Kiss Me Already

When Taylor moves to Australia she quickly makes friends and meets lots of new guys, including Leo. In her opinion he is an annoying jerk, but they have a connection and many things in common. She tries to keep away from him and his rebel ways, but with his constant flirting, she finds it hard to keep away from him. Leo is interested in Taylor from the moment he meets her, even though he has a girlfriend, he is completely drawn to her. Will she ever accept that they are perfect for each other?

Written from both Leo and Taylor's points of view.


18. Chapter 18


I wake up, after getting two hours of sleep. I sat downstairs with Zac for a few hours when we got in. He's so angry, which worries me, I don't want him starting on Chase. Zac has a bit of a record for getting into fights, the most recent one being with my ex boyfriend back in California. It's nice he stands up for me, but I just want to forget about it. I said I was fine last night, which I was. I wasn't upset at all, I was just angry. How could Chase think he could use me like that? I was a bit scared, he was forcing me anyway, but sex in public really isn't my style.

It had to be Leo that practically 'saved me'. I like Leo, I really do, I don't know in what way, but I do. It sort of developed when he was there for me last night. Why does he have to be so bloody kind?

"Hey you okay?" Zac says, in my doorway. This is about the fifth time he's checked up on me this morning. I sort of wish I hadn't told him, I didn't think he would react the way he did. I made it clear to him that I don't want Dad to know, as it would be the perfect excuse for him to act like the caring Dad he isn't. I never really tell him anything, it's just awkward.

"Yeah I'm fine Zac" I insist. I get up and head for the bathroom.

"You sure?" He says, letting me past.

"Yeah!" I say, almost laughing. I shouldn't be this fine, I'm just trying not to think about it.

He finally accepts that's I'm okay, and leaves me to get ready. It's now 9:30 and Leo will be round in half an hour. I go in the shower and then dry my hair, there's not much point as we're going surfing, but I want to look nice. I even put a bit of make up on, it's stupid as it'll probably wash off, but oh well. I wear my black bikini and then cover up with a pair of shorts and a white vest top.

"Where are you going? Your not seeing Chase are you?" Zac asks, when I go downstairs.

"What? No of course not, I'm going surfing with Leo" I say, he looks relieved.

"Good, you better stay away from Chase" he says, I swear he acts more like a dad to me, than our actual dad does.

"Don't worry, I intend to" I say, although I guess I will have to speak to him at some point. We are still 'together', although I don't really want to be with him anymore. It's been such a fail of a relationship.

"Okay, well when I see him, he won't know what's coming" Zac says. Sometimes I wonder whether he just likes to get into fights with people.

"Whatever" I say, I don't want to encourage him. Leo already punched Chase to the ground last night.

Five minutes later the door knocks. I see its Leo and let him in. I knew it would be him, but I was sort of worried it might be Chase, coming to apologise. Knowing him, he wouldn't apologise anyway.

"Hey" he smiles, I think I've gone red. What's wrong with me? What's changed? I'm not supposed to like Leo that much, but I do and he doesn't know. Actually he probably does know now.

"How you feeling today?" He says, tucking a piece of my hair behind my ear, which is when I realise how close I am to him. He looks so good, his hair is nice and messy as normal. He's wearing Black Sea shorts and no top. I look right at the beaded medallion around his neck and then down to his abs.

"Well?" He asks, as I still haven't replied. He knows I was staring at him, as the corner of his lip has curved into a smirk.

"Erm, yeah great... I'm fine" I say, laughing it off.

"Really?" He says, giving me a look of disbelief.

"Yes I'm being serious, I'm fine, I'm just trying to forget about last night" I say, which he seems to accept.

"Good, I'm glad" he says. We have a moment of silence, before he thankfully breaks it. My eyes had somehow worked their way back down to his abs. Who was I kidding? Leo is ten times hotter than Chase, and Chase was pretty hot anyway.

"Is your dad in?" He asks, randomly.

"Yeah I think he's out the back, why?" I say, giving him a confused look.

"Haven't you heard? Our Parents are friends now" he says, finding it awkwardly funny.

"Yeah so?" I say, sort of laughing.

"They go to the surf club together, my mom said to invite you guys over tonight and your Dad's girlfriend" he says. What! He must have made a mistake.

"I'm sorry... My Dad's what?" I say, mega confused right now.

"His girlfriend, my Mom met her and your Dad at the surf club the other week apparently" he says, acting all innocent, I bet he feels like I'm accusing him. It's like I'm shooting the messenger. My Dad acts more like a teenager than I do, having secret relationships.

"Dad!" I shout through the house. I'm not angry, I'm just curious.

