Kiss Me Already

When Taylor moves to Australia she quickly makes friends and meets lots of new guys, including Leo. In her opinion he is an annoying jerk, but they have a connection and many things in common. She tries to keep away from him and his rebel ways, but with his constant flirting, she finds it hard to keep away from him. Leo is interested in Taylor from the moment he meets her, even though he has a girlfriend, he is completely drawn to her. Will she ever accept that they are perfect for each other?

Written from both Leo and Taylor's points of view.


25. Chapter 25


All day, it's the only thing I can think about. I can't get my head around it. What is the situation between me and Leo? I feel like I'm to blame for how complicated things have gotten. He's right, I do run away from everything, but that's not my fault. Every guy I've ever been with, has turned out to be a complete jerk, how is Leo any different?

My chin has sunk into the palm of my hand, as I over think things during my chemistry lesson. He's sat right beside me and the awkwardness has never been so bad. He's pissed at me, he didn't even say hello, he just smiled slightly. It was hardly even a smile, more like an acknowledgment of my presence. Ms has been talking for ages and I haven't even listened to half of it. There's no doubt that I'll be failing chemistry this year.

"Taylor? Are you with us?" Ms Martin says, making me sit up. I notice her giving me funny looks, all I heard was my name. I must sound stupid when I just say,

"What?" Like I'm totally out of it. Half the class starts laughing, which really embarrasses me. I feel like Leo actually respects me, considering he doesn't join in. Or maybe he's just too angry at me, to let himself laugh.

"Idiot" I hear a guy mutter under their breath. It hurts, I don't know why I let it get to me. I look up, feeing victimised by all this laughing and notice it was Chase. I don't fight back, but I really should.

"I'd prefer it if you didn't drift away in my lessons" Ms Martin says. She really hates me, ever since I first got here, she's always picked on me.

"Sorry I was... Thinking about the work" I say, pointing to the whiteboard.

"Yeah right, you were thinking about your messed up life" Chase laughs, before turning back around. After everything he's put me through, why is he still being so vile? I've heard he's started seeing Zara properly, surely that would change him? Clearly not.

I feel sort of sick when I think about it. Purely because he's so right, my life is messed up.

With every mocking laugh he makes to a couple of other people, my anger gets worse.

"What the hell is your problem?!" I shout, standing up. I can't take his bullying anymore.

"Right now, you are, slut" he says, looking at me like I'm dirt.

"My messed up life, as you put it, has got nothing to do with you" I say, pretty much yelling at him now. It's not really true, if he wasn't such a fuckboy and didn't cheat on me, then Leo would never have had to hide anything from me. So it kind of has got something to do with him.

"Such an attention seeker" he says under his breath, like he thinks I won't hear. That's just too far now. How on this earth am I being an attention seeker? I was just sat there minding my own business, it was everyone else that put the attention on me.

"Just piss off!" I say, honestly ready to cry.

"Language Taylor!" Ms Martin snaps back at me, almost immediately.

"No why don't you, annoying bitch" Chase says, adding to the list of names he's thrown at me in the past. How did I ever date him? He is poison.

The dark look he's giving me is enough, I turn back to my seat to grab my things. That's when I meet eyes with Leo. After everything, a part of me wants him to stick up for me, like he always used to. Instead, he looks at me with guilt, before bowing his head and losing eye contact with me. I walk out, avoiding Ms Martin shouting at me and demanding I return to my seat. She soon gives up and let's me go.

I don't know what direction I'm heading in. I just go straight outside and dump my bag on the grass. There's quite a big tree that I decide to sit under, hopefully no one will come and look for me. I just want to be on my own.

Maths is my next lesson and I skip it. I'm quite bored just sat here. It's soon lunch and that's when Ruby comes to find me. I texted her a while ago, telling her about Chase.

"Tay are you alright?" She asks, sitting next to me under this tree.

"Not really" I reply.

"Ignore Chase, he is and always will be a dick" she says, making me effortlessly laugh.

"It's not really that, it's Leo" I say, sighing.

"He hasn't said anything has he?" She asks, getting defensive, like she's ready to kick one of their asses. She's a good friend I'll give her that.

"No that's the thing, he said nothing, he let Chase say what he said" I say. I shouldn't expect Leo to stand up for me, but it would have been nice.

"I think it got to him though" she says.

"What makes you say that?" I ask.

"Well he's gone, he walked out after your chemistry lesson" she says. Why would he do that is my first question.

"I don't know, he told ash that school isn't as important as training for the surf comp" she adds, looking confused. She doesn't understand the importance of surfing.

