Kiss Me Already

When Taylor moves to Australia she quickly makes friends and meets lots of new guys, including Leo. In her opinion he is an annoying jerk, but they have a connection and many things in common. She tries to keep away from him and his rebel ways, but with his constant flirting, she finds it hard to keep away from him. Leo is interested in Taylor from the moment he meets her, even though he has a girlfriend, he is completely drawn to her. Will she ever accept that they are perfect for each other?

Written from both Leo and Taylor's points of view.


17. Chapter 17


This week has gone extra slow, we've been revising for exams loads and I've had detention every day. I haven't been for a surf all week.

It's now Friday and it's this stupid bonfire tonight. Chase was right, everyone is going. I have one rule, which is that I'm not getting drunk. I'm only just living down last Friday.

Detention isn't as lonely today, as I'm soon joined by Leo. It's sort of annoying, knowing him, he probably purposely did something so that he would have to join me. Things seem fine between him and Chase now, I don't know what changed. I suppose guys aren't like girls, they just let things go.

"Fancy seeing you here" he jokes, as he sits beside me. There's hardly anyone in here and he's sat by me, there's like five other spare desks.

"You knew I would be here" I sigh.

"Yeah true" he says, giving me that annoying smirk.

"Your still coming to the bonfire right?" He asks.

"Yes, but I don't want to" I say.

"Why not?" He asks. There's something about him today, he looks a lot more serious.

"I'd rather go surfing, I haven't been in ages" I say, it's not the reason I don't want to go tonight, but it is half true. I actually miss going surfing with him.

"We should go again" he suggests.

"I doubt that's a good idea" I say, thinking about how mad Chase would be if he found out. I actually really enjoy going surfing with him, there's something about it.

"I don't really care" he says, edging closer to my side of the desk.

"You've changed your tune" I say, rolling my eyes. Just last week, he was the one pushing me away. He needs to make up his mind. But, I'm with Chase so I need to ignore anything Leo says.

"Maybe we could go surfing now" he says. Why is he acting like a rebel again? He always does this. One minute he's the caring guy that looks after me when I'm drunk and the next minute he's either making me skip class or detention.

"Leo I'm sorry but I'm with Chase, I led you on, I'm sorry" I say, the flirty comments from when I was drunk are coming back to me. He doesn't care, his ego is so big that a girl leading him on wouldn't get to him. I get confused when he looks at me for a moment, he's so serious today, not an inch of a smirk on his face.

"Taylor..." He says, not knowing how to word what he's going to say.

"What is it?" I ask, laughing at first, but I'm sort of worried about what he's going to say.

"Nothing, it doesn't matter" he says, shaking his head.

"Tell me" I insist.

"Erm, I just... I don't think you should be with Chase" he says. He's just being jealous again.

"Why not?" I say, finding this pathetic.

"He's not right for you" he says.

"Well thank you for your concern, but I can look after myself" I say, I would think it's nice of him to care, but I know it's just jealousy.

"I know you can" he says. That pretty much ends our conversation, as the supervisor makes everyone shut up.

We're dismissed when the clock finally reaches 4pm. All I've done is doodle in my exercise book. What a waste of my life.

Everyone hurries out, including Leo, but I have to stay and put my books and pens away. I walk out of the class, in no hurry and go down the corridor, checking my phone to find texts off Zara and Ruby.

"Wait up" I hear Leo say from behind me. I shiver when he squeezes either side of my waist. I've got a crop top on and he's now just got his hands on my bare waist. I squirm away to his side and give him a glare.

"Chase would kill you" I say, in a sarcastic voice.

"I don't care, I need to talk to you" he says. Somehow I don't take him seriously anymore, maybe it's the stupid smirk that's back on his face.

"I don't want to talk to you" I say, walking faster.

"Have you slept with Chase yet?" He asks.

"What? No and it's none of your business" I say, getting angry now.

"That's good, now stay away from him" he says.

"Piss off Leo" I say, getting really angry now.

"Please just listen to me" he says. I look away from him and walk as quick as I can. I don't stop until I realise I'm by the pier.

I walk over to my Dad's boat, it looks like he's finished early today.

"Alright dad?" I say. I actually want to talk to him, I want anything that will take my mind off Leo. He makes me so angry all the time.

"There you are" he says, stopping from tying up his boat to look at me. He looks sort of annoyed.

"Did you just ignore my missed calls?" He says. I must have skipped past the notification on my phone that said missed calls from Dad.

