Kiss Me Already

When Taylor moves to Australia she quickly makes friends and meets lots of new guys, including Leo. In her opinion he is an annoying jerk, but they have a connection and many things in common. She tries to keep away from him and his rebel ways, but with his constant flirting, she finds it hard to keep away from him. Leo is interested in Taylor from the moment he meets her, even though he has a girlfriend, he is completely drawn to her. Will she ever accept that they are perfect for each other?

Written from both Leo and Taylor's points of view.


12. Chapter 12


Friday. One more day to go until the weekend. I love Australia, but I hate coming to school. There's one reason in particular that I don't like it, that's because I have to put up with Leo. Why won't he leave me alone? He kissed me last night, I think Chase would be pretty angry if he found out, so I'm not going to tell him. I'm hoping Leo was too drunk to remember what he did. He wasn't as bad as my idiot brother, but he was bad.

"Recovering?" I ask, standing in Zac's doorway. His head is face planting his pillows, the way I left him last night. I have gotten used to looking after my drunk brother, but to be fair he does the same for me.

His reply, is nothing but a long groan. His head is probably pounding by now.

"Guess that's a no" I joke.

I'm getting the feeling that he wants to be left alone. But I have questions I need answering.

"Why did you ask Leo to a party with you?" I ask.

"Why not?" He says, it's a muffled reply, due to his pillow blocking his face.

"Because I hate the guy and I don't want you being his mate" I say, making it pretty straight that I don't want Leo around anymore than I have to see him.

"He's fine... And he knows loads of hot chicks" he says, a typical guy reason.

"What? Girls that are two years younger than you?" I ask, a bit concerned.

"No! He knows this Hannah girl, his exes sister or something" he groans, clearly not wanting to be having a conversation with me.

"Oh no not Mia's sister" I say, feeling awkward.

"Yeah that's the one, anyway... I got her number" he says, sitting up and pulling a hand to his head.

Mia's sister, what! No way can I have any connection to Mia, I hate Leo even more right now. He should have stopped whatever happened between them.

"Delete it" I say, plainly.

"Ha! No" he says, making it clear he's not doing that.

"Urh! I hate you!" I moan, walking out. I leave him to deal with his hangover.

Mia's sister and my brother, no.

I walk to school and find Ruby with Ashton. I look around, double checking Leo is not here.

"Tay!" She shouts, rushing over to me. I'm not sure how I feel about her calling me 'Tay', only my Dad and Zac call me that. To be fair, I known everyone for a month now.

"What's up?" I ask.

"You and Chase? Fill me in" she says. I almost forgot that I went out with Chase last night. He just randomly asked me after school. We went surfing for a bit, then grabbed a drink, it was pretty low key.

I don't know why Ruby is so desperate to know, it's not like she was a big fan of me dating Chase.

"Not much to tell, we just went on a... Second date I guess" I say, in a pretty casual voice. She questions me about it the whole way to Form.

When I walk in to the classroom, Chase immediately notices me.

"Alright?" He says, slipping an arm round my neck. I get a funny feeling, purely because he's giving Zara a glare the whole time he's talking to me. I soon forget about it, she insisted that there was nothing and never will be anything between them.

Due to Leo being late as usual, I don't have to put up with the sight of him for the first ten minutes. He soon wonders in, with his headphones in. Which of course pisses Mr Jenks off even more, as he can't hear what he's saying. He finally turns off his music and apologises for being late. I think Mr Jenks has had enough of complaining about his lateness, as he doesn't bother shouting at him this time.

"Right now that your all here" Sir says, rolling his eyes at Leo. "Today you won't have your fourth and fifth lessons" he says and every one lets out happy noises.

He then crushes our excitement, by saying

"... Because all twelfth years will be going into the lecture hall for a sex education talk" he says. Is he being serious? We're 17 for gods sake, we know how sex works.

"Yeah I don't think we need to go, most of us are experienced in that field" Chase says, most people laugh, including me.

"It's actually to do with the dangers of sex Chase" he says, like he anticipated this reaction. He clearly doesn't want to have this conversation with a bunch of 17 year olds.

"How pointless! Like we need to know about the likeliness of getting pregnant or a disease" I moan to the girls.

