Kiss Me Already

When Taylor moves to Australia she quickly makes friends and meets lots of new guys, including Leo. In her opinion he is an annoying jerk, but they have a connection and many things in common. She tries to keep away from him and his rebel ways, but with his constant flirting, she finds it hard to keep away from him. Leo is interested in Taylor from the moment he meets her, even though he has a girlfriend, he is completely drawn to her. Will she ever accept that they are perfect for each other?

Written from both Leo and Taylor's points of view.


13. Chapter 13


It's been over a week and Taylor and Chase are still going strong. In all fairness, I haven't seen Zara around Chase recently. But I still feel like Taylor should know that they have history.

I meet Ashton and Ruby at the beach after school. Chase hasn't been hanging around as much, he's too busy spending time with Taylor, which means she's not around as much either. I don't know if they've hooked up, I kind of really hope they haven't. I'm worried that's all Chase wants her for, it's no secret that Chase is a heartbreaker. He never stays with one girl for a long time. I know of Taylor's history with guys and I don't want him to screw her over.

"What yah thinking about?" Ruby asks, looking at me oddly.

"Oh... Nothing" I say, shaking it off. Recently, I feel like a third wheel when I'm with these two. I'm glad I broke up with Mia, but I wish someone else was here. Ruby and Ash are always all over each other, fair play to him.

"So I'm not inviting Mia, sorry Leo" Ruby says, reminding me that they are planning Ruby's birthday party, she's the youngest in our group.

"Thank you, no need to be sorry" I say, laughing lightly.

"I'm kind of glad you broke up with her, she was vile to everyone, especially me" she says.

"Yeah I know sorry" I say.

"It's alright, I think Taylor put her in her place at your pool party" she says, the pair of them laughing. Why does every conversation have something to do with Taylor? It's like I can't get her out of my head.

"Yeah... So where are you having your party?" I ask, changing the subject.

"My Dad said we could use our beach house" Ash says.

"Yeah it's only ten minutes away, you could walk" Ruby says.

"Sounds great, I won't miss it" I say, grabbing my bag, about to head off.

"Where you going?" Ash says.

"I'm just going to head home" I say, but the truth is that I'm sick of being the third wheel.

"No stay, I'm going to go meet Zara and Phoebe now anyways" Ruby says, standing up and brushing the sand off her lap.

"No Taylor?" I ask, discreetly.

"Where do you think she is?" She says, implying Taylor is with Chase.

"Okay see you later" I say, after Ash kisses her bye.

We head over to the bar and grab a drink.

"So what the hell is up with you?" Ash asks, confused.

"Nothing mate" I say, quickly drinking my soda.

"What's on your mind? You've hardly spoken recently" he says, but I'm pretty sure I have.

"Just drama, there's something I know, I swore I wouldn't tell anyone, but I kinda need to" I say, seriously considering telling Ash.

"What is it? You know I won't say anything" he says. I believe him, he's not the sort that gets a buzz off spreading secrets.

"Okay... well it's serious" I say and he nods.

"Zara and Chase... They've sort of... Got history" I say, wondering how to word this.

"How'd you mean?" He asks.

"I know they hate each other, but Chase told me they've hooked up" I say, regretting saying it already.

"Oh yeah... that, I sort of already knew" he says, gritting his teeth. How would he know? Unless Chase told him too.

"How long have you known for?" I ask.

"A while, Ruby told me, Zara told her" he says. What? I don't understand. Ruby always agrees that Chase and Zara hate each other.

"Why does it matter anyway?" Ash asks.

"Well he's with Taylor, why hasn't anyone warned her?" I ask, getting more confused by the second.

"Because it was ages ago, it's in the past now" he says, like its no big deal.

"No it's not, he's still into her" I say, after what he was saying about Zara at my pool party and him saying he grabbed her ass in lesson the other day, are two reasons that prove he likes her.

"Look mate, this is just because you like Taylor isn't it?" He says, giving me a look that shows he's known for a while. But there's nothing to know, I don't like her, I'm attracted to her and she is a nice girl.

"No look, I don't like her, I just care about her" I say, my voice turning all innocent.

"Same thing in my eyes, but your just looking for any reason to put her off Chase, you've just got to leave her to get on with it" he says, with a pitiful smile. Ash has no idea how confused I am, the biggest drama he's ever had with Ruby is meeting her parents, which went down fine, so to be honest he's never experienced drama with a girl. He's kind of lucky in that respect.