"Sorry I... Had detention" I say, knowing he won't be annoyed about me having detention. "What did you want?" I ask.

"Guess who I ran into earlier" he says, crossing his arms.

"Who?" I ask, not having a clue.

"Pete" he says, frowning. Oh crap.

"He happened to tell me what you said to him when you were bloody pissed" he says. All I can do is grit my teeth, this is so embarrassing. Damn that red bull and Vodka.

"Damnit" I say, under my breath.

"What makes you think you can talk to people like that Tay?" He asks. He only cares because he's worried I've ruined his friendship with Pete.

"He's vile to Leo, you should hear some of the things he says to him" I say, why am I sticking up for Leo again, that's what got me into this dilemma in the first place.

"Oh so it's about Leo" he says, giving me that knowing look. I'm about to lose my temper, but I suppose I'm still in the wrong, I probably shouldn't have shouted at Pete.

"Can you just forget about it" I suggest.

"Not until you get your ass over to that surf hut and apologise" he says. I know he won't drop it until I do.

I head over there, hoping Leo isn't working. Why did I have to open my big mouth? I'm glad I stuck up for Leo, but there was no need to go nuts at his Dad.

"Hi Pete" I say, warily. He stops unpacking a few boxes to turn around and see who I am.

"Oh Taylor... Leo isn't here sorry" he says, returning to his job.

"Actually I was looking for you, I wanted to apologise for what I said last week" I say, nervously entwining my fingers around each other. Leo's Dad has this sort of intimidating look about him.

"Well thank you, but there's no need to be sorry" he says, laughing slightly. Now the intimidation has been replaced with me feeling embarrassed.

"There is, I have a big mouth and I need to learn to keep it shut" I say, looking at me shoes, still feeling awkward.

"If you expect me to believe you weren't off your head, then you're fooling yourself" he says. He thinks I'm such a drunken idiot, I'm sure of it.

"Oh I had a few dodgy drinks I-"

"No need for excuses, we've all had our moments" he jokes.

"Okay well... Thank you, sorry again" I say, hoping that's my chance to leave.

"No worries, I like you Taylor" he says, with a smile on his face. He sounds pleased and in a way proud, God knows why.

"Erm... Thanks" I say, I'm so bad at receiving compliments.

"I mean it, you're a lot nicer than that Mia girl Leo used to date, let's just say, I wouldn't mind him spending time with you" he says. What he's telling me is nice and everything, but he thinks there's something between me and Leo and there isn't. His mom thought exactly the same, what makes them think that, are girls not allowed to have male friends anymore?

"That's nice of you to say, but Leo and I are just... Friends" I say, even struggling to say the word 'friend' after how much he's got to me today.

"Oh... Didn't you stay over the other night?" He says. Shit.

I always manage to make things worse for myself. I shouldn't have gotten so drunk in the first place, I should have been sober enough to tell Leo that I was fine to go home and I should have kept my stupidly large mouth shut.

Mental note to self: stop doing stupid things that make you embarrass yourself.

"Yeah I did... I didn't have my house keys... And I didn't want to wake my Dad up" I say, lying my ass of as usual.

"I believe you" he says, raising his chin slightly, he knows I'm bullshitting him.

"See you round then" I say, leaving before I say anything even more stupid.

I avoid seeing my Dad again and go home instead. After getting a text from Zara, telling me to get my ass round her house, I go and get changed. I put on a khaki cami top with a gold zip up the front and a pair of black ripped shorts. I curl my hair and then head out.

"You off to the bonfire?" Zac asks, as I'm about to leave.

"Yeah why?" I ask, not being very friendly. I'm still angry with him.

"I'll see you there then, I'm going with Hannah" he says, which makes him smile.

"What is wrong with you?" I sigh.

"What do you mean?" He asks.

"You've hooked up with her right?" I say. Zac isn't usually the type to carry on dating a girl after hooking up with them, he is normally scared of commitment.

"Yeah course, I'm Zac Parker, that happened weeks ago" he says, full of himself as normal.

"Oh please" I say, shaking my head, he's such an idiot.

"If it happened weeks ago, then why the hell are you still seeing her?!" I demand. It's Mia's sister, I don't care if she's nice or not, it doesn't change the fact she's related to the most vile girl in school.

"Maybe I want a girlfriend" he says, acting like a dick, admiring himself in the downstairs mirror.

"Who are you and what have you done with my brother?" I joke, Zac has never been one to be interested in having a girlfriend. In fairness, we used to move around so often that it was sort of pointless in either of us having a relationship.