"Actually Taylor, you might be familiar with those things, but there's plenty of people that aren't" Mr Jenks says, emphasising the 'you', totally embarrassing me. I now think I hate him, he's basically just called me a slut or something. Which I'm not.

"So lecture hall after Lunch, it's compulsory" he says. I'm starting to dislike our form tutor increasingly.

"Stupid sex talk, waste of my life" I mutter under my breath as I walk out. It's the sort of thing they should be sending the tenth year students to, not us.

"It will be quite funny, watching some middle aged man try to teach us how condoms work" Zara jokes.

"Do they really think that we are all virgins?" Ruby says, finding this pathetic.

"Hey I'm a virgin" Phoebe snaps, quite open about it. She's so innocent.

"Then you go to the talk, I'd rather watch paint dry" Ruby replies.

"Well we've got no choice, we have to go" I say.

"I know" She says, pretty furious.

I walk round the corner to my locker. I shove my stupidly heavy books in and keep the ones I need.

I slam the door shut, revealing Leo on the other side of me. This has the potential of being awkward.

"Hey, how is Taylor today?" he says, smiling. He's irritating me already.

"Oh I'm just fine" I snap and walk off.

"Hey thanks again for last night" he says, I hope he's talking about me dropping him of, god please tell me that's what he's talking about. I'm kind of nervous.

"I'm... Surprised you remember" I say, carrying on walking.

"Yeah, well I remember every detail of last night" he says smirking. He's talking about the kiss, damnit.

"Well then, do you remember doing something that's the result of me being totally pissed off today" I say, testing his big headed personality.

"Your going to have to be a bit more specific" he says, I'm ready to whack him round the face with this huge maths book. I wouldn't want to ruin his good looks. Which I wouldn't because he doesn't have any! Why is he so distracting?

"You!... You introduced Zac to Mia's sister! Thanks a lot, he's really into her" I say, looking repulsed.

"Ohhhh, that... Yeah sorry, I expected you would be pissed" he says, without a care in the world. I hate it how laid back he is.

"Hmm... Then why did you do it! I don't want my brother having any connection to Mia" I shout. The halls are pretty empty, so I can shout as loud as I want.

"Maybe I like making you angry, it's hot" he says. I hate his level of confidence.

"I hate you so much!" I say, whacking and slapping at his arm, which hardly touched him. He grabs my wrist, pushing me back.

"Taylor calm down" he laughs.

"No, I won't calm down until you stop meddling in my life!" I shout again. He's still holding my wrist, but now he's ended up holding my hand.

I snatch my hand out of his and rush off to lesson, as that tosser has made me late.

The day drags on and it's now five to one. That means there's five minutes to go until lunch is over and we have to go to this stupid sex talk. I spent the last ten minutes of lunch on my own, all the others had drama practice. That's one subject I'm glad I didn't take.

Now there's two minutes left, I make my way to the lecture hall. The sooner I'm there, the sooner it's over. I hear my text tone go off on my phone.

I nearly shove it back in my bag when I see its Leo.

'Where are you?' It says. Why he wants to know where I am, I do not know. I decide to text back, just to find out what he wants with me.

'I'm with Ruby round the back of school, on the field, she wants to talk to you about some girl stuff" he says. It seems legit, so I go there. I don't care about the sex talk, it will have to wait. I wonder if she's upset about something with Ash.

I rush round the science block and notice Leo leaning against the fence that backs onto the field. There's one thing for sure, Ruby is no where to be seen. I'm confused at first, but then I realise what a fool I am. I should've known it was nothing to do with Ruby, how gullible am I?

"What do you want!" I shout, furiously crossing my arms.

"Well I want you but..." He begins, before I kick his bare shin. He's wearing black shorts he would wear in the sea, a band top and black Vans. Why does he dress so good! It's so annoying.

"Okay, okay... I'm bunking off, if you'd care to join me?" He suggests.

"Why are you asking me and not your mates?" I ask, he can tell how wound up I am through the look on my face.

"They're all interested in being given free condoms, so they are up for wasting two hours of there life, listening to crap they already know about" he says, making it sound simple. I still don't get why he has asked me, so I confront him again.

