Kiss Me Already

When Taylor moves to Australia she quickly makes friends and meets lots of new guys, including Leo. In her opinion he is an annoying jerk, but they have a connection and many things in common. She tries to keep away from him and his rebel ways, but with his constant flirting, she finds it hard to keep away from him. Leo is interested in Taylor from the moment he meets her, even though he has a girlfriend, he is completely drawn to her. Will she ever accept that they are perfect for each other?

Written from both Leo and Taylor's points of view.


16. Chapter 16


Taylor was pretty much worst for ware, when we just decided to leave. Ruby tried to convince us to stay, but she's already thrown up half her stomach. I told the others that I was taking her straight home, but I might just take her back to mine. Her Dad may go crazy at her, if he sees her like this.

Once were walking back over the beach, she's starting to sober up a bit. She's still dizzy and not in her right mind.

"My house is that way... I'm sure it is" she says, thinking hard. She seems so innocent and vulnerable when she's in this state, but she is not innocent at all.

"You're staying at mine, I'm not taking you home like this" I say, I pull her closer to me, as when we walk, she seems to be straying off in every other direction.

"I'm fine, my dad wouldn't give a crap" she says, leaning herself on me.

"Well I give a crap" I say.

"Aren't you sweet" she says, jokingly. I've never been kind enough to escort a drunk girl back to mine before. What's gotten into me recently?

"You smell good" she mutters.

"Thanks" I laugh. She's literally got her arms around me for support and her head is against my shoulder. It's a good job we're walking across the sand and not a busy road. She looks up and over to the sea that's quite peaceful tonight.

"Hey shall we go for a surf?" She suggests, sadly she's being serious.

"Nope, I doubt that would be a good idea" I joke.

"Come on, maybe we could do something else too" she says, raising an eyebrow.

"Like what?" I say, it's like I have to talk to her like she's a child, she's that out of it.

"What you mentioned earlier... Skinny dipping?" She asks, with a cheeky smirk. As much as it pains me, I have to say no. Skinny dipping with Taylor sounds amazing.

"No you need to go to bed" I say, pulling her back as she's stopped to stare at the sea.

"What with you?" She says. I wish I could record this and then show her in the morning.

"If your up for it" I say, purely joking with her.

"Sure" she says. I don't take her word for it. She's with Chase, this is so wrong. I want her to just dump him, so that I don't feel guilty. It's not exactly guilt, it's more jealousy.

I grab her phone, out her bag that I've winded up carrying.

"What are you doing?" She asks, not bothered, just confused.

"Ringing your brother he's probably worried, you know it's 2am" I say, surprised myself. She lets me get on with it.

Zac says thanks for looking after her and then hangs up.

I open the door quietly when we get back to mine. The last thing I want is another argument with my dad, this time for 'waking him and the whole street up' or 'coming home late, drunk'. I don't really care, but I wouldn't want him to argue with me in front of Taylor.

"Not gonna lie... I think I need water" she says, before I 'shh' her, I laugh a little when she covers her mouth.

I grab her a glass of water and we go upstairs. She walks ahead and I soon stop her, when she is about to open the door to my parents room.

I walk behind her, leading her into my room.

"Your amazing you know" she says, falling onto my bed. I shake my head, laughing at her.

"I seriously think I might have died if you didn't help me tonight" she exaggerates.

"Your welcome, now go to sleep, I'll go on the floor" I say, grabbing a pillow.

"What? No we can share your bed" she says.

"I don't think that's a good idea" I say.

"Come on, it's not like we're gonna have sex, I know your not up for that" she sighs, but in a not so serious way. She hasn't stopped laughing all night.

"That's where your wrong, I'm totally up for that" I say.

"No your not, your pushing me away" she protests. The conversation is slowly getting more serious.

"Because you're with my mate" I say.

"Then I'll dump him" she says, the smirk on her face, is the one thing that shows me she isn't serious.

