Kiss Me Already

When Taylor moves to Australia she quickly makes friends and meets lots of new guys, including Leo. In her opinion he is an annoying jerk, but they have a connection and many things in common. She tries to keep away from him and his rebel ways, but with his constant flirting, she finds it hard to keep away from him. Leo is interested in Taylor from the moment he meets her, even though he has a girlfriend, he is completely drawn to her. Will she ever accept that they are perfect for each other?

Written from both Leo and Taylor's points of view.


3. Chapter 3


Staying at the beach until 1:00am this morning was not a good idea. It's now 8:15am and my Mom is dragging me out of bed for school.

"Honestly Leo! What time did you get in last night?!" She says, she doesn't want to know, she's just expressing her disappointment.

"I'm fine mom, I've been back later than that before" I moan, stumbling to the bathroom as I still feel half asleep.

"Well I'm sick of it son, you need to concentrate on school" she says, and her bringing up the matter of school does not make me want to listen to what she has to say.

"Is now a bad time to ask if I can have a pool party here on Friday?" I suggest. It's easier to ask when the bathroom door is separating us, that way I don't have to see her frustrated face.

"Oh ask your Dad!" She says and I hear her go downstairs.

I take a quick shower and then chuck on shorts, a white vest and my black lace ups.

I'm out of the house by 8:45am, that means school is in 15 minutes, but I don't care about being late.

I call for Luca on the way and find him in his garage. He's got his surfboard on the desk and he's waxing it, it clearly hasn't been used in a while.

"Hey man you ready to go?" I say.

"Yeah sure" he says, tossing the wax on the counter and grabbing his bag.

"Where's Ash and Chase?" He asks.

"Chase is already at school and where do you think Ash is?" I say, laughing.

"With Ruby" he says, rolling his eyes.

"Yep" I laugh.

"So Ruby is his girlfriend, but he's still going to be surrounded by all of her hot mates? That's not fair" he says. I didn't even think about that, but he has got a point, Ruby's friends are pretty hot and of course that includes Taylor.

"If you had to choose though, who would you hook up with?" I ask.

"Do you have to ask?" He laughs.

"Oh of course, the new girl?" I say, rolling my eyes to act like I'm the only one that's not into her, but that's a lie.

"Yeah, Phoebe is pretty nice too" he says, I nod in agreement, but I'm not really listening to him. Instead I'm thinking about the conversation I had with Taylor at the bar last night. I liked it how defensive and sassy she was, not many girls are ever like that to me, except for Mia, but that's only when she's annoyed with me.

"What have you got first?" Luca says.

"Chem I think" I say.

"I don't know what I've got" he says.

"Luca, we're in the same Chem class" I laugh, he can be sort of an idiot sometimes.

"Oh right yeah" he says.

We get to the hill that goes up to school and walk up past the reception. We're not late yet, but we will be in two minutes.

"So, what made you get your board out?" I ask.

"What do you mean? I always go surfing" he lies, he's never been that into it and he's not very good.

"Luca, you could wipe cob webs off your board" I say and he laughs.

"Your overreacting, but you're sort of right" he says.

"So why are you going surfing all of a sudden?" I ask.

"Well the new girl was—" he begins saying.

"Oh of course, it's to do with the new girl isn't it?" I say, rolling my eyes.

"Look she's single at the moment and every guy likes her" he says, he's getting obsessed.

"Luca she's been here for a day, give her a break" I say, sort of laughing, although I am a bit concerned of how determined he is to hook up with Taylor.

"What's wrong with you man? I know you have a girl, but so does Ashton and he said she is hot" Luca moans.

"I never said she wasn't, she is very hot but—"

"Who is very hot?" Mia says, interrupting me. She's got to stop doing that, she always catches me when I'm saying something I shouldn't. It's like she enjoys creeping up on me.

"Erm.. You, you of course, nice top you look great" I say, but I'm just trying to take her mind off what she heard, what she is wearing is pretty standard.

"I know" she says, looking smug, sometimes I think she is more big headed than me.

"So, I better get to form, catch you later?" I suggest, trying to separate her hand from mine.

"Leo I've waited twenty minutes for you and now your leaving?" She says.

"I'm going to be late, so are you" I say, although I'm not even bothered about being late.

"Ugh... At least walk me to my locker?" She says, smiling. I find it hard to understand why she needs someone to walk to her locker with. I agree anyway as otherwise she won't stop moaning.

"Catch you later guys" Luca says, going into his form room.

I walk down the hallway with Mia to her locker and spend another five minutes waiting for her to swap her books around.

"Why were you with Luca?" She says.

"Why not?" I laugh.

"Your usually with Ashton in the morning" she says, I don't see why she cares who I hang out with.

"Ash is with Ruby all the time" I say, like its a crime he spends time with his girlfriend. He definitely spends more time with Ruby than I spend with Mia.