"So he's gone to the beach? I'm going to go and find him" I say and I'm gone before she can say anything else.

I'm regretting it more and more when I get to the beach. I have to walk down for a while just to find him. When I do, I consider turning around. He's wearing his shorts and his top is off. Instead of surfing he's just sat on the sand waxing his board. Now I remember that I didn't check my make up after I cried. I wipe under my bottom lashes, just to make sure. I run my hands through my hair and straighten the black crop top I'm wearing, along with a small pair of denim shorts. I do care about my appearance around him, but right now that should be the least of my worries.

"Leo" I say. He stops what he is doing, but he doesn't turn around to look at me.

"What is it?" He asks, continuing with waxing his board. He's never acted like this around me before.

"I'm sorry I pushed you away the other day, I'm sorry if I've been a bitch, I'm sorry if you hate me now" I say, trying desperately to think of all the reasons he could hate me. He finally turns around and notices me frowning at him.

"I don't hate you Taylor, what makes you think that?" He asks, raising his voice. In a way it's a relief that he doesn't hate me, but the way he's ready to shout at me isn't good.

"Then I'm sorry for dating Chase in the first place okay? I'm sorry for-"

"Look just stop apologising!" He snaps, standing up and dusting the sand from his hands.

"Well then what do you want me to do?" I say, practically begging him to tell me.

"Nothing, just stay away from me, that's what you want isn't it?" he shouts. I hate it that he's saying all these things, he's making me feel like some annoying and clingy girl that won't leave him alone. He's treating me like I'm Mia.

"Of course that's not what I want! What would make you-"

"Why have you even come here? What do you want me to say?" He yells, sort of laughing pretending like he hasn't got a clue what I want him to say. I'm getting sick of him cutting in when I'm talking so I get ready to say what I've been thinking for a while now. I guess it's true, but I've never said it before.

"I came here because I love you! Maybe I'm out of my fucking mind or something!" I yell, walking off, because I feel like I've made a fool out of myself.

"Do you really mean that?" He asks, pulling me back. His voice is softer now, you'd never imagine that he was shouting at me a minute ago.

"You don't get to pull me back, you're right, I should stay away from you!" I say, leaving for good this time.

"Taylor don't! Don't do this" he says, in that voice that's trying to convince me to stay. But there's no way I want to talk to him now. I shouldn't have said that, I really regret it. There's no way he feels the same way and now I look like a desperate fool.

Sometimes it's like he's two different people. One minute he is there for me and the next he's yelling in my face. I'm over everything that he's done. I know he only told my dad about the surfing, because he cares about me. If it was turned around, I would've done the same for him. I guess he knows that, now I've told him I love him. It's true, but I wish I hadn't said it like that.

After hanging around the shops for a while, I realise school is officially done for the day, so I can do what I want now, without my dad asking why I'm not in school. I never used to bunk off until I came here, I've became rather good at it. I walk by the pier on my way home and intend on finding my dad. I've hardly spoken to him, since the whole surfing catastrophe. Strangely, surfing is the one thing on my mind, other than Leo.

I suppose I'm quite harsh on my Dad sometimes. He does care about me, more than my mom does. She couldn't even give a crap about even spending time with me, what kind of mother is she? I always give my dad a hard time for not being there, when he is. In a weird twisted way, it's kind of amazing that they divorced. I couldn't put up with living with my mom, but living with my dad is great. He's so laid back and he lets me do what I want, maybe not surfing by the cliffs, but other than that he's the best.

I hang around for a few minutes, while he finishes a lesson.

"Tay what are you doing here?" He asks, getting off his boat.

"Thought I'd come see you" I say, trying to be extra nice.

"What do you want?" He says, I guess he knows when I'm about to ask for something.

"Look Dad, I'm really sorry about the whole cliffs thing, I wasn't thinking clearly" I say.

"No you weren't and you need to learn your lesson" he says, not shouting, just seeming disappointed. It's been a few days now and he's still disappointed.

"Dad I'm sorry! It won't happen again, that bitch Mia told me it was fine to surf there" I say, getting all defensive and laying the blame on Mia. In fairness it was all her fault.

"Your not stupid Tay" he replies, with a look of disbelief.

"I'm sorry! But please let me have my board and enter the surf competition" I ask, ready to beg.

"Let me think about that... No" he replies, being really unfair.

"Please! Don't you think I have a chance at winning?" I say, trying to guilt him.

"Of course you do, but I wouldn't be a good Dad if I let you" he says.

