Kiss Me Already

When Taylor moves to Australia she quickly makes friends and meets lots of new guys, including Leo. In her opinion he is an annoying jerk, but they have a connection and many things in common. She tries to keep away from him and his rebel ways, but with his constant flirting, she finds it hard to keep away from him. Leo is interested in Taylor from the moment he meets her, even though he has a girlfriend, he is completely drawn to her. Will she ever accept that they are perfect for each other?

Written from both Leo and Taylor's points of view.


14. Chapter 14


Today is going too long. Maybe it's just because I'm confused. Chase hasn't even tried to talk to me, what an ass.

As soon as the bell goes after last lesson, I head straight out.

"Hey Tay!" I hear someone shout, whilst I'm power walking out the front gates. I turn around and see Ruby and Zara. I slow down and let them catch up to me, but I kind of want to go.

"What's up?" I ask, walking with them.

"Tonight, my place, were organising Friday and I need you" Ruby says.

"Tonight? What time?" I ask. I'm meant to be meeting Leo in an hour.

"Is six okay?" She asks.

"Oh yeah that's fine" I say, I don't think I'll be at the beach for more than two hours.

"Why? What else are you doing?" She asks, giving me a suspecting look. It's no secret, but I don't want to tell her that I'm seeing Leo, they might judge.

"Nothing, I've... Just got some work to do" I say, it's no lie, but I won't be doing it tonight.

"Oh okay" she says, dropping it. "How's you and Chase? Have you spoken to him yet?" She asks.

Before I have chance to reply, Zara is on my case.

"What you and Chase are having problems?" She says. I can't tell if she's surprised or worried, either way it's concerning me. "Why?" She asks, sort of desperate to know.

"He just pissed me off this morning, he was annoyed because I'm going surfing with Leo" I say, getting angry remembering it.

"Oh that's understandable, he's probably worried that your into Leo" she says. Why is she sticking up for Chase? She 'hates' him.

"It's not understandable, I thought you were my friend" I say, crossing my arms.

"I am, I'm just saying, maybe he's just jealous, do you like Leo?" She asks. Why does Zara care?

"No of course not, he's a friend!" I protest.

"Guys calm down, just drop it" Ruby says, trying to be a peace maker.

"I'm not going to drop it, now I know where your loyalties lie" I say, I'm being harsh, but so is she.

"Taylor don't be so dramatic" Zara tuts. I think I have a right to be dramatic.

"See you later" I say to them, walking off. What's everyone's problem with me today?

I'm so angry. First Chase now Zara. I don't want to see either of them right now.

I walk back slowly and change when I'm there. I put on a dark red bikini and throw on a pair of small black shorts. When I'm on my way downstairs, I grab my board and black converse.

"Where are you off to?" Zac says, lurking in the kitchen doorway.

"No where" I say, eager to leave.

"Oh I've not been there, is it any good?" He says, like a sarcastic jerk.

"Shut up" I say, through a sigh.

"What's got you in such a mood?" He says, looking weary of what to say.

"Nothing!" I insist.

"Seriously Tay, your so hormonal" he laughs, that just annoys me even more. "Where are you off to though?" He asks, why can't he just leave me alone and drop it.

"Out" I say, shortly.

"Who with? The boyfriend?" He says, raising his eyebrows and smirking.

"No actually" I say, surprisingly telling the truth.

"Whatever... I might not be in when you get back, I've got myself a date" he says, looking impressed with himself.

"No, not with Hannah?" I say, dreading his response.

"Yep, I'll be seeing her in three hours" he smiles, looking at the time on his phone.

"You disappoint me brother" I say, in an exaggerated voice. I leave him looking pleased with himself, as I walk out the house. He is annoying, but he can't make me more angry than Chase and Zara have made me today.

I take a slow walk over to the beach and text Leo when I'm there. It takes less than two minutes for him to reply.

'I'm running late, want to meet at mine?' He says. I agree and try to remember my way to his. As I'm walking up his street, I remember his party. It seems like ages ago now, which it sort of was. When I walk up his drive, I'm kind of nervous. I don't know why, maybe I'm just remembering the other week when he kissed me, it was so awkward.

I knock his door and try and forget about it. But I keep picturing him leaning in. God pull yourself together Taylor.

"Hello?" A woman says, answering the door. I panic, instantly thinking I've stupidly walked up to the wrong door. Then I think sensibly and realise it's probably Leo's mom. Somehow the sight of her, gets the image of Leo's lips on mine, straight out of my head. She has shoulder length, wavy blonde hair and I can see she has similar eyes to Leo. She's the exact type of person I would have seen his Dad with.