"Oh crap, did you not know about that?" Leo says, catching on slowly.

"Nope" I say, just as Dad walks through the kitchen wondering what I want.

"What?... Oh hi Leo" He says. Leo gives him a slight wave.

"So when did you want to mention that you've got yourself a girlfriend?" I say, crossing my arms.

"How'd you find out about that?" He says. I do nothing but look at Leo and he then clicks on.

"Oh right... Yeah I was going to introduce you to her soon" he says. My Dad has had loads of girlfriends, so it's no big deal. This situation is like I'm the parent and he's the teenager.

"My Mom just asked me to invite you lot over tonight" Leo says.

"Great, that's an opportunity for me to meet her" I say, I bet Dad wasn't expecting that.

"Okay then, say thank you Leo, what time?" Dad says, I'm surprised he agreed to that so easily. Hang on, I'm voluntarily going to Leo's house, why didn't I think about that before? It will be so awkward with his Dad, after what my big, loud mouth did last week.

"Erm I think she said 7" Leo says.

"Sounds good, I'll see you then, I doubt Zac will be joining us, he's probably out with Hannah" he says, rolling his eyes. I let out a sigh, I forgot about Zac and Mia's sister, it's so unfortunate.

"Let's go" I say, grabbing my board. We walk out and head to the beach.

"How's my Dad got a girlfriend and I didn't even know?" I say, maybe I just haven't been paying attention recently.

"I'm sure she's nice enough" Leo says, trying to help the situation.

"She probably won't be" I say and he laughs.

Before we go in the sea I check my phone. I brought it with me, but I haven't looked at it all morning.

'I saw you leave with your brother last night, you looked upset everything okay?' A text from Ruby says.

'Hey, there's something I need to talk to you about' Zara says, there's so much going on at the minute, that I'm not even curious to know what she's got to talk to me about.

'On way :)' an old text from Leo says, that's the only text that makes me smile.

I waited until last to read the text from Chase, after basically attempting to 'rape' me, all he can do is send a text.

'We were both pissed last night, let's forget about it, see you Monday' it says. I'm ready to scream. Leo notices how mad I look.

"Oh dear, what is it?" Leo asks with a slight laugh, he knows I'm about to go crazy.

"Look" I say, showing him the text from Chase.

"The jerk, if anything he should be bloody apologising to you!" He says, seeming quite annoyed himself. It's sweet when he says 'bloody', it's like my English has rubbed off on him.

"Tell me about it, I think I'm starting to hate the guy" I say.

"You weren't even drunk so how can he say that?" Leo says, finding it pathetic. He's totally right, I didn't have a drop of alcohol, Chase was the drunk one.

"I know!" I say.

"Just keep away from him Taylor, you don't know what he's capable of" he says, seeming entirely serious.

"I will, don't worry about that" I say. I decide to not even reply to Chase, he can give me some respect and then I may consider replying.

I strip down to my bikini and we head in the sea. For once it's like Leo is trying to keep his eyes on my face instead of them trailing down to my bikini. He's been acting differently recently.

"So will you be entering the surf comp?" He asks, once we have been in there a while.

"Yeah maybe, I reckon I could beat the reigning champion" I say, smirking.

"You said that last time and you didn't" he says, with a proud look on his face.

"Because somebody cut me off" I say, strangely it doesn't piss me off anymore, it's like I find it funny now.

"Oh yeah sorry about that" he says, with a breezy laugh. I never thought I'd hear the words come out of his mouth.

"Wait a minute, your admitting you cut me off?" I say.

"I guess I kind of did" he says, waiting for me to laugh. I jokingly push him in the chest.

"You're a jerk" I say.

"You like me really" he teases. That's when I get nervous, why am I being so weird? I'm never this bad when talking to guys. I don't know what way he thinks I like him, maybe I should stick to friends for now, after what happened last night, surly I need a break from guys?

"Yeah whatever" I say, rolling my eyes, trying to laugh off the subject.

We surf a bit longer, which thankfully means we don't need to talk.

When we get out, we sit on the beach wall for a bit. I kind of want to go home, after having no sleep and then surfing, I'm shattered. I dry the ends of my hair with my towel and hope to God my make up isn't too bad.

"Is it time for you to tell me what this says yet?" He asks, running his hand over my left hip, making shivers go through me. Why is he so obsessed with knowing what my tattoo is? He always brings it up. It's not even that big, you can hardly see it, his eyes must just focus on that area.

"Why do you want to know?" I say, having to knock his hand off, as I'm feeling even more attracted to him right now.

"Because I'm curious" he says.