"Honestly just this one time and then I won't surf again until you let me, please Dad" I say, making it seem like a really big deal to me. Which it is, but I'm not going to cry if he says no.

"One condition" he suggests. There's always a catch.

"Anything" I say straight away.

"I'm allowed to come and watch" he says, I get it, I always push him away because you don't want your dad embarrassing you by acting all proud if you won.

"Yes that's fine! Thank you" I say, shocked he's actually letting me.

"It's alright, don't let me down again" he says, frowning.

"Thank you! Do you want a take away tonight?" I suggest, I want to thank him in some way.

"Sounds great, but I've already arranged to go down the surf club with Pete" he says. I try to conceal my anger. It's great he's got a friend and all, but why does it have to be Leo's dad. If we stay here and don't move again, with those two being friends, Leo will always be there. I'm not sure if that's a good thing.

"Alright then, I'll see you later" I say.

"Well you can come, I'm sure Pete would bring Leo" he suggests.

"No it's fine, Zac and I will have a take away" I say.

"Good luck with that, he's probably out with his girl again" dad says, rolling his eyes.

That's so great (sarcasm intended), my Dad and my brother are off with people I don't like. Mia's sister Hannah may seem nice, but she's related to that complete bitch, so how can she be?

Walking home, Leo is all I can seem to think about.

I'm at home on my own for a while. I feel like asking someone to go out, but I'll just end up having to socialise with someone that I don't want to. Like Zara, things still aren't good between us. It's sad, because we were good friends. It's not like I care she's with Chase, but how could she go behind my back the way she did? Could I really forgive that?

If I ask Ruby if she wants to do something, Ash will almost definitely be there, which means so will Leo. They're like twins, it's hard to separate them, at least it's Ash he's so close to and not that shit head Chase. Now that he's popped up in my head, I keep remembering all the things he said earlier, he pretty much bullied me and there was really no need. Am I really a slut?

After watching the TV out of boredom for at least an hour, I hear Zac come home. You know when he's back, because he slams the door so loud, it's like we're having an earthquake.

"Alright sis?" He says, walking in and making himself comfortable. Without giving a care in the world that I'm actually watching the TV, he decides to turn it of and play Xbox instead.

"Zac what the hell!" I shout, I'm probably yelling because I'm so agitated.

"Jeez what's got you so tetchy?" He asks, like I've just screamed in his face. I only shouted a little, he's overreacting.

"Just you being an annoying pain in the ass, I was watching that!" I say, defensively.

"What's the big deal? Here play" he says, chucking a remote at me, it was so close to hitting me around the face. Zac has to be the most annoying brother in this world.

"Me play Xbox? Tell me your joking?" I laugh, I don't even know what the buttons do on the remote.

"Give it a go" he says.

"No! I can't play" I say, getting up about to go to my room. The only good thing that's happened today is my dad saying I can do the surf comp, everything has has been completely shit. So Zac being an annoying ass, is really not helping.

"What is the matter with you?!" He asks, almost laughing at how much of a cow I'm being. I really don't want to talk to Zac about everything, I really don't want to talk to anyone about it.

"Nothing, drop it" I say, walking out to the kitchen, with the intention of finding some delicious comfort food.

"Hey little miss drama queen, tell me what's going on!" He demands, jokingly as he follows me into the kitchen.

"It's nothing you need to know about" I insist.

"You do realise that only makes me want to know more" he says, giving me an are-you-serious sort of look.

"People are just jerks" I say, sighing as I grab a jar of Nutella out the cupboard, making my eyes light up. Nutella really is the only thing that puts your mind off all the idiots at school.

"And by people, you mean Leo?" He suggests, knowingly.

"Drop it" I say, under my breath.

"Give me that and tell me what's going on" he says, snatching the Nutella out of my hands. He's being brotherly concerned again, it's weird when he's like this.

"Chase, Leo, everyone" I sigh.

"What has that bastard done now?" He says referring to Chase, anger written all over his face.

"It's nothing" I say, grabbing back my jar of Nutella.

"Taylor tell me right now, or I'll tell Dad what he did to you at the beach" he threatens. He's only trying to look out for me, he wants to know if someone is upsetting me, which I guess is fair enough. It's nice that he cares.

"He just won't get off my back, he keeps on saying these things" I say, getting uncomfortable talking about it. I'm not exaggerating, Chase said some fairly harsh things when I chucked that water on him the other week and he was pretty intense today too.

"What did he say?" Zac asks, folding his arms.