"Hannah likes you, why can't you like her?" He asks.

"If she's anything like that sister of hers, then she's nothing but a bitch" I say, about to leave until my Dad walks in.

"There you are!" He says, surprised. "Did you apologise to Pete?" He asks.

"Apologise for what?" Zac laughs, finding this funny.

"She had a go at Pete when she was pissed" Dad says, looking at me like it's typical of me.

"Yes I've apologised okay" I say, feeling embarrassed again.

"Your such an awkward idiot" Zac says, taking the piss out of me like usual.

"I'm going" I say, finally leaving.

I get to Zara's late, I would have gotten here quicker if I could have used to jeep. I didn't really want to ask dad if I could borrow it earlier, he seemed pissed off enough as it was. Just as I knock the door, Zara walks out. She's wearing a really short pale pink dress that clings to her, it's almost like she's trying to impress someone.

"Finally, what took you so long?" She says, as we walk down her drive. I don't see the hurry, it's only a beach bonfire. Why is it even a big deal?

"I had to apologise to Leo's Dad, you know after my big mouth last week when I was off my head" I say. I don't remember seeing Zara at Ruby's party last week, she must have left early.

"Oooh sounds fun" she says, sarcasm intended.

"So... Any guys on the scene?" I ask, maybe I could set her up with Zac, that could put him off Mia's sister.

"Nope, no... Why would you think that?" She replies, almost immediately.

"You seem like you want to impress someone, you know we're only going to the beach" I say, comparing my outfit to hers.

"There's no guys on the scene" she says, like she wants to drop the conversation.

"Well I might set you up with my brother then" I say, probably sounding weird.

"Na your alright" she says, not seeming interested at all.

"What's changed?" I laugh, the first time I met Zara she was guy crazy, now she's completely different, how am I only just noticing?

We get to the beach and find the group. It's funny having a friendship group so big, Ruby and Ash are at the centre of it. There's something missing, it's actually someone. Leo, not that I care, but it does feel weird without him here. As soon as Zara sets her sights on Chase, she looks away.

"So where's this brother of yours then?" She says, what is up with her today? She didn't seem to care before, but now she wants to meet Zac.

"What brother?" Chase asks, which confuses me, he knows I have a brother.

"Tay is setting me up, do you have a problem with that?" Zara asks, crossing her arms. It doesn't bother me, her and Chase are always at each other's throats.

"Why would I give a damn?" he says, the look on his face supporting the fact he doesn't care. Zara then shuts up and everyone is sort of silent.

Ten minutes later, I notice Zac turn up with his uni friends.

"There's my brother" I say.

"Oh wow, please tell me it's the one with the dark brown messy hair" she says, looking pleased.

"Yeah the one with the red top on" I say, she seems over the moon. Is my brother that amazing? It is odd that's she hasn't met him yet, considering how long I've been here now.

"Introduce me, like right now" she says, running her fingers through her hair.

"Could you be anymore desperate" Chase says, under his breath.

"Chase shut up" I say, there's no need for him to talk to Zara like that. He may not like her, but he could have a little more respect for her. He doesn't look too pleased by what I just said, so I take Zara to introduce to my brother.

"Said I would see you here did I not?" He says, when I nudge him in the arm.

"Alright Taylor" one of his friends says, I feel uncomfortable when I notice him staring at my chest.

"Yeah whatever... This is my friend Zara, Zara this is Zac..." I say "Zac and Zara, sounds good huh?" I ramble on, I'm so desperate to put him off that Hannah girl.

"Nice to meet you" Zac says, he lets himself look at her, but he doesn't seem interested.

"It's great to finally meet you, your 19 right?" She asks, I think she likes guys that are older than she is.

"Yeah, so is Hannah... My girlfriend" he says, looking up as he notices her walking over, sadly joined by Mia. Zara looks pretty put aside.

"Thanks for the heads up Tay, Mia's sister, that's tough competition" she says, only I can hear.

"You need to steel him from her" I say, sort of rolling my eyes when they approach us.

"Hey babe" Zac says, making me cringe. If a guy called me 'babe' I'd want to dig a hole and die, maybe it's just because I'm an awkward person.

"Looks like we're going to be seeing more of one another" Mia says. She looks down on me like I'm a midget, I'm not even short, but the heels she's got on could make her look like a drag queen.

"That's not going to happen, I would never want to be friends with you, let alone acquaintances" I say.

"Don't be harsh Tay" Zac says. He does not understand, after all the bitchy comments and threats I've had from Mia, telling me that Leo is hers, I no longer care how much of a cow I am to her.