"God knows what he sees in that girl" she says, acting like the bitch everyone thinks she is. I see what he sees in her, she's pretty hot and she's someone you can have an actual conversation with.

"Why do you have to be like that all the time?" I say, getting kind of sick of her slating people.

"Be like what?" She says, sighing like she hasn't got a clue what I'm talking about.

"Your always so horrible about people, Ruby's really nice to you, even though none of her friends like you" I say. I probably shouldn't have put it like that, but it's true, from what I heard last night, none of them seem to like Mia.

"What are you talking about? Everyone loves me, including you" she says, kissing me. She's just made me feel awkward by saying that, I've never said I love her and I don't think I would.

"I'm gonna get to form... See you later" I say, pulling away from her and walking away. I look back and see her pulling a face, I can't tell whether she looks confused or pissed off. Either way, I walk off even faster.

I get to form and check my phone on the way in, it says I'm five minutes late, which isn't too bad for me.

"Nice of you to join us Leo" Mr Jenks says as usual.

"Oh yeah sorry" I say.

"You can stay behind for a moment at the end" he says, I sigh as that won't be fun. I take my seat next to Chase and Mr Jenks goes on telling us about some boring school news.

The bell rings for first lesson and everyone gets up. I don't hurry, as Mr Jenks said he wants me to stay, he will probably just give me another warning for being late again.

"Oh Taylor, can I have a word" he says, catching her before she was about to walk out. I wait behind her, I could probably attempt to leave while he's not watching, but that would just make things worse. Taylor looks good today just like yesterday, she's wearing a black fringe low top and denim shorts, unlike Mia her height is normal as she is just wearing flats. Her hair is dark brown coloured, with light brown highlights and reaches down to her waist.

"... I just wondered if you wanted a sort of buddy to help show you around, this is a big school" Mr Jenks says and she laughs.

"Oh... Your serious" she says, looking surprised "Thanks, but I don't need help, I know my way round" she says.

"Are you sure? Someone can help show you around if you—" he begins saying before I interrupt.

"I'll do it" I say without thinking. I just said it, but I'm quite glad I did.

"Great, thanks Leo" Mr Jenks says, smiling.

"Hang on, I don't need a—" she begins saying.

"It's no trouble" I say, smirking at her, as she looks pretty annoyed. She then stops fighting back as she knows it's already decided.

"I'm sure he will show you to your first lesson, what is it?" He asks.

"Chemistry... With Miss Martin" she says looking at her timetable.

"Me too, let's go then" I say, smiling at her.

"Thanks Leo, but... What I was going to say to you, you've got to stop being late everyday, I'll have to contact your parents if it carries on" he says, exaggerating.

"Whatever... Can we go?" I say.

"Yes go on then" he says.

"Great" Taylor says, quickly walking out, not bothering to hold the door for me. I jog a little to catch her up.

"Hey Taylor, wait" I say.

"What?" She says, slowing down.

"Do you even know where your going?" I say, laughing.

"Yeah" she says, I look at her, raising my eyebrows as I don't believe her. " I haven't got a clue" she says.

"Well lucky for you, I'm your buddy now" I say, using quotation marks when saying buddy, as it is the lamest thing ever.

"Thank God" she says sarcastically, rolling her eyes.

Chem class isn't far away and we're nearly outside the room. We go in and I'm not sure whether Miss Martin looks confused as to who Taylor is or whether she's just angry that I'm late again.

"Miss this is Taylor, she's new" I say, moving aside so she can see her.

"I can speak for myself" she says to me under her breath.

"Oh great, nice to meet you Taylor" she says. Ruby, Zara and Phoebe have all got different lessons now, the only other person she knows in here, is me.

"You can sit by me" I say, turning round to face her as I sit down. She looks around for another seat, but unless she sits by a random person she doesn't know, she has no better option than to sit by me.

"Thanks" she says, not an inch of happiness in her voice, it's like she tries to be sassy on purpose. She seems like a private person, which just makes me want to know more about her.

While Miss Martin sorts out everything for the lesson, the room returns to talking. It would be awkward if I didn't talk to Taylor, so I probably should.

"So will I be seeing you at the beach tonight?" I say, hoping she will say yes.

"I'll probably be there, but that doesn't mean I'll see you there" she says, which only makes me laugh. I'm starting to think she hates me, but that's not possible, as firstly no one hates me and secondly I haven't know her long enough for her to hate me.

"Why are you so harsh? I'm only being friendly" I joke.

"I'm not harsh, I just don't want to talk to you" she says, which if anything makes her seem even more harsh.

"Your about the only girl that doesn't" I say, realising I sound big headed, but that seems to wind this girl up.

"An you wonder why I don't want to talk to you" she says, rolling her eyes.

"What do you mean? What's wrong with me?" I say, laughing.

"Nothing" she says, like she's holding back an insult.