"Idiot, slut, bitch, attention seeker, said I had a messed up life" I say. Repeating them all at once, makes it seem more hurtful than it was. "The worst part was Leo, he just sat there and didn't say anything" I mutter. Zac looks really pissed.

"The fucking dick head, he has no right to say those things to you!" He yells to himself.

"I know but he's really not worth-"

"Stay here Tay, I'm sorting this out" he says, about to leave. I really shouldn't have told him, I regret it now.

"What do you mean sort it out?" I ask, ready to panic. I don't want him to cause a scene.

"That little Wanker has done enough!" He yells. Before I can say anything, he rings someone on his phone.

'Leo?' He says which makes me panic even more, Leo has pissed me off, but Chase is the one in the wrong here.

"Zac drop it, it's nothing" I say quietly, trying to pull his hand away from his phone.

'Do you know where Chase is?' He asks. That's not as bad as I thought, but still bad. God knows what he's going to do.

'Great, thanks' he says, hanging up. He makes his way to the door quickly.

"Zac I know your looking out for me, but please just drop it" I insist, trying to persuade him to stay, but he's having none of it

"Tay, stay out of it" he says, but surely this is more my business than it is his.

I panic when he leaves, I can't follow him. I text Ruby almost immediately, asking whether she knows where Chase is. Zac will get in trouble, I know he will, just like he did the last time someone was being vile to me. In fairness, we were both in school then. He may be an annoying idiot sometimes, but I don't want him to get the blame for Chase being a tosser.


Zac just rang me, asking where Chase is. He seemed pretty angry, which makes me curious. If this is about what I think it's about, then I probably shouldn't have told him where Chase is.

After Taylor and I had a little talk, or more like a little row, I've done nothing but surf. It's nice to surf when I haven't got my Dad on my back, watching my every move. I surf better when he's not judging me.

I noticed chase at the bar earlier on, with a couple of guys and Zara. So that's where I told Zac he was. I make my way over there, dumping my board at the surf hut on the way. I basically blank my dad, things are still sensitive between us, after I went mad at him the other day. I'm glad that I said what I said, hopefully he will get the message this time.

Freddie and another guy are sat next to Zara. Chase has his arm around her waist, making them seem very clingy. It's weird seeing him have a proper girlfriend, it's not like him at all.

"Alright guys" I say. As I sit down, I notice Mason talking to them over the bar. He's always talking to us, I'm surprised he's still got a job.

"Training for the comp?" Zara asks, she's been extra friendly with me after I sorted Chase out at the party.

I'm not entirely convinced I sorted him out, as he was still a dick to Taylor today. Surely he would be extra nice to her, considering she's friends with Zara. Then again, I'm not sure if those two have made up yet.

"Yeah I've been surfing all afternoon" I say, in reply to her question. It's clear I have been in the sea, as all I'm in is my black trunks and no shirt.

"Can I have a word?" I ask Chase.

"What is it?" He asks, ordering me a beer, trying to be friendly. I meant a private word, but I couldn't care.

"Why did you go off at Taylor today?" I ask, hoping to resolve this for Zac.

"What? What did you say to her?" Zara asks, immediately leaning back, so that his hand drops from her waist.

"I hardly said anything to her" Chase says, noticing Zara is a bit annoyed.

"Zara come on, you know me" he says, he's so full of bullshit. He goes to kiss her, but she moves her head so he gets her cheek instead. Before he can defend himself anymore, he's interrupted.

"You!" I hear a familiar voice shout. I turn around, knowing what's coming. Zac storms over, he's quite scary when he's angry. He has intimidating features anyway, like how tall he is. Chase looks confused.

"Me?" He asks, looking around.

"Yes you, you fucking bastard" Zac yells, getting closer.

"Woah, it's Zac right?" Chase says, recognising him. It's clear he's trying to calm him down, Chase is easily scared shitless.

"Don't talk to me!" Zac shouts.

"Is this about your annoying little sister?" Chase asks, not helping himself. As he stands up to try and talk it out, Zac stops him, by punching him hard around the face.

"That is for what you tried on her at the bonfire!" He says. I'm totally on Zac's side throughout all this, I didn't punch Chase enough, when I noticed him and Taylor at the bonfire.

"I don't know what your-" Chase begins to say, attempting to cover up his face. That will definitely bruise.

"Shut your face!" Zac yells, kicking him in the shin and then punching him again. Chase tries to hold him back, but Zac is too strong. I look up and notice how many people are now surrounding us, which is when I spot Taylor turn up. She looks sort of panicked and flustered. She's with Ruby and the both of them are desperately trying to see what's going on.

