Kiss Me Already

When Taylor moves to Australia she quickly makes friends and meets lots of new guys, including Leo. In her opinion he is an annoying jerk, but they have a connection and many things in common. She tries to keep away from him and his rebel ways, but with his constant flirting, she finds it hard to keep away from him. Leo is interested in Taylor from the moment he meets her, even though he has a girlfriend, he is completely drawn to her. Will she ever accept that they are perfect for each other?

Written from both Leo and Taylor's points of view.


19. Chapter 19


He kissed Mia. Why am I so jealous? Yeah she was the one that kissed him, but still.

I sit down at the table outside, in between my Dad and Sheila, Leo's mom. At least that way, there's no need for me to worry about Leo sitting by me. He would probably start flirting with me under the table.

It makes me feel good that he couldn't stop looking at me just now. It did take me two hours to get ready and I'm not even dressed up. He looks nice himself, as normal really. His hair is looking very good indeed.

But he's an ass, he says he hates Mia and then he lets her kiss him. Why would I want to kiss someone that's been all over Mia?

He has to sit opposite me, which is probably worse than him sitting beside me. It means I have no choice but to look at him.

"So... How is your surf board Taylor?" Pete says, whilst he's cooking the food.

"Yeah it's great, I love it" I say, still feeling awkward about mouthing off at him the other week.

"You'll have to sign up for the surf comp, if your any good" he teases.

"Yeah she's awesome" I hear Leo say, from across the table. The look on his face is driving me crazy, it's a cross between flirty and cheeky. I hate it, but love it at the same time. I'm still mad at him.

"I'm not that great" I say, feeling embarrassed.

"Yes you are Tay" My Dad says, I swear, in my life surfing is the only thing he's interested in.

"You'll have to teach me someday" Madison says. She's annoying me already. She seems nice, but she keeps on trying to bond with me. Zac has always been there when we've had to meet dad's girlfriends, he's the confident one, not me. Small talk is not my thing.

"My Dad can teach you" I say, not being particularly friendly. I'm still annoyed at her for assuming me and Leo are together when we're not. Things need to be over with Chase before I start seeing anyone else. I don't know if I even like Leo that much, who am I kidding? I like him very much. But he can be a twat at times.

"Taylor, be nice" Dad says, quietly to me. I roll my eyes and notice Leo laugh. He raises an eyebrow at me, finding it funny that I'm getting on my dads nerves. Pete serves the food and everyone is now sat down, I feel Leo's eyes on me. When I look up, they are no where near my face, they are looking straight at the top of my dress. I may have made sure I had a little cleavage on show, but there's no need for him to stare at it all night. He's got a determined look on his face, which worries me slightly. It's like he's telling me he wants to have sex with me, just with his eyes.

"Leo pour Taylor a drink" his mom insists, while she fanatically tries to pass dishes of food around the table. He gets up and grabs a jug of juice.

"No no I'm fine, I've got my beer" I say.

"No have some juice with you're meal" Sheila says, with a smile on her face. She's trying to be nice, but I can pour my own drink.

He could have picked up my glass and poured the juice over the table, but no, he has to walk around to me. I feel his hand on my shoulder, which brings nerves in my stomach. He leans down close to me as he pours my drink. I can smell his aftershave strongly, it smells so good.

"Enjoy" he smirks at me, before returning to his seat. I want to go home and pizza sounds good to me. Anything to get away from him.

"Sorry Zac couldn't come by the way, he's out with the girlfriend" Dad says, the hypocrite, he's here with his girlfriend.

"Oh no worries, is that someone from his uni?" Pete asks. I hate sitting here, listening to boring conversations, it's typical adult talk. Who even cares why Zac isn't here? He's an ass for not coming.

"No you might know her actually, her names Hannah"

Dad begin, before I cut him off.

"She's Mia's sister" I interrupt.

"Oh right" Pete says, making me laugh, I think he hates Mia more than me.