"Oh hi, erm... Is Leo in?" I say, nervously. She was looking at me like I was some sort of door sales woman.

"Yes, who might you be?" She asks, a quite big smile forming on her face.

"Hi I'm Taylor?" I say, with a little wave.

"Oh of course, Leo mentioned you" she says.

"Okay" I laugh. Leo talks about me? I stand awkwardly, while she remains smiling at me.

"So Leo?" I ask, sort of looking through the doorway, I did ask where he was. She's about to reply when he walks past.

"Oh hey Taylor" he says, stopping to smile.

"Come in" he says. I leave my board outside and follow his mom in.

"I'll just grab my stuff, won't be a minute" he says, before going upstairs. Leaving me alone with his mom again.

I'm not good at small talk.

"So you and Leo are friends then?" She asks, far too enthusiastically. What is she getting at?

"Erm... I suppose" I say.

"Well your a lot nicer than that Mia girl he used to be with" she says, pulling an off put face when mentioning Mia's name. She's definitely got the wrong idea now.

"Oh no... Me and Leo, we're not a thing" I say, using hand gestures, really not knowing how to word this.

"Aw that's a shame, you never know what might happen" she says, excitedly. She seems nice and everything, but it's like she's forcing Leo on me.

"I'm actually with Chase, Leo's friend" I say, assuming I'm still with Chase, but who knows?

"Oh really? Didn't expect a girl like you to be with... Well... Him" she mutters. What does she think of Chase? She doesn't seem to like him. Should I be concerned by that?

"Erm... Well–" I begin, not even knowing what I'm supposed to say to that.

"Ready to go?" Leo says, saving me.

"Yes" I say immediately. She soon forgets the conversation and says bye to him. As we're walking down the drive, I notice he's now shirtless, he wasn't before. Why does he have to be so distracting? He's in such good shape, it's clear he's strong and works out a lot. He has really good arms.

"What are you looking at?" He laughs, catching me staring. Crap.

"Erm... Nothing" I say, looking at the ground. Why am I such an idiot? He clearly knows what's been going on in my head in the past ten seconds.

"Oh really? Looked like you were staring at me" he says, winking. He's definitely back to his normal self.

"Well I wasn't" I say, raising my voice. I do that when I get nervous.

"If you say so" he says, taking in a long breath.

I spend the whole way to the beach, silently convincing myself I'm an even bigger idiot than I thought.

We go in the sea and mess about on our boards for a while. It's actually longer than a while, as when we're out and I check my phone, it's like half six. I was meant to be going to Ruby's at six, but if Zara will be there, I'm not sure if I want to go. I have a text of both of them, that I'm not prepared to open just yet.

"What's up?" Leo asks, casually. He's drying his hair with his towel whilst talking to me, making it all messy.

"I fell out with Zara too" I say, laughing. I don't know why I'm finding it funny.

"Why?" He asks, sort of interested to know.

"She was sticking up for Chase when I told her about the situation" I say.

"Really? That's surprising" he says.

"That's what I thought, she's supposed to hate him" I say.

"Who knows with those two" he says, whilst checking his phone.

"What do you mean?" I ask, he says its like Chase and Zara are sometimes fine with each other and then sometimes they hate each other, which just confuses me.

"Nothing... Forget it, I need to get going, see you round" he smirks, before walking away whilst texting.

What was he getting at?

I stop by Ruby's at around seven, after dropping of my board and grabbing a white crop top. She answers the door and for a minute I think Zara isn't here, then I hear her laugh from the next room.

"You heard me when I said 6pm right?" Ruby says. I'm always late, it's normal for me to show up late.

"Yeah sorry, I was... Doing something" I say, not wanting to go into detail.

"So Zara is here huh?" I ask, quietly. I don't know where I stand with her.

"Yeah, it's just the two of us" she says.

"Where is Phoebe?" I ask, hoping she would have been here.

"She's on a date, with Luca" she says, wrinkling her nose, finding it sweet.

"No way, that's actually happening?" I say, covering my mouth, it is cute.

I didn't think they would actually go on a date.

"Yeah bless her!" Ruby says. She has a way of belittling people, it's no surprise that Phoebe is going on a date. But she makes it seem like a huge deal.

I follow her into the next room, not looking forward to seeing Zara.

"You made it" she says, when I walk in. It's like everything is fine with us. In fairness, it was me that got pissed off with her.

"Yeah" I say, she can tell I'm still annoyed.

"Look lets forget earlier, but I am sorry, Chase is a flaming ass hole" she says, you'd think she has had a drink, but she's just very argumentative, especially when it comes to Chase.

