Kiss Me Already

When Taylor moves to Australia she quickly makes friends and meets lots of new guys, including Leo. In her opinion he is an annoying jerk, but they have a connection and many things in common. She tries to keep away from him and his rebel ways, but with his constant flirting, she finds it hard to keep away from him. Leo is interested in Taylor from the moment he meets her, even though he has a girlfriend, he is completely drawn to her. Will she ever accept that they are perfect for each other?

Written from both Leo and Taylor's points of view.


4. Chapter 4


I take a slow walk over to the Surf Hut, the beach is pretty quiet so I doubt the shop will be busy. Dad only asks me to help out, because he thinks I know what I am talking about when it comes to surfing, which I don't. He has a whole career planned out for me, working there when I finish school, he needs to realise that's not what I want to do with my life. I enjoy surfing and I am quite good at it, but as a hobby, not a job.

"Alright Dad?" I say as I walk in. There is a couple of guys at the back of the hut, looking at some surf gear.

"Hey Son, you're late" he says, looking up at the clock.

"I just help out Dad, this isn't my job" I say.

"I pay you don't I?" he laughs, soon forgetting that I am five minutes late.

"There is hardly anyone in here, what do you want me to do?" I say, dumping my school bag behind the till.

"You can wax those old boards, use that work top" he says, giving me the dirty jobs. He finds me out some supplies and dumps them on the desk.

"Why do you even want me here? you could easily run this place on your own" I say.

"Eye candy son, you lure in all the female customers" he says, I have to presume he is joking, it is the most pathetic reason I've ever heard.

"Whatever... Hey am I alright to throw a pool party on Friday?" I ask, grabbing an old board and some wax. I can guarantee that no one would buy this board for it's price, it's ancient.

"Sure, so long as your Mum's okay with it" he says and I take that as a yes. I pull my vest off as its like a sauna in here, I'm sure my dad wouldn't have a problem with that, giving that he thinks I'm 'eye candy' as he put it.

The next hour goes slow, cleaning up old surf boards isn't the quickest or most exciting job. I still have another hour to go as the hut doesn't close until half five.

"Leo do me a favour and grab me a surf catalogue out the back" Dad says, as he's too busy talking to the man from the shop next door, to do it himself.

"Sure" I say rolling my eyes. I see why he was too lazy to get it himself as they are in a box underneath about three other boxes. I finally grab one and head back into the shop. My mood suddenly lightens up slightly, when I see Taylor browsing some surf boards at the front of the shop. This should be fun.

"Well... looks like I did catch you later" I say, I said I would in chemistry and she seemed almost certain that I wouldn't.

"How lucky am I?" she says and I wonder if she ever says anything that isn't sarcasm.

"Come to buy a board?" I say, changing the subject.

"Obviously" she says, I laugh, which I doubt was the reaction she was hoping for.

"You are an amazing little surfer you know" I say, acting impressed.

"Really? little? Well I wouldn't say my surfing was little but..." she says, getting sassy again. I laugh and ignore what she said, by changing the subject yet again.

"So can I hook you up with a board?" I say, leaning against the desk.

"I don't think I need your help to-" she begins saying, before my dad walks over and interrupts, he has the best timing, not.

"Leo, flirting with the customers again" he says, making me look stupid. It's like his idea of flirting is banter, I don't even flirt with customers, unless I do it without realising.

"You work here?" she says, catching on quickly. I'm glad she ignores the flirting comment, I pictured her coming back with some sort of sarcastic comment. It is sort of funny that she didn't realise she walked into my dad's shop.

"Yeah, this is my dad" I say.

"Oh... Hi, you've got a great shop" she says, looking around. she responds to him a lot nicer than she talks to me.

"Thank you, how do you two know each other?" Dad says, folding his arms like he is interested to know. It's kind of obvious how I know Taylor, we are clearly the same age.

"Taylor is from school Dad, she is a great surfer" I say, making sure i don't say 'little' this time.

"Really, so you're after a board then?" dad says.

"Yeah sure" she says.

"Well Leo will hook you up, won't you son?" He says, and I'm glad he did, I get the feeling that Taylor feels uncomfortable around me, I find that sort of funny.

