Kiss Me Already

When Taylor moves to Australia she quickly makes friends and meets lots of new guys, including Leo. In her opinion he is an annoying jerk, but they have a connection and many things in common. She tries to keep away from him and his rebel ways, but with his constant flirting, she finds it hard to keep away from him. Leo is interested in Taylor from the moment he meets her, even though he has a girlfriend, he is completely drawn to her. Will she ever accept that they are perfect for each other?

Written from both Leo and Taylor's points of view.


2. Chapter 2


Ruby, Zara and Phoebe are making me go to the beach for a bar party tonight. I don't want to go, purely because that jerk said he would see me there. He's such a typical popular boy, it makes me angry. I've had enough experience with guys like him, he needs to leave me alone. The only reason the others want to go, is because Ruby's boyfriend will be there and the other two said that all the hot guys will be joining him.

It's five when I get home from school. I stopped off at Ruby's. Because even though I've known her only for one day, she wanted my opinion on which bikini to wear tonight. I'm glad that they've taken me in like I'm now one of their friends, I've never had anyone do that before. I've had to make friends myself.

"Hey Taylor" I hear my brother, Zac say. I dread to turn around to see him, because I can guarantee that he's about to question me about my first day.

"Leave me alone Zac" I say, ignoring him and going up to my room. I chose the room at the top of the house, it's basically the loft, but it's got windows. I only chose it because it gives me space from my dad and brother. It's not easy living with two boys, but I manage.

"Your such a bore sis! How was school?" he says. He's never had a problem with moving schools all the time, so he doesn't know how it feels, having to make a new impression of yourself.

"I don't really care" I say, shutting the door in his face as he followed me upstairs.

I go straight to the box labelled swimwear that is under about three other boxes. I still haven't finished unpacking. Even though my dad says we are staying here, I have A feeling we won't. I have tonnes of bikinis. I've lived near the beach most of my life. Ever since my dad became a scuba diving instructor, We've been moving constantly.

I end up choosing between a black bikini and a red one. I want to look normal, like everyone else. I just want to fit in, the girls I've became friends with aren't Mia popular, but Ruby's boyfriend is one of the popular guys, so they must be a bit popular. I choose the black bikini in the end and throw on a long California tee, that looks like a really short dress. I have to go into another box to find a pair of flip flops to walk to the beach in. I leave my hair down, but I'll probably end up shoving it up as it's waist length so I'll probably get hot at the beach.

"Zac!" I say as I'm rushing down the two sets of stairs in our house.

"What?" He shouts, from the back garden.

"Where's dad?" I shout.

"Still at work" he shouts back.

I stop by the pier on my way to the beach. My dad should be there, he will only have a go at me if I don't tell him I'm going out.

"Dad!" I shout, as I can't be bothered to walk down the bottom to his boat.

"Taylor? Is that you?" He says, walking over.

"How was school?" He says, acting like he cares about our education.

"Same as usual" I say.

"Is that good?" He asks.

"Not really" I say.

"I wish you'd talk to me about school Taylor" he says. I never talk to him or anyone about school, it's not worth talking about. I guess he means that I never talk to him about anything, which is true. I'm still sort of mad at him for making us move again. I was quite happy in California, before he made us move.

"Anyway... I'm going out, to the beach, I'll probably be late" I say.

"Wow, made friends already?" He says.

"Yes so?" I say.

"Nothing, it's just not like you" he says, almost laughing. My dad can be immature sometimes.

"Well... See you later then" I say walking off.

"Don't drink too much" he says. I don't even know how he knows there will be alcohol, he probably just knows me too well.

I get to the beach at half six. There's loads of people there. I almost feel awkward when searching for Ruby, Phoebe and Zara. Most of the people here are our age and older.

"Hey, Taylor! Over here" I hear someone shouting. It's Zara and she's waving me over. I join them and she looks quite pleased to see Ashton and two of his friends stood with them. She seems very obsessed with hot lads.

"Hi guys" I say, trying to seem normal. Everyone is so chilled out here.

"Am I late?" I say to Phoebe.

"No no, people get here at any time, these have been here since three" she says, gesturing to Ashton and his friends.

"You've been here for three and a half hours?" I say, surprised.

"Yeah we've just been surfing and that" he says.

"Oh cool" I say. My dad taught me to surf when I was nine, In Spain. I've became better since then, as I've had eight years of practice.

"He's trying to get me to go out there" Ruby says, nodding to the sea.

"Why don't you?" I say, hoping that she and the others aren't the sort of people that don't like going in the sea because it will mess their hair up.

