Kiss Me Already

When Taylor moves to Australia she quickly makes friends and meets lots of new guys, including Leo. In her opinion he is an annoying jerk, but they have a connection and many things in common. She tries to keep away from him and his rebel ways, but with his constant flirting, she finds it hard to keep away from him. Leo is interested in Taylor from the moment he meets her, even though he has a girlfriend, he is completely drawn to her. Will she ever accept that they are perfect for each other?

Written from both Leo and Taylor's points of view.


10. Chapter 10


So Chase text me yesterday. His idea of a date is going to the Grill by the pier. It is a nice casual place to go, but somewhere a little more hype would be nicer. We are going out tonight.

I haven't told the others about it yet, I feel like they will judge me. I'm mostly worried about Zara, I would feel terrible if she actually liked him.

It's now last lesson, Art. I hate it, it's my own stupid fault for accepting to take it as a subject. There's not much choice when you join half way through the school year. The only positive, is that Zara is also in this lesson. She's now sat across from me, blending in her charcoal work. Now is a perfect time to mention my date with Chase.

"Hey, so this is random... But you don't have any feelings for Chase do you?" I ask, gritting my teeth, sort of concerned of what she will say.

"What! No why? You know I hate him" she says, looking repulsed at the idea.

"Are you sure? Like, you have no history or anything?" I ask.

"Erm what?.. No of course not!" She says, the way she's nearly shouting her hatred, makes me believe her.

"Okay... So it wouldn't bother you if I went on a date with him?" I ask. If anything, she looks kind of relieved that's what I said. What else did she think I was going to say?

"Oh, Taylor are you seriously going to go out with him? He's such a jerk" she says, in my opinion Leo's a much bigger jerk than Chase.

"He's not that bad, we're going out tonight" I say.

"Well good luck with that" she says, rolling her eyes.

"Thank you!" I joke.

After lesson, we head to the cafeteria for lunch. Ruby has kindly decided to sit with Ashton, so we have to join them. Wherever Ash or one of them goes, the others have to follow. So that means of course Leo, who is joined by Chase.

"Hey" Chase says, smiling at me. Zara then decides to sit on the other end of the table with Luca and Phoebe.

"You alright?" I ask. It's kind of awkward, talking to him in front of everyone else.

"Yeah good, looking forward to tonight" he says, raising a brow.

"Me too" I smirk.

"Tonight? Ohh... Your dates tonight isn't it?" Leo says, turning round and butting in. What's it got to do with him? He's now smirking at the both of us, acting like tonight will be some kind of kinky hook up, which it won't.

"Yeah I can't wait" I say, but I'm mostly saying it to him and not Chase.

"Hey you wanna double?" Chase then says, like its a casual thing to say. He seriously wants to go on a double date for his first date with me. Is he for real? It doesn't matter anyway, Leo has just broke up with Mia, I highly doubt that he...

"Great idea, I'm up for it" Leo says, trying to hold back a laugh. He can totally see how pissed I am.

"Seriously? Who are you even going to bring? I mean you dumped your girlfriend" I say spitefully. He doesn't care though, it's clear he never actually liked Mia.

"I don't know, someone hot" he says.

"How shallow of you" I say, sitting in the seat next to Chase. Chase seems interested in which 'hottie' Leo is going to bring, which annoys me a bit.

"So where are we going?" Leo asks.

"The grill" Chase replays, I'm still not too pleased about that, we're bound to bump into someone from school.

"Sounds nice, I can't wait" he says, indirectly, but I feel like he's aiming it at me. Why can't he just get out of my life and leave me alone? The worst part, is that Chase doesn't even notice what Leo is doing. Why does everyone think Leo is some kind of amazing guy? He's a total ass! He makes me so angry. Just as all this overthinking is about to explode in my head, I decide to go and grab lunch instead.

"Where you going?" Leo asks, he unlike Chase actually notices me leave.

"Food!" I say, shortly.

"Hey wait, I'm coming" Phoebe says, giving me a confused look.

She hurries to catch up with me as I make my way to the counter.

"Okay please tell me what is up? You look like you're ready to kill someone" Phoebe says, almost laughing. I'm too fuming to even smile.

"I am" I say, smacking a portion of fries onto my tray.

"Let me guess... Leo" she says.

"Yes! Ur I hate the guy and hate is not a word I use lightly" I say, now adding a bar of chocolate and a can of cola to my tray. It's a good job I have a high metabolism.

