Kiss Me Already

When Taylor moves to Australia she quickly makes friends and meets lots of new guys, including Leo. In her opinion he is an annoying jerk, but they have a connection and many things in common. She tries to keep away from him and his rebel ways, but with his constant flirting, she finds it hard to keep away from him. Leo is interested in Taylor from the moment he meets her, even though he has a girlfriend, he is completely drawn to her. Will she ever accept that they are perfect for each other?

Written from both Leo and Taylor's points of view.


22. Chapter 22


I just want to get away, but I can't. I've got Ruby rushing after me. I can't help wondering if I overreacted, I had every right to be upset with Leo. How could he? He didn't tell me because he wanted to be the shoulder I cried on when I found out on my own, then he took what he wanted.

"Tay just stop!" Ruby says, reaching me. I was kind of power walking away. She's practically panting, from hurrying to catch up with me.

"I just want to get away" I say, not being dramatic. I'm sort of talking in a can't-be-bothered-voice. I tried to make Leo think I was angry, I am, but I think I'm more upset.

"Come on, let's go back to mine" she suggests.

"I'm fine honestly, you can go" I say, but she doesn't believe my very convincing look.

"No we're going to mine" she says, basically dragging me. It seems I have no choice in the matter.

"Did you know?" I say, having to ask.

"No, I knew that he was worried there was something going on between Zara and Chase, but I didn't know he knew something was actually happening" she says, in the most complicated way possible. I do believe her in fairness.

"What a bloody tosser" I say and she laughs.

"Your so English when you're cursing people" she jokes. She has lightened my mood a little, I just want to forget about Leo. We get back to hers and I realise my phone is ringing. Leo obviously, then I notice I have two texts from Zac and a missed call from my Dad. Basically, they can all sod off.

"Maybe you should just hear him out" Ruby suggests.

"Ha, no" I joke.

"Ok I'll shut up" she says.

I'm glad I decided to go back to Ruby's, she cheered me up a little. She is a good friend, which is more than I can say about Zara. She could have at least tried to talk to me, but she hasn't, so clearly she couldn't care less. When Ruby finally lets me go, I head home.

Walking past the pier, I realise something. Australia seemed amazing, this town was great. It was like a summer holiday, but now it's like summer is over. I think I've had enough of this place now. I always blamed my Dad for making us move all the time, but I kind of had just as much to do with it. Every time someone messed with my head or pissed me off, I just wanted to run away and move on. Maybe I want that now, Dad promised we were staying this time, but I've never wanted to go more. We don't even have to go far, just out of this town. Zac wouldn't be able to move anyway, as he's started uni, he obviously lives at home, so I guess I'm stuck here.

I get back and dread going inside. Maybe I'll just insist I'm tired and in need of my bed, just so that I don't have to talk to my Mom. I hope to god she isn't staying here. She definitely chose the worst day to show up.

"Tay is that you?" I hear as soon as I walk in. I was as quiet as a mouse when opening the door.

"Yeah erm... I'm going to bed!" I shout back, taking the first couple of steps of the stairs. At that point, Zac walks out and distracts me from getting upstairs.

"Before you get all arsy, Dad has taken Mom to check into her hotel, because she got a taxi here" he says and I let out a sigh of relief. That's literally the best news I've had all night.

"Thank God, good riddance" I say, rolling my eyes.

"Just so you know, I didn't know she would be here today either" he says.

"Whatever, I'm going to bed" I say.

"No come and watch the TV for a bit" he suggests.

"Zac no, I've got a date with Netflix" I insist, but he makes me go and have a drink first. What is his problem tonight? Is he worried? Because there's really no need to be.

Annoyingly, I hear the football Xbox game as I walk into the lounge. I become pretty angry when I look up, all my emotions go into rage. I don't know how to feel, Leo is sat (or was sat, until he stood up as soon as I walked in) on the sofa. What is he doing here? I think I made it pretty clear that I wanted to be left alone. I look straight back at Zac, practically glaring. He tricked me into coming in here to talk to Leo. What a shitty brother.