"Na, you won't, now go to sleep.... Here" I say, grabbing one of my tops out of my drawer and giving it to her. She accepts it, effortlessly pulling off her dress, revealing just her cream and black laced bra and knickers. I've seen her in her bikini before, but this is even better. I have never wanted to hook up with a girl more, but I can't. She needs to dump Chase.

"Stop torturing me" I say, trying to look away.

"Fine" she says, quickly covering herself up with my top and lying down facing the wall. I'm guessing she's frustrated. My top is huge on her, it just covers her bum.

"Don't hate me, you know I'm doing the right thing" I laugh.

Screw the floor, I'm sleeping on the bed with her, I don't even care. I take off my shirt and choose to sleep in my skinny jeans. She turns around to face me and leans her head on my chest. Just as I'm about to talk to her some more, she falls straight to sleep. Typical.


I can feel brightness on my eyes, I don't want to open them, but I have to. My head is pounding and my throat is so dry, I think my tongue is furry.

Oh man, what the hell happened last night? Why did I let myself drink so much? I feel like death warmed up. I open my eyes and then blink several times, adjusting to the light.

Water, I need water.

I look around, in search of the bottle of water that is always on my bedside table. That's when I wonder, where the hell am I?

Last night is slowly coming back to me. I look down and feel bare until I see I'm wearing a guys top. I'm at Chase's? No I've been in his room, this isn't it. I know exactly where I am. Leo's. But where is he?

I remember playing never have I ever, then throwing up in the toilet and then Leo brought me back with him. I feel the horror, when I remember a few things I said to him. Man what was I thinking? I'm such an embarrassment. I didn't hook up with Leo surly? I think I would remember it. I'm glad I am still wearing my underwear, otherwise I would be very curious to know what happened. I sit up and get an immediate head rush. Where's the paracetamol when you need it?

I want to crawl into a hole and die. The top I'm wearing is obviously Leo's, which worries me, so I take it off and put my dress on. Walking home I'm going to look like I'm doing the walk of shame, in last nights dress and make up.

I need to go home, I want to go back to sleep and I shouldn't even be here. Chase would go ape shit if he knew. I burry my face in my hands, out of embarrassment and hangover symptoms.

"Morning" I hear Leo say, elongating the word. This is not going to be fun.

I move the palm of my hand away from my eye and see Leo standing in his doorway. He has just been in the shower and now all he's wearing is a towel around his waist and the beaded medallion he always wears around his neck.

"I am so sorry" I say, feeling like a fool. Looking at him, I remember making loads of flirty comments last night.

"No worries, you were pretty crazy" he says, finding it funny. He is not at all hungover, which annoys me even more, because it means he will probably remember every single thing from last night.

"Oh no, I was sick in front of you wasn't I?" I say, feeling ashamed.

"I didn't see you be sick, don't worry" he says. I let out a long moan.

"Last night we didn't erm... We didn't like... do anything did we?" I ask, not knowing how to phrase it. I don't look at him when I say it. I basically wanted to say 'did we have sex?', but that would just raise the awkwardness.

"No, thanks to me" he says, biting his lip, attempting to avoid a laugh.

"Oh God, I'm remembering" I say. I was so kinky with him. I have no choice, but to blame it on the red bull and vodka.

"Your lucky I'm a nice guy, anyone else would have easily hooked up with you" he says, him being the sarcastic one this time. He is a nice guy, I don't disagree. I don't know why his dad is so horrible to him all the...

"Oh no" I say, my mouth dropping open.

"What you remembering now?" He asks, finding this funny.

"I had a go at your dad" I say, I don't recall what I said to him, but it was probably bad.

"Yeah you stuck up for me, surprisingly" he says. I reply with a frown.

"I'm going to go to the toilet" I say, but he has to show me where it is first.

He needs to get changed and I need to repeatedly bash my head off of the wall, until I forget about everything I did and said yesterday. Just looking at the toilet itself, I visualise myself throwing up at Ash's. I look in the mirror, wiping my eyes a little, as my make-up has smudged. After running my hands through my hair, that's about as refreshed I can feel.