"No I agree with you Tay, come on let's go back to Leo and the guys" Zara says, giving Mia a smug look. She drags me away and I'm relieved to be out of their company, Zac's got to break it off with Hannah soon, otherwise I'll go insane.

"Why'd you say we're going back to Leo, he isn't here" I say, looking around.

"Yeah... but it hit her where it hurts, mentioning her ex" Zara says, impressed with herself.

"Nice one" I say.

When we go back over, Leo is actually here now. Somethings still up with him, I don't know how I can tell.

Zara wonders off with Ruby and Ash. Leaving me with Leo and Chase, thankfully were joined by Luca and Phoebe.

"You look proper hot" Chase says, sliding his arms around my waist from behind. I sense my cheeks go slightly red, but it's probably more because what he said made things awkward. I notice Leo glaring at Chase, what's his problem? Is it still just jealousy?

While we're sat watching the bonfire, the beach starts to get busier.

"Want a drink?" Chase asks.

"Sure, just a Coke" I say.

"No beer?" He asks, surprised. I'm sure everyone around here thinks I'm some kind of alcoholic.

"No I'm good" I say, remembering last Friday, those bad memories will haunt me forever. He wonders off and then two minutes later, Phoebe and Luca leave too.

I doubt Chase would be happy, knowing I'm on my own with Leo.

"What's up with you today?" I ask, turning round to face him. We were sat at a table and bench, so now I'm directly opposite him. I feel safe that there's a table dividing us.

"Nothing" he says, roughly running his hand through his hair and sitting up straight. Somethings clearly on his mind.

"Just tell me already" I say, exaggerating my voice.

"My Dad's being a dick as usual" he says. But I don't buy it, he doesn't seem down, he seems more stressed about something.

"That's not all" I say, I don't know why I'm so desperate to know what it is.

"You don't seem happy with Chase, I really think you should break it off with him" he says, acting serious again.

"Oh for god sakes Leo, I have had enough of this! Stop telling me what to do!" I say, now standing up. He does my head in.

"I'm just trying to look out for you!" He says, this is the first time he's ever raised his voice to me, but it's only slightly.

"Well don't! Just stop trying to fix things, all you are is jealous!" I say, before giving him an annoyed huff and walking away.

The rest of the night I keep my distance from Leo, but hang out with everyone else. This bonfire thing seemed like such a big deal to everyone, but it's not that great. A few people sit around the smaller campfire. This side of the beach is a lot quieter and you can just about hear the music in the distance.

One by one, people start to leave. The sky is black and the only light is coming from the fire. I listen in on Phoebe and Lucas conversation and I'm sure I hear him say he's taking her back to his. They wonder off, leaving me with Chase. In all honesty, Chase and I never really have much to talk about, were always surrounded by all the others. But now we're alone.

"Finally" he says, shuffling around to face me. It's like he drags my face closer to his, when he starts kissing me. The physical stuff is all he cares about.

"Finally what?" I say, pulling away.

"They've finally gone, which means we're alone" he says running his lips over my neck. I don't agree we're alone, as there's still a beach of people in the distance. There's a group of people stood not far from us.

"Is that a good thing?" I say.

"Are you thick or something? Of course it's a good thing" he says. He can be such a dick when he wants to be. Am I really thick? I don't think so.

Straight after that diss, he carries on kissing me, then he runs his hand over my hair and down to my back. Somethings not right, I don't think I even like Chase. All he's done since we've got together is ask for sex.

"Chase were not having sex now" I say, almost laughing. I know that's what he's getting at. Before he replies he undoes the button of my shorts, making my knickers go on show. I push his hands back, giving him a confused look.

"Come on... yes we are, your dying to, just admit it" he says, he's had a few drinks, but that can't be the only reason he's being a douchbag.

"I'm being serious... No!" I say, getting snappy now.

"God live a little" he says, returning his lips to mine and his hands to my waist, running them up my top to feel my bare skin.

"How tacky do you think I am? I'm not having sex in public" I say, trying to pull away, but he just keeps pulling me back.

"Your my girlfriend and I'm your boyfriend, that's what people do" he says, talking to me like I'm stupid, which is something I really don't appreciate.

"No it's not, you seriously want me to hook up with you around a campfire?" I ask, part of me not being able to believe this, it's so ridiculous.

"Let's go a little further down the beach then" he says.

"No way! I'm not some kind of slut" I say, defending myself.