"Guess your right, I'll forget about it" I say, lying, there's no way I'm going to drop this.

I head over to the surf hut before going home. I left my board there this morning before school.

"Alright Leo?" Dad says as I walk in.

"Yeah fine" I say, going to get my board.

"I think it might get busy, you fancy staying here for a bit?" He asks. That's the last thing I want to do.

"Dad it's never busy here" I say, there's no one in the shop right now.

"That's a no then? I should have guessed" he says, sighing. He's starting to piss me off.

"Do you really think I want to work here Dad?" I say, being harsh.

"Well to be honest son, I think it's your best option" he says, rolling his eyes. It may not seem like it, but me and him get into this same fight all the time.

"What do you mean my best option? I have other things to do with my life" I say, kind of snapping at him. I was quite chilled out at first, but now I'm slowly getting angrier.

"Do you? I mean lets be honest son, your grades are terrible, you've got no chance of getting into any of the good colleges around here" he says. It's like he's trying to reason with me, I don't think he realises how hard he's being on me.

"My grades are alright" I say defensively, they are fine and I did plan on applying to go to college. Just because I don't get A's he thinks I don't have a future.

"Leo their awful, it's your own damn fault" he says, raising his voice.

"How's it my fault? I try my best" I shout.

"All you care about is girls and alcohol" he says, giving me a disappointed look. I'm 17 of course I care about those things, but he doesn't realise that's not all I think about.

"It's not! And if you think I'm going to spend the rest of my life working in this dead beat shop you can forget it" I say, he doesn't look too pleased with me arguing with him.

"Well when you get rejected from colleges from being too busy sleeping around, you'll start to regret saying that" he says, not shouting now, he's just being unnecessarily harsh on me.

"Screw you dad" I say, walking out with my board. He shouts something at me as I go, but I ignore it. We've always had a hard relationship, but recently he's been a jerk to me. He doesn't upset me, he just makes me angry.

I go home and dump my board. I attempt to go to my room. Mom tries to talk to me, but I shut her out as usual. She always gets caught up in mine and my Dad's arguments, she unlike him actually stands up for me. Once I hear the front door open and then shut, it's clear my Dad is back. It's now 6:30, it must have been busy as he's usually back earlier than this. That makes me feel bad, as I didn't stay.

"Leo!" He shouts up the stairs. This should be fun, not.

"What?" I yell back, not budging from my bed, I'm casually scrolling down my phone with my music on. I plan on showing him he doesn't piss me off.

Five seconds later and his upstairs. He heavily opens my door and just stands there, shaking his head.

"What? After you storming out of the shop and saying what you said, your now saying 'what'" he says, more disappointed than angry.

"Dad were not having this fight okay" I say, trying to make myself look busy so he will leave me alone.

"Boys what's going on? There's no need to argue" my mom says, from downstairs.

"It's fine Sheila I know what I'm doing" Dad says to her, in a lot nicer voice than when he was just talking to me.

"If your not going to drop it, then I have a question Dad, what is it about me that you hate so much?" I say, hoping that'll make him feel guilty. But I do want to know the answer.

"I don't hate you son! You know I'm proud of you and your surfing and-" he says, like he's scraping the bowl for reasons he's 'proud' of me.

"Oh great, look I don't want a career in surfing, that's not all I'm good at" I say.

"Why'd you have to get so defensive? I'm trying to help you?" He lies. How is he helping? He just likes to argue with me.

"Help me? Is that's what you call it" I laugh, which pisses him off.

"For god sakes Leo drop it!" He shouts.

"Just go on, say it now, get it over with" I argue.

"Say what that your a disappointment?" He says, holding his hands up, like he can't think what else there is to say.

"There we go, that wasn't so hard was it" I say. I grab my phone and jacket and go downstairs.

"Leo come back, you know I didn't mean it" he says harshly, which does not help how angry I am.

"What's going on now?" Mom moans.

"I'm heading out mom" I say.

"Where are you going?" Dad says as he meets my mom in front of me. They both give me concerned looks.

"Out!" I shout at my Dad, I can't raise my voice at my mom, she's too innocent.

"Where? What time will you be back?" Mom asks, a few worry lines on her forehead.

"Who knows?" I say, rhetorically.