"What the hell is your problem?" Chase asks, getting back on his feet.

"That was for everything you've ever said to her, your going to leave my sister alone do you hear me?" Zac says, looking very furious.

"I haven't even-" Chase begins, before he's harshly pushed against the bar, by Zac.

"Guys break it up yeah?" Mason says, not overly concerned that there's a fight going on right by the bar he works at. I realise Zara isn't too bothered that Zac is beating the shit out of her boyfriend, she must be really angry with him.

"Stay away from her! And if you dare say one more thing, you better watch it" Zac says, letting go of him and walking off. I notice Taylor smiling when he walks over to her. What Zac just did, was exactly what I should have done earlier in chemistry. I should stick up for her and be there for her, because I love her. I should have said it earlier when she did. I guess part of me thought she was just saying it out of anger.

"What makes him think he can start on me?" Chase says, dabbing his nose with a tissue, those two punches make it bleed. He's so pathetic sometimes, he could've at least put up a fight. It makes it worse that his girlfriend was watching, I'd be so humiliated. Even Freddie is laughing, finding this hilarious.

"He had every right! What did you do to Taylor? What was he talking about? At the bonfire" Zara says, seeming very confused.

"Who knows" Chase lies.

"Tell me now, or were done" Zara threatens. Unfortunately for him, I think she may dump him anyway, when she hears what he tried on Taylor that night.

"Zara its nothing" he says, trying to convince her.

"Tell me!" She demands.

"I didn't do anything!" He says, getting annoyed.

"Yes you did mate, just tell her" I say, trying to reason with him.

"Tell me Leo!" Zara shouts, she can be a bit scary sometimes. I decide to tell her, as I don't really care about keeping Chase's secrets for him.

"Chase sort of tried to force himself on Taylor... He did have a bit too drink" I say, keeping my head down. Remembering that night, makes me feel off, I don't want to think about what would have happened if I didn't get there in time.

"I hardly-" he defends, but he can't get a word in with Zara.

"Shut up! Just shut up!" Zara screeches at him, before leaving as she starts to let her tears show.

"Thanks man" Chase says. Does he really think I'd have his back after everything?

"You had it coming mate" I say, ditching him.

When I get home, I decide to ring Taylor. I hate myself for the way I acted earlier, at the beach. I always do the wrong thing.

I can't help pacing while it rings. The call rings out, she doesn't answer. I know she always has her phone on her and it's always on loud. So I can guarantee she purposely ignored that.

"You alright son?" Mom asks, looking concerned. All I did was harshly chuck my phone in the opposite sofa. I guess she knows when I'm angry.

"Yeah fine" I say shortly.

"Look Leo, your dad told me your having girl trouble"

She says, giving me a motherly frown. All I want to know, is what my Dad said.

"Nothing I can't handle" I joke.

"Taylor is a lovely girl, what happened there?" She asks, making me sit down to talk. I'm not the sort of guy that talks to their mom about girls, I don't talk to anyone about girls. I never usually need to.

"I made a few mistakes, let's just say she's a little angry with me" I sigh.

"Well you like her right?" She says, already knowing the answer.

"I more than like her mom" I say, laughing to take away the seriousness.

"Then fight for her!" She says. Her advice is so terrible, what does she expect me to do?

"My life isn't a movie" I joke, she makes it seem so easy.

"Leo, Taylor is the nicest girl you've ever been involved with, don't lose her" she says, before going into the other room.

She's right, ever since Taylor got here everything has been better. If she hadn't turned up, I'd probably still be seeing Mia, which would be hell. Everything about Taylor is amazing, I need her. I can't cope with seeing her around and not being able to say she's mine.

Tuesday is quiet, I hardly see Taylor as we had a load of practice exams. We have Wednesday off for some teacher training day. Then on Thursday, it's half a day, as the surf comp starts at 12. The school sponsors it or something, so they let us go home after morning lessons. Although people like me don't go home, they have to go to the surf comp.

I meet up with everyone. Ashton and Luca are also competing. I'm surprised when I see Taylor's dad here, I wonder if they've dragged him onto the judging panel. That's not the case when I notice Taylor. She's got her board with her, which makes me smile, as it must mean her dad is letting her compete. I go to talk to her, but I'm interrupted by my dad.

"Are you all ready?" He asks, seeming more nervous than me. I'm not even worried about it, I don't care about winning.

"Yes dad" I say, rolling my eyes a little.

"Is your head in the right place?" He frowns.

"Yes dad, leave me alone" I say, brushing him off. He makes me so mad, why can't he just let me get on with it on my own?