"Great.. Thanks" she says in a not so excited voice. Dad drifts to the back of the shop, leaving me alone with her.

"So, what sort of board are you looking for?" I ask.

"Well it won't be as good as my old one, but I like that style" she says, pointing to a long board on the wall behind me.

"Yeah sure, how tall are you?... 5.2?" I say, looking her up and down, guessing her height, I cant help noticing a red bikini top underneath her white tee.

"5.3 actually, but good guess" she says, looking surprised.

"I am an expert" I say jokingly and instead of calling me big headed, she manages to give me a slight laugh.

"I'll have that one, how long will it take to come in?" she asks, seeming pretty eager.

I lean forward resting my arms on the desk in front of me.

"Well, I suppose I could make it come pretty quicker than usual" I say, smirking.

"So how long?" She asks.

"Give me two weeks, but... I'm gonna need your number, so I can let you know when its here" I say with a wink, finding it the perfect opportunity to get her number. I laugh inside at the annoyed look on her face. I give her my phone so she can put her number in, she snatches it from me quickly. She avoids talking to me, when handing me her card while I put the deposit through the till.

"So I have to wait two weeks before i can surf again... great" she says, seeming upset about it.

"You're really eager" I laugh.

"I'm not, I just need to get back out there" she says. I swear she is the only chick I've ever met, that is so into surfing, it annoys me that Kayla won't even try surfing. Taylor is different, shes not a typical girly girl, like everyone else around here.

"Well I'll let you know when it's in" I say, handing her a receipt. I smile at her as she leaves, she couldn't even manage a 'thank you', but she says bye to my dad. What does she have against me.

According to the clock there's only another half an hour until I can finally turn the sign to 'closed' on the door. Taylor has been gone not thirty seconds and I want to see her again.

"Dad, can I get off early, catch some waves?" I say, hoping that saying I want to go surfing will convince him.

"Don't take me as a fool son, I know you want to catch up with that chick" he says, almost laughing, he is such an embarrassing dad.

"Well I was just thinking of asking her to go surfing as-" I begin saying how she is desperate to 'get back out there' as she said, but Dad interrupts me.

"No need to make excuses son, its quite clear your into her... tell me is it just because she british or is it something else?" he says, widening his eyes at me, god knows what he is suggesting or what he wants me to say.

"What? Dad I'm not into her okay?" I say, trying to convince him, as hes giving me this knowing look "I have a girlfriend" I insist.

"Oh Mia, you still knocking around with that one?" he says, not seeming very happy when mentioning her name. Dad has never liked Mia, he finds her, as he put it 'a whiney and annoying bird'.

"Yeah she is my girlfriend" I say.

"You know what, I'll let you go early, go and catch your new friend before she goes" he says, I'm sort of grateful, but I partly think that he said that because he is encouraging me to pursue Taylor and dump Mia, I'm sure he would be very pleased if I did.

"Thanks, I'll see you at home" I say, I leave my bag and vest at the shop and quickly grab two old surfboards out the back. I look like a bit of an idiot rushing out with two large boards, they weigh a lot when you're holding more than one. I see her, walking slowly, I should be able to catch her. it takes a bit of slow jogging, but I'm soon right behind her.

"Hey Taylor, want to join me?" I ask, looking at the two boards, that I am now holding upright.

"Stalking me now are you?" she says, acting serious, but its clear she is joking. I realise I probably made her jump.

"Maybe you could just be polite and say yes" I say sarcastically, hoping she will.

"Just because I want to go out there I will say yes" she says, attempting to hold back a smile.

"Great lets go" I say, very glad she agreed, otherwise I would have looked like an idiot.

Two minutes later, we are on the quite deserted beach as theres hardly anyone here, but thats a good thing as it means we get the waves to ourselves.

I'm ready to go straight in, so I enjoy watching her sort herself out.

She pulls off her shorts, revealing red bikini pants, with ties either side. When she pulls off her top I see the matching top that I saw before. She's clearly got curves in all the right places, I'm sure she wouldn't like me staring at her, but I can't help it. She pulls her long, wavy hair into a scruffy bun. When she bends down to strap the board to her ankle, I catch a glimpse of a small tattoo on her left hip. I can't make out what it is, but I really want to to know.

