Kiss Me Already

When Taylor moves to Australia she quickly makes friends and meets lots of new guys, including Leo. In her opinion he is an annoying jerk, but they have a connection and many things in common. She tries to keep away from him and his rebel ways, but with his constant flirting, she finds it hard to keep away from him. Leo is interested in Taylor from the moment he meets her, even though he has a girlfriend, he is completely drawn to her. Will she ever accept that they are perfect for each other?

Written from both Leo and Taylor's points of view.


15. Chapter 15


This week has gone so slow, but it's finally Friday. Tonight will be great, as it's Ruby's party, but we still have six hours of classes to attend until then.

I'm actually early for Chem, but I have to go to my locker, as like usual I forgot my books. I take my time, not very eager to get to lesson.

"Hey!" I hear a very high voice. I'd recognise it immediately, which isn't a good thing.

"What do you want Mia?" I ask, not bothering to turn around to face her.

"So you're going to Ruby's party tonight right?" She says, I think I know where this is going.

"Yes obviously, she's my mate" I say, grabbing my books and shutting the locker door. I now have no choice of facing her, she's wearing a short, pink swing dress, I swear if she bent over you'd see her knickers. Her blonde hair is straight and flows over her shoulders as usual, her lips are drawn on like always. Now I'm looking at her, I think the only reason I was with her, was because she is good in bed. Or is she? She got kind of boring after a while.

"Well can I come with you?" She says, clamping her hands together, like she's about to beg.

"Erm let me think about that... No" I say, laughing to myself. There's so many reasons I don't want to take Mia, and so many reasons why she can't go.

"What! Why?" She moans. Pathetic must be her middle name, she's stood pretty close to me and pushing her chest out so much that I'm surprised her back isn't broke.

"Because we're not together anymore, you hate Ruby and the only reason you want to go is because everybody else is going" I say, I sound sort of harsh when talking to her, but she's so big headed that it wouldn't bother her. I am usually like this with Mia, when we first got together I did cheat on her, but I was a stupid kid back then. You'd think she would hate me for that, but she doesn't, to be honest it wouldn't surprise me if she had cheated on me when we were together. I'm so glad I dumped her, best decision I've ever made.

"I don't hate her, I hate her pointless and pathetic little friends" she tuts.

"Firstly, you do hate Ruby and secondly, her friends are just fine" I say, standing up for them, I don't see how they are 'pointless and pathetic'.

"I guess you're talking about Taylor" she says, jealousy is written all over her face. But to be fair, there is nothing for her to be jealous of.

"Not in particular no" I reply. I should be getting to Chem, but it's entertaining, watching Mia being so immature. She's still stood talking to me, even though there's loads of people walking up and down the corridor.

"What do you even see in her? She's a sad, tom boyish and desperate freak" she says, practically spitting the insults out. I was laughing before, but now I'm pissed off.

"Hey that's enough, don't talk about her like that" I say, raising my voice. Taylor isn't sad at all, she is hardly tom boyish and there's no way she is desperate at all.

"You know she's with Chase right?" She says, spitefully.

"Yeah of course" I say.

"Then why are you waiting around for a girl you can't have, when I'm right here and you can have me" she says, giving me flirty eyes.

"I'm not waiting around for her and I don't want you anymore" I say, ready to start yelling, when will she get it through her head?

"If you say so, but we could always go to the party together and you could come back to mine?" She suggests, running her hands around my neck and over my shoulders. For a split second I actually consider it, I could hook up with her without getting back with her. No way, she's a bitch and if I'm telling the truth, I'm not that attracted to her anymore. I smile a bit at her, purely leading her on, as I then roughly knock off her arms from my body.

"I don't want to sleep with you anymore, we had our fun, but now it's over" I say, she looks fairly offended.

"Why? Because you're so into Taylor now?" She says, her jealousy showing again.

"Look I'm not into Taylor at all, ok! I don't like her, so shut up about it!" I say, yelling this time. I'm saying I don't fancy Taylor, not that I don't like her, but I am sort of lying. How could anyone not fancy Taylor just a little bit?

She doesn't reply, instead she just stands there trying to keep a laugh in.