I go back into his room, pleased that he is now dressed. I begin to remember how good he looked last night, all I can recall were the black skinny jeans and all-black Vans, that's good enough for me.

What is wrong with me?

I'm supposed to be with Chase, I need to stop being drawn to his best friend. I've slept at Leo's house, that technically means I've gotten closer with Leo, than I have with Chase.

"I should probably get going, my Dad will be wondering where I've got to" I say, trying to be upbeat, but inside I think I've gone insane. My dad wouldn't care where I've got to, but I need some form of reason to leave.

"Yeah sure, I'll walk you out" he says. Why is he so laid back and I'm panicking. I know nothing happened, but I'm scared of Chase finding out.

"Chase doesn't need to know about this right?"

I ask casually, as we walk down the stairs.

"What? Am I your dirty little secret now?" He teases. I begin to attempt at an innocent reply, when I'm interrupted.

"Morning son... And Taylor" she says, looking like I'm a happy surprise. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not.

"Yeah... Taylor just crashed here last night mom" Leo says, the look on his face is insisting it was no big deal. Which it wasn't, but it just feels wrong.

"Ah right, well I hope you both had a good time at the party" she says.

"Oh the best" I smile, Leo unlike her, notices the sarcasm in my voice.

"Great... Well it was nice to see you again Taylor" his mom says.

"And you" I lie, before she wonders back into the kitchen. She seems nice, she just makes every situation seem awkward.

"Well thanks... I guess" I say.

"Your welcome" he smirks. "I'll catch you Monday" he adds, opening the door for me.

"Sure" I say.

"Well if you're still on for skinny dipping like you suggested last night?" He says, what an ass. I do recall saying something along those lines, but he has to say it now, giving me some form of embarrassment to ponder on, as I walk home.

"Dream on Leo" I say, leaving as fast as I can.

I get home and I'm ready to face plant my pillows, but they're all the way upstairs. I go into the kitchen, in search of paracetamol and a huge glass of water.

"Well hello there you dirty little stop out" Zac jokes. I punch him in the arm lightly, I have not got the effort to hit him with force, although I want to.

He so could have picked me up last night, instead he let Leo take me back to his.

"You jerk" I mutter, pulling the seal off a bottle of water. I chug it quicker than beer.

"Back so soon" Dad says sarcastically, walking into the kitchen. It's not good living with two males, they constantly take the piss out of me.

"Hey isn't that the dress you were wearing yesterday?" Zac jokes.

"Well obviously, as I didn't come home" I say harshly.

"So where'd you stay?" Dad asks, he's just wondering, he doesn't really care.

"Just at a friends" I say. I can see this conversation going badly.

"You sure it was at a friends?" Zac asks, raising his eyebrows, knowingly.

"You know where I was, so shut the hell up" I say.

"Oh right, at Leo's... Remind me, Chase is your boyfriend isn't he?" He says, crossing a line.

"You know Chase is my boyfriend, I was drunk, you could have picked me up!" I say, defensively.

"It was more interesting to leave you with Leo, he's a nice guy, what's your problem with him?" Zac asks, clearly trying to wind me up.

"I don't care if he's nice or not, I'm with Chase!" I say, trying to shout, but my throat is still dry.

"So nothing happened with you and Leo?" He says, he's like that best friend that's dying to know everything. He doesn't really want to know, he just likes to know so he can annoy me.

"If your asking did I hook up with him, no! Of course not!" I insist, but sadly I think I would have if Leo didn't push me away.

"Argh... ears are burning" Dad jokes, I kind of forgot he was here. I probably shouldn't talk about hooking up with guys in front of him.

"Sorry" I say, pulling an awkward face.

"Did you tell your sister about your mom?" Dad says, changing the subject. I start to panic, I hate my mom, what is there to know about her? I'm not sure whether I care or not.

"What?" I demand.

"Mom called, she wants to see us and she asked you to call her" Zac says, handing me the house phone.

"No thank you" I say, kind of laughing and denying the phone.

"Come on she misses us" Zac says. He's never held a grudge against mom, unlike me.