"Hannah's charming sister is Leo's ex Dad" I say, sarcastically. I look at Leo, clearly showing that I'm still disappointed in him for kissing Mia before.

"Oh, is she not nice or something?" My dad asks, getting really confused.

"Not particularly no, I'm glad your shot of her son" Pete says to Leo.

"I wouldn't be so sure about that" I say, giving Leo a smug look. I couldn't stop the words from coming out of my mouth, it's like I'm trying to get back at him for something.

"What?" Pete asks Leo.

"Nothing" Leo says, sighing. I worry I've hit a nerve now.

"You better not be seeing her again" Pete says, emphasising the 'her' bit and rolling his eyes.

"I'm not Dad it's nothing" Leo says, looking at his plate. I'm starting to see the side of his Dad he told me about.

"Taylor?" Pete says, expecting me to fill him in. Why couldn't I keep my big mouth shut?

"She only kissed him... it was nothing... she's just desperate" I say, feeling like I'm making the situation worse by the second.

"Girls... That's all you care about" Pete says under his breath to Leo, now I feel really bad.

"Leave it alone dad" Leo says, he's now just prodding his food with his fork, clearly getting pissed off.

"I don't think I will son, we can talk about it later" Pete says, with a disappointed voice.

"Just shut up Dad" Leo says, sitting up from his laid back position in his seat.

"Boys enough" Sheila snaps, pretty harshly.

"Anyone for another drink?" Leo says, waving his empty beer bottle in the air. It's clear he's not expecting a response and he's not getting one. This is all my fault. He's been so good to me this weekend and I've just dropped him in it with his Dad. What a bitch I am. He leaves the table, giving me a quick look before walking back into the house. I don't know what he was thinking, but I'm pretty sure he's pissed as fuck at me right now.

"Erm... Where is your toilet?" I ask, not being able to keep my eyes off the direction he just left in. I'm not being discrete at all.

"Down the hallway and on your left past the kitchen love" Sheila says, before taking a sip out of her wine glass. I sense everyone is going to start getting tipsy soon, drunk parents are just awkwardly embarrassing.

"Thanks" I say, chucking my napkin on my plate and standing up.

I walk out and find him in the kitchen, doing exactly what he said, getting himself a beer. I can't help checking him out from behind, his jeans fit so well. His sharply shaped shoulders, I can just about see through his black t-shirt, which shows a good amount of his biceps.

"Leo I'm really sorry if I started that" I say, rubbing my hands over each other nervously. He stands up from leaning down to grab his beer out their drinks fridge. He doesn't say a word, but he's looking right at me now. I notice his fore arm tense as he pops open his beer. I kind of want him to be angry, a part of me thinks that would be attractive. After taking a sip, he says.

"I thought you'd come running after me".

He sets his beer down and folds his arms, leaning against the kitchen counter. I don't know if he's annoyed or not, I still feel bad.

"Well... I... I know things are hard with your dad and I just went and put my foot in it" I say, covering my eyes with my palm, feeling like the idiot I am.

"Taylor" he says effortlessly, as I drop my hand. "Calm the hell down" he says, with a breezy laugh.

"Your not pissed?" I ask, with a confused look on my face.

"I couldn't give a crap, I'm used to my dad being a jerk by now" he says, not phased at all.

"Few, thank god" I say, I may be over reacting, but I didn't want to have been the one to anger him.

"You were really nervous then weren't you, just like you've been nervous all day" he says, walking closer to me. He acts like he knows me so well. I suppose he sort of does know me well.

"I'm not nervous at all" I say, trying to prove I'm confident. On the outside I make myself seem confident, but on the inside I'm nervous and that's his fault.

"You are Tay" he says, in a seductive voice, which makes me shiver slightly. The way my name just slips off his tongue, is sort of attractive. He's always so casual and chilled out, I love that about him.

"Well it's your fault, you keep giving me the look" I say, raising my voice, like I'm accusing him. He doesn't care though, he's hardly listening to me.