"What?" I say, why she's laughing at me I do not know. She nods behind me. I think I know what I'm expecting when I turn around. Taylor is stood with Zara. I'm 100% sure she heard that.

"Taylor... Crap, I'm sorry I-" I begin, but Taylor being Taylor, totally interrupts me.

"No it's fine, I don't really care if you hate me because I hate you too" she says, giving me a smug look. I'm satisfied that she's not bothered, she never lets anyone upset her. She's just offended and annoyed. She walks off with Zara and Mia continues to look pleased with herself, she must have seen Taylor coming. She's nothing but a troublemaker.

"Taylor wait, I didn't say I hated you" I say, having to run a little to catch them up.

"Oh yeah my bad, didn't you say 'I'm not into Taylor at all and I do not like her', I'm sorry if I'm such a horrible person" she jokes, trying to be smart-mouthed with me.

"Will you stop being sarcastic for once and actually listen to my apology" I say, I can't help but laugh a little, she's so sassy it's funny.

"I'll leave you guys to it" Zara says, walking off.

"You don't need to leave us, I'm not upset, you don't have to apologise Leo, I couldn't give a crap what you think about me"

She says, folding her arms.

"Is this because of what I said last night?" I say, raising an eyebrow, I can read her so well. I had basically told her that we should keep our distance because she's with Chase, the conversation didn't go down very well.

"I can't even remember the conversation we had last night" she says, looking anywhere but at my face, she's such a bad liar.

"I said we should keep our distance and now your fuming with me" I say.

"No I'm not, your right we should keep our distance, so leave me the hell alone" she says, about to walk off.

"You do know we've got Chem together now, right?" I laugh, I doubt she's very pleased about that.

"Ugh I hate you!" She says, storming off.

I've missed this side of Taylor recently, if anything I'm thankful to Mia for bringing it out of her.

Annoyingly, it turns out that were in a computer room now, so that means I won't be sitting by Taylor. She sits with Chase, but I can tell she doesn't want to be next to him. Maybe I should have just met her last night, something could have happened with them, I hope he isn't messing her about.

I meet Luca at lunch. We head to the canteen together. He's been very chirpy since he started seeing Phoebe.

"So how are things with you and Phoebe?"

I ask, I'm surprised he hasn't screwed it up yet.

"Good yeah, she's hot isn't she?" He says, getting excited just thinking about her.

"Yeah she's alright" I say, I've never really thought about it. Phoebe always wears her Amber brown hair in a high pony tail, curled at the bottom. She's not really my type, but she's pretty. It's more that she's too innocent for me. Luca is also innocent, until he unknowingly breaks girls hearts, other than that they are sort of good for each other.

"She's hot and I'm seeing her and I haven't said anything stupid yet" he says, surprised with himself. No one could knock the confident grin off his face right now.

"Don't speak too soon mate" I joke.

Once were in the cafeteria, he immediately spots Phoebe. She's sat with Ruby, Chase and Taylor.

"Let's go over" he suggests.

"I don't think that's a good idea" I say, remembering the last conversation I had with Taylor.

"Why not?" He says, not finding one reason why we shouldn't.

"I'm keeping my distance from Taylor, but you go over, I'll go meet Ash" I say. He agrees straight away and sits next to Phoebe.

Schools soon over, I go for a surf with Ash. Things are still off with my Dad, sometimes I wish I could just move out, instead of putting up with it. No one really knows about it, I don't tell my friends. Taylor is literally the only person I've told. It's no big deal, I just hate people being sympathetic with me.

I head home and thankfully Dad is still at work, it's Friday so he and my mom are probably going to the surf club for a drink. I could probably get out to the party, without crossing paths with him.

I take a shower and wrap a towel round my waist when I'm out. I rub some hair product through my hair and make it look messy. I grab a pair of black skinny jeans out my clean pile of washing and a grey t-shirt that clings to my abs. Before heading to the party, I pull a lighter grey denim shirt out my wardrobe and tie the laces of my black vans.

I chuck my shirt on over my top when I'm on my way to meeting Luca. Ash will have helped Ruby sort everything out and Chase is with Taylor, which is no surprise at all.