"No, as I've said before, I want nothing to do with her" I say, spitefully. She doesn't deserve to even have me call her 'mom'.

"She wants to take us on holiday" Zac says.

"That sounds like the worst thing ever" I say.

"Taylor stop being so stubborn, your mom misses you, you haven't seen her all year" Dad says. It's true, the last time I saw her was last Christmas, when we were living in Miami and she decided to visit us for a weekend. I'm surprised she took the time out of her stupid, busy career, to actually visit us.

"Why are you sticking up for her? She left you" I say, being mean. But dad is over it now, he's had loads of girlfriends since mom left him.

"So what, she's your mom" he says, almost laughing at how cold I'm being.

"No she's not" I say, leaving the room. They annoy me so much. I want nothing to do with my Mom.

I spend the rest of the weekend sleeping and watching TV. It's now Sunday and I want to go surfing, but I'm too embarrassed. If I bumped into Leo, I would probably die.

Surprisingly, Chase hasn't even spoken to me. We had a bit of an argument at the party. He is definitely sick of waiting, I think I'm just going to hook up with him, at least it will shut him up. It's no that big of a deal, I think I'm just paranoid of boys cheating on me again. Chase ended up leaving the party early, I'm certain I would have had sex with him if he had stayed.

"Tay I'm going out" I hear Zac shout. I take the time to pause my film, to go and see where he's going.

"Where?" I ask, stretching as I look down the stairs. I'm only just getting up and it's past midday and I'm still in my pjs.

"For a surf with Leo and a few other mates from uni" he says. The glare I give him says it all.

"You've got to be kidding me?" I say, with a grunt.

Why is he suddenly best buddies with Leo? This is a nightmare.

"Nope, what's the problem?" He asks, brothers don't understand anything.

"Stop being friends with Leo!" I demand, crossing my arms.

"Chill out sis, there's nothing wrong with the guy" he says, his voice is a lot calmer than mine.

"Urgh! Yes there is!" I say, storming back into my room.

There is nothing wrong with Leo from a guys point of view. But from a girls point of view, that have any sense at all, Leo is a womanising, self centred, popular and rebellious douchebag.

"You seriously need to calm it" he says, grabbing his board and leaving. He still has his board from America, God knows where mine went. I hate to admit it, but the board I got from Leo is so much better than my old one.

First Zac starts seeing Mia's sister and now he's becoming Leo's best friend. My brother is a huge pain in the ass.

I haven't spoken to anyone since Friday. I'm now walking to school and I'm nearly at the gates. In all honesty, I want to crawl into a hole and die. I must have made a right twat of myself on Friday.

I'm never drinking again. No that's stupid, of course I will.

The sun is so bright and it's boiling, all I want is to go surfing or something, anything but school. We've got a few minutes before class, so I head to my locker. I don't want to be late again, I can't deal with another chat with Mr Jenks.

Oh God, Chase is walking over. I desperately search for an escape route. Why do I have to be such an awkward person? I look him straight in the eyes and then look in the entire other direction, ending up hiding behind my locker door. What a fool I am.

"What are you doing?" Chase asks, thankfully he doesn't sound angry, he just sounds confused. I don't know why I'm so nervous, maybe it's because the last time I saw him was when we had an argument, or maybe it's because I spent all night flirting with Leo and not him. My guilt becomes stronger and I decide it's definitely due to the flirting thing with Leo.

"Just hanging" I say, does everything that comes out of my mouth, sound that stupid? I grab a book I don't need and shut the door. Now I have to look at him fully.

"Okay..." He says, dropping it "so how was the party when I left?" He asks, he seems fine, did he forget we had an argument?

"Erm... It was great, you should have stayed" I say, I'm so full of bullshit, the party was anything but great and I do not think he should have stayed at all.

"I heard you got wasted" he says, giving me a suspicious look.

"What? I wasn't that bad... Who erm... Who told you that?" I say, casually, but at the end I'm sort of shouting.