"Me surf? Hell no! I'd fall off the board" she says, making everyone laugh.

"Woah, what? You've never been surfing?" I say, finding it a crime.

"No, have you?" Ruby says.

"Yeah of course, it's the best!" I say, realising I might be over reacting, but I do love surfing.

"Are you serious?" Zara says.

"Don't tell me you haven't either?" I say, finding this shocking.

"No way it's scary" she says, and I find it impossible to think of one reason it's scary.

"Let's see what you've got then" Ashton says.

"I don't have a board" I say.

"Here, borrow mine" he says, offering me his board. I pull my tee off and chuck it over my flip flops.

"Nice bikini" one of Ashton's friends says, looking me up and down. He's good looking, but the way he's looking at me makes him seem creepy.

"Thanks... I guess" I say, grabbing the board and running into the sea.

It's slightly off putting, having six people watch me surf and maybe some other people as no one else is out here anymore. I go quite far out, to the big waves and manage to surf well, without falling off. It almost feels like I'm back in California, if only.


I left the beach to pop home, for another top. When I'm back there's triple the amount of people, many of them surrounding the newly open beach bar. I catch up with chase and Luca and they hand me a beer.

"Where's Ash?" I say.

"With his girl" Chase says, rolling his eyes. To be fair to Ashton, Ruby is a nice girl so I don't mind her company. Chase is just jealous.

"Their over there" Luca says, nodding to the shore.

We go over and meet up with them. They hardly notice our arrival as they're all watching the sea. I look to see what they're looking at, it's someone surfing, a girl surfing.

"Who is that?" Luca says, watching her skim the waves perfectly.

"It's the new girl" I say, smirking. I look down and see a California top in the sand and assume it's hers.

"She's awesome" he says. I sort of agree with him, although I wouldn't say that out loud.

This girl gets even more different to everyone else by the minute.

I stay with them until she finishes surfing and gets out the sea. She runs out and walks back over to us. She's wearing a black bikini and small amounts of make up, that the sea water has hardly touched.

"Your great, you put me to shame" Ashton says, grabbing his board from her.

"Let's see what you've got then" she says to him. He seems happy to go surfing again. He goes into the sea, but no one really watches him.

"Taylor how the hell do you surf so well?" Zara, one of Ruby's friends says.

"My Dad's been teaching me for years" she says, ringing the water out of her hair. I look at her, the guys are right she is really hot. The fact she is an awesome surfer makes it even better. I shouldn't be thinking these things as I have a girlfriend, but I really don't care.

"Problem?" She says to me, as I've been staring at her for a while now.

"No..." I say, trying not to look right at her.

"I'm guessing this is yours" I say, waving her top at her. She catches it as I throw it to her.

"You were good... out there" I say.

"Thanks" she says, pulling a smug smirk.

"Your welcome" I say, before taking a swig of beer.

"Leo!" I hear someone shout. I look over my shoulder to see Mia coming over. She's wearing a short dress and high shoes. God knows why she's dressed up, it's sort of embarrassing, all of us lot (even the girls) are in swim wear. I don't see any difference in her hair or make up, although I better not say that to her.

"Oh god... Incoming" Zara says under her breath, but I and everyone else hear her.

"What is it?" Taylor says, pulling her top on. It's almost like a short dress, she's still wet from the waves, so I can see her chest and black bikini through the white top.

"It's more of a who is it" Zara says, discretely nodding to Mia who is still walking over to us.

"Come on Taylor let's go get a drink, you two coming?" Zara says. Phoebe goes with them, but Ruby stays and waits for Ashton.

"Catch you girls later then?" Chase suggests, but they've walked off before they have a chance to answer him.

"She is super hot" Luca says, once they have gone.

"Who is super hot?" Mia says, joining us.

"The new girl... I mean that's what Luca said" I say, thinking she will have a go at me if she knows I think that.

"What? Seriously Luca?" Mia says.

"Yeah" he says.

"Honestly look at the state of her, who turns up to a beach bar at night, in a bikini, with wet hair and hardly any make up" she says, she can be a bitch when she wants to be. Also most of the girls here are dressed in the same sort of thing as Taylor. Ruby is still stud with us and she looks slightly offended as she's wearing a bikini too.

"Don't be harsh Mia" I say, as I know she's going to start an argument, if she doesn't quit with the insults.

"Do you think she looks nice?" She says, crossing her arms like she's angry.

"She looks... Normal, have you not noticed that everyone is dressed down, were at the beach, just chill out" I say. I was very close to saying Taylor looked nice, but that would make Mia go mental. Before she says anything back, I ditch her and go to the bar with Chase and Luca.