"Every time we try and talk you walk out, you gotta face your problems son" Dad says, exaggerating. Right now he's my problem.

"You should know where I'm going Dad, it's like you said earlier" I say. He gives me a look, like he's wondering what I'm talking about.

"... To get drunk and hook up with girls" I say, smirking just to annoy him some more.

"Oh Leo" mom says under her breath as I walk out. When I walk down the drive I can hear them arguing. I'm glad my mom understands my side of the story.

I don't know where I'm heading exactly, I have a text from Chase saying everyone's at the bar. I swear I spend most of my life there. I go along as there's nothing else for me to do. I'm breathing heavily as I'm still pissed off. We haven't had an argument this bad for a while.

I get to the beach just as it goes dark. The bar is pretty busy, but I manage to find everyone outside. I'm surprised when I see Taylor. I haven't actually spoken to her in a few days. I still need to tell her about Zara and Chase, but I don't think I can. She's sat right next to him, laughing and smiling. She's looking good as usual, but she's even prettier when she's got a smile on her face. Luca, Phoebe and Ash are here too. I'm surprised Zara isn't joining them. I would think it was suspicious if Chase wasn't here as well.

"Alright man" Chase says.

"Yeah... Fine" I say, my voice still sounding irritated, but he doesn't notice, thankfully.

"Beer please" I say, shortly to the girl behind the bar, I'm not even in the mood to notice if she's hot or not.

"Hey" Taylor says, leaning in front of Chase. I'm surprised she's saying hello to me, doesn't she hate my guts?

"Alright" I say through a sigh. She gives me half a smile. She's looking at me confused. I look away and pay for my beer.

I check my phone and see a worried text come through from my mom. I don't even read it, I just send back, 'I'm fine mom'.

Everyone tries to make general conversation, but I'm not really listening. I have a couple more beers, just because I want to get drunk and show my Dad he's right about me. Annoyingly, it takes a lot lot more than three beers to even make me tipsy. Chase's phone loudly buzzes and he checks it.

"Ah, I better get going, see you later?" He says to Taylor. She seems to understand. He kisses her on the cheek. I don't know why I'm watching every move between them. He heads off, I can't help wondering where he's going.

"Bye" she says, quickly. She then immediately looks at me, catching me staring at them. I look back to the beer in my hands and quickly finish it. I decide to go for a walk, I don't know what I'm even thinking right now.

"Where you going man?" Luca says, taking a moment away from talking to Phoebe. Is there something going on between them? It shows shows how distracted I've been recently, that I haven't even noticed.

"Won't be long" I say, brushing him off. I put my empty bottle down as I go.

Not two seconds later and I hear light footsteps behind me.

"Leo!" She shouts. It's Taylor, I know that immediately. I stop walking, turn around and look at her in response.

"Where are you going?" She says, sort of smiling, half confused.

"To be honest I don't even know" I say, carrying on walking.

"Hey wait" she says, rushing to catch up with me.

"I can tell your upset, what's wrong?" She says, her voice is so soft and angelic, until she starts arguing with me, which I'm expecting right about now.

"Nothing I'm fine" I say, not meaning to take my anger out on her.

"Leo stop!" She says, as I've carried on walking.

"What is it? You hate me all the time and now you want to know what's going on in my head?!" I say, raising my voice.

"Look... I don't hate you" she says, being completely serious with me, this is a different side to her that I haven't seen.

"Yeh you do, just forget about me I'm fine" I lie, she can clearly tell I'm not myself. If I was myself, I would have given her at least one flirty comment by now.

She grabs my hand and pulls me back so I can see her. She must be drunk, why else would she willingly try to be nice to me?

"Leo I know your not fine, I knew that the minute you walked up to the bar! Now talk to me" she says. I can't help noticing a bit of concern in her voice.

"You don't want to know Taylor" I say, trying to convince her I'm fine. She can see right through me. There's one thing I know for sure, which is that she's the only one at that bar, that cares about my feelings. Why else would she run after me to see if I'm alright?

"I do, come with me" she says, with a small pitiful smile. She pulls my hand in her direction and then let's go.

I follow her further down the beach. Where on earth is she taking me? I can hardly see where we are, as it's now fully dark. There's only the dim lights from the strip of shops, that help me see where we are walking.

I pull her to a stop.

"Hey where are we going?" I ask, trying to force a small laugh.

"You'll see" she teases.

Two minutes later, were around a deserted section of sand, by the cliffs.