"Hey that's my boyfriend you're talking about" I joke, acting serious for a moment and then laughing. I dropped the pissed off act pretty quickly.

"Haha, so we're good?" Zara asks.

"Yeah sure" I say, slumping into a seat next to her.

I said Chase was my boyfriend, but I'm not sure what's going on with us.

After ordering pizza, Ruby insists we start talking about her party. It's pretty delayed planning, considering its in four days.

"What do we actually need to plan? You've invited people and you've got alcohol sorted" I say, I can't think of anything else she needs.

"Yeah true" she says, taking another slice of pizza. I'm not sure about this party, after Leo's, I don't want to get drunk. I think of how much of a jerk Chase is, when I remember him ditching me at the pier. What kind of guy does that?

I pop to the toilet and when I'm back, Ruby shoves my phone in my hands. I give her a weird look, wondering what's going on.

"Your phones going crazy!" She says. I look to see two missed calls from Chase.

"Now he wants to talk to me" I say, huffing, I toss the phone back on the sofa where it was. Two minutes later, and it's ringing again.

"Just answer it, see what he's got to say" Ruby says. I don't really care about what he's got to say.

"Yeah and tell him Zara thinks he's a jerk" Zara says, walking out to the kitchen to grab a drink. Does she hate Chase that much, that she can't even stay in the room whilst I talk to him?

'What do you want?' I ask, answering my phone. Ruby sits next to me, trying to hear what he's saying.

'Sorry about earlier, I've talked to Leo, I know he's not into you at all' he says. The only thing that I take from that sentence, is him saying Leo isn't into me at all. I don't know why I care. I'm not into Leo either.

'Why didn't you listen to me when I told you that?' I say, not in a hurtful voice, more of a pissy voice.

'Just hear me out' he says, I can tell from the way he's talking, that he's not even bothered.

'Oh sod off Chase, I don't care what you've got to say' I argue. I look at Ruby, who is now laughing at me. Why shouldn't I stand up for myself?

'You at Ruby's?' He asks.

'Maybe, why?' I say, I should have just said no, I fear I know what he's going to say now.

'I'm with Ash we're coming over'


'But...' I begin, before he hangs up on me.

"He's coming round" I sigh.

"Oh great... Just make up with him, it was a silly thing to fall out over" she says, I know she's only trying to help, but I don't agree with anything she is saying.

Zara rejoins us and doesn't seem bothered about knowing what Chase wanted, but Ruby tells her anyway.

"What he's coming round? Great" she moans.

"Maybe I'll just go home and you can tell him to leave" I suggest.

"Hell no, you're staying and you're talking to him" Ruby says.

They get here not long after. Ruby answers the door, even though I begged her not to. They have to walk in because me and Zara stayed in the lounge.

"You alright Ash" I say, spitefully ignoring Chase. I've noticed being childish pisses him off. He should have a taste of his own medicine.

"Can we talk?" He suggests, it annoys me because he's almost laughing, it's like he's trying his luck and he's not that bothered if I say yes or no.

"Why would she want to talk to an idiot like you?" Zara says. She looks pleased with herself for offending him.

"Zara" he says, not noticing she was in the room until now. His voice went more serious when he said her name, what does that mean? They exchange comments, slagging each other off, until I've had enough.

"Look I know that-" I begin.

"Know what?" Chase says, immediately. He looks from Zara to me, seeming pretty tetchy.

"Know that you hate each other, why? What did you think I was gonna say?" I ask, sort of worried.

"Nothing, but you're right, we do hate each other" he says, whilst Zara rolls her eyes at Chase, before she walks out. Ash and Ruby follow, leaving me with him.

"Will you stop being so stubborn and listen to me" he says. He doesn't say it in a jokey way like Leo would, he's clearly quite agitated with me. I don't know why, it's his own fault that I'm annoyed.

"Go on then" I say, sarcastically, but he doesn't realise that.

"I just didn't get why you were going surfing with Leo, you hate him" he says. It feels wrong when he says that, I'm not sure how I feel about Leo now. On more than one occasion, I've referred to him as my friend, but I'm not sure about that either.

"Yeah you're right... I hate him" I say, I forget he's even in the room, it feels like I'm telling myself that.

"Good, then you aren't going to sleep with him before you sleep with me" he says. What a weird thing to say, but I forget about it.

"Is that all you care about, having sex with me?" I say, looking a bit put off.

"Come on I'm joking" he says, looking less serious when he laughs. He's annoying me still, but maybe I'm just being dramatic. He grabs my hand and I don't push it away. You'd think that considering we've just had a fall out, he would just kiss me on the cheek, but he doesn't goes in for a proper kiss. I go along with it, but pull away when the others interrupt us.

