Kiss Me Already

When Taylor moves to Australia she quickly makes friends and meets lots of new guys, including Leo. In her opinion he is an annoying jerk, but they have a connection and many things in common. She tries to keep away from him and his rebel ways, but with his constant flirting, she finds it hard to keep away from him. Leo is interested in Taylor from the moment he meets her, even though he has a girlfriend, he is completely drawn to her. Will she ever accept that they are perfect for each other?

Written from both Leo and Taylor's points of view.


8. Chapter 8


After sinking, at least a crate of beer on Friday, I spent most of Saturday sleeping. It's now Sunday and the sun shining through my window is forcing me to wake up. It's only 10am, that's not bad, I'll be getting up at 7am tomorrow for school, so I may as well make the most of it.

After showering, I check my phone and see a text from Ashton.

"Ruby just told me that this surf off is happening at 12?" It says.

I totally forgot.

How could I? I was talking to Taylor about it loads on Friday. If it's at twelve, that means it's in two hours. I could have done with catching some extra practice before, but oh well, I don't really need practice.

As if Taylor organised it without me, I think she just wants to kick my ass. It's only casual, not really a big deal, but we both have our reasons for wanting to beat one another.

I want to beat her, firstly to impress her and secondly I want to test her confidence. It's clear that the only reason she wants to win, is to be better than me, she seems to hate me. It's as though there's something about me that she doesn't like. I wish I could say that there's something about her that I don't like, but I can't think of one thing. I'm still trying to figure her out, there's just something about her that interests me.

I grab a glass of juice and some breakfast when I'm downstairs. My Mom is cleaning while I eat.

"Are you still angry then?" I ask, wary of her response.

"Yes I am Leo" she snaps. She had a huge yell at me yesterday morning, when she went outside and saw what a bomb site the place was. I had tried to clear up a bit, but by the time I got back from walking Taylor I pretty much fell asleep.

"It wasn't that bad and I cleared it up" I say, finishing my bowl of cereal pretty quickly.

"I know, but the pool was in a right state son" she moans and I'm starting to get bored.

"Whatever it's fine now, so just chill" I say, laughing. I'm far too laid back sometimes, I never let anything bother me. I think my mom gets annoyed by that.

"I am chill and anyway, I can't stay mad at you can I?" She says, with a beaming smile. She pats me on the head as she takes my bowl away. I don't get her, one minute she's at my throat, then the next she's treating me like a baby. I'm seventeen so I hate it when she does that. It wouldn't be as bad if I had a brother or sister, but I don't, I'm an only child, so it's like I'm her pride and glory. Thankfully embarrassing parents have never effected my reputation. Which is good, obviously.

"So what's happened to Mia? We haven't seen her for a while" she says.

"I'm getting sort of bored with her at the moment" I say, there's no point in lying, that is really how I feel.

"Leo! You can't ignore girls because you think they're boring" mom says, in a shocked voice.

"Yeah I can, what do you care anyway? You and Dad hate Mia" I say, I'm not sure if she hates Mia, but she definitely dislikes her company.

"I don't hate your girlfriend son" she says, trying to convince me, but I'm not falling for it.

"Yeah you do, I think I'm starting to as well" I say. After her argument with Taylor the other night, every time I think about her, I just get annoyed.

"Alright, what's got you so distracted" she says, giving me a knowing look.

"Nothing, what do you mean?" I say.

"Something has you distracted from your girlfriend, and my guess is it's another girl" she says. I hate talking about girls with my parents, it's not normal. She might be right though, ever since I've met Taylor, I've sort of preferred spending time with her, rather than Mia.

"I'm not into another girl mom" I say, hoping that will shut her up.

"Your Dad was telling me about a new girl, that's at your school, he said you were pretty keen on her" she says, looking at me like she wants to know everything. She doesn't realise that there's nothing to know.

"Mom stay out of my business, I'm not into Taylor" I say, assuming that Dad told her who she is. Do my parents find it entertaining to discuss my social life?

"Okay I won't ask next time" she says, laughing. I'm quite lucky she doesn't react when I raise my voice to her.

"Good, look I'm going out I'll see you later" I say.

"Where are you going?" She asks, she's not concerned, she's just nosey.

"Just surfing, shouldn't be back late" I say, heading out the back door to grab my board.

"Who with? Taylor?" She says, I can here her laughing to herself. My parents seem to enjoy taking the piss out of my life.

"Leave it alone mom!" I say, shutting the door loudly on my way out. She really likes to test my patience.

There's more people than I thought at the beach. A few of the lads and Ruby and her friends. I notice Taylor, of course she's at the bar. I can't see Chase anywhere, which is odd, I doubt he would miss it. I'm a bit annoyed with the way he left Taylor on her own the other night, no girl should walk home alone in the dark. Especially a drunk and vulnerable Taylor.

