and it's all his fault. He totally cut me off, I went for that wave first. I could have and should have beat him.

I don't know why he had to break up with Mia right in front of me. It's like he was trying to prove something, it hasn't changed my feelings for him one bit. He's still a complete dick.

There is no way I can face going back to the beach, so I go straight home. I slam the front door behind me and go straight into the kitchen. I need food. I slam all the cupboards shut when I don't see anything that looks extremely fatty and delicious.

"Whoa what's got you all angry?" My dad says, walking in from the back yard.

"I don't even want to talk about it!" I say, grabbing a can of Coke out of the fridge. I'm glad it's not diet.

"It's not to do with boys is it because I'm not really..."

"No it's not to do with boys Dad, it's to do with one totally annoying ass" I say. I'm glad he understands that we can't talk about boys, that would be awkward as hell.

"What did they do? Is there someone I need to have a word with?" He says, acting like the caring dad he isn't.

"I just had a surf off and that Leo idiot completely cut me off, making me lose" I say, ready to scream.

"You sure he cut you off?" He asks. My answer is in the death glare I give him. "I'm just wondering, maybe you just want to think that, no need to be a sore loser Tay" he says.

"Seriously your taking his side! I'm no sore loser, he's just a cheat!" I say. I grab a huge bag of nachos and a jar of dip and attempt to go upstairs to my room.

"Look your not a sore loser, do you want me to come check out your techniques?" He asks. I suppose that wouldn't be a bad idea, my dad is an awesome surfer, he could help me get better. I don't need to get better, I'm just as good, Leo just cut me off.

"Alright fine, but I'm eating these first" I say.

Once I'm full of lovely nachos, I head to the beach with my dad. I insist we go further down the beach, just incase everyone is still there.

"Go on then" he says. I strap my board to my ankle and go in the sea.

Once I'm out he starts telling me about leg work and arm work. In my opinion I was doing fine.

"...and if you think someone is going to cut you off, then you need to make sure you focus on you and the board, not them" he says. That's the only thing I agree with, if I hadn't have paid attention to Leo being jerk, then I probably wouldn't have fallen off.

We head back up to the beach walk and end up walking past the surf hut, which is still open, surprisingly.

"Is this the shop you've ordered your board from?" Dad asks. I nod, wondering why he cares.

"Did you meet Pete?" He says, I answer him by giving a confused look.

"He owns this joint, I met him at the pier on Tuesday, top guy" Dad says, he's immature, I don't really care if he's made a friend. Then I remember that the guy that owns this shop is Leo's dad.

"Oh god" I say, when my dad insists we go and have a browse. He of course doesn't take any notice at all, and walks straight in.

I walk in with my head down, I think I might punch Leo if I see him.

"Danny, you alright?" Leo's dad says to mine.

"Yeah thanks Pete you?" Dad says. They go on talking and I try to stay out of eyesight. Thankfully I don't think Leo is here.

"Oh hi Taylor, I didn't see you there" 'Pete' says.

"Hey, yeah here I am" I say, acting like an awkward idiot as usual.

"This isn't your daughter is it?" He says to my dad.

"Yeah yeah, Taylor told me she bought a board from you" he says.

"Oh yeah right, it should be in soon, give it another week or so" Pete says.

"Leo said it would take two weeks" I say. I bet he said it would come sooner just to annoy me, what is his problem?

"I'd say Saturday or Monday" he says.

"Great, thanks" I say, angry inside at Leo.

I stop listening when they go on to talk about football. I feel like leaving, but I shouldn't be rude. I guess I'm just panicking that Leo will walk in and taunt me some more.

"... Well why don't you come over on Saturday and we can watch the game?" I hear dad say, after Leo's dad was moaning about his wife not letting him watch it. I don't really want my dad getting friendly with Leo's dad.

"Yeah if your sure, I'll bring the beer" he says. My Dad gives him our address and we finally leave.

"You do realise that he's the father of the guy that's pissed me the hell off today" I say to dad on the way out.

"Really, small town isn't it?" he says.

"Not really my point though, you've just invited his dad round to our house" I say, pulling a pretty horrified look.

"So what, calm down Tay, you can't hate people forever" he says. This is classic example of him not giving a shit about my feelings at all.