Ten minutes later we're at Ash's beach house. It sounds like a good party and were not even in the house yet. We're late as usual. The sea is coming in and even though the beach house is pretty lonely, it's quite noisy around here.

"Hey man" Ash says, as we walk out the back, where most people are. There's more people here than I thought there would be. There must be about forty. I find a beer for me and Luca and not long after, Phoebe and Ruby come over.

"Happy Birthday Ruby" I say, smiling.

"It's tomorrow, but thanks Leo!" She says, getting excited.

"Oh I have your card" Luca says, pulling a card with Ruby's name on it, out his back pocket. Crap, I forgot to get her anything. I've been distracted lately.

"Erm... Here" I say, searching my pockets. I find 30 dollars and hand it to her.

"It's fine" she says.

"No have it, sorry... forgot to get you a card" I say, feeling bad, but she doesn't care.

"Where's everyone else?" I ask.

"Taylor and Chase are in the kitchen" she says. I do feel like I need to talk to Taylor. Maybe not when Chase is around.

Luca ditched me for Phoebe earlier. Everyone has a girlfriend I swear, I'm sick of it. I hang out with a few guys, including Freddie, he's in my Chem class.

"So your done with Mia right?" He asks.

"Yeah definitely" I say. It's like Mia is a huge weight off my back. It was so stressful being her boyfriend. She doesn't have a day without bitching or moaning to you about someone.

"Why? Are you looking at cracking on with her?" I ask, frowning, only because it's a stupid thought for him to even have.

"Yeah she is hot" Freddie says.

"She's not that great" I say.

"Sounds like you've got your eyes on someone else" He jokes.

"No, I'm happy being single" I say.

"Does it even matter if your single or not? Didn't you cheat on Mia?" He asks, finding it funny. I don't feel bad about it.

"Yeah, but I've changed since then" I say, like I'm telling myself that.

"Where's the guy I used to know?" He says, before going to get another drink.

I'm soon joined by a quite tipsy Ruby. She's not stumbling anywhere just yet, but it's clear her head is spinning.

"There you are!" She says, surprised, even though I've been here all along. Ash has had a bit himself, so he doesn't notice it in Ruby.

"Yeah here I am" I say, acting surprised back.

"We are playing a game... Which involves drink, if you'd like to join in" she says, it's not even a question as she is already dragging me away. Ash leads us to the patio, where a few people are sat on the outdoor sofa and a couple of metal chairs.

"We need more people" she moans and goes into the kitchen to find people. God knows what we're playing, but I go along with it anyway.

I sit on the arm of the sofa that is closest to the patio doors that are wide open, people walk through every now and then.

"I haven't seen Luca and Phoebe" Ash says.

"He's really into her, he's probably hooking up with her as we speak" I laugh.

"Na, I'm not sure about that, Pheebs doesn't seem like the sort of girl to do that, they aren't together yet" he says, It is sort of funny, him referring to Phoebe as 'Pheebs', it must be the drink.

There's a few girls joining in the game, they are conveniently sat next to me on the sofa. Freddie comes over to join in and a couple of other lads. I grab a few beers out the cooler that's next to me, no doubt this will be a drinking game. I hear Ruby coming back.

"...Ruby seriously, drop it!" I hear Taylor say. This should be fun, looks like Taylor is joining us. A few people go quiet, they all hear Taylor's voice, she was speaking loud. I'm interested to know what they're talking about.

"Just tell me why" Ruby jokingly moans.

"Because I don't want to have sex with Chase yet, now shut up!" she says, loud enough for everyone to hear. I wait for her to walk out and notice. She sees me first, then looks at Ruby, blaming her for the current situation. Taylor is clearly very embarrassed, I feel bad for her.

"So... Drinking game?" I say, changing the subject so that the attention is off of her. I think she's thankful that I said that as she lets out a sigh of relief. I'm glad I heard what she said, she hasn't slept with Chase and she doesn't want to. I shouldn't be pleased about that, but I am. I'm supposed to be keeping my distance from her, but Chase is no where to be seen.