It's quite refreshing that Mia isn't here. I haven't spoke to her recently. She tried to call me twice yesterday, but luckily I missed it.

"Hey man" Ash says, walking over. For once he's not with Ruby.

"Where's Chase?" I say.

"Not sure, why? Does he need to be here?" Ash says.

"No I just wanted to have a word with him" I say.

"What about?" He asks.

"Nothing really, he ditched Taylor at the beach on her own in the dark, after my party" I say.

"Seriously? Then again, that is like him" he says.

"Yeah never mind, where's your girl at?" I ask, assuming Ruby is with Taylor.

"Bar, want to go over?" I ask.

"Sure" I say.

"Oh there you are, didn't think you were gonna show up" Taylor says, in her usual upbeat and confident voice. She turns on her bar stool to face me.

"Why would I miss a chance to kick your ass huh?" I say, she smiles, although she's trying to hold it back.

"Are you seriously having a surf off? Why don't you just wait until the surf comp?" Ruby says, I can't work out whether she finds it lame or she just doesn't understand, because she doesn't surf.

"I think somebody wants to prove a point" I say, indirectly, but looking straight at Taylor sort of gives it away.

"God lets just get this over with, is anyone else going to join in?" Taylor says, hopping off her seat.

"What about your drinks?" Mason says, the guy at the bar, pushing a tray of drinks forward. He's in the year above at school and he's recently got a job here.

"Oh yeah, okay, drinks then surf off" she says, turning back and grabbing her drink, which surprisingly isn't alcohol.

"No beer today huh?" I say.

"I want a clear head when I beat you" she says. I shake my head, laughing slightly at her. I don't know what it is about her, everything she says, it just makes me laugh or smile. She looks innocent and 'adorable', but when she opens her mouth, she gets seriously feisty.

"So you surf?" Mason says, looking surprised.

"Yeah, you know it is normal for girls to surf" Taylor says, making me smile again.

"Not round here, you's lot are all scared of getting your hair wet right?" Mason says to Ruby, Phoebe and Zara.

"We're not scared of getting our hair wet! It's more like we're scared of being dragged away by a huge wave" Ruby says.

"Babe that would never happen" Ash laughs.

"It has before! I read an article..."

"Well I wouldn't let that happen" he says, being sort of soppy.

"Aww your adorable" Ruby says, looking chirpy. I catch Taylor give Phoebe a raised eyes look, I assume expressing how corny Ash and Ruby are being. She notices me looking at her and turns away.

"So Taylor is it? You're new right? I think I'd remember you" Mason says, leaning over the bar.

"Yes I'm new, is that a big deal?" She says, being feisty again, but she's not as bad with him as she is with me.

"Yeah, it's nice to see a new... Face" he says, he's such a player he is only looking at her chest and ass. I don't blame him, but surly he could be a little less obvious.

"Erm, I'm paying for drinks, not flattery" she says, finishing the glass of orange in her hand. I laugh at how surprised Mason looks. He bites his lip, holding the sort of look that shows he thinks she's hard to get.

"So Ash you gonna give it a go?" Taylor says, grabbing the board I lent her.

"Huh?" He says, separating from Ruby when he hears his name.

"Are you going to join this surf off?" She says, using quotation marks like she thinks it's lame, but I think she's just trying to hide her determination.

"Yeah sure, Luca you joining?" He says, as Luca walks over.

"I'll give it a whirl" he says.

"I wish one of you girls would surf, I'm up against three guys" Taylor says.

"I thought you were gonna win?" I say, folding my arms.

"Oh I am" she says, holding her head high and barging past me, separating my arms.

"You two need to calm down, this is only a friendly surf off right?" Ruby says, saying friendly quite harshly. I don't think Ruby realises that it's just banter, at least that's what Taylor thinks, but I'm pretty sure it's more like we're flirting.

"I wouldn't say friendly" Taylor says, being cold again.

I stop looking at Taylor when Chase turns up. I'm surprised he's here. It was his idea, but I'm not sure if he's that interested in Taylor anymore, after what he was saying about Zara on Friday.

"Alright?" He says, smiling at Taylor.

"Yeah I'm fine. Great actually." She says, being even more short with him than she is with me. He doesn't even notice that she's pissed at him. He probably didn't even care if she was alright.

"You surfing?" I ask.

"Na, didn't bring my board" he says, surprisingly, Chase is always up for a surf.

"So you've just come to perve on Taylor in a bikini? Wouldn't surprise me" Zara says, standing up from her seat and going to walk away.

"What is your problem?" Chase says, his voice is a lot more serious than normal.