Luca and Ash wind me up about it for a while. The competition is done in alphabetical order and I'm about halfway through. Luca's turn soon comes around and he goes and gives it his best shot. Whilst Ash checks his time, I go and see if I can find Taylor. It takes a while as the beach is so busy today. Quite a bit further down, I notice four girls and recognise Taylor immediately. It's like my eyes are always drawn to her.

The other three girls are Ruby, Phoebe and Zara, surprisingly. Girls are so two faced, one minute they're staying away from each other and the next minute, they're hanging out. After the other day with Chase, Zara must have came to her senses and realised what a jerk he is. It looks like her and Taylor are friends again. But I don't care, I don't care about any of that. For once, I only care about me and Taylor and what's going on with us. Nothing else matters to me.

Weirdly they all have a surfboard, I know fully well that Taylor is the only one that surfs. Looks like she's trying to get them into it, there's no way. All three of them would clearly never take up surfing, they're all too sacred of the waves. That's what's so great about Taylor, she's so different and fearless when it comes to things like that.

"Hey girls" I say, interrupting them. It takes a while for Taylor to turn around and look at me. I suppose she's feeling pretty awkward, the last time we spoke was when she said she loved me. It's amazing that she does, because I feel the same way. It was just said under unfortunate circumstances.

"We can learn to surf another day" Ruby says, as an excuse to leave us to talk. Although, it's probably her wimping out of surfing that made her say that.

"No your learning to surf today" Taylor says, holding her back. She clearly doesn't want to be left alone with me.

"What do you want?" She asks. Her voice isn't soft or harsh, it's just normal, sort of careless. Making it obvious she doesn't really want to speak to me.

"Can we talk please?" I say.

"Go on then, talk" she says, I really wish she would let us talk in private, I don't like having deep conversations in front of other people. Especially when it's none of the other people's business.

"Do you want to get a drink, we've got ages until our time slots" I suggest, purely to get her away from the others.

"So you can't even say what you want to say in front of my friends, that's great" she says, sort of sighing. I guess she thinks I don't want to talk about my feelings in front of them, because it's embarrassing or something. That's really not the case, as that wouldn't bother me.

"Taylor can you just-" I begin, but I'm interrupted.

"Leo, there you are, come on you've got to practice some more" my Dad says out of no where, I turn around and see him waiting for me. Is he following me or something? I wish he would just lay off.

"Give me a minute Dad" I say, hoping that will make him go, but it doesn't. Instead he just waits around for me.

"Just go, surfings more important right?" Taylor says, turning her back on me. She won't listen to me, so I do as my dad says and practice some more.

Surfing is more important? Did she mean more important than her? If that's the case, then she couldn't be more wrong. I had that conversation with her at least half an hour ago and it's still on my mind. My heads all over the place and I can't think straight. I should have just insisted we talk and told her how I feel. Why couldn't I do that? What's stopping me?

I have to stop thinking about her, when I hear my name called. I guess my turn has came around quicker than I thought. My Dad gives me a sort of pep talk, before I go into the sea. They announced me, by saying the reigning champion, which only puts me off more. There's no way this is more important than Taylor, I need to know if she really thinks that.

I feel under pressure the whole time, I wait for a good wave and then do fine. We get two rounds, so I go out after I've done a couple of waves. I may have done okay, but I didn't do great. Which is what I kind of need to do if I'm going to win.

"Leo I'm not going to go through this again, you need to focus" dad says, getting the words straight through me as he holds his hand on my shoulder. All this persistence is not helping.

"I'm doing my best!" I say, shrugging his arm off.

"You're not doing enough!" He yells, spitefully.

"I don't care if I'm not doing enough! I'm out" I say, laying my board on the sand.

"Your out... What do you mean your out?" He says, sort of stuttering out of shock.

"I mean I'm done, I'm withdrawing, I don't even want to win" I say, it's all true.

"You can't do that Leo" he panics.

"Actually I can" I say, before having a quick word with the judges, telling them to remove me from the line up and forget about my first round.

"What do you think you're doing? Your throwing away your career!" Dad shouts, drawing everyone's attention and causing a scene.

"This is not my career! And if you were any sort of decent dad, then you would know that!" I shout back at him, before wondering off to calm down.

That has to be the best thing I've ever said to him in a long time, he's always arguing with me, he's always got something to moan about and I've had enough of it. He can't treat me like crap anymore.