"What look?" He asks, smirking again. He runs his hand over my hair and down to my shoulder, where he brushes my hair back over it.

"The one your giving me right now" I say. The look he's giving me, is the way I feel inside. I want to hook up with him, I really do, but there's so many things stopping me.

"You look amazing and what's so hot about you, is that you don't even realise" he says, I can feel the warmth of his breath near me, which just reminds me of how close he is. I get the nice smell of his after shave again. What he said, must have made me blush slightly.

"You can't just say things like that" I say, with a laugh. His over confidence is impressive.

"Actually I can" he says, now running his hand down to my waist.

"What is it about me Leo? You haven't left me alone since the moment I moved here" I say, attempting to lean back, but that makes him pull me even closer.

"Because you're hot" he says, giving me a larger dose of that look, as he runs his arm down to my ass. "And sassy, and I like that" he adds, raising an eyebrow.

What he just said annoys me, is that all he sees in me? Is he that shallow? Recently I'd began to think he was different. But of course he isn't, all guys are the same.

"Oh great, that's my only quality is it? Thanks" I say, clearly angry when I remove myself from his grip.

"You know that's not what I meant" he says, casually. He doesn't realise how much he gets to me sometimes. I've had enough, I came after him because I though I'd upset him, but he is just using this opportunity to try and seduce me. I walk out of the kitchen, in the direction I came in.

"You need to stop doing that" he says, following me.

"Stop doing what?" I ask, I don't know why he has to act so mysterious all the time, why can't he just talk normally. It takes a while for him to reply, as he's enjoying a long sip of his beer. He acts like he doesn't have a care in the world.

"Walking away from me" he says, now standing in front of me and not letting me past, making me give him a frustrated glare.

"Well tough just deal with it" I say, attempting to barge past, but somehow he holds me back and manages to have his hand on my waist whilst doing so. I think I keep snapping at him to hide the nerves, I hate it that he has that affect on me.

"Why don't you just admit that you like me?" He says, I'm blushing now, I know it. I cross my arms, giving a shot at still looking pissed off, but he is going to see right through that, he knows I'm nervous.

"Why would I like you?!" I demand.

"You can say whatever you want Tay, but I know you like me" he says. There's no need to act anymore, I really am angry now.

"You're such a big headed and annoying-"

"A big headed and annoying guy, that you like" he cuts me off. I haven't gotten round to knocking his hand off me, it's tightening around my waist making butterflies go through my stomach. Butterflies that have got to be killed.

"I don't like you" I say, with a laugh, trying to convince him.

"Yeah sure, you keep telling yourself that Hun" he says. The word Hun just irritates me even more, it sounds sort of belittling.

"No I'm good thanks" I say, smugly.

"Look it doesn't even matter, because I like you too" he says. That comment makes my body and mind freeze, he likes me? I mean I knew he was attracted to me, but he actually likes me. No way.

I don't know what to say to him. Sometimes it's like he has two different personalities, one minute he's really kind and caring and then the next minute, he's an arrogant jerk. The kind guy side of him is really good, but sadly, so is the arrogant side. It's sort of attractive, in a weird and messed up way.

A brief smirk appears on his face when he leans in. Crap. I can't kiss him, I have no reason not to, but I just can't. Apparently my body wants to, as I also lean in. I think my mind wants to as well, because all that I'm focussing on is his hot body and sexy personality.

"Oh gosh... I'm sorry, I just came to ask for a beer" I hear a female voice say. I panic that it's Leo's mom, but it's even worse. It's bloody well Madison. Now she's definitely going to think somethings going on between us.

This situation is like a pool of awkwardness. I want to run away, literally.

"No need to be, nothing's going on here" I say, barging past Leo without struggle this time. He sighs, but shakes his head still smiling, as he lets me go.

"She can't keep away" I hear Leo tell her as I walk off, but I want to turn back around and knock him out.

The awkwardness gets even worse when we are rejoined by the two of them at the table.