"Look Taylor, I'm offering you a way out, It's clear your familiar with all that sex stuff right?" He says, raising his eyebrows. "So, why waste valuable time there?" He says. The irritating thing, is that I actually agree with him. Now that I'm out here, I don't particularly want to go back in. It's guaranteed to be one of those awkward talks, where they ask everyone embarrassing questions and pass round morbid types of contraception. Surprisingly, I think I'd rather bunk off. But I can't.

"Goodbye Leo" I say, heading back to the lecture hall.

"Whoa wait" he says, pulling me back. He's got to stop doing that.

"Leave me alone" I say, shrugging him off me.

"Just skip class and we can go surfing?" He says, it sounds even more appealing when he says that.

"NO! I don't skip school!" I say. I'm not a goody two shoes or anything, but I don't want to get in any trouble.

"There's a first for everything" he says, in that same flirty voice.

"Well unlike you, I actually care about getting good grades, so no thank you!" I insist.

"From what I've heard, you've already got a grade in sex ed" he says. What does that even mean? What a creep, he needs to shut the hell up.

"Your such an idiot" I say, shaking my head.

"An idiot who wants to go surfing, so come on" he says, pulling me by my hand.

"I don't know" I say, starting to consider it.

"Bunk off with me, or I might go telling people about last night" he says, what an ass. He sounded like he was joking, but you never know with him.

"You jackass... Fine! Let's go" I say, pretty infuriated.

"Good, you know you like being a bad girl" he says, smirking. Is he impressed that I'm actually going ahead with this? He's so hard to understand.

Within the next fifteen minutes, I've popped home to change and pick up my board.

"So are you finally going to accept that I didn't cut you off the other week?" Leo says, as we approach the sea shore.

"If you want me to stay in your company, then shut up about that!" I snap.

"Whatever, you just need to watch your arm work" he says. Why does he think he knows everything? He doesn't.

"I think my arm work is just fine" I say, starting to get tetchy.

"Let me show you" he suggests. I suppose there's no harm in getting a tip from him. From what I've heard, he did win the surf comp, so he must know what he's doing.

He grabs my board and puts it flat on the sand.

"Right, stand on the board" he says, moving back. I let out a breezy laugh, as that sounds pathetic.

"Are you kidding? I've been surfing for years, I don't want to look like a beginner" I say. I think inside I'm hoping he's just joking. Sadly I don't think he is.

"Quit with the moaning and get on the board" he says. I actually do what he says. He's not often that bossy with me, I sort of like it. He puts his hands on my arms, like he's about to show me what to do. His hands are always nice and warm, it's not a shock when they touch my skin.

"So your movement here is the most important" he says, telling me things I already know. He goes on talking about arm movement, while I daydream about being in the actual sea. It's quite true to say that I don't listen to a word he's saying.

I snap out of my thoughts, when I feel his hands around my waist, slowly edging closer to my hips. He's also really close to me, when he speaks, I can feel the heat of his breath on my neck.

"Hey I thought this was about my arm work" I say, lightly smacking his hand that's tightly on my skin.

"It's about your whole movement" he says, running his left hand up and down, making me shiver slightly. It just feels so wrong when he does stuff like that. I'm meant to be keeping away from him.

I half turn around and give him a funny look, I don't get how this has turned into my whole movement. He lets out an innocent laugh at the look on my face.

"Just trust me" he says.

"I do trust you" I say, he can sense the sarcasm in my voice, although I do sort of trust him. He is an awesome surfer, but I'm not telling him that.

"... So you need to move with your whole body, it helps you guide the wave" he says, moving my hips lightly to the left.

"I do that anyway" I say.

"No you don't" he laughs.

"What about my arms then" I say, getting uncomfortable with him just standing there with his hands on my bare body. I turn to face him and his arms fall to his side. It's more like I made them drop to his sides.

"Your arms are too short, it makes you catch a wave later than you want to" he says, pointing out the obvious. I can't help but be slightly offended.

"Okay then I'll just go out and buy myself a new set of arms, or shall I just skip back a few centuries and get them stretched?" I say, with a mocking look on my face.

"Can you not be sarcastic for once, I'm trying to help" he says, giving me a blissful look.