I've only known Leo a week and I hate the dude. He's just the worst.

The next week goes quickly. I don't have much time to socialise, as I've been given a stupid amount of assignments to do. They need a basic understanding of my level, because my crappy school back in California haven't sent my grades through yet.

I wake up late on Saturday, it was nice to have a lie in. I meet Ruby and Phoebe in the afternoon and we grab some lunch.

"So where have you been? We've hardly seen you this week" Ruby says.

"Never mind me, where's Zara at?" I ask.

"I haven't got a clue" Ruby says.

"She keeps mysteriously disappearing to places" Phoebe says.

"Maybe she's talking to Chase, I think there's something between them, that's why she wants me to stay away from him" I say, leaning back in my chair like I've solved it.

"No way, Zara hates him, she just wanted to warn you about him that's all" Phoebe says.

"I don't know, I feel like they have history" I say.

"Well they don't–" Ruby begins, before she's interrupted. She looks up to see Ashton leaning over her chair.

"What are you doing here?" She asks, in a happy-to-see-you voice.

"Me and Leo just came back from a game of basketball, thought I might find you around" he says and she kisses him. It's only a peck, so Phoebe and I don't feel awkward.

"But Leo's gone home now right?" I ask Ashton.

"Huh? No he's just getting us a couple of drinks, there he is" he says, pointing. I haven't spoken to him since the surf off. Thankfully.

"Well I think I'll get going then" I say, grabbing my bag. I laugh a little, just so that I don't sound too serious.

"No stay, are you still mad because he beat you?" Ruby asks.

"Okay he didn't beat me, he cut me off!" I say.

"Wow, anyone would think you hate the guy" Ashton jokes. Little does he now, that I do sort of hate him.

I try and finish my drink before leaving, but he started to walk over.

Just as he's about to say hello, I steal his thunder by saying goodbye.

"Woah, you're not seriously going" Phoebe says.

"Yes, yes I am" I say, walking off.

"Taylor wait, your not leaving because of me" Leo says, like he's not going to let me go.

"What's that?" I say.

"What's what?" He says, very confused.

"That noise, oh it's my phone, I better take this" I say, pretending to take a phone call. We both know there's no one on the other side. The phone didn't even ring, but I like being sassy with jerks like him.

"Very mature" he says as I walk off.

I go downstairs when it's seven. I find Zac and my Dad in the lounge, the football channel is on ready. I forgot Leo's Dad was coming over. I need to grab emergency food supplies and watch movies in my room.

"Your all so sad" I say, plainly. Just as Zac is about to make a harsh come back, the door knocks.

"Get that will you? It'll be Pete" Dad says. Honestly, it's like I'm there slave. Zac laughs, I guess he like me, finds it funny that dad's got a friend.

I open the door and go to let him in. That's when I see Leo stood right behind him. Oh brilliant.

"Alright Taylor?" Pete says.

"Yeah thanks" I say, I hope Leo isn't staying, but sadly I think he is, as he's carrying the beer. He's not even paying attention, he hasn't acknowledged me, because he's texting. He's probably getting things back on with Mia. That's what boys do when they've broken up with their girlfriends and they start to get sexually frustrated. Pete walks in and makes his own way to the lounge.

"Why are you even here?" I say, leaning against the door frame, as he's still outside.

"Came to see you" he says, still looking at his screen, which irritates me.

"Of course" I say, sarcasm intended.

"Knew you missed my company, but I'm actually here to watch the game" he says, looking smug. I never know whether he's flirting or just being annoying. Either way, he needs to shut the hell up.

"Go in then, I'll be upstairs pretending that I don't exist" I say.

"Thanks for the tip, I might pay you a visit" he says, jokingly, I hope.

"Sure things aren't back on with you and Mia?" I say, just to irritate him, but I do also sort of want to know.

"No way, why you jealous?" He says, a large smile forming on his face, he's doing that flirty smile again.

"You wish" I say, escaping upstairs.

How long do football games last? Maybe I could go out. But who with? Ruby is with Ashton and I'm not third wheeling. Phoebe said she had a load of homework to do tonight. I assume Zara is with Chase, I'm 99.99% sure there's something going on with them. It would be very two faced of her if there was. She told me to stay away from him, she probably just wanted him all to herself.