"This is it?" I say, looking at a load of large, medium and small rocks surrounding the splashing sea and small pools of sandy water. She leads me over a few of them until we are in the middle.

"Yeah, I found this rock the other week, I like to sit here and watch the sunset, it's a shame it's already set, but never mind" she says, seeming really impressed.

"It's a rock?" I say, a little bit of sarcasm in my voice.

"I Know, but there's no one around and your can hear the sea... It's just, peaceful" she says, like this is some amazingly famous and luxurious place to be. That's one thing I like about her, how she can take simple things and make them seem amazing. I sit down beside her.

"This is where I'll find you if you're ever down then?" I say.

"Maybe" she says.

"So are you going to tell me what's got you down, or am I going to have to force it out of you?" She jokes. I really like this caring side to her, it's something I'm not familiar with. The only other girl that's ever gave a damn about my feelings is my mom.

"You really want me to lay all my drama on you? Have you been drinking?" I say.

"Nope I'm totally sober and I've got all night, so shoot" she says. Why does she want to know?

"Well, I just got into a fight with my Dad, he's kind of a jerk" I say. She gives me a look, it's sort of understanding and sympathetic. I guess she knows what it's like having parent troubles. I'm here moaning about my Dad, when her Mom completely walked out on her.

"What's he's got to argue with you about?" She asks. This is the longest time I've been in her company when she hasn't said something sarcastic or sassy.

"He just thinks I have no career, thinks I've got bad grades and expects me to become a surfer, as that's all he thinks I can do" I say, I don't actually get angry when I'm talking about it with her. I remember the last time it happened, I tried to talk to Mia about it, but she didn't give a crap, she couldn't even listen.

"He sounds like a right dick!" She says, putting a big smile on my face and making me laugh a little.

"No seriously how can he say that? Of course you've got a career, you may not pay attention in class all the time, but you know what your doing" she says. It's sort of sweet she's noticed that. All those times in lesson that I pissed her off, part of her was noticing I'm fairly bright.

"Thanks, it's nice to hear someone say it" I say.

"It's the truth Leo, your dad is an ass for treating you like that, your an awesome surfer except for when you cut people off!" She jokes. "...but, I agree, I wouldn't want a career out of it" she says.

"Well I'm glad you understand" I say.

"If it makes you feel better, the last time my mom asked about my grades was when I was in year eight" she says, it doesn't bother her, she's quite strong, nothing seems to phase her.

"Her and my Dad are both idiots then" I say, making her smirk.

"Feeling any better?" She asks, the wind is making her hair blow all over the place, but she still looks good.

"Yeah I am, it's quite nice when you don't shout insults at me every five seconds" I say, returning to my normal self.

"It's quite nice when you don't act like an ass every five seconds" she says.

"I like this side to you" I say.

"Thanks... I guess" she says, feeling a bit awkward. She just laughs it off.

I notice she's shivering, it is quite cold as the sea is coming in.

"Have this" I say, pulling off my jacket, it's only a thin zip up, but it should help. She's only wearing very short shorts and a strappy top.

"No I'm fine" she says, trying to hide her lips from shivering.

"Take it" I say, wrapping it over her shoulders. Now I've just got my t-shirt on, but I'm not cold.

I guess that now would be a good time to tell her about Chase and Zara, but I don't want to ruin things. I can't tell her, it's none of my business, it's Chase's job to tell her.

"How's things with Chase?" I ask, I didn't mean to say it. I don't really want to know.

"Okay, to be honest, we don't have that much in common and like... just now, he left without a reason, he's just odd sometimes" she says.

"That's good I suppose" I say, lying. I don't think it's good that's things are going okay with her and him. If anything, I what them to break up.

"We should go surfing again" she says, out of no where.

"I think it's a little late for that now" I tease.

"You know what I mean! I enjoyed it last week, I suppose you're not the worst teacher" she says, trying to hide the dimples her smile is making.

"Really? I'm surprised you said that" I say.

"I'm serious" she says, hitting my arm lightly.

"I know" I say, looking impressed with her eagerness. "I'm busy this weekend, but Monday?" I suggest.

"It's a d... It's on" she says, clearly about to say 'it's a date'. She looks awkward, but I know she wouldn't have meant it literally.

"Great" I say.

"Well I better get back to the others, I've left Phoebe on her own with a very desperate Luca" she says.

