Kiss Me Already

When Taylor moves to Australia she quickly makes friends and meets lots of new guys, including Leo. In her opinion he is an annoying jerk, but they have a connection and many things in common. She tries to keep away from him and his rebel ways, but with his constant flirting, she finds it hard to keep away from him. Leo is interested in Taylor from the moment he meets her, even though he has a girlfriend, he is completely drawn to her. Will she ever accept that they are perfect for each other?

Written from both Leo and Taylor's points of view.


20. Chapter 20


I head towards the cliffs. I'm sure that's where that rock was. The one she 'introduced' me to. If she's not there then I have no clue where else she would be, I doubt she would have gone home. I feel bad and it's Chase's problem not mine.

Once I hear the waves crashing, I know I'm there. I see her dark hair, as always she's looking really hot today. But she's crying, I'm no good at comforting people, but I don't want to leave her on her own.

"Hey Tay" I say, she looks around and she is still crying.

"Oh Leo... I'm fine, please leave me alone" she says, embarrassed by the tears in her eyes. She tries and fails to wipe them away.

"No, I can't" I say and sit beside her.

"Why?" She says, sighing. She really doesn't get it, how can she not? I've told her I like and care about her.

"Because unlike Chase, I actually give a crap about you" I say, only slightly harshly, so she will get the message. She now wipes her cheeks with her wrist.

"I don't care if you cry in front of me Taylor" I say.

"Well I care" she says.

"Just talk to me" I suggest, I really do want to listen.

"I never even liked Chase anyway, it's no big deal!" she says, going to stand up. I stop her by grabbing her hand and pulling her back.

"Taylor tell me how you really feel" I say, trying to smile a little, in an attempt to cheer her up, but it doesn't work.

"Fine! What's wrong with me? Am I some kind of horrible person or something?" She says, hating on herself. Taylor is not the sort of girl to seek attention, I can tell she means every word and she really is questioning what's wrong with her. But I can't think of one thing.

"Nothing, listen to me Tay, you don't have one fault" I say, but she doesn't buy what I'm trying to tell her.

"Then why does everyone insist on cheating on me, like I'm some piece of crap!" She says, crying again. She's not sobbing, it's like she's silently crying. I hate hearing the things she's saying about herself, purely because they're not true.

"Because they're fucking idiots! Trust me, if I was Chase, there's no way in hell I'd do what he did to you" I say, how much do I have to convince her? She's adamant she's some kind of bad person.

"Anyway, Zara is my friend, why do all my friends screw me over?" She says, ignoring my comment.

"Just forget about it, don't let them get to you, don't show them they've upset you" I insist.

"I'm not upset, I'm angry!" She says, but she's clearly a little upset.

"Of course" I say, under my breath.

"Why don't I just sink to their level?" She says, standing up. "Maybe go and hook up with some random guys, go and sleep with one of my friends boyfriends, maybe that would stop people from walking all over me! Or shall I just go and get wasted so that I can forget about this messed up life I live!" She says, about to walk off. I have never seen her like this, she's acting reckless. The things she's saying, hurt.

"Would you stop!" I shout, grabbing her arm. She gives me a look, sort of surprised, but sort of like she doesn't care.

"What now?! You don't need to get involved in my screwed up problems" she says, I hate this, she's getting worse and worse.

"I don't like hearing you say these things! I'm trying to be here for you" I say, she seems to settle down a little when she hears me raise my voice. It's as though I'm giving her a wake up call.

"Why?! Just leave me alone" she says, using hand gestures to show how much she wants me to go. But I'm not going anywhere.

"Because I fucking like you Taylor, how many times do I have to say it?!" I ask, getting angrier at how she doesn't realise that's the reason why. It's quite obvious.

"Why? Everyone else has something or other against me" she says.

"I don't care about what anyone else thinks, everyone else might have screwed you over, but I haven't and I wouldn't!" I say. I feel like I'm lying, I could have told her about Chase a long time ago, but chose not to. Does that count as screwing her over?

"Ok do you not see how messed up I am?" She says, making a joke out of this. She is broken, but why should that bother me?

"Your gorgeous, funny, sexy, yeah.. I could go on, I don't care if your messed up, so am I" I try to convince her.

"You don't mean those things" she says, looking away.

"Yes, I do" I say, not raising my voice this time. I grasp her shoulder so she's facing me again. She takes a deep breath and calms down.

Then out of no where. Her lips are on mine. She pulls at my hair and I hold her waist. I was not expecting this. Is she just trying to spite Chase? That thought lingers for a while.