I hatch a plan to get the hell out of here.

"Dad I should probably go, I've got school work to do for tomorrow" I say quietly, but Leo hears.

"It can wait Tay" Dad says, carrying on talking to Pete.

Five minutes later I shoot at another attempt.

"Dad I've got to go and meet Zara, she needs to talk to me" I say, it's not an entire lie, she did say she wants to talk to me at some point.

"Isn't Zara at her family's cabin for the weekend?" Leo says, leaning back in his chair with his arms folded. He's giving me that knowing look, purely trying to expose the fact I'm lying. I squint my eyes at him, trying and failing at giving him evil eyes. But him being the dick head he is, takes that sexually. Like I'm giving him some kind of kinky look, which I am not.

"Oh really now" dad says, seeing right threw my lies.

I grunt and realise I have no other excuses.

I text Ruby

'I'm stuck at Leo's, help'.

I just want to get out of here, Leo winds me up so much. Yeah I think he's hot and yeah I like him a bit (a lot), but he's a jerk at times. Two minutes later Ruby replies.

'What are you doing at Leo's? ;)' she says. She like everyone else has always tried to push Leo on me.

'Don't start, I didn't ask to be here :(' I send back, laughing to myself.

"Something funny" Leo says, stopping everyone's conversations. I now have my dad, Madison, Sheila, Pete and Leo's eyes on me.

"Who are you texting so much? Chase?" Dad says, frowning at me. I forgot he knows nothing about the situation with Chase and what happened last night.

"Your not are you?" Leo asks, leaning forward in his chair. He does that thing again, where he looks immediately serious. If anything he seems concerned.

"No course not, it's just Ruby" I say. Now this is embarrassing, it's like everyone knows somethings going on with me and Leo. In their eyes, why else would he care who I'm texting? My phone then buzzes again and everyone is still looking at me.

"Put your damn phone away and stop being rude" dad insists. I hate it when he gets like this, he's not strict at home. I check the lock screen of my phone.

'Want to come out with me and Phoebe?' It says. That would have been a good get out card.

"Taylor I mean it" dad says. I shove my phone in my back pocket in frustration.

The meal is now over and I still want to leave. But my dad won't shut up talking. It's a nightmare that our parents are friends.

"Leo go and get the fondue" Sheila says. Fondue? Wow, she must be a right little housewife. Whenever my dad has had friends over before, he always orders pizza and gets a crate of beers.

Sheila and Madison seem to be getting on well, so do Pete and my Dad, but I refuse to talk to Leo.

"Yeah sure" he says. He comes back and dumps it in the middle of the table. By this point my dad has decided to steel Leo's seat so he doesn't have to talk across the table to Pete. That means the only spare seat is next to me, which Leo happily takes, whilst smirking to himself.

I lean back even further in my chair and fold my arms. I think the four adults are half pissed. If I were slightly drunk, I'd probably be able to get through this night quicker. But I don't want another incident like the one last week.

"Come on, stop hating on me, you are hot, but you have loads of other qualities too" he says, but I'm not giving in, I'm still angry.

"Your a guy Leo, all you see is what's in front of you, you don't care about anything else" I say spitefully, but he isn't offended at all.

"All you've got to do is admit you like me too" he says, shrugging his shoulders. Acting like he's not bothered, but I can tell he desperately wants me to say it. I roll my eyes when he runs his hand over my thigh under the table, he edges closer and closer to the beginning of my dress, when I bat his hand away.

"Why would I like someone that's been all over Mia?"

"I told you, she kissed me, what was I supposed to do?" he says like he has no clue at all. I almost laugh as the answer is so simple.

"It takes two people to kiss Leo, you could have stopped her" I say, clearly showing my disappointment.

"Ohh I get it" he says, confusing me.

"Get what?" I demand.

"Nothing, your just... Your even hotter when your jealous" he says causally. Loving the thought of me being jealous of him kissing another girl.