"You would laugh" I say, I don't really want to get into this conversation, the reason I got my tattoo makes me sound weird.

"I wouldn't, tell me" he insists, returning his hand to that part of my hip. Whenever he touches me, I get nervous. It's a good nervous though, it's like I want more.

"Fine, it says, Ancora Imparo" I say, it's hard to hear anyway, but I kind of muffled when I said it. He looks at me, as though he needs me to say it again.

"What's that?" He says, he is nearly laughing, but just because he's so confused. He then let's his hand fall down slightly to my thigh, I'm going to have to run away in a minute, everything he does is flirty.

"It means still I'm learning, in like Italian or something" I say, not knowing much about it myself. I go it before we moved to California, it was on a night out, but I have my reasons for choosing to have that tattooed on my body. All he does is laugh, he said he wouldn't.

"What's so funny?" I say, playfully punching him in the arm.

"Just... You" he says, trying to hold in another laugh.

"What? It's true, I'm an idiot, people screw me over all the time and I still haven't learnt my lesson" I say, which is when he starts to look more serious.

"You're no idiot, all those guys that screw you over are the idiots, I don't know why anyone would treat you like that" he says, looking into his lap. Why does he have to say all these nice things all the time? He always acts so caring and understanding.

"It's not just guys, my mom always used to plan to meet us and then she would never turn up, that's one lesson I've learned, I'm done with her" I say, just thinking about my mom makes me angry.

"Wow, remind me never to cross you" he says. I like it that he doesn't keep asking me about it, his lighthearted comment made me smile.

A little while later, we're interrupted, although we weren't doing anything, only talking.

"On to the next guy then are we? No surprise there" I hear Mia say, what is she even doing here?

"What do you want?" I say, giving her a look filled with hate. I look behind her and see a group of her friends, who are surprisingly joined by Ariel, the girl Leo took on the double date. In a way, I'm sort of jealous, two girls that Leo has dated are stood in front of me.

"Nothing, where's Chase? Would he be pleased to see you hanging around with Leo?" She says, spitefully. I don't care about Chase knowing after last night. It's basically over with him. Mia just likes to try and cause trouble, she is desperate to get Leo back. Hopefully he's completely done with her.

"If you don't want anything, then please leave us alone" I say, clearly rolling my eyes at her.

"Don't talk to me like that you skank" she says, giving me a harsh and judgy look.

"Mia that's enough, don't talk to her like that!" Leo says, it's nice that he's sticking up for me.

"Oh I'm sorry was I being rude to your girlfriend?" She says, God I want to rip her hair out right now. If she knew anything at all about last night, then she would know my boyfriend is Chase and he was a jerk to me and Leo is there for me like a friend, she's just being a bitch and there's no need for it.

"I'm not his girlfriend so shut your face" I say, standing up now.

"She's such a vile bitch" I hear one of Mia's so-called-friends say.

"What was that? You wanna say that again?" I say, glaring at her. She looks quite scared, which is a good thing, it means she won't dare bother me again.

"Mia just go, leave us alone" Leo says, I can tell he's getting pissed now.

"Don't worry, I don't enjoy spending time in this little hoe's company" she says, giving me a smug look. She needs to realise that nasty names don't phase me, but I am agitated now.

"If your not gonna go, then I will" I say, grabbing my bag and board.

"Thank God" she says, flicking her hair out of her face.

"Tay wait, you can stay, don't leave" Leo says. I smile inside, as that's the first time he's ever called me 'Tay'. Everyone else does it, but he never does.

"No it's fine, I'll see you later won't I?" I say, giving him a huge smirk, purely to piss Mia off. It works as she crosses her arms and looks frustrated.

"Yeah you will" he says, winking. He too seems to enjoy pissing Mia off. I'm glad I left as when he winked, this nervous feeling I keep getting became worse. I've known him for ages now, why am I suddenly so into him? What is it about him?


"You can leave us now" Mia says, dismissing her girls.

"You can leave now too, I've got nothing to say to you" I say, almost laughing. She's nothing, but pathetic.

"Come on! Don't you want to come back to mine, don't you miss me?" She says, all she is referring to is the sex, but I really don't care about it. I'm not interested in hooking up with her anymore, I had my fun with her, but then she got boring.

"No not at all" I say, I find it funny how desperate she is.

"Leo look at me" she says, as I've gone to walk away.

"What?!" I say, turning around. I'm getting annoyed now.

"How long has it been huh? I bet your dying to hook up with someone, I'm right here and I want you back" she says, hooking an arm around my neck. She's right, I do want to hook up with someone, but that someone is not Mia, that someone is Taylor. She's the only girl I can think about.