I'm supposed to be getting myself ready for my turn at the comp, but I'm too busy watching Leo and his Dad. It looks like he's just dropped out of the competition, why would he do that? He loves surfing and he's amazing at it, he would have had a pretty good chance in winning. It's playing on my mind for ages, until I hear my name called. Surfing seemed so easy and normal when I was just teaching the girls how to surf, in fairness, Ruby and Phoebe refused to go no further than hip length in the water. Zara did, but I think she's just sucking up to me, as our friendship is still on the mend. I'm glad we're working things out, I just wish she would realise how much of a dick head Chase is. She refuses to listen, she seemed pretty angry at him yesterday, but she forgives him too easily.

"You ready?" Dad says, as I was in a sort of daze. I'm really not ready at all. After that mini competition I had with Leo when I first got here, every time I think about competing, I feel like I'm going to do terrible. I've been surfing for years, surely I can do this.

"No I'm not" I say, about to head into the water anyway. I'm wearing a red bikini and a black clingy top over it. A couple of people were wearing proper surfing suits, so I thought the top may make me look a little more professional.

"Tay you can do this, I know you can, other than me your the best surfer I know" Dad teases, trying to settle my nerves.

"Thanks Dad" I say, taking a deep breath. For some reason, this is a really big deal to me. I feel like I have some sort of point to prove. There better be some good waves.


I lurk around the beach for a while, avoiding my dad. He's gone back to the surf hut, seeming fairly pissed off. If anyone's pissed off, it should be me. Taylor's name was just called, so I walk a little closer to watch her. I know she can do this, she's an awesome surfer, probably better than me.

I can't keep my eyes off her when she's skimming the waves perfectly. She puts so much effort in. During her second round, I notice she keeps an eye on her arm work, like I told her. I miss surfing with her, everything about it was so good.

"Alright?" Someone says, breaking my eye contact. I was full on watching Taylor's every move.

"Zac, yeah you?" I say, not really paying much attention to him. He's a good surfer himself, but he's too old to enter this competition.

"Staring at my sister?" He jokes.

"Oh, what? No" I say, acting weird as I make it seem like I wasn't just staring at her.

"Tell me mate, what the hell is going on with you two?" He says, laughing.

"I don't know, things are just... Weird between us" I say, talking about her makes me over think everything more and more.

"You do know she's totally in love with you right?" He says, frowning like it's obvious.

"Yeah, she said" I sigh, remembering how much of an ass I was when she said it.

"Then what's weird?" He asks.

"I don't know, I guess part of me thinks I'm not good enough for her" I say, it is something that's been playing on my mind. She's literally perfect and I've been an idiot recently. I have so many regrets, we would probably be together if I had told her Chase was cheating on her. Instead, I let her find out the hard way, how could I do that to her?

"Look mate, she's been with a lot of jerks in the past, but, your the only one that's ever cared about her as much as you do" Zac says, hopefully meaning that he accepts me being her boyfriend. There's one thing I know for sure and that's that I would never cross Taylor, as I'd have him to answer to.

"I love her" I say, in a sort of disappointed way. I feel like I've left it too late to tell her now and she already hates me.

"Then tell her not me" he laughs.

"Thanks mate" I say.

Soon the results are about to be announced. There's 1st, 2nd and 3rd place up for grabs. I dropped out, so I don't really need to stay. They put the top ten up first and surprisingly Ash is number six or something. He seems relatively impressed with that. He hardly ever surfs anymore, so I guess it's quite an achievement.

"Better than last year" Ash says. Last year I won and no one else I knew came in the top ten, I think Ash was like 23rd. Luca was so far down that he wasn't given a number, just like this year.

I hardly listen, when they announce the top three. I'm suddenly aware when I hear Taylor's name. Because I wasn't listening properly, I don't know what place she got. Whatever the case, top three is amazing, but I need to know what she got.

"1st, 2nd or 3rd?" I ask Ash and Luca, who both look confused as to why I'm practically shouting.

"She got 1st" Luca says, pointing to her. She doesn't look pleased, she looks shocked. I'm pleased for her. I smile as they award her a medal. I wish I could be there beside her, telling her I'm proud of her. She finally looks happy, when she gets used to the fact she won. Now that I've found out, there no point in me sticking around so I go to head home. Taylor looks happy enough, talking to the girls and her dad and brother.


This isn't happening. I can't believe I've just won, I'm definitely not dreaming. The heavy medal around my neck is a constant reminder. I look down and read 'surf champion' which makes me smile.

"I'm really pleased for you Tay" Zara says. I'm not sure if she's still sucking up to me, but I'm past the point of caring, I miss her being my friend. So I want things to be normal with us again.