"Jealous... You wish I was" I say, trying to show I'm not bothered. But I am a bit jealous.

"I don't wish, I know" he says, returning his hand to my leg and I knock it off, again.

"Your acting like Chase now" I say, knowing that will make him stop.

"You know I'd never do to you what he tried to do" he says, seriously.

Obviously I agree with him, I do know he would never do that.

I try to stop the conversation by grabbing my phone out my pocket.

'We're at the grill, bring Leo if you like?' Ruby's text says. I know she's jokingly winding me up.

'Nothing's going on with him Ruby!' I send back, hoping she will listen to me.

"Tut tut, you were told to put that away" Leo jokes. I ignore his comment and look at another text from Ruby.

'Somethings going on with you two isn't it? I know you like him, it's obvious Tay' it says. Why is everyone so obsessed with me getting with Leo? It's nobody's business. Anyway, to their knowledge they still think things are fine with Chase.

"Who are you talking to then?" Leo asks me. He grabs my phone in an attempt to see for himself.

"Hey give it back!" I say, trying to grab it, making him drop it. He doesn't say sorry or anything, we end up fighting to pick it up off the floor. I don't even care if it's broken, I just don't want him to see my messages.

"Give it!" I say, as he holds my arms back, he's so strong. I've totally lost.

He still holds me as I struggle to grab it.

"Stuck at Leo's" he says, mimicking what I sent to Ruby. "Oh I see, Ruby wants you and me to happen as well" he says, laughing.

"Stop! Give it back right now!" I demand. He obviously ignores every word I say.

"You know you shouldn't lie to your friends" he says, confusing me again. God knows what he's talking about.

"What the hell?" I say.

"You told her nothing's going on with me? Now that's not exactly true is it?" He says, stopping from holding me back, but now he lets his arm lean over my shoulder. I shrug him off and put my phone safely in my back pocket.

"I hate you" I say.

"That's not exactly true either" he says, looking pleased with himself. What's he pleased about? The fact he's pissed me off even more?

"Leave me alone!" I say, all out of comebacks.

"Well there's obviously something between us so-"

"There's nothing between us Leo! You just want to sleep with me, but thankfully I'm not that stupid" I say, laughing. It was quite harsh. There is something between us, I don't know why I said there isn't. He gives me a look like he's trying to figure me out. I can't help but notice he looks a bit annoyed when he resumes drinking his beer. I've got to leave. I stand up and get my dad's attention.

"Dad I'm going, I need to help Ruby with our maths homework, nice to meet you Madison" I say, being fake with her.

"Yeah sure see you at home" Dad says, God knows what's changed his mind, probably the drink.

"Yeah nice to meet you too Taylor" Madison says, seeming nothing but nice. Maybe she's okay.

"Thanks for the meal, bye Sheila, bye Pete" I say, refusing to say bye to Leo.

"That's okay, see you soon love" Sheila says as I walk back into the house to leave.

I ring Ruby, as I quickly check my hair in the mirror by their front door.

'Hey you okay?' She says.

'Yeah good, I'm on my way' I say.

'Leaving Leo so soon? What's happened tonight then?' She says, wanting to know everything, but there's nothing she needs to know.

'Nothing, Leo's still a jerk! Your at the grill yeah?' I ask.

'Yeah' she says.

'Great, see you in a minute' I say, hanging up.

"So you're helping Ruby with maths homework at the grill?" I hear Leo say, he's right behind me. I turn to face him. How does he see through my lies so well?

"Whatever it's none of your business" I say.

"Well I'm seeing the guys in a bit, so I might see you there" he says, leaning against the staircase.

"Urgh I don't want you anywhere near me!" I say. Exaggerating of course, but he's really wound me up.

"You've never stopped me before!" He says, as I slam the door on my way out. I couldn't help but recognise a little bit of anger in his voice. But he was still smirking.

I meet up with Ruby and Phoebe when I get to the grill. Thankfully, Ash and Luca aren't here, so maybe Leo will stay away.