"Okay fine" I say, being stubborn with him.

His eyes drift from my face to my hip, he lightly drifts his hand over the section of my skin that is tattooed. It's the smallest thing, it's words you'd only be able read if you were extremely close.

"Are you ever going to tell me what that is?" He says. I remember the first time I went surfing with him a few weeks ago. I told him I just got it to piss my dad off, but there's more to it than that.

"Nope, shall we go in the sea?" I say, changing the subject and brushing his hand away.

"Sure" he says, clearly still wanting to know what it is.

I think my bodywork is just fine, but he insists on trying to help me improve the whole time we are in the sea. He uses my board and tries to teach me. To say the least, he's a bad teacher. I push him off, at first I worry he is pissed, but then I realise he's laughing. He splashes me in the face with the sea water. Thankfully I manage to close my eyes before it hits me.

"You Ass!" I joke, worrying about opening my eyes.

"Sorry, come here" he says, holding my cheeks and wiping underneath my eyes with his thumb. It doesn't do much good, but it's nice that he tried to help. I open my eyes and his are right in front of me. I'm starting to remember last night, in the car. Of course he's attractive and of course I enjoyed the kiss. But he's a jerk, it's a shame.

I drift back slightly in the water, so that I'm not as close to him. He's still looking at me, he has this way of looking at you, it makes you feel bad and flirty.

"You know... I enjoy your company Parker" he says. It is still sort of annoying that he refers to me by my last name.

"Well I don't enjoy yours" I say, like I'm trying to tell myself not him.

"I think that's a lie, considering you have been smiling and laughing the whole time we've been out here" he says, knowingly.

"I have not! Anyway, school finished ages ago, I best get going" I say, grabbing my board and heading out of the sea. It's always an awkward thing to do, you have to half swim and half walk when it starts to get shallow.

I grab my towel and dry myself off, releasing my hair from its scruffy bun. It's half damp and half dry. The front is soaked after that water he just threw at me.

"Running off again?" he says, behind me.

"I'm not running off at all" I say, in a harsh voice.

"Yeah you are, I have an affect on you don't I?" He suggests, laughing slightly. He has no affect on me, God knows what he's getting at.

"No course not, not at all" I say, convincing myself.

"Look I know you're reluctant to trust guys like me, but I'm really not as bad as you think" he says, laid back as usual. He's not desperately trying to make me see he's good, he's just effortlessly trying.

"Really? Your not bad? You who has just made me bunk off school?" I say, widening my eyes.

"Okay... Today is a bad example... But stop shutting me out and you will realise I can be a good guy" he says.

"What a shame... I don't believe you" I say, checking my phone while talking to him, which I think annoys him slightly. He goes to fight back before I end the conversation.

"I've got a missed call from Chase, I should go, see you round" I say, ringing him straight back so Leo will leave me alone.

'Taylor, finally!' Chase says, over the phone.

'Hey what's up?' I say, still thinking about what Leo was saying. There's no way I believe he's a good guy, he's done nothing but taunt me the whole time I've been here.

'Not much, I didn't see you in Sex Ed, where did you get to?' He asks, laughing when saying 'sex ed'.

Crap. I can't tell him I was with Leo, he will think something is going on with us, which it isn't. I do like Chase and he's hot. I don't want him thinking I'm some kind of slut, that goes out with different guys all the time.

'Well... I didn't really want to waste two hours of my life, listening to stuff we were taught like... four years ago' I say, it's the truth.

'So you skipped school? Nice' he says, impressed. I don't know why. I've never skipped class before and I don't plan on doing it again.

'Yeah, I went home, why waste my time' I say, trying to laugh off the conversation.

'Wow, quite the little rebel aren't you?' He says, I just laugh in response, what am I supposed to say to that?

'Leo wasn't there either, you weren't with him were you?' He asks, his voice is sort of intimidating. Chase is the type of person you wouldn't want to lie to.

'What? Er no, I haven't seen him' I lie my ass off.

Thankfully I don't think Leo is the sort of guy that would brag about spending time with me.