"No, your just trying to get back at Chase aren't you?" I say, shaking my head, as I pull away from her.

Her hurt eyes look at mine, there's definitely still tears in them.

"Your wrong" she mutters.

"Prove it" I say. I want her, I really do, but not if she's just going to use me to hit Chase where it hurts. Although it probably wouldn't hurt him, he doesn't care about anyone but himself, and maybe Zara.

"I like you too" she's says, I can tell by the look on her face that she means it. I wasn't expecting that either, I was only teasing her the other night, when I said she liked me. I thought it was a possibility, but I wasn't too sure. If we like each other, then why has it taken this long for us to admit it?

The thoughts about her in a bikini start coming back to me. We like each other, that means it's acceptable to be with her. Isn't it?

I can't take her giving me those sad eyes any longer, I pull her closer to me. Her arms fall over either of my shoulders and I wrap my arms around her body, as I kiss her again. This is actually happening. It's like we are both slowly forgetting about all the crazy shit that's happened today.


I'm so glad his parents aren't in when we stumble through his front door. His hands haven't left my waist since we left the beach. That's only been less than five minutes, but it feels like forever. Every thought and regret I've ever had, has gone completely out of my head. Chase is nothing but a memory I want to forget. The whole time I've been here, in Australia, Leo is the one I've been attracted to and Leo is the one that I've got on with like we've been together the whole time.

He runs his hand up my white cami top, as he pushes me against the wall that ends the staircase. Breaking from my lips, he leaves kisses on my neck and down to my cleavage.

I smell the strong and distinctive smell of the product he always has in his dirty blonde locks.

I run my hand down the side of his face, feeling his sharp and defined cheekbones and grabbing the back of his neck for support with my other hand.

His lips return to mine, giving me rough kisses. I bite at his lip, as he trails his hand down to my legs and pulls at them so they are around his. He is what's holding me against the wall.

He must be desperate, as he then forgets about the wall and we quickly get up the stairs.

I push him against his door, kissing the parts of his chest that are on show from the buttons I've managed to undo.

I turn his door handle and we fall into his room. I feel his fingertips grasp at the edges of my top, before he pulls it off over my head. I feel for his belt and undo it, before he stops me. It's not at all like he's more dominant or anything, he's just so desperate to get my clothes off first. The warmth of his hands, trails down my waist as they edge closer to my shorts. I get shivers when his fingers touch my pant line as he yanks down the clothing covering my knickers. He's seen me in my bikini before and I've seen him topless, it's clear we both want more. He pulls off his own denim shorts before I have a chance. Now all he's wearing are his designer, black and grey boxers (that I'm eager to get off) and a half undone white shirt. I can just about see the beginning of his abs. His tanned skin is warm and soft.

Carelessly, but gently he pushes me back onto his bed. When he joins me, I run my hands through his hair as he kisses the skin next to my bra straps and down further. I feel his arm go over my back and feel for the fastening to the only thing between him and my naked chest. It takes him less than a second to unfasten it, he's so experienced, which is sort of a sexy quality. He pulls it off and rapidly chucks it over the other side of his room, his eyes light up. It's like he's been waiting so long to be with me and now he is.

He runs his hands over me, kissing down my flat stomach, making me clench his hair tighter.

I shift my hand under his shirt and over his shoulder, in an attempt to pull it off. He helps by throwing it over his head as it comes off. I feel a coldness when his medallion hits my stomach, but then warmth when I feel his abs against me. The strong, but enticing smell of body odour that lingers on his skin becomes stronger. It's like a mixture of aftershave, beach and natural guy smell. My stomach turns in a good way when he runs his hands down to my blue lacy knickers. He smirks before pulling at the edges, shuffling them down and off. I'm exposed, but I couldn't care, I feel so comfortable with him. He separates my legs and teases at that area. I feel his lips leave kisses over my tattoo. His hair brushes over my chest as he leans up to kiss my open mouth. He bites at my lip, smiling at my pleasure.

"Your amazing" I mutter next to his ear.

I take control and turn him on his side and get on top of him. By this point he's pulled off his own boxers. I run my hand down his crotch.

"Your so sexy" he says in reply to my comment. Everything he ever says is kinky, it makes me laugh inside.

I give him a quick teasing kiss, before working my way down to the tops of his thighs. I hear him briefly mention my name a few times. I return back up to him, by kissing up his chest.

This is nothing like the build up I had with Chase, I have no regrets now. I like Leo, I never really liked Chase.

