Kiss Me Already

When Taylor moves to Australia she quickly makes friends and meets lots of new guys, including Leo. In her opinion he is an annoying jerk, but they have a connection and many things in common. She tries to keep away from him and his rebel ways, but with his constant flirting, she finds it hard to keep away from him. Leo is interested in Taylor from the moment he meets her, even though he has a girlfriend, he is completely drawn to her. Will she ever accept that they are perfect for each other?

Written from both Leo and Taylor's points of view.


1. Chapter 1


I could hear the waves crashing against the rocks and in my mind I could see the tide coming in over the sand. The sun is shinning over me, it could be paradise. But it's not, because I'm now standing outside the front gates of my new school and the beach is a two and a half minute walk away. I've been in Australia for a week now and I've been dreading this moment ever since we landed. Thanks to my Dad's job, I've been to two different  schools in the past year and this will be my third. He promised that this time we are staying, so that means this is my last chance to make a new impression of myself. It's amazing here, with the beach and the heat, but it's not so amazing when your at school five days a week. I Feel totally out of place when I'm walking over to the school reception. Everyone is tanned and wearing their swimsuits underneath their clothes, like they're ready to hang out at the beach as soon as the last bell goes. There's so many people, barging past me and rushing to their classes. I look at the clock on my phone and realise that I'm five minutes late, so I should be rushing too. I hurry to the reception and knock on the glass that's between me and the woman I am hoping will tell me where I need to be. 

"What is it?" She says, not being very friendly. 

"Hi my name is Taylor, I'm new I don't know where I'm supposed to go" I say, my voice sounding quite panicky, but I'm calm inside. 

"Surname?" She says, barely looking up from her computer screen. 

"Parker, Taylor Parker" I say, panicking as I'm now seven minutes late, I hate walking into class late. She nods, clicks the computer mouse a few times and then prints out a chart. She slides my timetable under the hole in the glass and assumes that's all I need. 

"Thanks... Where do I need to go now?" I ask and she doesn't look very happy to help. 

"To your form room" she says, like it's obvious. 

"And... Where is that?" I say, I'm quite scared of how she will react. 

"Your form 12 which is in room 12" she says, she must tell I'm still confused as she then gives me directions. 

"Thanks" I say, stuffing the paper into my shoulder bag and hurrying down the hallway to find my room. I finally get to my apparent form room, which was in a different building. I check my reflection in a plastic display board opposite me, before I go in. I'm no longer worried that I'm wearing denim hot pants and a crop top, as that's how everyone seemed to be dressed outside reception. I am worried that some girls were wearing high wedges, I look a bit silly in my black ankle converse. I walk through the door and end up running my fingers through my hair as I feel awkward. There's at least twenty pairs of eyes on me, wondering who on earth I am. 

"Ah are you Taylor?" Says the man sat at the desk in front  of the white board. I assume he's the teacher, but he doesn't look like a teacher, as he's wearing long shorts that look more like trunks, a flowered beach shirt and flip flops, maybe that's just how teachers dress over here. 

"Yeah... Sorry I'm late" I say. 

"No worries, take a seat, I'll let you off as your new, I'm Mr Jenks" he says, smiling. 

"Thanks" I say, my eyes scanning the room for a place to sit.  "Everyone this is Taylor Parker, she's new so please make her feel welcome" he says, no one seems to register what he says, as they've all gone back to talking. There's six round tables in the room, I walk past one table of girls that don't look very friendly, then there's a table of guys that are staring at me, then again a lot of people are staring as I'm new. One guy turns his seat to look at me, he is good looking (that is obvious), dirty blond tousled short hair, dark brown eyes and he's wearing denim long shorts and a white casual shirt that's unbuttoned showing his chest. I catch a look of the medallion he is wearing around his neck on a trendy beaded string before I carry on walking. Im relieved when I sit down on a table with three other girls that gave me a pitiful smile as though they knew I felt awkward.  "Hey I'm Taylor" I say, I know they've already been told that, but I just want to seem friendly. There was no point in making real friends at my last two school as I knew I would be changing schools soon. 

"Hey I'm Ruby" the girl next to me says, she has long light brown hair "and this is Zara and Phoebe" she adds, pointing to the blonde haired girl on my left and then to Phoebe on her right. I'm still adjusting to everyone's accents, I sound so different compared to them. 

"Hi guys, thanks for being the only table in this room that looked approachable" I say and they laugh. 

"Don't worry I know what it's like, I was new a couple of years ago, thankfully I made friends with the right crowd" Phoebe, the girl with ash blonde hair says. I smile, not knowing what to say back to that.   

"So is he always that... Friendly" I say, nodding to Mr Jenks at the front of the class. 

"Yeah, your quite lucky to be in our form, he's the most laid back teacher here" Zara says. I'm glad they are talking to me like I'm just a fellow classmate and not some weirdo that's joined the school halfway through the year. 

"So have you come over here from England?" Ruby asks. 

"No I've been all over the place, I am from England... Obviously" I say, as my accent is completely different to there's "But I've just moved from America... Random I know, but my Dad's job takes us all over the place" I say and they all seem interested. 

"Wow... How long are you staying here?" Phoebe asks. 

"For good this time, Dad promised we aren't moving again" I say, hoping he was telling the truth, as I will have made myself look stupid if we end up moving again. 

"We? Do you have a brother?" Zara says, leaning her chin on her palm, seeming interested. 

"Yeah, but he's nineteen, so he's not starting at this school, sorry" I laugh, but she still looks very happy that I have an older brother. 

"How desperate are you Zara?" Ruby says to Zara. 

"What? you've got a boyfriend, I want one" Zara says, she is really pretty, I'm surprised she hasn't. 

"She just got dumped" Ruby says. 