Taylor leans against the wall that backs onto the beach. It reaches her hips so she could sit on it. She seems very pissed off with her big mouth. That's when I notice how hot she's looking tonight, as always. It's a white dress, that flares out a little, it's tight around her waist with criss crossed cut outs showing her skin. It's short, but not slutty short. Unlike most of the girls here, she's not wearing stupid heels, that she can't walk in. Her hair is soft and wavy and she's added a black wired headband, it sits on the top of her head behind the front pieces of hair. I like it that she has a different style to every other girl around here, it's also a hot style.

"Never have I ever?" Ruby suggests. It's lame but I'll go with it.

"You start as your the birthday girl" Ash says, Ruby is sat on his lap.

"Erm okay..." She says, finding this exciting. "Never have I ever... Had sex in public" she says. She and Ash avoid there drinks, meaning they've never done that. But by the way they're acting, I'm guessing they're considering it. I take a long swig of beer, as I'm no liar. One other girl drinks, but that's it.

"Typical" I hear Taylor say under her breath and shaking her head.

"What was that?" I ask Taylor, smirking.

"Nothing, hey I need a drink Ruby" she says, she's got a knack for changing the subject.

"Here" Ruby says, going to the drinks table next to her. The shakiness of her hand means that Taylor is going to have more than a double shot.

"What have you put in this?" Taylor asks, just curious, she's not really bothered.

"It's red bull and vodka, try it you'll like it" she says, patting her on the head.

"I have tried it, I swear it makes me go crazy" she says. That doesn't sound like a bad thing, 'crazy Taylor' sounds interesting.

"Good then drink up" Ruby jokes.

"Never have I ever ended up naked and can't remember why" Freddie says. He along with the girl next to me and Taylor all drink. I wasn't expecting that, Taylor's is a lot more wild than she seems.

Damn Freddie, now all I can picture is Taylor naked. He looks at me, suggesting it's my turn. It's hard to think of something I haven't done. Then I think of an obvious one.

"Never have I ever slept with anyone in this group" I say. Ash and Ruby obviously drink, then a girl on the sofa and one of Freddie's mates drink. I'm satisfied with the awkwardness that question caused.

I look at Taylor, she's pretty absent from this game, there's something on her mind. It's obviously to do with Chase. I notice the drink has gotten to her a bit, she's kind of swaying.

"Your turn Tay" Ruby says. She doesn't look too pleased. She, like me is searching for something she doesn't have to drink to.

"Never... Have I ever... Been in love" she says, laughing, like she finds the word alone, entirely pathetic. Most people drink, including me.

For the next ten minutes, Taylor gives me judgy looks, as I've pretty much had to drink on every question.

First it was 'sex at school', then 'never have I ever walked in on someone', next was 'never have I ever took a girls virginity', the most recent was 'never have I ever kissed a stranger'. Who hasn't done all those things? Thankfully the drink has hardly touched me, I feel fine.

I want to know more about what Taylor has done. I'm giving her all my eye contact when I say "Never have I ever fooled around with someone at the beach" I say, she drinks and so do I, I don't notice if anyone else does or doesn't.

"Never have I ever slept with someone older than me" she says, drinking her vodka. I actually can't drink to that, I've never slept with anyone that isn't the same age as me.

"Never have I ever skinny dipped" I say, drinking immediately, but she doesn't. Now all I can picture is skinny dipping with her. I need to stop picturing Taylor in these situations, if she didn't look so flamin good then I wouldn't have to.

"Let someone else have a go guys" Ash laughs, as me and Taylor were taking this game pretty seriously.

Freddie convinces the girl next to me to have a turn.

"I seriously can't have anymore to drink" she moans, clearly a light weight.

"Erm..." She tries to think of something she can say, that she won't have to drink to.

"Never have I ever... Been cheated on" she says, like its the first thing that comes into her head. I'm not totally sure about that one, so I avoid my drink, so does everyone else. Then I remember what Zac told me about Taylor. She's had a couple of guys cheat on her I think. She takes a swig of her drink, catching everyone's attention. The cups nearly empty when she's finished. She's trying to act like she's not bothered, the way she always does, but it's clear she's a bit upset.