"Yeah okay, thanks for sharing your rock with me" I joke.

"You gonna be okay going back to your Dad?" She asks, it's nice she's concerned.

"I'll be fine Taylor, thanks" I say with a smile.

"Okay well call me if you need to talk" she offers. I'm not the sort of person that enjoys talking about my 'feelings', but with her it's not too bad.

"Oh here" she says, giving me my jacket.

"No keep it, your freezing" I say. She smiles as she walks away, I'm sure I notice her cheeks are slightly red. I can't get over how much of a selfless person Taylor is, I never would have thought it. I'm becoming more and more into her by the second.

I slowly walk back home. I'm expecting another row when I get there.

"There you are!" Mom says, as I walk through the front door.

"I've been worried" she says, even though I texted her. I look around for my Dad, but I don't see him.

"I'm fine mom, I just needed to get out of the house" I say. It's more like I needed to get away from my Dad.

"Come and have your tea, your Dad's gone for a drink down the surf club" she says, which relieves me.

Mom tries to talk, but I insist I am fine. It's no lie, after talking to Taylor, I feel a lot better.


The weekend goes quickly. I spent Saturday with my Dad, he said we never spend any time together, but it's more like he doesn't have the time to. Sunday I went shopping with Ruby, she insisted that we had to buy new outfits for her party on Friday. I swear there is a party every week in this town. Not that that's a bad thing.

On my way to school, I remember agreeing with Leo to go surfing today. I text him asking him what time. I have been thinking about him quite a bit. What he told me about his Dad was really deep, it's like I was the only one he's ever spoken to about it. I was surprised how much I cared. How much I do care. He might be an ass occasionally, but deep down I think he can be alright.

"Hey!" Zara says, taking me out of a daze.

"You alright?" I ask.

"Yeah good, have you spoken to Phoebe recently?" She asks.

"No why?" I ask intrigued, I'm guessing Zara has some gossip.

"I think somethings going on with her and Luca" she says.

"Aww I thought so, they're a good match" I say. I suspected something was going on with them at the bar the other day.

"Yeah they are aren't they" she says before she drifts her eyes in the other direction. "... And that my queue to leave" she says. I look where she's looking and see Chase heading in my direction. She leaves immediately. Why does she hate him so much?

"Hey hottie" he says, throwing an arm around my neck and kissing me. He keeps calling me that, it makes me blush every time, not because he's saying it, but because it's embarrassing.

"What's up?" He asks as we walk to form. I can tell he doesn't really care.

"Not much, Zara really hates you doesn't she?" I ask.

"Yeah I suppose" he says, not really bothered.

"Well why?" I ask.

"I don't know, can we not talk about her right now" he says, turning to face me and putting his hand on my cheek. He kisses me again, I think he just does it to avoid questions. I pull away as we are around a few people.

"What?" He asks.

"There's loads of people" I say, carrying on walking with him.

"Why don't we go somewhere more private then?" He suggests, raising his eyebrow. I know exactly what he's getting at. I haven't slept with him yet, I'm nervous to. I've obviously done it before, but I don't want him to think I'm easy. I need to make sure that's not all he wants from me.

"No we've got form" I say, jokingly pushing him away, as his hand was round my hip.

"Come on, we will be quick" he says.

"Ew no, where do you think we would go? The toilets" I say, pulling a contorted face.

"Can do" he says, in a flirty voice.

"No way, you can get that idea out of your head" I say, starting to get a bit annoyed.

"Okay, okay" he says, acting accused. We carry on walking to form, when my phone buzzes.

I unlock it and see its from Leo.

'After school, 4 ish? Looking forward to it ;)' he says. It makes me smile to myself slightly. Just from that one text, I can tell he's back to his normal self.

"What is it?" Chase asks, noticing me smile.

"Nothing" I say.

"Who is it?" He asks, pulling my phone closer to him. I attempt to lock it, but his hand is over the button.

"Why are you texting Leo? And why are you arranging something with him?" he asks, getting a bit angry.

"It's nothing, he's just helping me with surfing" I say, trying to make him calm down. Why's he being so dramatic?

"Taylor your an awesome surfer, you don't need help, so why are you meeting him?!" He demands.

"Chase calm down, it's no big deal, I'm... Thinking of entering the surf competition and I need some tips" I say, desperately thinking of an excuse.