"I'm going to go, I've got homework to do" Zara says, her voice is a lot gloomier than normal. She leaves and Ruby then suggests we all go to the beach. I don't really want to, I've already been surfing today.

"So we're good?" Chase asks, on the way. It's like he already knows the answer, or he knows the answer he wants to hear.

"Yeah sure" I say, he slings an arm around my waist and pulls me close to him. Somethings just not right, I feel like I can't be myself around him.

After a drink, all I want is to go home. Ash and Ruby leave us, most likely to go hook up. Which doesn't help, as Chase is clearly jealous.

"What do you think about coming back to mine?" He suggests, running his hand through my hair and down to my shoulder.

"Fine" I say, shortly. There's not an ounce of enthusiasm in my voice.

"Come on Taylor! I thought you said we were good!" He says, nearly shouting. He straight away pulls his hand from my shoulder. He's got a bad temper that's for sure.

"Yes, okay, we're fine, now calm down" I say, acting more myself, I try and laugh it off. I don't want to argue with him, I hate shouting when I don't have to.

"So back to mine?" He says, a bit less angry. I don't want to go, but I feel bad if I don't.

"Yeah sounds great" I say, smiling, which excites him. I must be a good actress or something, as I don't feel like smiling at all right now.

I've been to his house before, but this time it's different, because I don't want to be here. His Mom and Dad are in, which makes me nervous, I haven't met them yet. He tries to sneak me straight upstairs, but that doesn't work. His mom hears the door slam and walks out the kitchen into the hallway.

"This must be your new girl then son" she says, I think she's tipsy, she's got half a glass of red wine in her hand and she seems far too upbeat for a weekday evening.

"Mum this is Taylor, Taylor this is Mum" he says, still holding my hand, but only loosely. He's hoping we can go up to his room, I sort of think I'd rather talk to his parents for a bit, but I've had enough of meeting people's moms today.

"Aw aren't you a pretty one" she says, smiling. She seems too familiar with meeting girls Chase brings home, which sort of puts me off.

"Thanks" I say, with a fake grin.

"We're going upstairs" Chase says, blatantly.

"Great, nice to meet you... Taylor" she says, like she doesn't really care what my name is.

He pulls me into his room and shuts his door behind him. Not that he should care, his mom seemed completely unbothered about him having girls in his room. I'm not in the mood for fooling around with him, but he's called me a prude once before and I don't want him to think that. I'm far from a prude and deep down, I think he knows that.

I run my hands down to the hem of his top, attempting to pull it off, but I can't as he's pulling mine off. He kisses my collar bone and sneakily pulls the tie undone to my bikini. It's only the neck strap so I'm not totally exposed just yet. I feel pretty heated, but that's just because of what he's doing, not because it's him.

"I seriously want you" he murmurs in my ear. He pulls his own shirt off, he's quite controlling in this situation, not that I care. I might be teasing him, by kissing him more and pulling my hands down his back, but I'm almost sure I don't want him. Something is off with him, I guess I'm still worried this is all he wants me for. He starts unbuttoning my small shorts, pulling them down fast. When you live by the beach, guys see you in your bikini all the time, but this is about to get further. The only reason we are here, is because Leo told him he isn't into me at all, I can't help wondering if he actually meant that. Why does Leo always come into my head when I'm with Chase?

He grasps at my hips for support, as he kisses down my body, before pushing me back onto his bed. I feel sort of shaky, but I'm still certain I don't want to hook up with him yet. How are you supposed to say that? 'Sorry can we stop now' or 'actually lets not go this far', they're both lame, and I'm not saying them. I forget about it when he slips his hand behind my back, reaching for the fasten to my bikini top. He kisses my neck and I stroke my hand through his dark brown hair, it's not as nice as Leo's dirty blonde hair but never mind. I make a mental note 'shut up about Leo'. I'm going to start picturing his face in a minute, which isn't good, I'm with Chase.

Over the past couple of minutes he's lightly whispered comments, I guess to try and 'seduce' me or whatever. He pulls open his bedside drawer and grabs a packet. Just hearing it, I sit up straight away. All of a sudden the most recent guys I've been with pop into my head, I've been through this with all of them and it's ended badly.

"What?" He asks, confused. He tries to kiss me again, but I push him away.

"We haven't been together long enough, I'm not this easy" I say, it's a good enough excuse. It's not entirely an excuse, as that's kind of how I feel.

"We've been together ages" he says, shaking his head. Why doesn't he get it? And if he thinks two weeks is ages then I'm worried.