"I'm going to get air, I feel a bit sick" she says. It must be that vodka, as she's a bit unsteady when she stands up straight from the wall. She wonders off and I consider going to see if she's okay, but I've got to keep my distance. Besides, I'm sure she's fine, that girl never gets upset about anything, she just gets angry.

"This game is boring" Ruby says, even though it was her idea. One by one, people leave the game.

I chuck my beers in an empty box and grab another one.

"Where is Chase?" I ask Ash.

"I think Ruby said he left" Ash says, not really bothered. Then again, neither am I, I just want to know why he would leave without Taylor.

"You don't think somethings still going on with him and Zara do you?" I ask, I shouldn't be interfering, but I can't help it.

"No course not, you're just saying that because you wanna hook up with her!" He says, quite loudly, I could punch him sometimes.

"Well who doesn't? Have you seen her? But that's not the point" I say, shaking my head.

"Wow" Ash laughs.

"What?" I say, straight away. It's like he thinks he knows everything.

"Just... never thought I'd see the day that you wanna hook up with someone that you can't" he says, surprised. It's a good point, if I wanna sleep with a girl, then they will hook up with me. Taylor's different though, I don't think I'd have sex with her and then bin her off.

"We'll see" I say, I don't really know what that means, but Ash isn't paying attention anyway. He's had a few too many.

Outside there's still loads of people. I am soon joined by the girl that was sat next to me during the game. She's alright, quite curvy and has shoulder length, straight, blonde hair. She's being quite friendly with me, due to the cup of vodka and Cola in her hand. I recognise her from sport I think, but I wouldn't know her name.

"... So you having a good time?" She asks, running her hand over my shoulder.

"It's alright I guess" I say, it would be better if I was a bit more drunk, I'm getting there.

"Well... we could have some fun, want to go somewhere more private?" She asks, I can't get over how easy this girl is. I look down at her short black skirt and tight red top, with her black bra showing through the lace parts. I am sort of tempted.

"What's wrong with here?" I ask, now returning her flirting. She smiles and I drape my arm over her shoulder while I kiss her. I'm beginning to think about suggesting that we leave and go back to hers or mine. She runs her fake nails down the back of my shirt, just as were interrupted.

"Wow, so you really do kiss random people you don't know?" I hear a girl say, her strong British accent coming through. I pull away from the girl I'm kissing and see Taylor with a newly filled up drink in her hand. Just taking one look at Taylor, I realise I don't want to hook up with this blonde girl at all. She looks at me, expecting me to tell Taylor to go away.

"What? I guess your thinking I'm some kind of man whore right?" I say, smirking at her.

"Oh my god it's like you can read my mind" she says, sarcasm intended as usual. The huge smile on her face is definitely due to the booze.

"Well I'm not a man whore" I say, the blonde girl doesn't even care if I am one or not, she's so desperate to hook up with me, she must be a bit of a whore too.

"Oh really? Then would you tell me... What is this girls name?" She asks, smirking, knowing I haven't got a clue. I look back at the blonde girl, racking my mind trying to think. I obviously don't pay attention to the people I have sport with.

"Didn't think so, sorry Nicky he's a bit of a jerk" Taylor says to her, it's even more annoying that she knows her name and I don't. 'Nicky' looks at me, I guess hurt that I didn't know who she was.

"Thank you for the heads up!" She says to Taylor. She knocks my hand off her ass and pushes me back before storming away.

"Nice, thanks for ruining my chances of getting laid tonight" I say to Taylor, she knows I'm only joking.

"Oh you're welcome" she winces. Just looking at her, I can tell she needs some water.

"Looks like you've had a bit too much to drink" I say, finding this sort of funny.

"More like I haven't had enough" she argues. She's so much more laid back when she's had a few. "Actually, I'm gonna go get more shots".

I grab her back before she leaves.

"No I don't think so" I say. I can see her getting angry again, it's me, I have that effect on her.

"You can't tell me what to do! Now you can either join me" she smiles "...or you can leave me the hell alone" she says, no longer smiling. I've seen her angrier, by now she would have knocked my hand off her waist, but she hasn't.