"I'll give you guys a minute" he says, increasing how pissed off I am at him. I look back at Leo and shake my head at his sorry filled eyes. He's making me feel guilty, when this entire thing is his fault.

"No you can carry on with your football game, I'm going to bed" I say, trying to be smug. I just want Leo to think he hasn't got to me, hopefully he thinks I'm totally fine. At this point my brother leaves the room, he really shouldn't have left me on my own with Leo.

"Taylor" Leo says, pulling me back. His hand tightens around my wrist, in an encouraging way. I look down for a moment, remembering yesterday and earlier on when everything was fine. I don't even know him, how could he keep such an awful secret for so long? The thought makes my stomach turn and I snatch my arm away.

"I've got nothing to say to you, so you may as well leave" I say, crossing my arms. Today seems to have gone on forever, the fight him and Chase had earlier, seems like ages ago.

"Will you just stop being so stubborn and listen to me?" He asks, trying to crack a slight smile, but that is not going to work.

"Why should I? Look we had sex, yeah it was great, but now it's over, you got what you want so why don't you piss off now?" I ask, sounding quite like I couldn't give a damn, but really, I just want to let out a tear.

"Don't talk like that, you know I care about you" he says, his face contorting at what I said.

"You do not, your a guy, you wanted what you got and that's all" I say, getting wound up. I don't buy anything he's saying.

"When are you going to realise that this is Chase's fault, not mine" he says, sighing.

"This isn't Chase's fault, you knew my past with jackass guys that cheated on me and you knew he was doing the same thing and didn't tell me" I say, now the sympathy on his face is making me uncomfortable.

"I'm sorry Taylor, I really am" he says, looking at me with regret.

"Well tough, it's your own fault" I say, sick of his sorry eyes, so I chose to walk out. Zac sighs as I walk through the door, clearly he's been eavesdropping.

On Wednesday morning, I leave at 8:30. Then I decide that I'm skipping school today and I couldn't give a crap. Zara skipped yesterday, so why shouldn't I?

It's pretty pointless. All morning I surf, trying to improve my skills. There was nothing wrong with my surfing until Leo pointed it out. It's annoying because every time I come out here, it reminds me of him.

I sort of regret not going into school when it's the afternoon and I've got nothing to do. I've stayed at the beach all day. I'm exhausted from surfing, I can feel my face heating up. I should probably go home and rest, too much surfing can make me go a bit dizzy, but if I go home I'll be cornered by my mom. The most annoying thing, is that my dad hasn't even tried to talk to me, he saw me this morning and didn't say a thing. He only cares about himself. It's soon the end of school for everyone else. I decide to seclude myself from the beach, by finding my Rock. I enjoy just sitting here, it reminds me of a place I found back in California. There's also no people around this part of the beach, all you can hear is the waves, you could lose yourself here.

About half an hour later, my peace is interrupted, by the sound of an irritating voice.

"Are you hiding in shame?" Mia says, treading carefully like a squirmy girl over all the pebbles and rocks.

"What do you want?" I say, looking back at the sea, imagining in my head that she isn't here.

"Figured you would want some company" she says. I can't get my head around that. This girl has hated me ever since I came to this town, there's no way she would want to spend time with me and I wouldn't want to spend time with her.

"No thanks" I say, getting up to leave. She's ruined this place for me now.

"Look Taylor, Leo screwed me over too, I know how you feel" she says, not in her usual smug voice. I can't help but realise she's right. I guess we have something in common now.

"You're right" I say.

"I have an idea" she says, randomly.

"What?" I ask, almost laughing. It's the awkwardness I'm laughing at. We quite clearly hate each other.

"Have you been surfing by the cliffs? Apparently it's great and it will take your mind off everything" she says. Is she really trying to help me? I can sort of believe she is, as she knows how I feel.

"No, but it sounds good" I say.

"Let's go then" she replies, grabbing my board. I've got nothing else to do, so I may as well go and try the waves there, even though I'm absolutely shattered.

This is so weird, hanging around with Mia. Maybe we are getting along because we both have something in common, Leo messing with our heads. We get there and I'm a bit one edge when I see the roaring waves, reaching over double my height.

"Are you sure it's safe?" I ask pointing to a sign that says 'no surfing'.