I'm bored.


It's soon half time. I didn't plan on coming tonight. I just wanted to wind Taylor up, by turning up at her front door. She's proper hating on me, because I 'cut her off' last week, I don't think I did, I caught the same wave as her, but that was about it.

"So my Dad told me you and my lil sis don't get along" Zac, Taylor's brother says. I've talked to him a bit since I got here, he seems alright.

"She's got a knack for hating people" I say, grabbing another beer.

"Why does she hate you?" He asks, laughing.

"Apparently I cut her off when we were surfing last week and before she has said that I'm a guy she's learnt to stay away from" I say, expressing my confusion. It's just girls, they mess with your head.

"Makes sense I guess" Zac says.

"Why?" I ask, I am just curious.

"She's passionate about surfing, we all are, and she's had a few... Actually a lot of guys treat her crap" he says, getting a little bit annoyed, from talking about It.

"What do you mean by treat her like crap?" I ask.

"Don't tell her I told you, but her last boyfriend hooked up with her friend while they were still together, but I sorted him out" he says, looking impressed with himself. The only reason he's telling me is because he's had a few beers.

"Sounds like a jerk" I say.

"Yeah you could say that... Hey we need more beer" he says, changing the subject.

"I'll get that other pack, did your dad put it in the fridge?" I ask and he nods.

"Yeah think so" he says, returning his eyes to the screen.

I go in the kitchen and go over to the fridge. It's my dad that asked me to come, I never really watch the football, but it was a good excuse to come over.

"You better not be stealing my pizza leftovers" I hear Taylor say. I turn around and see her in the doorway. She looks good as usual. She's only wearing a black cami top and tiny grey shorts. I swear she looks mega hot in anything. She could wear a trash bag and still look attractive. I suppose a trash bag would be easier to rip off. Her hair is the same as it was earlier, wavy. I grab the beer and shut the fridge.

"Nope, wouldn't want you to go crazy at me again" I say. She walks over to me, or the fridge, I'm not sure.

"You know you cut me off, so just admit it" she says, shuffling straight past me, purposely knocking my shoulder back. She could have gone the other way round, but instead she went the way where she could drift past me. That must mean something.

"Hey" I say, catching her waist by my arm and pulling her back, so that she's right in front of me.

"You look hot" I say, my face not far from hers. I would have done what I like anyway, but now that I've dumped Mia, I feel like a free agent. She looks down at my hand on her bum, it was on her waist, but some how it moved down. Then she looks back at me.

"What the hell makes you think you can just grope me whenever you like" she says, pushing my chest back. I let go of her lightly.

"Well it took you a while to reply, so I think you enjoyed it" I say, smirking at her.

"Well I didn't, your such an ass!" She says, running her hands through her hair, I can tell she's pissed off at me.

"Look I'm not as bad as you think" I say, trying to say it lightly as she's giving me death stares again.

"Oh here we go again, the cocky jerk" she says. Its a good job that the football is on loud volume, or else they would be straight in here wondering what was going on, as Taylor is yelling loud enough.

"I'm not cocky" I say, shaking my head.

"Yes you are, just because you've broken up with that bitch of a girlfriend doesn't mean I'm going to sleep with you" she says. I feel my eyes widen, she gets so bitchy, but it's an attractive bitchy, not an annoying Mia bitchy.

"I want to when you act like this" I say, shooting her a cheeky smile, which she doesn't like.

"God you're so weird, I'm not going to have sex with you! So you can get that idea right out of your head" she says, I would like to rip her clothes off right now, but there's no way she would let me.

"Taylor chill out" I say, laughing. She doesn't seem to find this funny. One main difference between the two of us, is that I'm laid back and she's not.

"I am chilled!" She protests.

"Look whatever, let me know if you change your mind" I say, with a discreet wink. I grab the beer and head out the kitchen.

"Well I'm not going to, I'm not attracted to you one bit!" She says.

"Don't lie to yourself" I say, making myself laugh. It's funny, how easy she is to wind up.

I get back in the lounge and crack open another beer.


I hate him, I literally hate him. I slam the door of my bedroom behind me.

'Don't lie to yourself' What kind of a line was that? He drives me crazy. Why is he even in my house? It's not like I can kick him out. I need to be the one to leave. I call Ruby.