When he's ready he lets me put it on, my willing impresses him. The whole time he has his hand laced into mine in a tight grip. I grab at his hair and then down to his back, holding him tighter. He intensifies the flutters in my stomach. I manage to mutter instructions, which he abides by. He seems turned on by my reaction. I hold onto his chiselled shoulders and hear him just about whisper my name. This is so real and meaningful, like we've had a build up to it. It's not at all rushed, which makes the situation seem better. We have a bit longer before he reaches his limit and then I let myself relax.

"I wasn't wrong" he says, getting his breath back and lying beside me.

"About what?" I ask, as he pulls his bedsheets over my legs, as I shiver slightly.

"Your amazing in bed, the best I've ever had" he says, wrapping his arms around my body. I feel warm and safe in his grip. He kisses my neck, making me smile.

"I knew you would be" I say, grasping my hand around his that's on my stomach, he lets out a breezy laugh next to my ear.

"I like you so much" I add, feeling so comfortable where I am.

"I've liked you since the moment you arrived" he says. Not it a cringe sort of way, he makes it seem funny, like it took this long for me to realise it.

I feel bad for hating on him for so long, he's kinda perfect.


I wake up, to hearing a door slam shut. I rub my eyes with the palm of my hand. Then I see Taylor's head on my chest and I start to remember. We must have fell asleep, I look at my phone that's on the side and realise it's nearly 7pm. It feels like I've only been asleep ten minutes. I smirk to myself as I reminisce on what happened in this bed a couple of hours ago. I snap out of it when I realise that the door slamming was probably my Dad coming back from the hut, my mom said she would be out at her friends today and tonight. My dad walking in on me with a chick has sadly happened before, so I don't want it to happen again.

"Hey" I say, quietly next to her ear, as I sit up slightly. I kiss her face and that wakes her up a bit. We're both still naked, it's nice, just laying here with her. I wrap my arms around her, making the most of her being in my grip.

"Ugh, what time is it?" She asks, stretching, which makes me get a view of her front. That just makes me remember earlier on.

"7, sorry to ruin this, but I think my Dad's back" I say, making her jump slightly.

"Oh crap" she says, suddenly awake, she gets up. As she frantically searches for her knickers (which I remember throwing across the room), I lean back and take a good view of her. She really is stunning.

"Do me a favour and come back here?" I tease. She gives me a jokingly, annoyed smirk.

"I will if you tell me where you've hidden my clothes" she says. Watching her walk around my room naked is entertaining.

"Yeah, you might want to try behind my desk or under the bed" I joke.

"Under the bed?" She repeats.

"Give it a try" I say. I get up and find them by my window.

"Here" I say, laughing as I hand them her. She quickly bends over and pulls them on. I pull her into a hug from behind and kiss her neck.

"Yeah that's real nice and all, but we need to get dressed" she says, I do kinda love it when she's sarcastic like that.

"Yep" I say, grabbing a fresh pair of boxers out my drawer. She slips back into her tiny shorts and pulls on the cami top she was wearing before. It takes me two seconds to pull on my clothes.

I'm so glad that I heard the door and woke up before, as I can now here my dad coming up the stairs, he usually says hello before he carries on with tea or housework.

"Ah the bed" Taylor says, frantically trying to make it look like no one had sex in it. She pulls the sheets up, so it looks like it's been made.

"Calm down" I laugh.

"Yeah well, I don't want your dad to think badly of me, more than he already does" she says, and I assume she's remembering herself having a go at my Dad at Ruby's party. He actually found it quite funny, I can happily say he likes Taylor.

He walks in just as I was about to kiss her again. Thankfully he doesn't really suspect anything.

"Ah hello, you alright Taylor?" He says, pretty much blanking me.

"Hi Pete, yeah I'm good, you?" She says, awkwardly.

"Great, yeah I'm fine" he says, giving us a look as though he's wondering what she's doing here.

"Oh we're working on a project together" she says, looking at her feet. She's such a bad liar.

"Right... Well good luck" he says, he definitely knows that's not why Taylor's here. He walks out and shuts the door behind him.

"Working on a project together?" I repeat, just to show how lame it sounded.

"It's the only thing I could think of!" She smirks.

"We're 17, we don't get given projects at school anymore" I laugh.

"He doesn't know that" she laughs.

"Your cute when you're nervous you know" I say.

"I'm not cute" she says, looking put off by the word.

"Yeah your right, your an annoying pain in the ass" I joke and she smiles.

"Says you" she adds, before kissing me. I wish we could have a repeat of earlier on, I would suggest it if my dad hadn't just got back. Maybe if we're quiet? No.