"Yeah everybody comes here honestly" she says, watching the cliffs being hit rapidly by the water.

"Okay then" I say. Maybe I'm having an adrenaline rush, I just want to get out there.

"Of you go then" she encourages.

I strap my board to my ankle before I get to a shallow part of the water. It's not a nice scene around here, there's washed up seaweed on most of the sand and the waves crashing are really loud. I swim in, really far, until I cannot even reach the sand underneath the water. Except for Mia, there's no one else here. It's pretty deserted.


After school my plan was to find out where Taylor got to, but before I can even think about that, the guys insist on going down to the beach bar.

We're almost there when my phone rings. I almost don't want to answer, when I notice that it's Mia. She has been doing my head in recently, like normal really. Is all her fault that Taylor isn't talking to me. To be honest, I hate the girl.

"Mia, what do you want... because-" I say before she interrupts.

"Leo hey, fancy coming to see Taylor make a fool out of herself" she says, sort of laughing in a cruel way. I haven't got a clue what she is talking about, or why she wants me there.

"Huh?" I say shortly.

"Taylor is surfing by the cliffs, the idiot, I just thought you might want to know, but you wouldn't really care would you?" she says. I want to scream at her and tell her how annoying she is, but first I need to know everything. Taylor could get hurt and I can't let that happen.

"Mia what the hell! Don't let her go in, you know how-" I say, before the line breaks up as she hangs up on me. I was about to say dangerous, how dangerous it is. My Dad had an accident out there when he was younger. Mia knows that, so why would she let Taylor go out there. Why is she even with her?

I tell Ash and he agrees to help me find out what's going on, he brings along an equally worried Ruby with us.

Ten minutes later we are almost at the end of the bank and back on the beach near the cliffs. There is clearly a 'no surfing' sign in full eyesight, why would she ignore that? The only reason I can think, is that she is a reckless idiot, which wouldn't surprise me.

"...Taylor!" I hear Mia's annoying voice shouting, I see her from a distance and rush over to her.

"What the hell is going on Mia?!" I say, pulling her around to look at me.

"She...she was fine a minute ago, but she has just fell off... I cant see her anywhere" she panicks. along with Ruby, we shout Taylor's name for at least a minute, but she doesn't respond. I'm really worried, but I don't let it show. She's still pissed at me, that could be the reason for her being so reckless.

"Hey Leo... isn't that her board?" Ash says, pointing to it about 10 yards away. I let out a breath of relief, when I see it's attached to her ankle and she is stumbling out of the water. I rush in and help her out. Getting far enough into the sea to wet my shorts. She tries not to accept my help, but she kind of needs it. I notice her head is mildly cut, I'm assuming from a rock, but she seems okay, just exhausted from the huge waves. Her face is red and her eyes are struggling to stay open. I support her by putting her arm around my shoulder and my arm around her waist.

Ash helps her sit on the beach wall, while I deal with Mia. I somehow know that this is entirely her fault.

"Why would you bring her out here Mia, everyone knows that surfing is the worst thing you could do out there, she could have been seriously hurt!" I yell at her, she doesnt like it when I'm dissapointed and angry with her, she can tell she shouldn't have done it. But it's Mia and sooner or later she will forget about it and not give a crap.

"I'm sorry... she's a strong surfer, I thought she'd be fine" Mia says, her voice is a bit sketchy, like she's worried at how pissed off I am.

"Look I don't want to hear your stupid excuses, just go, you are not helping!" I say, almost yelling again. She walks away feeling bad, like she should. She and everyone else has heard the stories of people surfing here. Taylor wouldn't know that, but Mia has lived here her whole life, she would definitely know.

"It's lucky you're such a bully, wanting everyone to see her surf here, as otherwise Leo wouldn't have been here to help her, you should be ashamed of yourself!" Ruby says and I agree with every word she says, Mia doesn't even argue back, she just carries on walking off. I am pleased with Ruby for sticking up for Taylor and fighting back, it's a new side to her, she used to let Mia walk all over her.

I don't want to have a go at Taylor, but I have to, I don't want to risk her coming here again.