"Ash and Ruby just told me, why didn't you call me?" He asks. There's no way he cares that much, I bet he's just annoyed that he missed a chance In hooking up with me.

"Because I was fine, I just left early" I say, I'm going to hell for the amount of lies I tell.

"Is 2am early?" He says. How is it that he knows everything and he wasn't even there?

"Oh was it that late" I say, which makes him drop the conversation.

"Wanna go to form?" He asks. I nod and start walking. He puts his arm around my waist and it ends up falling down to my ass. He's so confusing, he was the one that started the argument and now it's all forgotten. I need to say something.

"So have you calmed down after the other day?"

I ask. I'm ready for him to go crazy at me now.

"Sorry about that, I'll calm down, I just want you so bad" he says, the look on his face changes from sorry to flirty.

"Yeah that's kind of obvious" I joke. Surprisingly he cracks a smile.

Mostly everyone is in our form room, were the late ones. He pulls me back as he leans against the display board on the wall. He roughly kisses me and I have no choice but to kiss him back. His hands hold either side of my waist, making me almost forget about everything. A minute later I hear someone walking up to the door, I don't push Chase away, this is getting kind of steamy. To be honest, I'll do anything to avoid him asking me questions about Friday night. Then someone clears their throat, I'm half expecting to see Mr Jenks when I look up. In a way I'm relived that it's not him, but it's kind of worse that it's Leo. I automatically shove Chase away and attempt to act like we weren't full on kissing outside form. Chase smirks at Leo, it's the sort of smirk that suggests he's having a good time.

"Oh don't mind me, carry on having sex in the corridor" Leo jokes. He always exaggerates like that, purely trying to be funny. I would tell him to shut up, but I feel even more guilty now. Leo probably thinks I'm a slut.

"You heard him" Chase suddenly says, looking at me like he expects me to continue kissing him. He can forget that. I grab my bag that had dropped to the floor and walk into class. Chase rushes on to his seat to talk to Ash, leaving Leo right behind me as I walk to my table.

"So much for dumping your boyfriend huh?" He says quietly, laughing as he sits down. What does he mean? Did I say I would dump Chase? When?...

Of course it was when I was drunk.

I sit down and let my hands smack my face as I lean on my palms.

"So have you recovered okay?" Phoebe asks, through gritted teeth.

"Nope" I mutter.

I'm kindly treated to the joys of Chemistry after lunch. I actually never used to mind chemistry. But at this sodding school, the teacher is a bitch and I'm stuck next to Leo.

"Alright?" He says, sitting beside me. I look at the grin on his face, his dimples showing, but I can't keep my eyes off of his amazing cheekbones.

"Yes I'm perfectly fine" I say, realising there's no need to let him get to me.

"I thought you would be hiding in embarrassment" he says. Why does he think he knows me so well? I reply with a look that shows I'm not bothered at all, but I kind of am.

"So you and Chase are good now?" He says. Jealous, that's what he is, it's the only reason he's asking.

"We're fine" I say, I'm not fine with Chase, but I don't want Leo to have the satisfaction of knowing that.

"If you say so" He says, turning to face the front of the class. He does my head in, he's trying to wind me up now, by acting like he's not bothered.

"...right get into groups of four again, we've got an experiment planned" Ms Martin says. Just hearing her voice pisses me off.

Leo gives me a smirk suggesting we will go together again. The last time we got into a group for an experiment, was when I first moved here, that was like two months ago now.

"We're going together" Chase says, suddenly in front of me. He's kind of controlling. In fairness, there's no one else I could go with in this class. He brings Freddie with him and were in the same group we were in last time.

"So you look like your feeling a lot better after Friday Taylor" Freddie laughs. Why is it such a big deal to everyone? It's not like I was the only person that was completely wasted.

"We're you really that bad?" Chase asks, somehow looking put off.

"She wasn't that bad" Leo says. He's obviously lying to stop Chase asking questions.

"Well it's a good job you took her back to yours, I bet your parents would have killed you"

Freddie says. I begin to think that my Dad wouldn't have cared at all, then I realise what Freddie just said. Oh God. There's no way of getting me out of this now, Chase is going to go mental surely.