"Nice artwork, what is it?" I say, pointing to the tattoo, but I'm nearly touching her as we are not that far away from each other.

"Oh it's nothing, I just had it done to piss my Dad off" she says, finding it funny. I don't get why she would want to annoy her dad, what has she got against him? Maybe they just don't get on.

"Why are you looking there anyway?" she asks, seeming jokingly creeped out.

"Why not?" I Say back, which is the sort of comment I would have said amongst my mates, not her. It does annoy her, so she rushes off into the water without me.

I catch up with her when the water is up to her waist and my hips.

"i have to ask, because its driving me crazy, what do you have against me?" I say, in an exaggerated voice as I really want to know.

"Nothing is wrong with you Leo, I just don't like guys like you" she says, sitting on her board, waiting for a good wave.

"and what do you mean by guys like me?" I say.

"Annoying, self centred, arrogant and popular guys... no offence" she says.

"It would take more than that to offend me" I say, laughing.

"See I rest my case! you're arrogant" she says, laughing at how I don't see it.

"Is that all? or is there anything else you don't like about my personality, it's clearly not my looks, as you couldn't keep your eyes off me when you saw me in form yesterday" I say, I am not being big headed, its the truth.

"What?! You're the one that was staring at me, what was i supposed to do, blank you?" she says, getting irritated. She goes to head for a wave, but I stop her, which was a stupid thing to do as that wave was really good.

"Okay, okay... maybe I was looking at you, but so was everyone else" I say, I'm sure Chase was looking at her.

"Whatever, look I've had enough experience with idiot guys, I promised myself I'd stay away from them from now on" I say, it's like she's using me for the board I'm lending her.

"What do you mean by experience" I say smirking, which makes her glare at me slightly.

"Look are we going to surf or what?" she says.

"Yeah sure" I say.

We spent a while in there, the beach seems to have gotten busier by the time we are out.

"Well, this was great we should do it again?" I say.

"Why? I'm sure your girlfriend doesn't approve of you spending time with me" she says, giving me a judging look.

"Probably not, but I don't care" I say, she seems stuck for what to say back.

"See... what you just said is one sentence that completely sums up what kind of guy you are" she says, smirking at how I don't see it.

"My girlfriend doesn't go surfing, it's nice to go surfing with a girl that is actually good at it" I say, not sure whether or not what I said was sexist.

"Whatever, here" she says, offering me the board I lent her "I'll see you round" she says, but I don't want her to leave yet.

"Hey wait, you can borrow the board, so long as you have a drink with me" I suggest, it may seem like blackmail, but its worth a go.

"You are unbelievable, I don't think your girlfriend would be happy to see you having a drink with me" she says shaking her head at me.

"I'm only offering you a drink not... sex" I say jokingly, she tries to laugh, but I can tell I've made her feel uncomfortable.

"Fine one drink, but only because I want the board" she says. We head to the beach bar, she didn't bother putting her top back on, every guy that we walked past was staring at her, I wish I could say she isn't even that hot, but she really is. Without hesitation I buy her a beer, that's what she had last night. I'm just about to ask her to the party I'm planning for friday, but her phone starts ringing.

"Who is that?" I say, it's nosy, but I'm curious.

"My Dad I should probably get it" she says and answers. They have a very short conversation.

"What was that about?" I ask, I don't particularly want to know, I'm just trying to make conversation.

"Nothing, he was just wondering when I'll be back... Actually I should probably get going" she says hopping off her bar stool.

"You promised me a drink" I say, raising my eyebrows. She looks unsure of whether to go or not. I don't think she really needs to go, I think it's just an excuse to abandon my company, why does she hate me so much?

"Fine" she says impatiently, grabbing her beer. Without hesitating, she downs the whole thing. This girl amazes me more and more.

"Wow, nice" I say, almost laughing, I am kind of impressed. She looks confused as to why I am surprised.

"Well... Thanks for that, I'll see you... When I see you" she says awkwardly.

"Yeah I hope so" I say, smirking. I watch her walk away before deciding to meet up with the guys.

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