'That's fine then' he says, although I don't know what difference it would have been for him if I'd seen Leo or not. 'I'm at the beach bar now, want to come meet me?' He asks. I panic for a second as he could have seen me with Leo. Then I remember that the bar is a lot further down from me.

'Yeah sure, I'm at the beach now so I'll be five minutes' I say.

'Great' he replies, hanging up.

I've practically seen Chase every night this week. I don't regret it, he's really hot.

Walking up to the bar, I notice that the guy on the bar was the one that was working when we had the surf off. I think Ruby said his name was Mason. He looks me up and down, smiling as I walk over to Chase. He's too engrossed in his phone screen to even notice me.

"Hey" I say, sitting on a stall beside him.

"Didn't take you long, why'd you come to the beach on your own?" He asks, shoving his phone in his back pocket.

"Just caught up on some surfing... How was sex ed?" I say, trying not to laugh. I'm so glad I skipped the stupid thing.

"Crap, it didn't teach us anything we didn't know" he says, winking.

"Drink?" Mason asks, leaning over the bar and raising an eyebrow at me.

"I'm good thanks" I say.

"Fancy a walk?" Chase asks. I nod and we go for a walks down the beach. I feel sort of exposed. I'm only wearing a white bikini, I have my towel, but I'll look pretty stupid with it wrapped around me. I don't want to look like I've just walked out the shower.

"Sorry about Mason, he's a creep sometimes" Chase jokes.

"Yeah... I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks that" I say.

"So, what's going on between us?" He asks.

"Well I like you" I say, smiling.

"I sure hope so" he jokes.

"I like you too, and your seriously hot" he says, making me feel awkward. What are you supposed to say when someone says that to you? I don't think I'm that amazing, maybe it's just the accent. I hope that's not the only thing he likes about me, that would make him pretty shallow.

"Right back at you" I say, hoping I don't sound weird.

"Really, well then can I ask you something?" he says, making me cringe slightly. I'm just that sort of person, he's not saying it in a childish way, he's really laid back and mature about it.

"Go ahead" I say, running my hand through my hair. He stops walking and faces me.

"You wanna go out with me?" He asks, like it's purely a suggestion. It wasn't the nicest way to put it, but he is hot. Not as hot as Leo. Why is Leo in my head! Get out. All I can picture is his cheeky smirk and annoying flirty comments. Stop it! Focus on Chase.

"Yep" I say, immediately. It's like I said it just to shut myself up about Leo. Why does he linger in my mind so much?

"Seriously?" Chase asks. I didn't really give myself a chance to think about it, my body must have made the decision as my mind was infatuated by Leo. I guess he's my boyfriend then, it's not the worst agreement I've made, he's a cool guy, we get on well. Despite what people have said, he's been really nice to me.

"Yeah definitely" I say, smiling.

"Good because, I really like you" he says, making me sort of blush. After surfing the water would have washed off my foundation and bronzer, so I'm certain he notices my rose cheeks.

He kisses me and I kiss him back. He runs his hand down the side of my body and holds my waist. When he does it, I don't get a shiver like when Leo did it earlier. Is that good or bad? I brush my hands over his shoulders, it's not as satisfying as his shirt is on.

"Do you want to come back to mine?" I suggest. His eyes practically light up.

"Yeah sounds like a plan" he says. Kissing me once more.

When we get back to mine, I'm slightly disappointed that Zac is home. He's also joined by a couple of his friends. I grab a top and pair of shorts out of my bag that I left on the stairs, before going into the lounge.

"Oh hey sis" he says, pausing their Fifa game. He seems to have perked up after his hangover this morning.

"That's your sister" one of them says, leaning forward. I give him a slight awkward wave as he's looking at me funny.

"Hi I'm joe" he says, the creases of his smile nearly hitting his eyes.

"Well I didn't think you'd be in Zac... So I'll see you later" I say, leading Chase back out the room. He didn't even have chance to see Zac as I hid him behind the door.

"Whoa hang on, is that Leo?" he says. The little shit, he's just dropped me in it. Now Chase will think I've been spending time with Leo. Which I sort of have, but not willingly.