"Hey what's up?" She asks.

"I'm hella pissed off and we need to go out, beach bar?" I ask.

"Yeah sure, I'll meet you in ten, we can talk about it" she says, I agree and hang up.

I don't even bother getting changed, I just put my black sandals on and top up my eye make up. I get downstairs and I can hear them all cheering at the TV.


I could just walk out and Dad probably wouldn't notice. He has a right to know if I'm going out, Not that he cares.

"Sorry to interrupt" I say, lying, I don't really care if I interrupt their stupid game. "...but I'm going out Dad, don't wait up I'll be back late" I say, turning round to walk out.

"Hold on, where exactly are you going? It's already late" he says, I laugh as its only 9:30.

"Erm, you want the truth?" I ask, in a non caring voice. He nods, I see Leo look at me, still smirking from earlier.

"I'm going to get drunk" I say.

"What about your work? That's what you were doing upstairs wasn't it" he says.

"Ha no, I was watching a movie, but my works done" I lie.

"Well are you meeting anyone? Not sure if I want you to walk on your own in the dark" he says, he must be acting like this because we have company, he never usually gives a crap.

"I can walk with you" Leo says. Like its a statement, not a question. "I'm meeting the lads in a bit anyway" He says and gets up ready to walk out with me. There's no way in hell he is coming with me.

"That's great, if you don't mind Leo" Dad says, I need an excuse right now.

"No honestly it's fine... Because... Erm... Ruby is actually meeting me, she's right round the corner" I say, lying my ass off. My dad's such an idiot, he actually believes me. I swear he still sees me as an innocent ten year old, I don't think he realises I'm now nearly an adult and am capable of lying to his face.

"Isn't she at Ash's?" Leo says, raising his eyebrows, he knows I'm making it up.

"Nope, see you later" I say to Dad, walking out before he has a chance to question it.

I walk quicker than ever to the beach, I guess I'm partly worried that Leo might decide to join me. I don't watch where I'm going and end up bumping into someone, dropping my phone.

"Whoa, you alright?" He says, I recognise the voice.

"Chase" I say, looking up from the ground. I pick up my phone and stand up.

"Oh hey Taylor" he says, smiling. I haven't seen him since the surf off the other week.

"Hey" I say, shortly. I want to carry on walking, but he's sort of blocking me.

"Haven't seen you this week" he says. If he's trying to charm me again, after he accused me of being a prude, led me on, left me at the pier and then said Leo won the surf off, he can dream on.

"Yeah shame never mind" I say, walking round him.

"So what happened to picking up where we left off?" he says, deciding he's going to walk with me.

"You made it pretty clear that you weren't interested" I say.

"What made you think that?" He says, pulling me to a stop.

"You called it off after the party, remember?" I say, trying to get my point across. I'm sort of glad that I called it off, I shouldn't just hook up with someone that I hardly know.

"I didn't want to take advantage of you, you were clearly drunk" he says, putting on a serious face. I pull a confused look, I don't know if I believe what he's saying. Would he really care if he took advantage of me? Then again he must care as he called it off.

"Well... thanks... I guess" I say, not knowing how to reply to that. I give him a small smile and then carry on walking.

"Hey wait, do you want to go out in the week some time?" He says. I really wish he hadn't said that. I guess there's no harm in going out with him. I know that Zara wouldn't approve, but unless there's something between the two of them that I don't know about, then she has no reason to be judgy. Anyway, everyone has made it pretty clear that the only thing between Chase and Zara is hate. He wouldn't be asking me if he was interested in Zara.

"Erm, okay then" I say, worrying I will regret it.

"Great, I'll text you yeah?" He says, looking pleased.

"Yeah okay" I say and walk away.

I probably shouldn't have agreed to a date, but he's not really been that bad to me. I guess I was just hating on him, because he made Leo the winner last week.

I get to the bar and find Ruby waiting with two beers. Which surprises me, she's usually got some kind of cocktail that looks pretty gross.

"Hey, how long did it take you to get here?" She says, I guess she's been waiting around for me for a while.

"Sorry I... Got caught up" I say. I don't think I want to tell her about Chase just yet.

"It's okay" she says, handing me a drink.