"No we haven't" I say.

"But you've done this before, what is the big deal?" He says, finding it pathetic.

"Yeah, but they all screwed me over" I say, not really wanting to go into detail about it.

"Well sorry Taylor, but that isn't my fault" he says, no sympathy in his voice, not that I want sympathy, but he clearly doesn't give a crap.

I get off his bed and pull my clothes back on.

"Just give me a few days" I say, I don't know if that's long enough.

"Sure, if your not up for it, then I'll see you tomorrow" he says. It's like he's dismissing me.

"Whatever" I say (clearly annoyed) and walk out. I rush down the stairs and quickly go out the door, it would be a pretty awkward encounter if his mom walked out now.

I feel embarrassed, God knows why. I did the right thing, I'm sure I did. It's quarter to ten, but I don't want to go home. I go to the beach where I feel most at home. I look like a middle aged, alcoholic when I find myself sat at the bar, alone. I'm sort of proud of myself for not letting him use me. But I still feel like he thinks I'm an idiot.

I walk over to the other side of the bar, that is right above the sea. I need some fresh air. Actually I need some company.

I must have spoken too soon, as two seconds later, three girls walk over to me. I sigh inside, as its Mia and two of her minions.

"What do you want?" I say.

"Drinking on your own? That's pretty lame"

She says. The bitch.

"It's actually none of your business what I do" I say, snapping at her.

"Whatever, I thought You'd be off with Chase, or are you on to another guy now?" She asks, it's not really a question, she's just being harsh.

"Why do you care who I'm seeing?" I say.

"I don't, I couldn't care less, but I just want to make it pretty clear that Leo and I will be back together soon" she says.

"Like I care" I say, laughing, she's so immature.

"I think you do, I've heard you've been going surfing with him a lot" she says.

"Who cares? I can go surfing with whoever I want" I say, getting defensive as usual.

"When I get him back, you better keep away from him, he's not interested in some desperate little slut that would hook up with any guy she sees" she says, pulling a 'I'm better than you' look at me. I turn my back on her and she leaves me alone. I feel like the comeback she came up with, was a perfect description of herself. I'm still a bit offended.

I call Zara and ask her to come meet me, but she said she was busy and soon ended the call. Ruby and Ash are together and Phoebe could still be on her date with Luca. I have no one else to ask. I could just go home. I think about it, but then I decide to call Leo.

'Alright? What's up?' He says, I think part of me was hoping he wasn't going to answer.

'Hey, yeah I'm good, just wondered if you fancy meeting me for a beer, I'm on my own like a saddo' I say, laughing lightly.

'Why? Where's everybody else?' He asks. I tell him everyone's busy, deciding to lie a little, by telling him Chase is also busy.

'So you two are good then?' He asks, I'm not sure if he's surprised or not.

'Yeah he told me you spoke to him, so are you going to meet me?' I say.

'I don't think that's a good idea Taylor' he says, like we were about to do something forbidden.

'Why?' I say, almost laughing, what's wrong with going for a beer?

'I just think we should keep our distance, your with Chase' he says, like he's the one with his head screwed on properly.

'Forget it then, see you round' I say, getting sassy with him.

'Don't be like that' he says, letting out a sigh, but he still sounds as laid back as usual.

'Well I should probably hang up now, you know because we're keeping our distance' I say, in a piss taking voice.

'Come on Taylor-" he begins, I can picture him smirking as he's saying it, so I hang up.

I give up and walk home.

I can't believe today's look when I walk in and see Zac in the lounge with his arm around a girl. No doubt she's Mia's sister. I scream inside. Mia and her sister in one night, I can't deal with this.

"Hey Tay, this is Hannah" he says, I have no interest in getting to know her.

"Oh hi, it's great to meet you, your the sister right?" She says, a huge smile on her face. Why is she being nice? I wasn't expecting that.

"Yeah you too" I lie. "Where's Dad?" I ask, I swear he's never here.

"He's out with Pete I think" Zac says.

"Oh great, night" I say. I just want to go to bed. I head out and up to my room.

So today I've met Leo's mom, Chase's mom and now Mia's sister. I'm done with meeting new people. Leo's mom thinks somethings going on with me and him, Chase's mom seems to be used to Chase having girls round all the time and Mia's sister is nicer than expected. What is going on?

Chase is forcing himself on me and Leo is forcing himself away from me. I wish I could go to sleep for a few days and not have to think about all this. The one thing I'm still thinking about when I've changed and gotten into bed, is Leo. Why is he saying we need to keep our distance? It's not like I'm into him, but his company is alright. Maybe it's him that needs to stay away from me, but why?

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