"What the hell were you thinking Taylor?" I say, trying not to shout too much.

"Look it wasn't a big deal the waves were just rough" she says in a chill voice, acting like it was nothing.

"Oh did you not see the no surfing sign? There's at least ten of them" I say, exaggerating and being sarcastic, which will probably annoy her.

"Well... Mia told me you guys surf here all the time" she says.

"I know your not stupid enough to believe that, its obviously dangerous here" I say.

"Quit with the nagging, I'm fine aren't I?" she says, rolling her eyes, does she not realise how hurt she could have gotten.

"Well you wouldnt be if I weren't here to save your ass" I say, kind of proud that I can use that against her now. She gets up ready to have a go at me.

"Oh please, I would have been..." she says, getting dizzy.

"Whoa sit down, we'll go and get a first aid kit and some water, stick with Ruby" I say, finding it weird how bossy I am. The cut on her head isn't that bad, but it's still bleeding.

When me and Ash are far enough away for them to not hear what we're saying, I tell him to go and tell Taylor's Dad what happened. I know that he will make sure it doesn't happen again, I don't want her to get anymore hurt than she already is. I also want someone else's reassurance that she is okay.

I get back with supplies and hand her a bottle of water.

"Thanks" she says, snatching it from me. Ruby helps me pick the right plaster to put on her head and everything is sorted, until Ash returns with Taylor's Dad.

"Oh my God, what is my Dad doing here?" she says, looking very angry, but sort of scared.

"He had a right to know Taylor" I say. Why is she nervous? She has said on many occasions, that her dad doesn't really care about what she gets up to.

"You called my Dad?" she asks, starting to get really annoyed, but it's more like she's panicking.

"Look Taylor, he should know if you are hurt and I wanted to make sure you wouldn't surf here again" I say.

"That doesn't mean you call my Dad!" she shouts, getting up as her Dad approaches.

"Taylor there you are, are you okay?" he says, actually seeming pretty worried.

"Yeah I'm fine Dad, it was nothing" she says.

"Nothing?" He repeats "I don't think cutting your head from surfing by the cliffs, is nothing Taylor" he says, seeming more annoyed now.

"Chill out Dad, it's not a big deal" Taylor says, getting embarrassed.

"Yes it is Taylor! I'm so sick of this, where do you think your board went when we moved out here? I threw it out! You get reckless out there and this is the last time" he says, although he hasn't raised his voice at all. I feel sort of bad about all the times I've been surfing with Taylor, its like she is some kind of thrill seeker.

"You were the one that got me into surfing Dad, do you remember that?" She moans.

"This isn't the first time something like this has happened is it Taylor?" her Dad says, which makes me wonder what has happened in the past.

"Come on you are overreacting" she says, trying to be reasonable.

"I'm not going to argue about this, give me your board" he says, now I feel guilty about selling it to her, then again her Dad knew she bought a new board and he never stopped her.

I feel like I should say something, but I don't think its any of my buisness.

"What are you kidding? This is mine!" she says, clutching her board.

"I don't care, hand it over" he says, raising his eyebrows trying to act serious. I doubt he will punish her for too long, he doesnt seem like that kind of Dad.

"You know what, have it!" she says, dumping it on the ground in front of him.

"I'll just buy a new one!" she says, now completely losing her temper and walking off.

"Hey where are you going now?" he says and I don't know whether he is concerned or annoyed.

"I don't know, just leave me alone" she says.

no one speaks and no one offers to go after her. she did make it clear that she wanted to be left alone, but I don't care.

"I'll go" I say, heading after her.

"Tay, hey Taylor, wait up?" I say, running a little to catch her up.

"What do you want?" she says, finally stopping.

"Look I'm sorry I told your dad, but he did deserve to know, you could have been in serious trouble" I say, trying to act sensitive, instead of shouting at her again.

"I really do not need you to look after me okay? just leave me ALONE!" she says, walking off and this time I decide to let her go.

I'm still worried, she seems so alone and hurt. What can I do? I can't and won't stop thinking about her. What's going on inside my head makes me think one thing. I love her, I want her and I need her. But she really does hate me now.

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