"Well I can help you" he says, no offence to him, but Leo is way better at surfing than he is. It's stupid anyway, if I was seriously considering it, then I'd ask my dad for help with surfing.

"I've already organised it now, you don't need to worry" I insist.

"He's into you isn't he?" He asks, I don't like how pissed off he's getting, what have I don't wrong? Leo is a friend, I guess. After how vile his Dad was last week, I think he needs someone to talk to. I don't care what Chase says, I'm not going to shut Leo out.

"Don't be so stupid, of course he isn't" I say, getting a bit snappy. Leo isn't 'into me'.

"Why wouldn't he be? I mean everyone wants to get you in bed" he says, now really pissing me off.

"You know what, come find me when you've calmed down, you jackass" I say, rolling my eyes at him and walking off.

"Taylor come back" he says, in an exhausted voice. He could have apologised, but no. I carry on walking and he doesn't even bother to catch up with me.

I feel like I need to hit something, I'm fuming. What makes him think he can talk to me like that? I feel like he has no respect for me at all. I go to my locker and try and force it shut after I've overloaded it with pointless books. I go to the toilet before heading to tutor. I notice I'm five minutes late as I walk up to our room, but I couldn't give a damn, I'm very angry.

"Not like you to be late Taylor" Mr Jenks says. I look forward and see Leo look up from his phone when sir says 'Taylor', he's not late for once. Chase gives me a pitiful look, which doesn't change anything. If anything it makes me even more mad.

"Do you want to tell me why your late?" Mr Jenks says, he's being reasonable but I'm pissed.

"I don't care that I'm late" I say shortly, after sighing.

"I didn't ask if you care or not, I said why are you late?" He says, getting a little irritated.

"For God sakes I just went to the loo!" I shout.

"Taylor, enough with the attitude! Sit down, I'd like you to stay behind at the end please" he says, he can really keep calm.

I roll my eyes and sit down next to Ruby.

"What the hell is the matter with you?" Ruby says, surprised.

"Nothing I'm fine" I say shortly.

"Nothing? Why are you being so sassy?" She asks, almost laughing.

"That prat has pissed me off" I say, leaning my chin on the palm of my hand and looking to the table Chase is on.

"Which prat are you referring to?" She asks.

"Chase, surprisingly" I say.

"What's he done?" She asks, I explain everything and she agrees that he's been a dick. I speak quietly, I don't want Zara to know, anything I say she will use against him.

Everyone leaves and I have to stay behind to 'talk' to Mr Jenks.

"Right, want to tell me what's wrong Taylor?" He asks, I notice he actually cares. I hate it when teachers notice something is wrong.

"Boy drama, which I'm sure you wouldn't like to know about" I say, leaning against a desk, wanting to leave.

"Well not particularly, but if you need to talk to someone, I'm your form tutor and you can talk to me" he says, he is nice to be fair, but I don't want to talk about it with him.

"Thank you I will, can I go now" I say, being extra nice so he will let me go.

I walk out and loudly sigh. When I get angry, I need to try not to make it show. I head to my Art lesson to my right.

"Hey Taylor there you are" I hear him say. It's Leo, which actually doesn't annoy me.

"You alright?" I say, actually wanting to know, considering what he was going through last week.

"Yeah yeah, more importantly, are you?" He says, seeming to actually care.

"Not really, I'm pissed off" I say.

"Why? What's wrong?" He asks, nearly laughing.

"Chase, he's flipped at me, because he found out we're going surfing later" I say, still finding it irritating.

"Oh well, I don't see why that would annoy him" he says, seeming pretty casual, as usual.

"He thinks your into me... which your not, but he's just acting like some jealous ass and I've only been with him a couple of weeks" I moan.

"Well, maybe we should forget about tonight then" he suggests. He must just be saying that, because he doesn't want to annoy Chase anymore, but I was actually looking forward to it, so I don't want him to cancel.

"No no, I want to go surfing with you" I say, he looks surprised at my eagerness.

"Okay, I'll meet you at the beach" he says, he can see how much I didn't want him to forget about it.

"Yeah sure, see you later" I say, smiling at him as he walks away.

What mess am I getting myself into? I'm just going to piss Chase off even more. But I'm looking forward to going surfing with Leo, so I'm not going to let Chase ruin it. I don't see what his problem is, maybe he's sexually frustrated, he will be suffering from it for a bit longer if that's the reason.

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