"So?" Phoebe says, as I sit down.

"What? There's nothing going on with Leo" I say.

"What's going on with Chase then? What happened last night?" She asks. I have no shame in telling them, so I do.

"Not being funny Tay, but what did we tell you?" Ruby says. She's right, everyone warned me that Chase was a dick head.

"I know, at least I've learnt my lesson now" I say.

"How can you hate on Leo when he pretty much saved you from him?" Phoebe says.

"Because he won't leave me alone! He keeps flirting with me and saying all these things" I say. They just find it funny, they don't realise how annoying it is.

"It's obvious he likes you" Phoebe says getting excited.

"Yeah he does, he said he does" I say, making Phoebe even more excited.

"Then what are you waiting for?" Ruby says, like I'm some kind of idiot for not getting with him yet.

"Things aren't over with Chase yet and–" I begin.

"What?! Your kidding me? Dump his sleazy ass right now!" Ruby demands. It's nice that's she's standing up for me. I am going to end things with Chase. The fact we're still technically together, is the only thing that's keeping me from admitting that I like Leo.

"I'm going to when I see him, please just don't tell anyone" I say.

"We won't if you promise you end it with that flaming jerk" Phoebe says, looking put off, just talking about him.

"I will, calm down" I say. I notice a huge smile on Ruby's face.

"What?" I laugh.

"You like Leo don't you?" She says.

"No I do not"

"If you say so" she says, with a look of disbelief.

"Don't tell Zara about all of this, I don't want her to say 'I told you so'" I say and thankfully they agree.

About an hour later, Ruby gets a text from Ashton, saying he, Leo and Luca are going to join us.

"I'm going to go home" I say, finishing my drink.

"What? Just because Leo's coming" Phoebe says.

"Exactly, I'd rather go home" I say.

"Whatever, see you later Tay" Ruby says.

I head home and then go straight to sleep. I'm dreading Monday. I've got to talk to Chase and completely end it. I doubt he will take that well.


I get to school on time on Monday and go to my locker to grab my books. Ash meets me and we walk to form.

The day goes quick and its soon lunch. I haven't spoken to Chase or Taylor. I know I've pissed her off, but I hope she's dumped him by now. Not just for my own sake, but after what he did, he doesn't deserve her. I think chase is keeping his distance, he's still walking around with a bruised eye.

"So what happened with you and Chase?" Ash asks, he knows somethings happened.

"Nothing, forget about it" I say, not wanting to tell him, I know Taylor wouldn't appreciate that.

At the end of the day, I have to find her. I don't like the way I left things with her last night. I go to her maths room and wait outside. She doesn't look too pleased to see me. Ruby leaves her and everyone walks out the class and goes home.

"What do you want now?" She asks, as I walk with her.

"Sorry if I was an ass yesterday" I say, I knew I pissed her off. Maybe I went a bit too far.

"Wow, did you really just say sorry?" She says, surprised.

"Yes I did" I say, noticing her crack a slight smile. She's even prettier when she smiles.

"Being serious though, have you dumped chase yet?" I ask, hopefully.

"Not yet, but I've enjoyed seeing his messed up face" she laughs.

"What? Why not?" I ask.

"I just haven't spoken to him, maybe he was just drunk the other night" she says. Is she stupid? He was an ass and he always is an ass and she needs to dump him.

"Come on, you can't be serious" I say, sighing in frustration.

"Who's jealous now huh?" She says, still finding this funny.

"Taylor you need to talk to him" I insist.

"God stop acting so mature" she says, jokingly nudging me.

"Why aren't you taking this seriously? Have I got to end it for you?" I ask. I actually would do that for her.

"Because I don't want to think about it, now can you drop it?" She asks.

"Sure" I say, maybe she just doesn't like talking about it, I can't expect her to confront him after the other night.

"Fancy going for a surf?" She says.

"You will voluntarily go surfing with me?" I say, after yesterday she seemed to want to stay as far away from me as she could.