"I'll have to join you then" I say, I know that's not the answer she was hoping for.

I end up hanging around with her for the next twenty minutes or so, in which time she's had at least three more shots. We haven't had much chance to talk, as the music is really loud and she's talking to Ruby. She's getting worse, I should really intervene. After taking another shot, I've decided she has had plenty now.

"Taylor" I shout over the music, even though she's right next to me.


"Come with me" I say, gesturing outside and taking her hand. It's not like I'm holding her hand, it's more like I'm pulling her out the room. The warm breeze messes up her hair when we're outside, but she still looks gorgeous.

"What's this all about?" She asks, laughing.

"Maybe I just want to talk to you for a bit" I say, leaning against the wall. If we have a normal conversation, it'll probably take her mind off the shots.

"What do you want to talk about?" She asks. I can't help noticing her voice is a bit flirty.

"What's going on with you and Chase?" I ask, genuinely wanting to know.

"He's an ass, but I'm still with him, why?" She says. All I want to know is why he's being an ass to her, but I doubt she's In the mood for talking about him.

"That's a shame" I say, smirking.

"What is? That I'm still with him?" She asks, raising her eyebrows, she can be sort of kinky when she wants to be. I nod in response.

"Then why are you hooking up with desperate girls you don't even know? If you want to be with me?" She asks. I like this confidence in her voice.

Her speech is fine, so I think alcohol affects her coordination as she's pacing all over the place.

"So are you jealous?" I ask, holding her arm, she needs some support or she will be on the floor in a minute. She looked after me when I was drunk the other week, so it's only fair I do the same for her.

"You can't do that!" She moans, laughing.

"Do what?" I ask, assuming she's talking about me putting my hand on her arm.

"Answer a question with a question!" she says, exaggerating.

"Well I'm not hooking up with other girls all the time, I've hooked up with one since I dumped Mia" I say, it's the truth.

"Your still a player" she says.

"Thank you" I joke.

"I've been in this town... how long? And I haven't slept with Chase yet" she says, pointing out the facts. I'm still glad about her and Chase.

"Why's that?" I ask. Somehow, she's closer to me than she was. It is kind of like torture, seeing her in this amazing dress and knowing I can't have her, or can I?

"Maybe I don't want my heart broken again" she says, a bit more serious now.

"Are you okay after earlier?" I ask.

"Earlier?" She says, confused.

"During never have I ever, you drank when they said never have I ever been cheated on" I say.

"Oh, yeah I'm fine, you can't lie right?" She jokes.

"Taylor" I say, holding in a laugh, she needs to realise I can see right through her.

"I'm being serious" she says, fake smiling.

"You can tell me, Zac kind of told me about... Your ex" I say, worried of her reaction, as Zac told me not to tell her he told me.

"Okay well I am a bit upset" she says, lowering her head. Crap, I shouldn't have asked, I can't cope when girls cry, I'm the worst person to have to comfort someone.

"Well... You shouldn't let it get you down" I say, is that the best I can do? She looks back at me and suddenly cracks a smile and a laugh.

"I'm kidding Leo" she says, finding it hilarious. I think that deep down she's not entirely kidding.

"Oh man, you little..." I tease, about to jokingly nudge her, but she stops my arm and pushes me back against the wall. I laugh and push her back and then round so she's the one against the wall. Our body's are nearly touching, my lips are only a few centimetres from hers. I'm so tempted. Why does she have to be with Chase? It's not fair, he's not right for her. I'm that close that I can smell the vodka on her breath, along with the sweet smell of her perfume. She's more up for it than me, she's giving me a little smile. She's so damn hot and flirty and loads of other things.

"Your with Chase" I point out, regretting saying it already. She runs her hand over my grey top and then drapes her arm around my neck. She's practically leaning against me, her bare legs are touching my black, skinny jeans.

"I don't care" she says quietly. I swear I'm about to go along with it, just as I'm going to kiss her, I'm interrupted by my phone ringing. I pull it out, planning on ignoring it. I'm such a bad mate to Chase, I was just about to kiss his girlfriend without a care in the world. Surprisingly she looks pretty hopeful that I'm going to ignore my phone.