"So I'm sorry if you were with Ashton, I just needed to get out of the house" I say.

"No it's fine, why what's up?" she asks.

"Where do I start? That complete ass turned up at my house to watch the football with his Dad and my Dad" I say, the anger is slowly coming back.

"I'm guessing your talking about Leo" she says, almost laughing. Why does nobody else realise that he's a complete bastard?

"Yes, he.... Urhhhh, makes me want to scream" I say, taking a very long swig of beer.

"Calm down, calm down" Ruby says, realising I'm serious. "Why were him and his Dad at your house anyway?" She asks.

"My Dad has gotten to know his Dad, they are friends, much to my appreciation" I say sarcastically, imitating quotation marks when saying 'friends'.

"Bad luck, but seriously Leo isn't that bad he..." She begins, but I cut her off as I don't even want to hear Leo's good points.

"No he is bad, the jackass thinks he can just flirt with me and say all these things"

"What he flirts with you? Oh my god" she says, I don't see why she's surprised.

"Yeah so, I don't respond to it" I say, really not bothered whether he flirts with me or not.

"Taylor, Leo doesn't flirt, if he wants a girl then he gets her straight away" she says, acting really surprised.

"Well at least I'm not as stupid as them" I say.

"He's broken up with Mia, this is your chance, if I were you I'd go straight back home and hopefully he would still be there" she says, it's strange for her to say that that as she's with Ashton.

"No way! He's not even that hot" I say, shouting, but to myself. I think I'm trying to convince myself, but there's no kidding he is hot.

"Really?" She says, with a knowing look.

"Okay he is, but I do not care" I say. "Another drink?" I ask and she nods.

I don't stay out too late, just late enough for the football to be finished. I walk home and only find Zac. He is in his room and Dad isn't home.

"Where is Dad?" I ask, interrupting his Fifa game.

"Went for a drink with... Pete" he says, almost forgetting his name.

"Alright, see you in the morning" I say, going to my own room. It annoys me how buddy my Dad is getting with Leo's.


Monday morning. I'm on the way to school and I don't think I'm even awake yet. I stop off and pick up Ash and Ruby on the way.

"God don't fall asleep at the wheel" Ruby jokes.

"Sorry, I was out late" I say, drifting my eyes back on the road.

"Oooh who with?" Ruby says, I don't know why she cares.

"Chase why?" I ask. We met up with a few other lads, I did invite Ash but he was obviously busy having sex with Ruby. I don't blame him, it's a pretty fair excuse.

"Just wondering, I just thought that now you're done with Mia, you might... Be wanting to move on" she says, I feel like I know where this conversation is going.

"Who with? Taylor? Go on what's she said about me" I say, jokingly rolling my eyes.

"A lot" Ruby says, I'm quite impressed.

"Oh really, so she likes me huh?" I say. I don't want her to like me a lot, just enough so that we can hook up.

"No actually she doesn't" Ruby says, making Ash laugh. That comment makes my ego go down.

"What why?" I say, now disappointed.

"I think she kind of hates you Leo" Ruby says, gritting her teeth, finding it awkward.

"Yeah I've got that impression too" Ash says, agreeing with Ruby.

What have I done to make Taylor hate me? I've only had a bit of banter with her. Maybe she's just sensitive.

"I can't think why she hates me" I say, trying to make it seem like I really don't care, when I kind of do.

"She thinks your a jerk" Ruby says, they both seem to be finding this funny.

"She won't be thinking that for long" I say.

I pull into a space at school and we head to tutor.

Mr Jenks rambles on about parents evening for the twenty minutes we spend in tutor. I hate parents evening, my grades are fine, but every teacher has an issue with me. Apparently being sent out every other day isn't good news for my parents.

The morning goes too slow. I didn't have chance to catch Taylor this morning. It's now break and I'm going to find her. I doubt she will be too pleased about that. It's like she's a prize I want to win. I want to hook up with her that's all. It's shallow, but give me a break, I'm a seventeen year old male.

I find her at her locker, swapping her books around. Today she's wearing a tight, navy strapless dress, with hair pulled to the side.

"So..." I say, making her jump "I heard you think I'm a jerk" I say, leaning against the locker next to her. She looks up at me and then immediately slams her locker door shut, it's like she slamming it in my face.