She grabs her phone that was in her shorts pocket. Not needing to say anything, she just shows me the lock screen. Three missed calls and four texts from Zara and one text from Chase, which makes me the most angry. Why can't he leave her alone now? It's over with them.

"Please delete his text" I say, rolling my eyes just thinking about him.

"Why, are you jealous?" She teases. I can happily say, that I've cheered her up, she doesn't seem as upset anymore.

"I'm jealous of any guy that lays a finger on you" I say, it's the truth. I was always jealous of her and Chase. She blushes slightly.

"Do you want to go for that surf now?" She suggests.

I don't know what exactly is going on with us, I suppose surfing would be a good thing to put a hold on that conversation.

"Let's go" I say, making her smile.

Instead of going back to get her board, we share mine. I can't stop grabbing her waist and kissing her as we walk back to the beach. That's the only trouble when you finally hook up with someone you've been waiting on, you can't seem to keep your hands off them.

"I'm so two faced" she moans.

"What? How?" I say, laughing.

"I slept with you less than half an hour after finding out about Chase" she says.

"How does that make you two faced? You had every right" I say.

"You know what, your right" she says, seeming a lot more upbeat now.

"I know I'm right" I say.

"I can't believe Zara though, she was supposed to be my friend" Taylor says.

"Look there's something you should know" I say, thinking about telling her everything I know. I should tell her that I knew all along, but I can't.

"What?" She asks, looking sort of worried.

"I... I recently found out Chase and Zara had history, I didn't tell you because I assumed he had told you" I say.

"What kind of history?" She asks, not caring as much as I thought she would.

"They've hooked up before, I think they've always sort of liked each other" I say, worried about her response.

"Then why didn't they tell me that before?" She says, getting more annoyed by the second.

"Who knows, want to get a drink?" I suggest and she seems to agree. As soon as we sit at the bar, we're bombarded by Luca and Phoebe.

"Tay, you okay?" Phoebe says, looking sort of worried.

"Yeah fine why?" She says, I suppose she doesn't really want everyone to know that Chase cheated on her just yet.

"Well, we kind of heard" Phoebe says, looking at the ground. If anyone is feeling guilty it should be Chase and Zara.

"What? How?" Taylor says.

"Chase is telling everyone, he erm..." Phoebe says, looking pitiful.

"He what?" Taylor demands.

"He's just been saying, that he slept with you and Zara and... That's all he really wanted" Luca says, trying to be helpful by telling her. But I know exactly what Taylor's reaction will be.

"I never slept with him" she says, looking a cross between pissed and upset.

"Everyone knows you didn't... don't you" I say, looking to Luca and Phoebe for support.

"Of course" Phoebe says and Luca nods.

"How could he? The dick head! I'm going to kill him" She shouts. She has every right to think and say those things, but I don't want her to do anything she will regret.

"Calm down Tay, let's just go for a surf" I say, hoping that might take her mind off it.

"No, why should I? Where is he?" She asks.

"Well we saw him at the grill earlier with a few of the guys" Phoebe says, she really shouldn't have.

"Great, thank you" Taylor says, storming off.

"Your not going to stop her?" Luca says.

"Nope" I reply.

"Why not?" He laughs.

"Because she's far too stubborn to even listen to me" I say, but that's a good quality, I like it when she's like this. I give her five minutes, then all three of us think we should probably go and see what's happening.

If I know chase, then he's going to be a complete dick to her and if I know Taylor, then she's probably going to go ape shit at him.

We get there and see her yelling at Chase, who is sat outside, at a table with Freddie and a few others.

"... why can't you just chill out and forgive me?" He says, raising an eyebrow. I'm ready to punch him again now. But this is Taylor's fight not mine. If I intervene then everyone will know there's something going on between us.

"Forgive you? After everything you've done to me recently" she says, looking shocked at his response.

"Don't be so dramatic" he says, laughing. He looks at Freddie, expecting him to find it funny too, but he doesn't.

"Oh piss off, firstly you've been sleeping with another girl for the past how long? I think I have a right to be dramatic! & secondly everyone should know we never slept together" she says, yelling at him.

"Well hottie, that can be arranged now if you like" he says, with a childish wink. How can he talk to her like that? How can he be such a jerk? My mouth drops open when everyone starts laughing as Taylor picks up his jar of beer and chucks it right in his face, making him cough.

"You bitch" he mutters, wiping his face.

"Grow up you fucking dick head" she says, ditching him and walking over to me.

"Ready for that surf now?" She says, with a huge, satisfied smile on her face.

Man she's so hot when she's angry.

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