I have a quick word with Ruby, who is now stood with Ash. I rub it in his face that he got beat by a girl. In fairness, he still made the top ten.

"What did I say? I said you could do it" Dad says, looking really impressed, as he walks over. He didn't have to embarrass me in front of my friends. I walk with him back to Zac and Hannah, to avoid him saying anything else that fatherly and cheesy.

"Well done sis" Zac says, more interested in the medal I was given. Even Hannah says well done, I guess she's not that bad. I'm willing to accept that she's Mia's sister, they're two completely different people.

"I've only won because Leo dropped out, he would have easily came first" I say, it's true. He's a better surfer than me.

"That's not true, you won because you were the best one out there" dad says, but if he knew Leo like I knew him, then he would know how amazing he is at surfing.

"I doubt Leo would have won, he's too busy thinking about you" Zac says, In a sarcastic way. I'm not sure if that's true, I did ignore Leo's call the other day, but other than that, he's had nothing to do with me. He can't be that hung up on me. Every time I look at him I feel embarrassed, purely because I made an utter fool out of myself, when I told him I loved him.

"I saw him wonder down the beach a few minutes ago" Zac says, thinking I would care.

"And?" I say, trying to seem unbothered.

"I think you should go and find him" Zac says, holding in a smirk. Does everyone know something I don't? I'm so confused. I sort of ditch the three of them and go and look for him like Zac said. He's the only one that has the answers.

Leo is always surrounded by friends, laughing or joking about something. But right now, he looks sort of lonely as he casually walks down the beach.

"Hey" I say, jogging a little to catch up with him. I'm reminded of how hot he is, when he turns around and I see his shirtless body, his abs catching my attention. He roughly runs his hand through his blonde, tousled locks as he sees me.

"Congratulations" he says, seeming pretty pleased for me.

"Thanks" I say, things are still a bit airy between us.

"You deserved it" he says, putting his hands in his short pockets. It's clear something is bothering him, it's probably me.

"Have you got anything to say or?" I ask, as that's the impression I got from Zac. He doesn't say anything for a while, which is making me feel like even more of a fool.

"Forget I said that, see you round" I say shortly, before turning my back on him, intending on ditching him. I don't have a chance, as he grabs my hand and pulls me back. Things seem less airy between us now.

"Your so impatient" he says and I feel the warmth of him let out a slight laugh against me.

"Well I wouldn't have to be if you would just answer me!" I say, getting even more tetchy.

"Taylor I'm sorry" he says, being really slow, I just want him to spit out what he's going to say.

"Sorry for what?" I say quickly.

"For the other day, I let you say you loved me and I was a jerk about it" he says. He was a jerk, as he let me feel stupid.

"Well I wouldn't read too much into it if I were you, I say all kinds of-" rubbish, I was about to say rubbish, but he shut me up by kissing me. He runs his hands through my hair and down to my waist. I hold him and feel the warmth of his body.

"So kissing me is your way of shutting me up?" I say as he pulls away and I get a glance of his beautiful eyes. It's like I'm becoming more smitten with him by the minute, I'm beginning to forget why I was so mad at him in the first place.

"No, I just wanted to kiss you" he jokes, acting smug.

"And why's that?" I say, trying to look frustrated, but really I'm holding back a smile.

"Because, I love you Taylor and I have done for a long time" he mutters, smirking. He knows that is exactly what I wanted to here. I get a tonne of butterflies in my stomach, still surprised that he said it.

"Do you really mean that?" I ask, just because that's what he said to me when I told him I loved him the other day.

"Every word, so can I finally call you my girlfriend now?" he says, acting all laid back, but really I think he's as excited as I am right now.

"Hmmm, I wouldn't put a label on it" I tease, before smiling, which makes my answer pretty obvious.

"Finally" he says, holding my cheek, as he kisses me again.

"Can you say it again" I say, as we make our way back to everyone.

"You want me to say what again?" He jokes.

"You know what!" I laugh, playfully pushing him. It was a big mistake, as he then picks me up and rushes into the sea before dropping me amongst the water. He's such an idiot, but I love him for it. I splash him with a load of water, but he holds my arms down and pulls me into a kiss.

"I love you" he says again, making me smile more than I have in a long time. He did loads of things to piss me off, but they're all in the past, I don't know why it took me so long to forgive him. I have trust issues sure, but I trust him more than anyone now.

I've wanted this for so long, I've wanted him for so long. Now he's mine and I'm his. Which is just the best thing that's ever happened.

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