"What? You took her back to yours?" Chase says, raising his voice a little bit. Is it that big of a deal? I suppose it kind of is.

"Erm... Yeah I did, she was worse for ware" Leo says, trying to make it out like it was nothing.

"So what... did you hook up with my girlfriend?" Chase says. He's taking all of his anger out on Leo instead of me.

"No course not" Leo says, I can tell he's getting pissed off with Chase now. Leo is so much more laid back, he's effortlessly trying to shut Chase up.

"But you want to right?" Chase asks.

"Just drop it, nothing happened and nothing will mate" Leo says. I suppose he said 'mate' to try and light up the mood.

"Both of you stop it!" I say, shutting them both up. I slouch back in my chair, pushing the palm of my hand against my forehead.

"What's going on here then?" Ms Martin buts in, as she hands out the worksheet for the experiment.

"Nothing!" I say, straight away.

"Ah Taylor, the only girl in a group with all boys, no surprise there" she mutters under her breath, but I hear every word she says. What a bitch, she can't be allowed to say that.

"What?" I say.

"Oh nothing, here's your sheet, your equipment list is on..." She begins, but I'm not letting her get away with saying that.

"I heard what you said" I say, standing up as I feel like she's looking down on me.

"Hey Taylor calm down" Leo says quietly, trying to help. I suppose he feels half to blame for how wound up I am now.

"No I won't, you can't say things like that, screw you" I say, she looks furious. I'm a bit of a coward, I let my temper get the best of me, but then I worry I've gone too far.

"Excuse me!" She says, almost laughing at how rude I just was. I have no other choice but to walk out, everyone has gone quiet and they were all watching.

I just said 'screw you' to a teacher, what is wrong with me? It's kind of funny. I want to crack a smile, but I think I'm going to be in a lot of trouble.

It's not long until the bell goes for the end of lesson. The first person that comes up to me is Leo. Chase has wondered straight off, he's probably still angry.

"What was that all about?" He asks.

"Didn't you hear her, she basically called me a slut" I say, I was offended before, but now I'm finding it sort of funny.

"Then why are you laughing?" He asks, smiling. I like it that he doesn't start getting all defensive and saying she was in the wrong, he sees it as no big deal, which surprisingly doesn't annoy me.

"I don't even know" I say.

"Whatever, look you should talk to Chase, he's got the wrong idea" he says.

"About Chase... What was that you said earlier? In tutor" I ask, jogging his memory.

"Nothing" he says, shortly.

"You said something about me saying I'd dump Chase" I say, I know he knows what I'm talking about. I bet he's worried that I'm going to flip at him, like I just did to Ms Martin.

"Well... You did say that on Friday" he says, dying to laugh.

"Of course I did" I say, feeling disappointed in my drunk self.

"Don't worry, I'll forget about it, catch you later" he says, I want to pull him back as he walks away. I probably led him on the other night, I'm so stupid. I go to catch up with him, but then I see Ms Martin storming up to me. She looks like she's about to break a sweat.

"There you are Taylor! Come into my classroom immediately" she says, gesturing for me to follow her back. I notice Leo hear everything she just said, he laughs lightly as he carries on walking.

I'm jealous of everyone else going to there next lessons, instead I'm stuck being confronted by this bitch of a teacher. At least I'll miss the beginning of maths.

"Would you care to explain the reason to your little outburst" she says, crossing her arms.

"I heard what you said Ms, that was really harsh!" I say.

"It was nothing but a comment Taylor-"

"Yeah a comment that your not allowed to say" I insist, surely she would get into trouble if the headmaster found out. It seems like she realises that it was a bad thing to say.

"Well, your not allowed to say what you said, so... detention, every night this week" she says, this is not at all fair. I think her menopausal personality is the reason for her being so vile.

"Your kidding me?" I say, with a breezy laugh.

"Nope and you better turn up, otherwise I'll be contacting your parents" she says.

"Fine" I say, walking out for the second time today.