"Why? Because he's gate crashing your date... Fair enough" she says, understanding why I'm pissed.

"Seriously I do not understand how people can say he's better than Chase!" I moan. I shove a handful of dollar notes to the lady at the till and don't bother waiting for my change.

"I'm not agreeing with them, but don't be so positive about Chase, Zara hates him for a reason" Phoebe says.

"Well I wish she would tell me what the deal is with them, they act like exes" I say.

"Yeah I've noticed that too, but she never went out with him" she says. We decide to sit on a table near the till, just so I'm clear of Leo. I've already got to spend the evening with him. I dread to know what slut he's going to bring. I'm pretty sure it will be a slut, considering Mia was his last girlfriend.

"I hope not that would be awkward" I say.

After eating my fries, I pretty much feel the need to bash my head off the table multiple times.

"Phoebe tonight is going to be such a failure" I moan.

"No it won't, you know what you've got to do?"she says.

"Find a way to get used to Leo's awful personality?" I suggest.

"Yeah I suppose, but also, you've gotta dress amazing and look stunning, then stick to Chase, that'll drive Leo crazy" she says, forming a huge smile on her face. She must have a knack for scheming.

"How'd you mean?" I ask, sort of confused.

"Leo Jackson can get any girl he wants, be the one he can't get" she says. I think I'm already the girl he can't get, I'm not letting him 'get' me.

"I don't think that will help" I say. If anything it sounds like that would make him want to hook up with me even more.

"It will, because if you get with Chase, then he knows he can't have you" she says. I think she should go on the date in my place, she seems to know what she's doing.

"Alright fine, I'll try and dress stunning" I joke.

"I wish I could be there" she says. I'm beginning to think she expects the date to go down like its on some kind of reality show.

Much to my happiness I have chemistry last lesson. We have been in computer rooms for the past few lessons, so I haven't had to sit by Leo. Now we're back in our normal classroom. I look like a dork as I got here early. It's not my fault our last teacher dismissed us early. Everyone soon gets here, including Ms Martin. I'm still annoyed with her, after she sent me out the other week. I'm silently hoping that she will make me or Leo move seats after she had to send us both out.

She starts the lesson and there's no sign of Leo. I have a shred of hope that he's cutting class or something. That hope is soon shattered when he walks in five minutes late.

"Nice of you to join us Leo, do you want to tell me where you've been?" She asks, interrupting our education for that idiot. Not that I care about chemistry.

"Yeah sorry, I don't think you'll want to know where I've been" he says, in a couldn't-give-a-damn voice. He gives me a cheeky smile when he starts to walk over to our desk, then he dumps his bag beside his chair. I harshly role my eyes at him and look to the window.

"I said, where have you been Leo? Your five minutes late" Ms Martin says, getting pretty fuming. It looks like a temple is about to burst in her head. She's probably just double angry, because she's menopausal.

"You really want to know?" He says, seeming pretty pleased with himself for some reason. The look on her face answers his question.

"Okay... I was fooling around with a chick" he laughs, but he's quite obviously being serious. All the guys in the class (including Chase) give him a childish cheer, I notice a few girls looking a bit jealous. Why are they all so stupid?

"Right, you can stay behind at the end Leo, now sit down" she says, her voice squeaking. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one that Leo pisses off.

He seems to agree and sits down beside me. I wish the next 54 minutes and ten seconds would go quicker.

Thankfully while Ms is talking, Leo seems to keep his mouth shut.

"...right, now I'll hand these sheets out and I want them completed by the end of the lesson" she says. That's when everyone stars talking again.

"Hey Parker, looking forward to tonight are you?" He says, as soon as our sheets are given out. The way he looks at me, I can't figure out whether it's a flirty look or a look made to annoy me, but either way I hate it.

"You bet yeah" I joke.

"Knew you would prefer it if I came" he says.

"Seriously, it's like you want me to have a go at you!" I say.

"Yeah you can if you want" he says, lifting his eyebrows. When I said 'have a go' I meant shouting at him, but him being the ass he is took it the wrong way.

"Can you just do me a favour and shut up for the rest of the lesson" I say, he looks like he's holding back a laugh as he nods.

I manage to do two questions before he opens his mouth again.

"So how's the new board?" He asks, I'm ready to punch him until I realise that it was a perfectly normal question.

"It's fine" I say, carrying on writing.