"Yeah why not" she says, shrugging her shoulders.

"This is because you like me isn't it" I tease.

"Shut up, or else were not going" she says and I laugh.

"You being sassy, just makes me want you even more" I say, noticing her blush.

"You can't say that" she says.

"Yeah I can" I say, squishing either side of her waist to annoy her a bit. Surprisingly she just smiles. She stops off at her locker. We head down the empty hallways, everyone leaves school as soon as possible, I'm usually one of them.

"Come on then, I want to go surfing with you" I say, thinking about her in a bikini. We're near the exit when I see someone by the door. I thought most people had gone home. Taylor doesn't seem to notice anyone. As we get closer, I realise it's two people. A girl and a boy.

"Chase?" Taylor says. She's right, it is him. He's stood there, fully kissing Zara against the wall, with his hand on her ass. He turns around and immediately and harshly pushes Zara away, when he sees us.

"Taylor.. I..." He says, not having a clue what to say. I look at her, I can't work her out. If anything she looks shocked. Inside I feel ten times worse, I knew and I didn't tell her. Why didn't I tell her? I'm an idiot. No Chase is the idiot, this is his problem.

"You've got to be kidding me" Taylor says, with a laugh, but she looks pretty hurt.

"Look this is nothing, she's nothing I-"

"I couldn't care, your a jerk" Taylor says, her voice breaking up. I feel guilty, but I shouldn't, chase should. Zara looks pretty hurt that he just said she's nothing.

"Taylor I'm sorry, I didn't want you to find out like this" Zara says, close to tears herself. I'm angry at her as well, she should have told Taylor.

"Tay, let's just get out of here" I suggest, I don't want her to cry in front of him. She wouldn't want him to know he's hurt her.

"So how long have you been sleeping together?" She says, ignoring what I said.

"We haven't" Chase says.

"Come on, tell her the truth" Zara says.

"You're supposed to hate him, you're supposed to hate her" Taylor says to each of them, showing her anger.

"I do hate her" Chase says.

"Then why the hell would you have sex with each other?!" She says, a lump in her throat. I don't see why she's almost crying, she never really liked Chase, it's not like they had a serious relationship.

"Im really sorry, I know you hate me right now but-" Zara says, trying to mend this situation.

"You know what Zara, I don't care" she does care, I can just tell.

"My whole life, I've had friends and boyfriends screw me over. Every one disappoints me, my own mom walked out on me. So this really is no big deal, I'm used to it now" she says, the hurt in her voice gets to me. I want to punch Chase again, over and over. I should've done it a long time ago. Now I see why she's hurt, she doesn't care about Chase. Everyone cheats on her and I don't know why. She's so broken, I just want to be there for her.

"I'm sorry" Zara says. At least she's trying, it's clear Chase couldn't give a crap.

"Yeah you should be" Taylor says, as her eyes overfill, she leaves. I let her go, she needs some space.

"I'm nothing am I?" Zara says as she ditches Chase. It's different with those two. He seems like he doesn't want her to go. He clearly cares about her, so why did he have to cause the both of them the pain. He never should have gotten with Taylor. He goes to walk in the direction Taylor just left in.

"Where do you think your going?" I say, pushing him back.

"To talk to Taylor, things aren't over with her" he says. He's just trying to prove he doesn't like Zara, I don't see what the big deal is. But there's no way I'm going to let him go after Taylor.

"I don't think so, unless you want another black eye to match that one" I say.

"What's your problem Leo, were mates" he says.

"No we're not, I told you to tell Taylor the truth and as much as Zara is a part of this, you clearly just hurt her too" I say, he's a joke.

"Look I took Zara's virginity okay, it's not my fault if she's obsessed with me" he says, like a typical jackass.

"Fuck off Chase" I say, being the third person to ditch him.

I know I wanted to give Taylor some space, but I won't stop thinking about her until I find her. Thankfully, I know exactly where she will be.

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