Detention every day this week, that's like five hours of my life going to waste. Five hours that could have been spent surfing. That thought saddens me slightly.

After last lesson, I find Chase by the lockers and decide to talk to him before going to detention.

"Hey" I say, distracting him from the group of friends that surround him, but Leo isn't in the mix.

"What?" He says, I pull him aside as they've all started to listen in.

"Look I did stay at Leo's, but I was in the other room, why would I hook up with him if I haven't even hooked up with you?" I say, making it sound simple. I was not in the other room, I remember lying on Leo's chest and we slept in the same bed together all night.

"How do you know, weren't you pissed?" He says.

"Only a little bit, but I wouldn't sleep with him" I say, trying to get it trough his head. I'm in a way trying to tell myself that, I was very willing and tempted to hook up with Leo the other night.

"Seems like you won't sleep with anyone, I've been with you for ages Taylor!" He says, nearly yelling. Before I have a chance to reply, were interrupted.

"Ooh, lovers tiff?" Mia teases as she walks past. I hate her, she's like a fly you can't bat away.

"Just piss off Mia" I say, she's just increased my anger. Chase seems to agree with me telling her to get lost.

"Don't worry, I don't want to waste my time listening to your petty arguments" she says, swishing her blonde hair at us as she walks off, with her 'friends' right behind her.

"Promise me you wouldn't cheat on me and I will hook up with you" I say.

"You know I wouldn't" he says, that's what everyone always says, but it's just lies.

"Next week? Deal?" I say, although I'm not sure.

"Fine" he moans, still unhappy about waiting that long. "Your coming to the beach bonfire on Friday right?" He says, assuming I'll be there. He is back to his normal self now.

"Haven't heard about it" I say.

"Well we're going, everybody is" he says.

"Great, well I've got detention so see you later" I say, about to head off.

"Whoa, come on you gotta give me something to look forward to" he says, worrying me slightly.

"What?" I ask. He kisses me, running his hand down to my hip. I pull away, when his friends start making silly noises.

"Gotta go" I say, not too eager to get to detention.

He doesn't even say bye, he just lets me go.


I know it's Wednesday when I'm dreading working at the surf hut after school. Things still aren't right with my dad, but if I don't turn up, it will just make it worse.

Last lesson, I have sport. It's not bad, I'm joined by Luca, Ash and Chase. We also have Sport at the same time the girls do, so there's plenty of hot girls to look at, excluding Mia of course. She's still constantly bugging me about us getting back together. There's no way in hell I would ever want that to happen.

Sadly Taylor doesn't have sport In the same class, she's in the other group with Ruby. I haven't seen her since Monday. She's annoyed me a bit, I know she was drunk, but she said she would dump Chase and now she's fine with him. I really am going to keep my distance now, it's clear she isn't into me. Maybe I should find a new hottie to take surfing. Oh yeah, there's no other hot girls around here that surf, that's one of the reasons I like Taylor. I don't like her, I'm attracted to her.

For football, Chase is put on my team, I'm fine with him, but I can't say he's okay with me. I've told him nothing happened with Taylor, but it's like he's jealous.

During half time, we watch the other teams play.

"Alright guys?" I hear a girl say. It's Phoebe and she's joined by Zara. Somehow this feels better now, there's someone here that Chase hates more than me. Phoebe walks over to Luca.

"Skipping sport? I knew you had a bad side" Chase teases Zara. The way he looks at her is weird.

"I don't run" she protests, folding her arms. Zara is a typical girl, that hates sport and surfing and everything like that.

"We're doing the 100 metre race and she's given up" Phoebe laughs.

"I'm no quitter, I'm just having a break" Zara says, she seems pretty tetchy today, as usual really.

"You are a quitter" Chase says, purely trying to wind her up.

"No I'm not!" she insists.

"Yeah you are" he says, smirking at her now.

"What makes you think you know me so well?" She says, raising her eyebrows.

"Because I do know you well" he says, she huffs and walks back to their sports class. I suddenly remember back to my pool party the other month, Chase was pining after her for most of it. They've slept together and you would never know it. It's like there's unfinished business between them.

