Kiss Me Already

When Taylor moves to Australia she quickly makes friends and meets lots of new guys, including Leo. In her opinion he is an annoying jerk, but they have a connection and many things in common. She tries to keep away from him and his rebel ways, but with his constant flirting, she finds it hard to keep away from him. Leo is interested in Taylor from the moment he meets her, even though he has a girlfriend, he is completely drawn to her. Will she ever accept that they are perfect for each other?

Written from both Leo and Taylor's points of view.


5. Chapter 5


That was the most awkward experience ever. I am glad my Dad called, it just gave me an excuse to leave. It was fine when we were surfing, but at the bar after, I had nothing to say to him. He seems like such a sleaze bag. He's got a girlfriend and yet he's buying me drinks. I need to stay away from him, which will be hard as he is really hot, but I'm quite sure that he's a two timing jerk. His girlfriend didn't seem very nice, but she still doesn't deserve a crappy boyfriend like that. I also feel like I'm in debt to him now, as he is lending me this board.

I meet my Dad at the pier, he said he would take me and Zac out for tea. I would prefer to stay at home, if anyone from school sees me eating out with my Dad and Brother it will be embarrassing.

"Finally, where've you been?" He says, when I walk up to him. I suppose I have had a slow walk here, or maybe I was just thinking too much about Leo.

"No where" I say.

"Well it looks like you've been surfing, where'd you get the board" he says, taking a look at it.

"Erm... A Friend lent it me" I say, not really wanting to refer to Leo as a friend.

"That's nice of them, be careful when you go out there Tay, the waves can be strong here" he says, looking out to the sea.

"Yeah whatever, I'm just borrowing it while I wait for my new one" I say.

"You've bought a new one... On my card I'm guessing?" he says, laughing under his breath. He doesn't really care, which I guess is a good thing, as it means I can use his card whenever I want.

"You shouldn't have got me into surfing then" I say, looking smug. I walk back with him to get Zac.

"So who is this friend then?" He asks, trying to seem interested in my social life.

"Just this guy from school, he's hardly a friend" I say impatiently, I don't particularly want to have this conversation with my dad.

"Oh really, who might he be then?" He says, actually looking interested.

"He's no one, he just lent me this board ok?" I say, my voice getting snappy.

"Ok calm down, I won't ask you about your day again" he says, now sick of my temper.

"Thank you" I say, which I doubt was what he wanted me to say.

Thankfully he doesn't ask about Leo for the rest of the night. He usually does, he either jokes about it or turns into a protective dad.

My first week at this new school has actually been okay. I am still surprised that I've made friends so quickly. It's now Friday and I'm pretty glad it's nearly the weekend, purely so I can go surfing when the sun comes up.

I catch up with Zara on the way to school. She spends most of the journey pointing out a hot guy every five seconds.

"...come on you have to admit he is hot" she says, pointing to a guy on across the road. I can hardly see him because the sun is so bright.

"Isn't that... Chase?" I say, getting ready to agree with her.

"Oh yeah, I wasn't looking at his face" she says, laughing. I see what she means, he has his shirt off, so it is pretty distracting.

"Then I admit it, he is very hot indeed" I say, smirking. She doesn't seem to agree.

"Seriously Taylor, he's such a player... Then again, so are half the guys in this school" Zara says, I assume she is thinking of her ex. I force myself to stop staring at Chase when I notice him looking straight back at me. It's typical that he would catch me staring and not Zara. Five seconds later, it's like he's made up his mind and decided to come over. He's walking over to us and I'm panicking. Not because I'm nervous, I'm never really nervous, it's the fact that I said to myself that I wouldn't get involved with anyone from this school. It's like an alcoholic trying to stop drinking, if someone gives them alcohol, they're going to drink it. Every guy I've ever been with has completely screwed me over one way or another, back in California, my "boyfriend" was actually hooking up with my "friend". But right now, I don't care, Chase is hot and he's been nothing but nice to me.

"Alright girls" he says, now directly In front of us.

"Oh... hey Chase" I say, trying to play it cool, which he definitely will not fall for as I was completely staring at him a minute ago.

"Chase, what do you want?" Zara says, not at all pleased that he has joined us.

"Nice to see you too Zara" Chase says sarcastically, which makes me think he's not that keen on her either, at least their dislike for one another is mutual.

"Yeah... I'll catch you later Taylor" she says, waking off and leaving me with him. It's an awkward silence for about five seconds, but then I finally think of a conversation starter.

"So... What's your first lesson?" I ask, it's pretty lame, but it's all can think off.

"Not sure, I don't really care" he says and I'm starting to worry he's a rebel just like his buddy Leo. But then again, why would he want to talk to me about his lessons, he probably thinks I'm boring now.

"Yeah me neither really" I say, with a laugh. I'm so pathetic, I know fully well what my first lesson is, it's History with Leo, much to my appreciation... Not.

Thankfully, Chase starts the next conversation.

"Will I be seeing you at the pool party tonight?" He says, smirking at me. I really have no clue what he is talking about.

"What pool party?" I ask.