"Where are you going now?" She moans, if she wants to remain my girlfriend, she needs to stop being so annoying.


We find a seat on the terrace of the bar. It's almost as nice as California, when I see the view from up here. The sea is clear blue, and the sun is still reflecting off it. My hair was only damp when I got out of the sea, so it's nearly dry, it has gone a bit wavy.

"You've made such a good first impression Taylor, the guys are obsessed with you" Phoebe says, I don't know if I agree with her. She might just be saying it because she's jealous.

"No they are not" I say, laughing it off as I feel sort of awkward.

"Yeah they are, do you like any of them?" Zara says, like she's trying to match make me.

"I don't know... That blonde haired guy, Chase is nice" I say, when I say nice, I mean good looking. He was shirtless and wearing a pair of blue sea trunks. His hair was nice too, sort of messy but in an attractive way.

"What? Chase no way" Phoebe says. They seem sort of surprised that I said him.

"Why not? He's hot, have you not seen his body?" I say, finding that a valid reason for me to be into him.

"Yeah, but he's also a huge player" Phoebe says.

"He's not the hottest guy anyway, what about Leo?" Zara says, acting surprised that I haven't already mentioned him.

"No way, he might be hot and have some kind of hero hair, but he seems like a jerk" I say, remembering him being annoying in history earlier.

"And he has a girlfriend" I add.

"Yeah he is a cocky, bad boy, but that's two of the things that make him hot" Zara says.

"I've had enough experience with guys like him" I say.

"He's not that bad and anyway he's really into you" Phoebe says, I'm not sure if I buy what they are saying, as far as I'm aware he seems like a jerk and I don't see how they think he's 'into me' I've known him and them for one day.

"Shut up, no he is not" I say, playfully.

"He is, he was staring at you before" Phoebe says, her face beaming, like she's getting excited. God knows why, surely she would want him to stare at her not me.

"Hardly" I say, but I'm lying, he was clearly staring at me and I found it very awkward.

"Whatever it's up to you, but I'd choose Leo over Chase any day" Zara says. She really is obsessed with guys, most girls are anyway, but she is severely obsessed.

"Leo is with that Mia girl" I say, pointing out the obvious.

"So what, it would be great if you stole him from her, she's such a bitch she deserves to get her heart broken" Zara says, Mia didn't seem like the nicest person, but she must have done something pretty bad to Zara to maker her dislike her so much.

"I can guarantee I won't become a boyfriend steeler" I say, laughing.

"Hey guys" Ruby says, sitting with us.

"Where did Ashton go?" Phoebe asks.

"They've all gone to the bar to get a drink" Ruby says.

"Good idea, a drink that's what we need" I say, I kind of want a break from the guy talk, I started to find it awkward.

"I'll give you a hand" Phoebe says, I'm sort of glad she offers, as I know Zara would continue to give me pros and cons of all the guys around here.

"Thanks, what do you two want a beer?" I suggest, as it's the easiest.

"No, we'll have a sex on the beach" Zara says.

"Huh? A what?" I say back, pretty sure I heard that wrong.

"It's a cocktail" she says, looking at me like I'm brainless.

"Oh yeah, coming right up" I say, walking off with Phoebe .

"Just ignore Zara, she never shuts up about the hot guys, as she calls them" Phoebe says, using quotation marks when saying hot guys. I laugh, sort of glad I'm not the only one that found the conversation a bit weird.

"Is Chase really a player?" I say.

"Sort of, he's not that bad, just decide what he's like on your own" she's says.

"I will do" I say.

We walk over to the outdoor beach front bar, there's a few people but we manage to get to the counter. It's a sort of beach hut bar, a typical tropical style.

"What do you want?" I say to Phoebe.

"I'll have the same as the others" she says, looking around.

"I'm just going to go and say hi to Luca" she says. I nod although, I sort of hope she would stay, as I'm going to have to get a tray now as the others are having fancy cocktails.

I see her go over to one of the guys, I accidentally catch a glimpse of Leo, which makes him come over to me. I can't help but notice he looks good, he's got a black vest and the same denim shorts on, but his arms look good in the vest, he must work out a lot. Thankfully his girlfriend isn't with him, as I'm sure she would have something to say to me. I've met girls like her before, and they are the type I wouldn't want to irritate.

"Hey there" he says, leaning against the bar.

"Oh, hi" I say, trying to get the bartenders attention, it's pretty bad considering this is an opening night.

"Ooh cold" he says.

"Just because I didn't completely fan girl over you because your so! Popular, doesn't mean I'm cold" I say, sarcastically. That is how most girls would react to a guy like him, because he's popular and everyone likes him, except me.