"Well we should go surfing again, I enjoyed it last time" he says.

"Well I didn't so no thanks" I say, giving him a sassy look before returning my eyes to my sheet.

"What because I beat you?" He says, in a piss taking sympathetic voice. I'm starting to feel as angry as Ms Martin was at the start of the lesson.

I think he notices when I resort to ignoring him.

"Hello?" He says.


"You ignoring me?"

"Real mature" He adds, then he seriously crosses the line.

I feel the warmth of his hand on my leg. I'm wearing a black short pencil skirt today, so his hand is right there, on my bare leg. I feel a tingle go through me. Before anyone can notice, I bat his hand away.

"What is wrong with you? You can't just go around touching people!" I shout quietly. It's a good job Chase is sat closer to the front, I think he would be annoyed if he knew what Leo was like.

"Come on it was only your leg... Want me to touch somewhere else?" He says, in a saucy voice, which I try to ignore. I'm so angry that it takes me a while to reply to that.

"Is that a yes?" He smirks.

"No of course not! Just... Shutupandleavemealone" I say. That was meant to be 'shut up and leave me alone', but it just sort of slurred out all at once.

"If you really want me to" he says, giving his own worksheet a glance.

"I bloody hate you" I say, under my breath, hoping he will hear. He then recites what I said, imitating my 'accent'. I could not be more ready to scream right now.

We've soon got five minutes left so I scribble the answers down quickly.

"Okay you're all dismissed except for you Leo" Ms Martin says. I shove my things in my bag as slow as a turtle, everyone else seems to have gone already.

"You want to wait around for me and I can drive you home?" He suggests. By the look on his face, I dread to know what he thinks will happen in his car.

"I'd rather walk than be within a metre of your company" I say, walking away, but hearing his annoying laugh behind me.

I start to laugh when I hear Ms Martin yelling at him. He deserves it. I realise I look stupid laughing to myself when I notice Chase waiting around.

"Hey, so... Pick you up at seven?" He says.

"Sure, catch you later" I say.

"Might be helpful if you text me your address" he laughs.

"Oh yeah, will do" I say, walking away.

It's six forty five. I'm still in my bra and knickers, deciding what to wear. Thanks to my mom leaving us I have no one in the house to ask for advice. I wish I wasn't going, I wouldn't have said that this time yesterday. But now I know Leo is going, I don't want to go.

Now it's ten to seven. I really need to put some clothes on, otherwise I'll be going out like this. Annoyingly, I don't think Chase would have a problem with that.

I pick a casual grey body con dress. It's not that stunning, like Phoebe told me to choose. But it's tight around my ribs, making it show off quite a bit of cleavage. It finishes halfway up my thighs. Thankfully hiding my bum.

I quickly grab some shoes and wait outside. I don't want my dad answering the door to Chase.

He pulls up in a black car, it's a typical teenage boy car. I'm not into cars that much, so I wouldn't know what type it is.

"Alright? You look hot" he says, confidently. That would've been a compliment, but it just reminds me of Leo saying it when he was round the other week.

"Thanks, not so bad yourself" I say, making him crack a slight smile. He's in denim shorts an a casual blue shirt, that's open enough for me to see his body.

He drives us there, even though it's only five minutes away. I suppose he's trying to impress me. Guys think girls like guys with cars. I'm not bothered either way, I've always lived near beaches so I've always been able to walk to places.

We talk about school the whole way there, which isn't very interesting. We don't have much in common, except surfing.

"... So how long have you been surfing?" I ask.

"Couple of years, Leo got me into it" Chase says. Of course Leo got him into it.

"How about you?" He asks, as we get out of the car.

"Half my life" I say, he smiles but doesn't bother to ask anymore about it.

"... So have you been at–" I begin to ask him how long he's been at our school, before he cuts me off.

"Hey Man" he says, doing that guy hand smack thing when he sees Leo. I pull out my phone and send Phoebe the update.

'This is going awfully!' I send and put my phone away. Just as I look up, Leo is about to introduce his date. I don't recognise her.

"Oh hey Taylor" he says, before introducing his date he looks me up and down, focussing on my cleavage.

"You were saying" I say, breaking his stare.

"... Oh yeah, this is... Ariel" he says, slinging his arm round her ass, which she doesn't have. I can't help it, I let out a laugh.