"Your wrong" I say.

"Am I?" She says, practically whispering near my ear. I'm sort of confused now, I am dying to hook up with someone. But not Mia, I can't. She will end up making herself my girlfriend again, and I can't have that.

All of a sudden she presses her lips to mine and begins to kiss me. Two seconds later, I pull away and push her arm from me.

"What the hell is your problem? Stop forcing yourself on me!" I say.

"You want me and you know it, just admit it" she says, now running her hand over my shorts.

"No I don't, If I wanted sex, then I'd hook up with someone that's genuinely hot, not some fake, slut like you!" I say, picking up my board as I ditch her, looking fuming. It was pretty harsh for me to say that, but it's the truth, why lie?

I get home and tell my mom that Taylor and her Dad agreed to come over. It should be fun. I liked hanging out with her today. It's as though last night never happened, in fairness she didn't want to talk about it, which I understand. I think and hope she's into me, things are done with her and Chase, surely. I want her so bad, I just know she's good in bed, probably a lot better than Mia. But sex isn't all I care about, I like her, she's got so many good qualities.

Imagine being able to say I go surfing with my girlfriend. Wait girlfriend? What? I don't know whether she's even officially ended things with Chase yet, but I don't care, he's still cheating on her.

Speaking of the devil, I've just had a missed call from Chase. Five minutes later, he calls again. I decide to answer, I want to tell him again how much of a jerk he is.

'Alright man?' He says, causally like nothing ever happened. Not being big headed, but Chase would never be as popular as he is, if it weren't for me. I bet he would hate to lose me as a mate.

'I'm fine, how's your eye?' I say, referring to the bruise I'm sure he will be walking round with, after the punch I threw at him.

'Look can we forget about last night?' He suggests.

'You can, but I can't' I say, being pretty short with him.

'I was off my face' he lies, he only had a few.

'You weren't mate, you can't treat girls like that' I say.

'Whatever, I won't do it again, I'll sort things out with Taylor on Monday' he says, he's not taking this seriously at all.

'No you won't, you need to stay the hell away from her' I say, it's what I think, so I may as well tell him.

'I hardly did anything' he says. How can he not see what he's done wrong? Even I wouldn't go as low as he did.

'Yes you did!' I insist, getting frustrated now. 'And your fucking Zara while your with Taylor' I say. I couldn't stop the words coming out of my mouth, he doesn't know I know, I guess now he does.

'I don't know what you're talking about' he says, trying to laugh it off.

'I saw you with her after sport, I don't care if there's something big between you and Zara, you can't cheat on Taylor' I say.

'Says the guy that has cheated on every girl he's ever been with' he says. I don't know why he's bringing me into this.

'This is about you not me' I say.

'You better not tell Taylor' he says.

'I won't, it's pretty much over with you two anyway, but you better tell her or I will' I say. I'm not going to let him walk all over Taylor.

'No it's over with Zara okay, just drop it' he says.

'You don't deserve her' I say.

'Oh and you do?' He says, why does he think he's better than me? After last night, it's pretty clear that he's the biggest dick around here.

'Whatever, see you Monday' I say, about to hang up.

'Yeah sure' he says and hangs up first. If i saw him right now, I think I'd have to punch his other eye.

It's soon 7pm and Taylor and her Dad should be round soon. It's weird that our parents are friends, it's a good weird, she can't keep away from me even if she tries. I finish styling my hair in the mirror in the bathroom, which consists of me running my fingers through the thick of it, until it's even more messy. I'm wearing skinny jeans and a black, band t-shirt. I noticed that Taylor was admiring me earlier, maybe she would prefer it if I was topless again now. I know I would prefer it if she were topless. What is wrong with me? Since seeing Mia earlier, every time I think about Taylor, my mind immediately thinks about sex. I do want to sleep with her, who wouldn't? She's jaw dropping. I would never treat her the way Chase did last night, if she doesn't want to hook up with me then that's fine, but I'd prefer it if I she did. I must be sexually frustrated or something, I'm so horny lately. It's all Taylor's fault, she needs to stop looking so damn fine.

When I hear the front door open, I slowly head downstairs. I don't want to seem too eager. On my way down the stairs, I try to tell myself that I'm going to have to picture Taylor in an unattractive way, to put me off thinking about sex with her.

That doesn't work when I see her walk in, wearing a short little black dress with her cleavage on show. It's probably not that on show, I must just be staring there. The dress is only casual, I look down to her legs that are bare from the middle of her thighs and down. All I want is to tear that dress right off of her. She hasn't seen me yet, maybe I should go back upstairs. Sex is all that's on my mind. I can feel my jeans tightening just from looking at her. As I'm about to turn around, her Dad spots me.