"Yes you are... you are a slut, but I don't care, now come on!" he says, pulling me around him so that I am practically sitting on him. I can't help but be offended. How am I a slut? I may wear a few short dresses now and again, but it's hot around here, that's about as 'sluty' as I can get.

"You know what, get your hands off me!" I say, there's no way I'm spending anymore time with some jerk that calls me a slut.

"They're quite happy where they are" he says, raising an eyebrow and edging his left hand closer to my bra. I sense him feel around for the outskirts of it.

"Chase stop it!" I say, hoping he will stop being so stupid.

"Stop what? Your my girlfriend and we're having sex now... I'm tired of waiting, your not even a virgin" he says. How does it make a difference whether I'm a virgin or not? I didn't and don't want to sleep with him.

"Maybe I don't want to have sex with you" I say, trying to be sassy with him, but he doesn't even notice.

"I'm afraid you have no choice in the matter" he says, tugging down the zip of my top. My bra is now fully in show. I feel exposed. He pulls the top off of my shoulders, whilst I attempt to resist.

"Chase that's enough, get off!" I shout, trying to push him away. He's a lot stronger than me. I feel him unhook my bra and now I don't know what to do. I had no idea he was like this, everyone tried to warn me he was a jerk, but me being a smart arse didn't listen. He keeps one of his hands around my neck, while he undoes his belt buckle with the other. This can't be happening, I'm not going to let a guy use me like this.

"Stop it! This is not going to happen!" I insist, trying to knock his arm off me.

"Shut the hell up" he says, not even looking at me.


This beach bonfire isn't that's great. Everyone's going home, it's just me, Ash and Ruby left, as the rest of the group have wondered off. I take my empty beer bottle back to the bar and then decide to leave. I was supposed to tell Taylor about Chase, but I just couldn't. I have had so many chances today alone. She should know, but I shouldn't have to be the one to tell her. Maybe I should just let things carry on the way they are and stay out of it. Maybe it was just a one time thing between him and Zara.

I don't want to go home, but I'm too bored staying here. As my house backs onto the beach, I stay on the sand as I walk. I come closer to the campfire and realise how deserted it is now. It is 1am, but in my opinion, that's still early. I walk through a group of people that are probably stoned, I know that just by looking at them.

I'm going to have to get my phone torch on soon, as it's so dark.

"Stop it!" I hear, making my head turn immediately. I recognise it as Taylor straight away, the distress In her voice worries me. I get closer to the campfire, walking a lot faster now. I walk around the other side and now see a clearer image. Chase is forcing himself on Taylor and she's trying desperately to get away from him. Her top is practically falling off.

Is my friend really capable of rape? Because that's basically what this is about to be. I'm ten times angrier when I remember that he's cheating on her anyway. How can he treat her like that?

I rush over and pull him straight off of her. I yank him up, by grabbing a fist full of his white top.

"What the hell are you DOING?!" I yell. I can't control my anger, I'm ready to kill him. Hearing Taylor breathing fast, gets to me even more. She is obviously in shock.

"About to have sex with my girlfriend if you don't mind!" He says, attempting to push me away, which is pathetic, as I'm a lot stronger than he is. I notice he's had a few drinks, but that's no excuse for what he was about to do.

"No you can stay the hell away from her!" I say, I want to get rid of him, all I care about is Taylor's feelings in all of this.

"It's not up to YOU!" He says, using both of his palms to push me back. I do go back slightly, which only angers me more. I don't even think, I just punch him round the face, a lot harder than intended. He immediately puts his hands on his face. That's definitely going to bruise. I don't regret it, he needed something to pull him out of this sense of mind he's in.

"Get out of here! Go now!" I say, pushing him back.

"Whatever, I'll find some other chick to fuck me, you two can crack on" he says, stumbling off. He's a lot more drunk than I thought. He's soon out of eyesight, that's when I turn back to look at Taylor. I sit down beside her and notice a mascara filled tear run down her face. She's not sad, she's just shocked and sort of scared I guess. I take a breath to try and calm my anger.

"Taylor are you-" I begin, but I'm interrupted by her arms wrapping around me. I respond to her 'hug', but feel awkward as she's half naked.

"Thank you" she says, with a sigh of relief. I feel bad for every second she had to endure of him forcing himself on her until I got here. I'm so glad I decided to leave this stupid bonfire, otherwise what would have happened?