"At Leo's, he's asked you right?" He says, it's like he guaranteed that I would know about it.

"No I know nothing about it" I say, I don't expect an invitation, I've only known everyone for a week.

"Well I'm sure you're invited, but if your not you can come with me" he says, which I guess is him asking me to go with him like a date. I don't think I want to go if I'm not invited, that would just be awkward. It's also Leo's party, he's kind of annoying. I haven't seen him in a couple of days, but ever since he gave me that surf board, I feel in debt to him.

" is that a yes" he says, as it's been a while since he asked and I was too busy thinking about Leo. We're now walking through the school gates, we've only been talking a couple of minutes, but for some reason it feels like longer.

"I'll think about it, I'd rather go if I'm actually invited... But here have my number?" I suggest, which he looks quite pleased about. He offers me his phone and I put my number in, I really shouldn't be doing this, everyone has told me he's a player, but I don't buy it, he seems like a good guy.

"Nice, thanks" he says, acting like a child that's just been given sweets.

"Do you surf?" I ask, it was completely random, but I badly want to know.

"Yeah a bit, I'm not as good as Leo though, but then again no ones as good as Leo" he says, like he says it all the time.

"What do you mean?" I ask, sort of finding it annoying that Leo is the best surfer around here, it is just another thing that makes him attractive, but I need to stay away from him, let's focus on Chase.

"Leo is the champ, no one ever beats him" he says.

"What no way, I bet I could beat him" I say, not meaning to sound big headed, but I would love to beat that guy in a surf off.

"Yeah I bet you could too, how's about a mini comp between you both on Sunday?" He asks.

"Well I'm up for it if he is" I say, I seem too confident, I really need to dial it down a bit.

"Leave it to me, I'll sort it, we can get a drink after if you want" he says.

"Yeah sure" I say, trying to hide the smile from my face. It's not a happy smile, I am happy, but it just makes me laugh how forward he is. I notice we have another ten minutes until tutor, so I decide to go and meet Ruby and Phoebe.

"I'll see you in tutor, I'm going to go and meet my friends" I say, looking over to where they are standing. It feels weird referring to them as friends as I haven't known them long.

"Yeah sure, catch you later" he says. As I walk over to Phoebe and Ruby, I can tell they are giving me a judging look.

"Alright guys?" I say, Phoebe smiles, but ruby is still giving me that look.

"Want to tell us what that was all about?" She asks, raising her eyebrows like she is surprised.

"What, Chase?" I ask, although I already know that's what she was referring to.

"Yes Chase!" Phoebe says desperately, like she wants to know what he said.

"He just asked me to go with him to that party tomorrow and I gave him my numb-" I begin to say number before Ruby completely cuts me off.

"You what? You gave him your number? Chase! Seriously Taylor?" She says, her eyes are now looking beady and I don't really want to know what that means.

"Look he seems like a nice enough guy to me, especially compared to bloody Leo" I say, I sound extremely English when saying 'bloody', but never mind.

"Okay... I'll shut up, but I'm warning you he's a jerk" she says, I should be concerned hearing her say that, but surely I should judge his personality for myself. There is definitely nothing wrong in the looks department.

On the way to Form, Phoebe still hasn't dropped the conversation.

"What is wrong with you Taylor? How are you not interested in Leo? He's perfect, although he is a bit big headed" she says, finding the one fault, where as I could name at least five.

"Exactly, he's big headed, annoying... I could go on" I say, but I'm lying, I can't think of any other reasons right now, but they will come to me later.

"Whatever, we will let you judge them for yourself" Phoebe says, giving up trying to convince me that Leo is a nice guy.

"Thank you" I say, sarcastically, making them laugh. It's funny how much boys are mentioned in conversation.


I walked into school with Ashton today, before he went to meet Ruby. I catch up with him when the bell goes and we head to Form, only a few seconds late, but everyone else is already sat down. Thankfully Mr Jenks looks like he has only just walked in himself, so he doesn't have a go at me.

I go to my seat and chuck my bag down under the table. I'm glad it's Friday, mostly because it's my pool party tonight, that means drinking and girls. I shouldn't say girls as I've already got one, but she does my head in.

"Late again" Chase laughs, leaning back in his chair. He soon sits up when Taylor walks past him, I haven't spoken to her since I bought her a beer the other day.

"Hey" she says to Chase, smiling quite a lot.

"Your late girls" Mr Jenks says, even though they're only like a minute later than me. They sit down, ignoring him.

"Looks like she is into you" I say, smirking, but inside I'm sort of jealous.

"Yeah it does look that way doesn't it" he says, looking back at her.

"Luca won't be impressed, he was hoping to hook up with her" I laugh.

"I'm guessing he won't want to know that I got her number then?" He says, unlocking his phone and showing me a number under her name in his contacts. Why would she give him her number? She seems to dislike me quite a lot, but me and Chase are similar people, what's he got that I haven't?

"I have the same one" I say, laughing and showing him the same number on my phone.

"What? Why'd she give you her number" he asks, pulling a face.