"Alright mate?" Danny, her Dad says, casually as usual. Looking back at them, makes my eyes return to Taylor's chest. What is wrong with me? If someone asked me what I was thinking right now, it would be...

Sex, Taylor, cleavage and more sex. I wish I could just take her up to my room and... Yeah.

Her dad looks at me almost laughing.

"Oh yeah I'm good, you?" I say. Taylor looks up sort of laughing, I panic as I look down at my jeans, but all is good. She knew I was staring at her then.

I look behind her and notice an older woman, who I assume is Danny's girlfriend. She looks in her early forties, the same as Danny. Her long blond hair, pulled back into a high, sophisticated pony tail. She's wearing a green pencil skirt, with a casual top. I think I'm just thinking about her to take my mind of Taylor, although it's not working.

"You've met Pete and Sheila, this is their son Leo, Leo this is my girlfriend Madison" Danny says. I say hello, not really acknowledging her, I'm too busy focussing on what Taylor is doing. She's only been here thirty seconds and she's already on her phone. She better not be texting Chase.

"Aww nice to meet you... So I'm guessing you and... Taylor are..." She says, trying to get her head around this situation. She's suggesting or asking whether Taylor and I are in a relationship. That makes Taylor immediately look up from her phone, the panic on her face makes me laugh.

"What no" she says, harshly. Due to Madison's comment, I'm guessing Taylor won't like her from now on.

"Oh sorry, I just assumed-"

"Well you assumed wrong" Taylor cuts her off.

"Drink?" I suggest to Taylor, as I take the last two steps on the stairs and stand in front of her. It's gotten a little bit awkward. Someone needed to break the silence.

She seems to agree with a drink, if anything, that's going to make Madison believe we're seeing each other even more. I lead her through to the kitchen and everyone else continues talking.

Being in the kitchen with her, reminds me of bringing her back here the other week, when she was drunk.

"What's wrong with you Tay, you need to calm down" I laugh. The look on her face is her reply, she looks pretty wound up.

"So you don't like your dad's girlfriend then?" I say, removing the top off a bottle of beer for her. She eagerly takes it from me and drinks some.

"She's harmless, but I don't like people that assume things" she says, looking put off.

"Well she's not wrong" I say, shrugging my shoulders.

"What do you mean by that?" She says. I'm sensing nerves, I had no idea I had that effect on her. She's usually so over confident and snappy with me, why is she acting different?

"I'm just saying, there is kind of something between us" I say. I haven't thought this through, but ever since Taylor first got here, we've had a little something going on.

"Oh you're agreeing with Mia now are you?" She says, giving me a sassy and judgy look. That's more like her old self.

"Don't bring Mia into this, you know the little slut kissed me earlier" I say, making it sound pathetic, which it was.

"Oh she kissed you did she?" Taylor asks. She's dying to smirk, but I can tell she's pissed off at the same time, hopefully it's a jokingly pissed off.

"Only a little kiss, why... Am I sensing jealousy?" I ask, creasing a smile, which makes her fold her arms in frustration. I move closer to her and casually lean my arm over her shoulder. I can sense how nervous she is, she's never been like this before, is that supposed to mean something?

"Why am I jealous?... I mean... Why would you think I'm jealous?" She says, widening her eyes and shrugging her shoulder so my arm drops.

She's so jealous.

Now she knows how I've been feeling for the past how long, when I've been seeing her with Chase. I'm nearer to her now, so I take a closer look at her dress and in my mind, think about what's underneath.

"Because you like me" I say. I know she likes it when I'm big headed, she just doesn't admit it. I think about running my hand down her back, but I don't want to seem too full on, like Chase was last night.

"What?" She says, exaggerating the word and attempting to laugh it off.

"There's no need to be nervous with me" I say. She bights her plump, pale red lips, whilst she thinks of what to say.

"I'm not nervous!" She attempts to convince me. "Why don't you run along back to Mia, your dying to hook up with her again" she says, matter of factually, thinking she knows everything, as usual. She couldn't be more wrong, I don't want to hook up with Mia, I want to hook up with her.

"Your wrong actually" I say, raising an eyebrow at her.

"Oh am I? Then why would you kiss her" she says, in that sassy tone again. I love it when she gets snappy like this, she doesn't realise how attractive it is. The urge to sleep with her is getting worse, so it's probably for the best when she walks out and rejoins the parents.

I think to myself 'this isn't over', as I follow her out the back to where my Dad is about to cook on the BBQ.

I need her, right now.

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