"Who is it?" She asks, impatiently.

"My Dad" I say, sighing.

"Things still off with you two?" She asks. Her voice is slurring, it's a good job I stopped her having anymore shots when I did.

"If you mean is he still being a jerk, then yes" I say. It's usually like this when he argues with me, it just goes on and on.

"You going to answer it?" She asks, dropping her arm from my neck.

"No" I say shortly and pull her even further towards me. I shouldn't be doing this, but I really can't resist her. Technically we can blame it on the drink, I'm quite tipsy now, sort of.

"Give it here" she laughs, snatching my phone from me and sliding the icon across answering the call. What is she doing?

"Taylor what the hell?" I ask, sort of panicking inside, but I still seem pretty chilled. Is she just doing this to avoid what was going to happen with us?

"Hi Pete" she says, in a happy voice answering the phone.

"Oh man" I say, letting my face fall in my hand. A drunken phone call off Taylor, I'm sure that's what my Dad wanted. I try to grab my phone, but she holds me back. I'm obviously stronger than her, but I don't want to fight to get my phone.

"At least put it on speaker" I say, which she actually does.

'Who is that? Mia?' Dad asks.

"No! It's Taylor, God... what an insult" Taylor laughs.

'Oh hello Taylor, is Leo there?' He asks.

"Yeah he's right here, but... I need to talk to you about him" she says, what on earth is she going to say. I'm half finding this funny and half finding it awful.

"Just hang up" I say quietly.

'What might that be?' Dad sighs over the phone.

"Leo is like... Great and he's a lot more clever than you think and ..." She says, I sort of laugh, finding it sweet she's sticking up for me. But in all honesty, she's just making it worst.

"Look stop its fine" I say, now trying to grab my phone.

'I never said he wasn't clever' Dad says, but he's full of crap. He's putting on a voice that suggests he's got no clue what Taylor is going on about, he would never admit to anyone that he sees me as a disappointment.

"You so did, you're really harsh on him... You shouldn't be so horrible to him it's not fair!" She says. This is getting worse and worse.

"Taylor give me the phone" I say, yanking it out of her hand.

"What's up dad?" I say, putting it off speaker.

'If your a decent guy son, then you want to sort her out, I'm not even there and I can tell she's off her head' he says, being all serious with me. Does he think I'm not a decent guy? He pissed me off so much.

"I know what I'm doing, now what do you want?" I say, losing my temper a bit.

'Where the hell are you?!' He asks.

"Mates birthday party" I say.

'So getting pissed yourself then are you?' He says, with that disappointed voice.

"Oh leave it alone Dad" I say, getting irritated and hanging up. I'll pay for that in the morning.

Taylor just stands there laughing.

"Your crazy" I say.

"What for sticking up for you?" She says.

"Yes, but thanks" I say, smiling.

"More shots?" She suggests. I was almost convinced she forgot about that. It's like she's totally put aside what nearly just happened with us, I should have cancelled the call before she had a chance to answer it. Why am I so determined to ruin her relationship with Chase, just so she will hook up with me instead?

It's like her mood has instantly changed, she's now looking sort of dizzy and holding onto the wall. She slides down so she's in a knee hugging position.

"Oh man what now?" I say, kind of laughing. You'd never get bored in Taylor's company that's for sure.

"I feel... Really..." She begins. I assume the next word is going to be 'sick'.

"Like your going to be sick or?" I ask, crouching down in front of her. She looks fine to me, but from her voice she's clearly feeling the side affects of drinking.

"Red bull and vodka, what the hell was I thinking?" She asks, sort of panicking as she quickly gets up and half walks, half jogs, inside to the toilet. She's going to be so embarrassed when she sobers up in the morning. I wait outside the toilet, while she insists that I'm not allowed in, I don't want to go in anyway.

Everyone is still partying and having fun, but I'm not jealous, I'm happy looking after Taylor. I do care, but it's sort of entertaining at the same time. I can't wait to see her reaction in the morning, when she starts to remember everything. It will be priceless.

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