"Right now, you are, but that can be solved" she says, walking straight past him. Instead of leaving her alone, he follows after her, probably to taunt her some more. I really don't know what is going on between those two. I wish I could think that if he liked Zara then he would stay away from Taylor, but knowing Chase, he wouldn't say no to hooking up with both of them at the same time.

I don't care anyway, he can have Taylor, I don't like her, I only want to hook up with her.

When we are on the sea front, I pull off my black t-shirt and run my fingers through my hair, making it a bit more messy. Taylor was wearing nothing but her bikini so I don't need to watch her undress. I smirk when I catch her checking me out.

"Enjoying the view?" I say.

"What view?" She says, she knows exactly what I'm talking about, she's just trying to hide the fact she was watching me undress. I shake my head at her, ignoring her comment.

Today I can't see her tattoo as her arm is covering it. I'm curious to know what it says. The only way I would be able to read it, is if my eyes were two inches away from her hip and I doubt she would let me get that close, although I want to.

Ash and Leo decide that they're going first.

"So what shall we do three rounds each? And who is judging?" Taylor says.

"I'll judge" Chase says, walking over with a beer in his hand. He's starting early, things must have ended badly with Zara. I don't see her with Ruby and Phoebe.

"Well I suppose you're the only one that can" Taylor says, not too thrilled.

Ash and Luca go in the sea and thankfully the beach we're on is pretty quiet, so they can space out a little.

It's clear that Ashton is going to win, Luca hasn't been on his board for months.

"You getting nervous Parker?" I say to Taylor. It seems to irritate girls when you call them by their last names.

"You wish, what is your last name?" She asks.

"Jackson, why?" I laugh.

"Well now I can piss you off by calling you Jackson instead of your name" she says, thinking she's got to me.

"Well it really doesn't bother me Parker" I say, showing her how chilled out I am.

Once Ash and Leo come out from their first round, I can see Taylor getting nervous. It's her own fault, for making it clear she thinks she will win.

"Mate your body work was all over the place" Ash laughs.

"I know, am I out?" Luca asks Chase.

"You did fall off, but you and Taylor go next and that's your last chance, Ash clearly won that" Chase says.

"Good luck" I whisper to Taylor before she rushes into the sea. She seemed a bit annoyed. I can't help looking at the good view of her ass as she's in front of me.

While they're out there and Ash is talking to Ruby, I don't really watch, instead I decide to confront Chase about Friday.

"I hardly ditched her" Chase says, rolling his eyes.

"Yeah you did, she told me" I say, laughing at how he doesn't realise what he shouldn't have done.

"Well she wasn't going to hook up with me, so..."

He says, but I don't buy it.

"Oh I think she was, she was pretty determined when you both left the party, it's you that didn't want to hook up with her" I say, making him feel awkward.

"Yeah I did, have you seen her" he says. He probably did want to hook up with her actually.

"I think you are more into Zara" I joke.

"Man shut up" he says, as her friends are right behind us. This is not like Chase.

"Why? Just hook up with Zara, you'll feel better and–" I begin, before he cuts me off.

"I already have! Ages ago, don't you dare tell anyone, or she will hate me" he says.

Man he must really care about her, who knew?

"Seriously? No way, so you like her huh?" I ask.

I can't believe they hooked up, I had no idea, in everyone's eyes they've always hated each other.

"I don't like her at all and the feelings mutual" he says, trying to laugh to make the conversation less serious.

"Whatever... You're supposed to be judging" I say. We both return our eyes to the sea, just as Luca falls off again. I burst out laughing and so does Ash, it's so obvious Luca is trying to impress Taylor.

"It's clear who the winner is" Chase laughs. I notice Taylor Skimming a wave, I have got some competition.

When they come back over, Luca is pretty disappointed that he's out. Taylor doesn't look bothered, it's like she knew she would beat him, but then again I think that everyone knew that.

After I beat Ash, it's then down to me and Taylor.

"Ready?" I ask.

"I think I was born ready" she says, bumping fists with Luca. I love seeing this different side to her. It feels like I've know her more than a week.

"Okay go on then, whoever wins this one, is the winner and goes home with nothing" Ash jokes.

"Let's go then" I say, raising my eyebrows at Taylor.

We're soon deep in the sea and we wait a while for a big wave to come.

"So your still pissed at Chase?" I say, keeping an eye on the waves.

"No why would I be pissed at him?" She says, clearly lying.

"Because he ditched you the other night" I say.

"Oh that, I'm not really bothered, he can do what he wants, he missed out on spending the night with me" she says.

"He said you weren't going to hook up with him" I say, reciting what Chase said.

"Well he's a liar, I was all up for it" she says, but I'm not sure if I believe that's how she really felt.

"Taylor" I say, shaking my head.

"What?!" She says, confused.