"Seriously, Ariel... like the mermaid?" I say, all I can manage to picture is the little mermaid. I've never met anyone called Ariel before. She's only slightly shorter than me, she's really over dressed. Even though she hasn't walked yet, I know she won't be able to walk in the ridiculous heels she's wearing. Chase laughs quite a bit, which makes me feel better. I was starting to wonder whether what I said, was something Mia would say.

"... Hey Ariel, your in my Sport class right?" Chase asks.

"Yeah totally" she says. I know she's going to be annoying.

"It's erm... It's nice to meet you... Ariel" I say, trying not to laugh again. It's a shame her hair is black and not red like the mermaid.

"Shall we get a table?" Chase says.

"Yep, and a drink" I say, I'm going to need one to get through this double date.

"You alcoholic" Leo jokes under his breath. I kick him slightly in the shin, thankfully no one notices.

We sit on a table outside and the bloody waiter lights a candle. Awkward. He won't be getting a tip.

My phone buzzes and I check it.

'Why what's happened?!' Phoebe's reply says. I laugh, looking forward to telling her about 'Ariel'. I'm just about to reply, before I look up and notice them all silently looking at me. Do they think I'm rude?

"That important?" Chase asks. I now feel bad.

I quickly type back, 'explain l8r', which is really old school, but who cares?

"Nope... It's just... My Dad, he worries" I lie. It's a double lie, as my dad wouldn't really care where I am.

"Does he?" Leo says, knowing I'm lying.

I manage to block his face with the menu for the next five minutes while I decide what to eat.

"I fancy a pizza" Ariel says.

"I can't eat a whole one! Do you want to share?" She asks me.

"No" I say, shortly. Damnit I'm being rude again.

I want a pizza to myself, she probably just wants to share because she doesn't want to look greedy, where as I don't give a crap. I look from Chase to Leo, they both look at me awkwardly. Leo then raises his eyes. They think I'm being spiteful to her. I then look at Ariel and she looks a bit put back.

"Sorry that was... Rude, erm... Yeah okay then, which one?" I ask, not wanting to share.

"The veggie supreme looks good, it's low calorie" she says, and the look on my face must have changed. Is she being serious? What is the point in having a pizza with vegetables?

"Sounds... Good!" I say, gritting my teeth. It sounds like vomit on a plate. I don't want to be rude again.

I pretty much drink my beer straight away when it comes. We order and I'm immediately jealous of what Chase and Leo have.

"So when did you move from England?" Chase asks, trying to make conversation.

"Years ago, when I was like 10" I say, guessing, I can't even remember.

"And you move around all the time?" He asks.

"Yeah pretty much, but we're not moving again" I say.

"That's good then" Chase says. In my opinion he can be really sweet, what is everyone's problem?

"Where'd you move from?" Ariel says.

"California, it's the best there" I say, remembering the sea and the sunset.

"Oh seriously? I went there on holiday, it wasn't that great" she says. I have to bite my lip to stop me from saying something I'll regret. What does Leo see in her? Oh yeah, she has boobs and dresses slutty. She asked me a question, so I feel like I have to be friendly and ask her one.

"Do you surf?" I ask.

"No of course not, surfing is lame" she says. She's mental.

"Okkk" I say, expressing the 'k' like she's the lame one. Leo seems to look pretty confused, so I'm glad I'm not the only one. How can someone say surfing is lame?

"I'm just gonna go to the toilet" I say, making a sharp exit.

This is going so bad.

I don't even go to the loo, I just stand by the sink and ring Phoebe. I check on my make up while I'm in front of the mirror and top up my lipstick slightly.

"Hey what's going on?" Phoebe answers, pretty keen to know.

"This is the worst night ever" I say.

"Let me guess... Leo?" She laughs.

"Surprisingly no, but his date is such an awkward annoying strange person" I say, being quite harsh, but it's the truth.

"Who is it?" She asks.

"Her name is Ariel... Pathetic right?" I joke. She laughs but then seems to realise who Ariel is.

"Oh my God, she's in the year below, how'd she manage to get a date with Leo?" She says.

"I don't know, but she's annoying as hell" I say.

"Sounds like someone's jealous" she says, in a silly voice.

"No I'm not!" I protest.

"Whatever, look just get back out there, remember the plan" she says, before hanging up.

I dread every step I take back to the table. I catch the waiter on the way and ask for another beer.

I get back to see our not so delicious pizza has arrived.

I decide to talk about surfing some more, just to annoy Ariel.