"Thanks for the compliment" he says, like the cocky jerk I thought he was.

"Ugh" I say, looking away from him. I'm so sick of all these guys thinking so highly of themselves, they need to grow up, he needs to grow up. I finally catch the bartender and he takes my order.

"Three sex on the beach cocktails and a beer please" I say, none of the others offered to pay so I just assume this is my round. I felt like an idiot ordering 'sex on the beach'.

"Coming right up" he says, grinning at me. I'm glad I got served, I don't have ID on me, even If I did, it wouldn't be valid, as technically I should be a year older, but everyone here is underage.

"Let me guess, the beer is for you" Leo says, smirking.

"Yeah so?" I say.

"We have a lot in common Taylor Parker" he says, looking impressed.

"We do?" I ask, pulling a confused face.

"Yeah sure" he says and I don't know what I'm supposed to say back to that.

"What is your problem? Why can't you just leave me alone?" I say, trying to be serious, but I can't, I sort of laugh.

"Maybe I like your company" he says.

"Well I don't like yours" I say, hoping he actually will leave me alone now.

"See you are cold" he says.

"Thanks" I say sarcastically, I'm not sure that I appreciate him calling me cold, it is basically like he's calling me mean.

"Your welcome" he says which annoys me even more. The guy behind the counter slides me the drinks on a tray.

"Your going to like me Taylor" he says and I'm sure that there is no way he could be anymore big headed.

"Oh am I?" I say, elongating my voice to make it seem unbelievable. His first impression on me hasn't been the best.

"Yeah and you can keep acting like you don't already" he says, winking and walking off.

I shake my head, trying to figure out how a person can be so confident and forward. This guy has got a girlfriend and he's basically hitting on me. How can Zara say he's better than Chase?

As I carry the drinks back to the table, I notice Leo walk over to his girlfriend. I can't stop looking, He grabs her waist and starts full on kissing her, which she responds well to. He really is a sleaze bag, first he's giving me flirty comments at the bar and then two minutes later he's kissing his girlfriend over there. I look back at the tray in my hands, it's so heavy with all these damn cocktails. I could have easily carried four beers in my hands. Note to self, never offer to get the drinks again.

"You alright there?" I hear a guy say, with a breezy laugh. I look up from the tray that was shaking in my hands and notice Chase.

"Oh... Hey, yeah fine... These aren't mine" I say, trying to get the point across that I don't drink things with stupid names like 'sex on the beach'.

"Yeah, I figured" he says, laughing again, am I that funny? I don't think so.

"Come here" he says, taking the tray from me.

"Thanks" I say, he looks at me like he's wondering where we are taking them. So I lead the way back to the terrace.

"Wondered where you'd got to... Oh, hello Chase" Zara says, not too pleased by his presence. I wonder for a second, maybe Chase is the guy that dumped Zara, but then I realise there's no way as they would have told me.

"Alright girls" he says, smirking. He puts the tray down and they grab their drinks. I pick up my beer and he like Leo, looks surprised that it's for me. What's the big deal? Everyone drinks beer.

"I better go and find Phoebe, I left her in their" I say, hoping Chase will come with me, which he does. I look back and see Zara look at me disapprovingly, Ruby how ever looks impressed.

"I saw you surfing" he says, as we walk off the terrace.

"Really? What did you think?" I say.

"Yeah you were pretty sound" he says, giving me a look that I can't work out. He's smirking at the same time, maybe he's trying to be flirty.

"Thanks, do you surf?" I ask.

"Now and then, I'd go with you" he says.

"Sure I'd be up for that" I say.

"Nice, I'll see you at school then" he says.

"Yeah sure, cya later Chase" I say, wondering off to find Phoebe.

Within the next hour, Ruby and Zara buy two more rounds of drinks. I kind of like it here, maybe it'll be just as good as California.

I start thinking about today when I'm walking back home, not too tipsy. As far as first days go, today wasn't too bad. People became my friends, which is unusual for me, I usually have to make friends myself as I'm always the newbie. Most people seem nice, the only people I really want to keep my distance from are Mia and Leo, I don't want to get caught up in their drama. That isn't the only reason, she seems like a bit of a bitch and he is the most self obsessed guy I've ever met. I think I'll stick to hanging around with Ruby, Zara and Phoebe, they seem like the only normal people around here. Except for Zara, she is a tad boy crazy, but it is funny.

I take a shower when I'm back home and wash the sand out of the ends of my hair. When I'm drying my hair I decide that I'm going to unpack my room, but once I'm ready for bed I go straight to sleep.

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