"Oh really well–" I begin, before she interrupts.

"If I was a desperate, popular, typical girly girl, that is into bad boy rebels, but thankfully... I'm not that stupid" she says, and the description she made, sounds just like Mia.

Before I can say something back, Miss Martin tells the class to quieten down.

"I'd like you all to get into teams of four, we're going to do an experiment" she says, pulling over a cart full of equipment and different coloured liquids.

"What do you say? Wanna team up?" I ask Taylor, casually leaning back in my chair. She looks around the class, I suppose seeing if there's anyone else she can go in a team with. She's not very successful, so I'm her last choice.

"Who will we go with?" She says, in an irritated voice, I don't get why she despises my company so much, but I'll change that eventually.

"I don't know... Chase maybe and–"

"Okay then" she says suddenly, at the mention of Chase's name. I'm not sure whether that's a good thing or not. I call Chase over and he brings Freddy with him, he's another one of the guys that usually hangs around with us.

"Taylor... Alright?" Chase says, trying to act smooth.

"Yeah great thanks" she says, sitting by him instead of me. If she doesn't like bad boy rebels then she should probably stay away from Chase.

"So your the newbie" Freddy says, looking impressed.

"Yeah although I actually have a name" she says sarcastically, which makes me laugh.

"Got it" Freddy says, surprised by her sassy nature.

For the rest of the lesson it's like we're actually working in twos, as Taylor hasn't left Chase's side. It's sort of annoying, watching them laughing together. Me and Chase are similar people, why can she get along with him and not me?

After lunch, I catch up with Mia in Maths. Ever since we've been together, she insists that we sit by each other, it's sort of annoying.

"So I was thinking, do you want to come over to mine tonight?" she asks, raising her eyebrows. The thought of spending the evening at her house, isn't that exciting. It would be a night of her talking my ear off.

"I'm not really up for it Mia" I say, dreading her response.

"Why not? we haven't spent any time together in forever!" she says, in a whiney voice. She is clearly exaggerating, as I saw her at the beach last night, what more does she want?

"Look, I just want to hang out with the guys for once" I say, but she doesn't look too impressed.

"Ruby hangs around with Ashton and the others all the time, why can't I?" She asks and all I can think is why can't she be more like Ruby? she never gets clingy or annoying like Kayla does.

"Look I'm having people over on friday, I'll see you then yeah?" I suggest and she finally compromises.

When it's nearly the end of the lesson, Mia starts asking me more questions about Friday.

"So who else is coming over?" she asks.

"Everyone, you've been to my parties before, so you know that no one would miss it" I say.

"Yeah that is true, can't wait!" she says, seeming really excited, which I guess is better than her being pissed off at me.

"I've got Sport now so, see you tomorrow" she says, Kissing me, as we walk out of class.

"Catch you later" I say, when she finally lets go of my hand.

I head to my last lesson and catch up with Ashton and Luca. I tell them about the party I have decided to throw on Friday. I'm starting to regret telling Mia about it, she is such a big mouth, she will probably have told everybody before the end of the day. She will also bring along all of her friends, that will be about ten girls, the popular girls as everyone else likes to call them. But to us guys, they are just so annoying. I realise that Mia is one of them, but she is still quite hot, so I tend to forget about her annoying personality. Luca is the only one of my mates that likes Mia he only likes her looks, he seems to be obsessed with every good looking girl in the school, particularly Taylor. We have been in lesson for ten minutes and he hasn't shut up about her.

"... Just think about it, you, me and Ruby and Taylor... I mean doesn't Luca and Taylor have a sort of ring to it?" Luca says to Ash. I have to laugh, he seems very determined to hook up with Taylor, she is probably number one on his "Damn Fine Chick List", something Luca invented back in Year Ten, basically a list of every hot girl around here, that he wouldn't say no to.

"I think you are too late mate, I saw her at lunch talking to Chase and she was doing that, non stop smiling, playing with her hair thing" Ash says.

"What? No way!" Luca says.

"She was talking to him in Chem too and you know what Chase is like, he can charm any Chick he wants" I say, laughing, although Luca doesn't look too impressed.

"Yeah he learnt that from you" Luca jokes.

"What, no he didn't" I say, with a breezy laugh, I can't exactly agree with him.

"Luca is right mate, I am sort of surprised she isn't already falling for you, even though your with Mia, every chick around here is obsessed with you" Ash laughs.

"Stop it, no they are not" I say, fake laughing so I don't seem like I agree with him. I don't know how any girl would waste their time obsessing over me, it's no secret that I have been with a fair few girls and I'm a pretty crap boyfriend to Mia.

"I agree with Ash, how do you do it?" Luca says, on the way out off school after the bell goes.

"I don't know what you're talking about man, I'll catch you later, I've got to help my Dad out at the shop" I say, patting him on the back as I head in the other direction towards the beach.

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