"Not talking to me now?" I ask, following her. What have I even done to piss her off so much?

"Yes I think your a jerk, Leo Jackson you are the biggest jerk in this school" she says, with a large smug smile.

"I doubt anyone will agree with you" I say, giving her the same smile back.

"Big head" she says under he breath as she walks away.

"Fancy going for a drink later?" I suggest.

"Not particularly no" she says, sarcastically.

"Aww how come?" I ask, although I already know why.

"I'm busy, sorting out... My sock drawer" she jokes, seeming pretty impressed with herself. I can't fault her sarcasm, she knows how to make you look stupid. Is there so much harm in her having a drink with me?

I turn around to head outside, I immediately wish I didn't, as Mia is right ahead of me. She instantly sticks her chest out when she sees me. God she's so desperate. She is hot, but I got bored off her, especially when I had to listen to her bitch all the time.

"You miss me already then" she says, looking down on me. There's no way I miss her, I broke up with her for a reason.

"No not really" I say, making myself laugh, she doesn't look impressed. I feel bad for a split second, she looks upset, but then I realise she's just acting so her friends don't think she's embarrassed.

"Don't come running back to me when you want someone to hook up with" she says, trying to be sassy, but it doesn't work for her.

"I won't don't worry" I say, walking away.

I'm so glad I'm rid of her, we weren't even together that long, but it's weird that I broke up with her just as Taylor arrived here.

Before leaving school, I catch up with Chase and Luca. I wind up taking them both home.

"So your really done with Mia then?" Chase asks, I hope he doesn't plan on hooking up with her now, that would be weird as I've already been with her.

"Yeah thank God" I say.

"Don't know how you put up with a girlfriend, especially Mia" he says. Chase doesn't do girlfriends, he just does hook ups. So do I, I guess Mia was a one off. I'm sure I was wasted when I agreed to be her girlfriend.

"Thankfully I broke it off before it got serious" I say.

"I think it's safe to say that Taylor is the hottest chick in the school right now, and I've got a date with her this week" Chase says, looking very impressed with himself.

As if she's agreed to a date with him, just the other week she was pissed at him for leaving her at the pier.

"Lucky you" I joke. Inside I am kinda jealous, actually a lot jealous.

"Yep, I should hopefully be getting lucky on this date" he says, getting excited. I hope Taylor knows what his plans are.

After dropping them off, I go to the surf hut, to do a shift with my Dad.

"I don't know where you get your lateness from son" he says, only joking, he doesn't really care. He can run this shop without me.

"Sorry" I say, dumping bag.

"No worries, hey you can do me a favour" ha says. I nod as my answer, but it actually depends on what it is.

"Ring your new friend tell her that her board has arrived" he says, which is something I will do without struggle.

I go in the backs and call Taylor's number. It takes a while for her to answer.

"Hello? Sorry I was in the shower" she says, having no clue it's me.

"Really that's a nice image" I joke, picturing her in the shower.

"Ugh, do I need to ask who this is?" she says sarcastically, in a very unamused voice.

"Your glad I called really" I say, but it's obvious she's not glad.

"Not really, what the hell do you want anyway?" She demands.

"No need to be rude with me, just thought I'd let you know that your board is here" I say.

"Great I'll come get it" she says, hanging up before I can say anything back.

Around forty minutes later, she gets here. I can tell she is excited for her new board, but the excited look goes when she has to talk to me.

She pays for the rest of it.

"And here's extra, for lending me this one, now I'm not in debt to you" she says, propping the board I lent her, against the desk.

"Cheers, so... I hear your going out with Chase this week" I say.

"Yep, is that any of your business?" She asks, I can never take her seriously.

"I'm just saying, be careful, he only likes to hook up with the girls he sees" I say, she has a right to know of his intentions and based on her past, it pretty sucks if she gets hurt by another lad.

"You mean like you?" She says, not realising I'm looking out for her.

"Crack on with him then, I won't warn you in the future" I say, crossing my arms, but remaining the smirk I'm giving her.

"Seriously! Just stay out of my business okay? And leave me alone" she snaps.

She grabs her board and heads out.

"Tell your dad I said thanks" she says, quietly, before walking out.

I think it's now clear that this girl hates my guts.

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