We carry on with our game for the rest of lesson. Everybody goes to the locker rooms, but the teacher makes me put the Footballs back in the store room. I stop before going in, as I hear voices.

"... Because you're always a jerk to me" I hear a girl say.

"You like it" I hear Chase say, in his usual flirting voice. I don't understand, that's not Taylor. They're still together, why would he be talking to another girl like that?

"You know you need to stay away from me" she says, and I now hear her fully as I've gone further in, but they're round the corner, so they don't see me. I realise that it's Zara. He's probably just bullying her like usual.

I quietly put the bag of footballs down in front of me. I'm curious to know what's going on with them.

"You don't want me to" he says. It then goes quiet and as I take a sneaky look around the corner and pretty much know exactly what I'm going to see. Zara is pushed against the shelves on the wall, Chase's hands are running down her side and they are full on kissing. They don't see me, but I storm out before I go mental. I knew, I knew all along there was something between them. I should have warned Taylor, why didn't I? Why does everyone cheat on her? If I was with her, I'd never do anything so stupid.

Zara is supposed to be her friend, Zac told me Taylor's ex had cheated on her with her best friend. It's like she's cursed and guys and her friends always screw her over like this.

She has a right to know, surly I should tell her. I doubt she would believe me if I did. Why does Chase have to be such a man whore? I'm glad Taylor hasn't hooked up with him yet, he doesn't deserve her. I'm not saying I'm better for her, but she could be with someone so much nicer than Chase, someone that actually cares about her.

I've lost all respect I ever had for him and Zara, I don't care if what's between them is a big thing or not, what they're doing is wrong. They've slept together before, so I wouldn't be surprised if they still were.

I hurry into the locker room and harshly shut my locker door as I head into the showers. I want to get out of here before Chase comes in, otherwise I think I'll beat him up. He goes crazy at Taylor for staying at my house when he's fooling around with another girl.

I've never been more eager to get ready and go to the surf hut. I put on my denim shorts and leave open my casual white shirt. After pulling on My grey lace ups, I head out.

It takes me exactly five minutes to get to the hut. For once, I'm actually on time. Dad can't have a go at me.

"Wow, surprised you've turned up" He says, looking up from the till screen.

"I'm not going to argue today Dad" I say, going straight to the desk at the back.

"No neither am I" he says, holding his hands up, like I'm accusing him.

"Good" I say, chucking my bag in the back.

"Look what I did for you today" he says, shoving a sheet in front of me.

"What?" I say, only skim reading it.

"Signed you up for the surf comp!" He says, far too encouragingly. It's typical he would do that without asking me, I wasn't even sure if I was going to sign up this year.

"Great... Thanks" I say, not too thrilled.

"What's on your mind?" He asks, sometimes he talks to me like we haven't been having arguments all the time. I don't get it.

"Nothing" I lie, there's no way I can tell him what I know about Chase and Zara. He would just accuse me of focussing on anything but school work again. He drops it and let's me carry on unpacking some surf equipment. It soon gets busy, which is a good thing, as I don't have to talk to Dad and I don't have to think about Chase, Zara and Taylor.

Two days later and I still haven't told Taylor. I can't, she would be so upset. I don't think she's even that into Chase, it's just the principal of him cheating on her. I should probably confront him about it, but he would lie and tell me I'm just being jealous. I've thought about telling Ash, but he would do the same. They will both be at the bonfire tonight, I hate seeing them together. She's always just stood there, unaware of what a dick he's being. I go into tutor, late again. I walk to my seat, where Chase is already sat beside.

"Alright" he says. Recently it's like he's forgot about last Friday, he's talking to me like normal now.

"Yeah good" I say, there's no way he would suspect how angry I am at him. It's weird, because I'm not an angry person, but knowing what I know, I've never been so pissed. Why I care so much about Taylor's feelings, I do not know. But knowing her boyfriend is cheating on her is driving me crazy. I really need to tell her. But how?

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