"Calm it man, it's just because I've ordered her a board in at the hut" I say, realising I could have said something else that would put him off going after Taylor.

"That's alright then Anyway, why haven't you invited her tonight? She's like the hottest girl in the school" he says, making me laugh.

"Yeah she's alright" I say, pulling a slanted face. I'm completely lying of course, she's gorgeous, but I don't want everyone to know I think that. If Chase knew, then he would constantly be rubbing it in my face that she is into him.

"You know she is better than alright, anyway she is coming with me tonight" he says, smirking. It's the sort of smirk that suggests he thinks he will get laid tonight. I'm not sure, but I don't think Taylor is the sort of girl to let a guy hook up with her so easily.

"Well I was going to ask her anyway" I say.

"Because you like her too" he says, trying to get me to agree with him.

"Chase, I have a girlfriend" I say, hoping he will shut up bragging.

"When has that ever stopped you before?" He says.

"Hey careful what you say" I say. I don't want people to see me as some jerk.

"Just speaking the truth mate" he laughs.

I catch up with Luca on the way to second lesson. I can see how annoyed he is when I tell him about Chase bringing Taylor tonight.

"You're kidding right?" He says.

"No, sorry mate" I say, he looks pretty pissed off, but I can't help finding it funny.

"What is it about Chase? He wins every girl" Luca says. I don't see why he is overreacting, Chase is only bringing her to my pool party and to be fair it's not like she chose him over Luca, as Luca hasn't even talked to her. She hardly knows he exists.

"Yeah he does manage to charm every hot girl he sees doesn't he" I say, it's the truth, he has always been the same, even Mia liked him for a little while, but that was before she got with me.

"Yeah just like you" Luca says, looking even more irritated.

"I'm not like that" I say, but I can sort of see where he is coming from.

"Seriously man yes you are, every chick wants to be with you, even all the guys want to be you, but so do I considering you get that response from girls" he says. I really can't take him seriously, he's making me sound like some sort of pimp.

"Luca you've got plenty of girls after you" I say.

"What another crazy one that's going to be as mental as the last one" he says. Luca hasn't had the best experience with girls. He's just too nice, if he hooks up with a girl, he can't just break their heart and end it the next morning. Instead he leads them on unknowingly, making them turn madly obsessed with him.

"Look I've asked loads of girls tonight, just hook up with one and then break it off the next morning" I say, making it sound simple.

"Now that's no way to treat girls Leo" I hear a girl say, for a moment I worry that it's Mia, but I'm relieved when I turn around and see Ruby.

"Hey Luca" she says.

"Ruby, you're friends with Taylor right?" Luca says, his voice suddenly sounding interested.

"Yes, but I'm not setting you up, so you can get that idea out of your head" she says, getting snappy.

"Great" he says, disappointed, he walks into lesson any leaves me with Ruby.

"Hey so you know I'm coming with Ash tonight?" She says.

"Yeah" I say, waiting to see what she wants, although I think I know.

"Well I heard Taylor is coming too, you don't mind if Phoebe and–" she begins to say, before I interrupt her.

"Phoebe and Zara can come, I was going to ask you all anyway, Mia has been inviting people" I say.

"Oh that's probably why they weren't invited" she says and I remember the other day, when Zara was making it pretty clear that she didn't like Mia.

"Don't worry you're all invited, I won't kick you out" I joke, but she doesn't find it funny.

"Thanks, see you later then" she says before walking off.

"Hey Ruby!" I say, calling her back.

"Yeah?" She says, looking like she's in a hurry.

"What's the deal with Taylor and Chase?" I ask, I shouldn't, but I want to know why she's into him and not me. What does she have against me?

"Oh and why do you want to know?" She says, crossing her arms and looking at me like she thinks I like Taylor.

"Chase is my mate, I'm just wondering" I say, shaking my shoulder, trying to look less bothered.

"Well then why don't you ask him?" She says.

"Forget it then, forget I asked" I say, ready to go to lesson.

"Okay, no need to get moody" she says, laughing.

"I'm not moody I'm just–" I begin to stand up for myself, when she interrupts.

"Taylor is into him, God knows why, we've warned her he's a jerk" she says.

"He's not that bad, but what do you mean into him?" I ask, but I think I already know the answer.

"She thinks he's hot, what do you think!" She says, sarcastically. "Why do you care anyway?" She says, smirking. "Are you sad because she hasn't said she finds you hot?" She jokes. Ruby can be a bit of a piss taker when she wants to be.

"No, I'm not interested, I was just... Curious" I say, using the only word that comes to mind.

"Curious?" She says, laughing "I think you mean Jealous".

"I'm not jealous" I say, but the look on her face, does not look like she believes me. "Ruby, I'm not, I really don't care" I say, trying not to laugh, so that I look like I'm being serious.

"Whatever, see you later" she says, walking off. This time I let her walk, I won't ask her in the future.

I don't really care about Chase and Taylor, I've got a hot girlfriend, I'm sorted. But in a way, Taylor is not only hot, but also really cool and fun to be around. I'm sure she likes me a little bit, at least I hope she does.

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