"Don't thank me... Are you okay?" I ask, she leans back and drops her arms back to her lap. She nods in response. She's too overwhelmed to even care that her bra is on show and undone. I notice her shorts are undone also. I pull the sleeves of her top back over her shoulders and pull the zip up from the bottom until it covers her bra. She's nervous of what I'm doing at first, but then she looks grateful. I avoid helping her sort out her shorts and bra, as I'm sure that would make her panic.

"You were right, I need to break it off with him, everyone was right... People warned me" she says, trying to hold in a tear. I'm guessing she feels embarrassed and exposed, but she shouldn't.

"Taylor... You can cry, I won't judge you" I say. She lets the tears fall, but she doesn't sob or anything.

"Everyone said he was a jerk... But me being the stupid, idiot I am, totally ignored them" she says.

"You are not a stupid idiot" I say, which makes her look at me.

"I am, I'm a fool" she says, bullying herself.

"No your not! He's the stupid idiot and fool, how could he treat you like this?" I say, disappointed and angry with Chase. Now would be a good time to tell her about the Zara thing, but I don't want to hurt her anymore.

"I want to get out of here" she says.

"Come on" I say, offering her my hand to get up. She takes it and sorts her shorts out as we walk.

"It's hurts doesn't it" she says, pulling my hand closer to her eyes and noticing the redness of my knuckles. Punching Chase was the least he deserved.

"No I'm fine" I say, I don't get into fights all the time or anything, but I've given out my fair share of punches.

"You should get some ice" she says.

"Never mind me, are you going to be okay?" I ask.

"Yeah, I'm just pissed off now, I guess I didn't think he was capable of trying to force himself on me like that" she says, rolling her eyes.

"He better stay away from you now" I say.

We walk back up the beach to where the bar is.

"Oh god, I look a right mess" she says, attempting to wipe away the make up that has ran down her cheeks.

"You look as beautiful as ever" I say, blatantly. I'm not being the nice guy, by giving her a compliment, I'm just pointing out the obvious.

"Zac's coming over, what shall I say?" I ask, noticing him walking over with Hannah, who I assume is now his girlfriend.

"Tell him what happened, he won't care" she says, now desperately trying to fix her make up. Most girls are intimidated by Hannah, but Taylor shouldn't be, as she is ten times hotter than her.

"Tay what's going on, are you okay?" Zac asks, curious, but more worried.

"It's nothing" she says, not wanting Hannah to know.

"Han can you give us a sec?" He asks, she happily agrees and wonders back over to the bar.

"You tell him" she says to me, I suppose she doesn't want to think about it anymore than she has to.

"Chase... He sort of, just tried to force himself on her, he was drunk and-" I begin, before he cuts me off.

"You what?!" Zac says angrily, his strong British accent coming through.

"If Leo hadn't have stopped him then he would have done it" Taylor says, she's stopped crying now, she's just feeling embarrassed.

"How dare he go near you like that? Where is he?" Zac asks, looking around. He's a lot more of a protective brother than I thought.

"Calm down Zac he's gone, I just want to forget about it, will you take me home?" She asks him.

"If he ever comes near you again, I'll sort him out" he says.

"Don't worry Leo did that" Taylor says.

"How'd you mean?" He asks.

"I sort of punched him in the face, let's just say he's gonna be walking round with an ugly bruise for the next few days" I say.

"Good, he deserves more than that though, come on let's go home" he says, somehow I don't think he's as angry as I am, but he's still pissed off. He goes to say by to Hannah.

"You gonna be okay?" I ask Taylor.

"Yeah I'm fine, don't worry" she says, she seems fine, but who knows what's going on inside her head.

"Just text me yeah?" I suggest.

"Actually, I was just thinking, we could go surfing in the morning?" She says, which surprises me, I didn't think she would be up for that. The guilt I used to feel about hanging out with Chase's girlfriend is completely gone.

"Yeah sure I'll pick you up, ten?" I ask.

"Okay then" she says, trying to give me a smile.

"Thank you again" she says, looking at me pretty seriously.

"It's fine, I'll see you in the morning" I say, just as Zac rejoins us.

"See you later Zac" I say, about to head off.

"Yeah, thanks man" he says.

I leave and actually walk home this time. It's now 1:30am. I'm seeing Taylor again in less than ten hours, I guess it's pretty clear that I like the girl. I just care about her, if Zac wasn't taking her home then I would have.

Why do guys treat her like that? I really don't get it. Chase has not only forced himself on her, but cheated on her too. Maybe now I don't need to tell her about the cheating thing, she's seen his true colours and it seemed like it was over when he left. At least I hope it is.

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