"Nope, erm... This is Chase" I say pulling him into the lounge. "He's kind of... Erm my boyfriend" I say, feeling awkward. Zac will find out at some point, so it may as well be now. Zac's friend Joe immediately sits back in his seat when I say boyfriend. It feels weird calling him my boyfriend, I better start getting used to it.

"Chase this is my brother, Zac, and his mates" I say, pointing at Zac.

"Nice to meet you" Chase says, being polite.

"Yeah you too, what are your intentions with my sister then?" Zac asks. Chase looks like he's just been asked the worst question ever, which he has. I'm ready to scream at Zac. I think my glare says it all.

"Okay calm down I'm kidding" Zac says, finding this hilarious. Chase lets out a loud breath of relief.

"Your an ass" I say to him, with my arms crossed.

"Thank you" he says, not at all surprised.

"Well we will be upstairs, as your occupying this room!" I say, ready to storm out with Chase.

"No I don't think so, we will go upstairs, the room is yours" he says. It's like we can communicate without talking. It's like he's saying 'I'm not letting you and your new boyfriend go into your room on your own', he acts more like a Dad to me than my actual Dad does.

They go upstairs and leave us alone. We watch a film and he puts his arm around me, that's about as heated as it gets. I edge closer to him during the middle of the film and rest my head against his chest.

"Serious question" he says, taking his eyes off the screen to look at me.

"Yeah?" I say, pausing the film.

"Why'd your brother think I was Leo? How does he know him?" He asks, is he jealous? He's been my boyfriend for two hours.

"Oh it's nothing, our Dad's have recently got to know each other, he came round the other week and him and Zac got along, that's all" I say, trying to seem casual. I feel like he knows Leo kissed me. Like it would make a difference, this was before Chase even asked me out.

"That's cool then" he says, grabbing the remote and playing the film.

"If it makes the situation any better, I hate Leo, I know he's your friend, but he's so annoying!" I say, making him laugh.

"Your about the only person that does then" he says, which infuriates me, why is Leo so popular?

"Well he's a jerk" I say, leaning back in the sofa.

"Hey come here" he says, pulling me back up.

He runs his hand over my hair and starts kissing me. We're kissing for a while, until I hear a door slam shut, the lounge door starts to open and I immediately pull away from Chase. I'm glad he understands.

My dad walks in and blinks his eyes. We're practically on opposite sides of the sofa now, but it's like he suspects something.

"Tay, what's going on here then?" He says, smirking, he knows exactly what's going on.

"This is erm.. This is Chase dad" I say.

"Oh right, nice to meet you mate, I'm Danny" he says, my Dad is far too chilled, but I suppose that's a good thing.

"I'll see you in the morning Chase, I've... Got some work to do" I say, lying. I do have work, but I'm not going to do it.

"Yeah sure, see you at school, nice to have met you... Danny" Chase says, feeling funny calling him Danny. I'm glad he understands. I'm sure he feels as awkward as me right now.

"Bye Chase" I say. He walks out and I'm straight away annoyed with my Dad.

"Well thanks for ruining my night Dad" I say.

"Your welcome" he jokes.

"Pizza for tea?" He suggests.

"I don't want anything, I'm going to bed" I say, going to my room. It's only 7:30.


I walk to school on my own. I'm planning on finding Taylor at some point. She needs a heads up. I'm pretty sure there is still something going on with Chase and Zara. I don't want her to get hurt, given how guys have treated her in the past. She seems quite into Chase, at least she acts like she is. Chase told me not to tell anyone about him and Zara, but Taylor has a right to know. I planned on telling her yesterday, that's why I got her to bunk of with me. But by the time we were in the sea, she seemed to be getting on with me. Telling her about it then would have made her flip at me.

Luca walks over to me and starts asking me for girl advice. I'm really not listening to him, I'm trying to work out what to do about Chase and Zara.

"No way" he says and I am suddenly listening.

"What?" I say.

"Look, Chase won as usual" he says, pointing across the street. It's Chase and Taylor waking through the school gates. They are holding hands, so it's pretty clear what's going on there. I've lost my chance now, I can't go and tell Taylor, it's too late.

I need to talk to Zara and find out exactly what's going on with her and Chase. Why do I care so much? I would hate to see Taylor get used or hurt.

I'm starting to care about her, this isn't me.

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