"You don't have to lie to me" I say, and she looks at me like I'm giving her a unbelieving look.

"What is everyone's problem? Why do you all think I'm some kind of good girl?" She says, getting tetchy again.

"We... I don't, I never said that" I say, I do think she is a good girl though, I think she's just waiting for something to make her bad.

"You called me a prude the other night, what does that even mean? Just to put it out there, I'm not a virgin!" She says, nearly shouting. I never thought she was a virgin, how could she be? She's obviously always had guys after her. I go to reply, but she's already gone after a wave. She does it awesomely. I then do a wave and it goes pretty well. Not long after, a really good wave comes and we both catch it. We get pretty close and I worry that our boards are about to meet. I hardly register her fall off just as the wave gets to its highest.

I smile inside that I've most likely won. I see her come back straight up above the water. I'm still swerving the wave when she swims out, walking when she gets to the shallow parts. I neatly finish and then go out as it seems like it's over. I catch up with her, just as she's walking over to everyone.

"Nice win man, I guess that settles it" Chase says to me.

"You were pretty off game Taylor, not like usual" he adds. I know how angry she's getting as she soon storms off, ditching her board in the sand. Why is she being such a sore loser? Maybe she's just embarrassed. No one goes after her, maybe I should.

"Yeah... thanks, I'll be right back" I say to them, ditching my board next to Taylor's. She walked off quite quickly, I finally get up to her when she's by the rocks.

"Taylor what the hell?" I say, almost laughing.

"Oh sod off" she says, harshly which doesn't shock me.

"What is your problem? Why are you being a sore loser?" I ask, she's got her back to me and I don't think she plans on looking at me.

"I'm not a sore loser! I didn't lose, you cut me off!" She moans. Now she's looking at me and shouting in my face.

"I didn't cut you off" I laugh, but she doesn't seem amused.

"Err, yes you did, I look like a right idiot now" she says, folding her arms. I was right, she is embarrassed.

"No you don't Taylor, and anyway, you wouldn't have fell off if you'd have paid attention to what your arms were doing" I say, hoping I don't sound like the guy that judges every last thing.

"Oh my God, are you serious?" She says, giving me an angry glare. She's really a lot more attractive when she is angry.

"Leo! There you are" someone says from behind me, I recognise the annoying girly tone almost immediately, it's Mia.

"What are you doing here?" Taylor says, attempting to look down on Mia, but she's still too angry at me.

"Ur I could ask you the same question" Mia says, rolling her eyes from Taylor to me. Taylor holds a confused look, I assume because the 'surf off' was between the two of us anyway, so why wouldn't she be here?

"What is it Mia?" I say, impatiently.

"I need to talk to you" she says, she's doing my head in already and she's only been her less than a minute. I don't like the girl at all, compared to Taylor, Mia is no where near as hot.

"Just give me a minute" I say to Taylor. She strongly roles her eyes at me. I walk over to Mia and attempt to look like I'm paying attention while she talks.

"So I'm sorry I abandoned you the other day at your party, we should go grab lunch" she says, running her hand down my arm.

"No" I say plainly.

"Excuse me?" She wines.

"You heard me Mia, no" I say, pushing her arm off me.

"What are you saying?" She asks.

"I'm saying... I'm sick of this, us, you, it's over" I say, raising my voice a little.

"Are you kidding me? Your letting me, this go?" She says, pulling a shocked face and gesturing to her body.

"Yeah I am" I say, I'm sick of the girl, I've got to dump her.

"Sure you don't want to think that through? You know you will miss me" she says, trying to act confident, but I think she will cry in a minute. It's not like she doesn't deserve to cry though, she's vile to everyone.

"What am I going to miss? Your annoying personality? Or the ass and cleavage you don't have?" I say, hopefully that will make her get the message, what I'm saying is true.

"Oh my god I hate you!" She snaps, rushing off, finally. I watch her go and then walk over to Taylor. I look at her for a moment, wondering whether she is going to have another go at me.

"What? Was that supposed to impress me?" She says, looking pretty irritated at me.

"I don't know you tell me" I say, trying a light hearted joke, which doesn't go down well.

"God your so annoying, next time, before you take all the pride for winning your next surf comp, why don't you consider that you probably cut someone off!" She shouts. I'm really starting to think she hates me.

"Calm down Taylor" I say, but laughing doesn't calm her down at all.

"Ur you know what? Screw you!" She says, walking off.

"Yeah you know you want to" I say, she turns back to give me yet another glare.

"Even though you're now single, that's never going to happen" she says. Leaving. She heads for the road, so I assume she's going straight home instead of straight to the beach.

She was willing to hook up with Chase, so why not me? All the girls want me, why doesn't she? She's so damn hot. I'll win her over at some point, but I seriously want her now.

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