"Hey Chase, I got my new board the other day, do you want to come surfing with me at some point?" I say, I notice how put back Leo looks, as he was the one that wanted to go surfing again.

"Yeah your on" he says.

The pizza is vile, but I have to eat it, I'm starved. I look around, but can't see my drink on its way over. Everyone has now finished eating.

"Something wrong?" Chase asks.

"I ordered another beer, he hasn't brought it" I say.

"I'll go and see where it is, anyone else for a drink?" He asks. Leo asks for a beer and Chase leaves.

I begin to feel really uncomfortable, when I see Leo running his hand over Ariel's leg. I wonder if she was the girl he was fooling around with before Chem. It wouldn't surprise me if it wasn't, two girls in one day wouldn't surprise me either.

Then he starts making out with her, and I'm suddenly like a third wheel.

"God get a room" I mutter.

"What was that?" Leo says, I wasn't expecting him to hear me.

"Nothing" I reply.

"No no, go on" he says.

"Erm... I'm going to go freshen up" Ariel says, probably feeling awkward, like I just was.

I glare at Leo for a moment, I can't help it, he makes me mental.

"Was that jealousy I just noticed?" He says. Why does he have to be so bad and flirty all the time. It also doesn't help that he looks so good tonight. He's got black skinny jeans and a grey NYC t-shirt on. The grey really matches his amazing hair, which he's jelled at the front.

"Jealous? What of? You and your little Disney princess?" I joke.

"Yeah, I think you are" he says, leaning closer to me across the table.

"No I am not, I'm here with a date I actually like, your only here with her because she has boobs" I say.

"She's... Got a... Good personality" he says, clearly lying.

"Oh really? You like the fact she lives of veggie pizzas and thinks surfing is lame do you?" I say, I can see right through him.

"No not really, but it doesn't matter, as long as she looks good on the outside, that's all that counts" he says, the shallow jerk.

"Your such a dick" I say, blatantly.

"You love that about me" he says.

"Do I?" I say, looking repulsed.

"You love it that I'm a bad guy, because your a bad girl and you know it" he says.

"I actually think your the jealous one" I say.

"Honey, I could have you whenever I want" he says. Oh my god, I'm ready to kill him.

"You want to watch you don't trip over your huge ego" I say, he's so up himself.

"Your just saying that because you're jealous" he says, slouching back in his chair, like he knows everything.

"I'm not jealous of you and your little mermaid" I say, imitating quotation marks to show how stupid this situation is. Thankfully he shuts up when Chase joins us, soon followed by Ariel.

This is my chance to drive Leo crazy.

I run my hand through Chase's hair and down his back, he gives me a flirty look in return.

"Shall we get the bill?" I say, raising my eyebrows.

"I'm on it" he says desperately. He calls over the waiter and pays the bill.

When Leo puts his arm around Ariel, I lace my hand around Chase's. He then whispers something kinky in her ear, so I let my hand and Chase's hand fall between my legs, so he can feel my bare skin. I'm really leading Chase on now, but it's like a game I'm trying to beat Leo at.

"So back to yours or mine" I say, quietly to Chase.

"Mine, the parents are out" he says, looking impressed. Just as Chase puts a few notes down for the bill, Leo does the same. I offer to pay, but Chase doesn't take any money from me, which I find sweet. Ariel doesn't even offer to give any money. Leo grabs her waist and tucks his hand under the hem of her top. It's a top and skirt so it looks like a dress, but it isn't. Leo gives me a smirk, like he's winning. Why am I playing this game? Why am I so determined to beat him?

I've had enough, I'm going In for the kill. I make out with Chase, which he responds well to. If Leo were to kiss Ariel now, the game would become obvious to everyone, so he doesn't.

"Okay, shall we go" Chase says, in between me kissing him.

"You tell me" I say, trying to be sassy. We say a quick goodbye and head out the grill. I look back and see an impatient Leo, stuck with Ariel for company. They hardly spoke all night, banter.

"Thanks... For... Paying... For... The... Meal" I say to Chase in between kisses.

"No problem" he says, before driving us back to his. I wasn't expecting to go straight back to his, but oh well.

I don't want to seem easy, I'm not going to hook up with him tonight. But I've led him on already, so I'll have to fool around with him a little bit. He unzips my dress as soon as I walk through the door. Chase is a great guy, but is it bad that in my head all I can picture is Leo?

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