"I wasn't dumped! It was a mutual decision!" Zara says, like she's trying to convince not only us, but herself as well. 

"Is your boyfriend in our tutor?" I ask Ruby. 

"Yeah he's over there" she says, smiling and pointing to the table of five boys that I walked past before. I worry for a moment that she's talking about the guy I saw, but it turns out she is pointing to the boy next to him with dark hair. 

"Oh lucky you, your with one of the popular boys" Zara says, seeming jealous. 

"Who're the popular boys?" I say, finding it sort of lame that they refer to them as 'the popular boys'. 

"Well there's Leo" she says pointing to the guy I saw when I walked in "... Chace, Luca and Ashton, he's her boyfriend" Phoebe says, pointing to Ruby. 

"They're the most popular I suppose, but there's a massive group of them, I feel intimidated when I hang out with Ash" Ruby says. 

"So I'm guessing if there's popular guys, then there's popular girls too" I say, already knowing that they must be the girls that were sat at the front and they were not at all approachable.  "Yeah, there's not many in our tutor, they are just Mia's minions" Phoebe says, nodding to the girls at the front. 

"Who is Mia?" I say, although I don't think I need to ask, this school is so predictable. 

"She's Leo's girlfriend and leader of the bitches" Zara says, I should have known Leo would have a girlfriend. 

"Mia isn't that bad Zara" Ruby says, in an exhausted voice.  "Your only saying that because you have to hang out with her" Zara says.  At that moment the bell rings for first lesson.   Everyone gets up and exits the class. I ferret through my bag to find my timetable, Ruby snatches it out of my hands before I have chance to read it. 

"Cool we have Maths together first" she says, I find that a good thing as she can show me where it is. Phoebe and Zara go to their class as they have Physics. 

"Hey babe" a guy says, dropping his arm around Ruby's neck.  "Alright Ash" she says, before kissing him, putting me in an awkward position. He is good looking, he has longish, dark brown hair, that reaches just below his ears and his blue eyes are sort of irresistible. When he came over he brought two of his friends. 

"So your Taylor right?" Leo says, he is the one that I saw first, he's definitely the hottest guy I've seen so far, but I don't get why he's talking to me. 

"Yeah, and you are?" I say, pretending I haven't already been informed of who everyone is. 

"I'm Leo, this is Chace, and that guy all over your new friend is Ashton" he says, making his other friend laugh. 

"Well... Nice to meet you, I guess" I say, turning back to Ruby as I want her to show me where our next class is. I've now realised that 'Leo' is the popular, pretty boy, rebel type that I've learnt to stay away from. Even though I've turned my back on him, he still thinks we are talking. 

"Your not from around here are you?" He says, with a surprised smile. 

"Obviously not" I say shortly. He still has more to say to me, but I don't want to talk to him. 

"Your British, that's cute" Chace says, looking impressed for some reason. I don't want to seem cute, why would he say that?  "...okay" I say, hoping that will shut them up. Surely me being short will make them realise I don't want to talk to them. Clearly I'm wrong. 

"What's the matter? Are you just shy?" Leo says clearly jokingly, like a classic jerk. 

"Maybe I just don't want to talk to you, did that idea ever cross your mind?" I say, raising my voice slightly. I get quite tetchy when people say I'm shy, because I'm not, just because I'm not some annoying girl that never shuts up, doesn't make me shy.  "It's quite attractive when your angry you know" Chace says, making Leo laugh. 

"Oh please" I say, finding what he said completely awkward and pathetic. Thankfully they stop talking to me when a taller girl (due to the platform wedges she is wearing), with long blonde bouncy hair walks over, she's the type that's plastered herself in make up, to attempt to improve her appearance. 

"Hi baby" she says, kissing Leo, just hearing them makes me feel sick. I try to walk away slightly, but that makes her notice me. 

"Who are you? Why don't I know you?" She demands. I turn back around and answer her. 

"I'm Taylor, you don't know me because I'm new" I say, wondering how many times I'll be repeating that sentence today. 

"Oh... I'm Mia, but you should already know that" she says and I'm beginning to see that her big headed personality matches Leo's. 

"Yeah someone did mention you" I say, I want to go to lesson, but she's looking at me like she's judging me. I've tried walking away, but that didn't seem to work. 

"How come you sound funny?" She says. 

"Because I'm not from around here, I'm from England" I say, sick of people finding it a big deal. 

"I want that accent, how can I talk like that?" She says and I'm beginning to think she's blonde for a reason. She asks me as though she wants to be better than me and she doesn't like it that I'm different to her. 

"Go and live in England then, that's usually where English people are from" I say blatantly and sarcastically. Chace laughs and Leo manages to smirk without her seeing. 

"Your joking right? ... I knew that" she says, turning her back on me. She drags him away and Chace follows closely behind.  "Bye Taylor" Leo says, smiling back at me. After she's finished lip locking with her boyfriend, Ruby shows me to our class. I've been here half an hour, that's six hours to go until I can go home. I wish the clock would tick faster.   


After second lesson I meet Chace, Ashton and Luca outside. Thankfully I ditched Mia after Maths this morning. I don't know why I stay with her, she's the most bitchy and annoying girl in the school, but she's got a good body so I can deal with it. 

"So are you coming surfing later?" Chase says as we walk to the canteen. 

"Yeah sure" I say. 

"Everyone's going the beach tonight, it's the bar reopening isn't it?" Luca says. I'd forgot about that, the summer wasn't the best as our bar had been closed down. It's finally back that means one thing, beach party. 

"The bar, the beach, girls & music... Can't wait" Chase says. 

"I wonder if the new girl will come" I say. 

"I sure hope so, she's hot" Chace says, he really is desperate to hook up with any girl he sees, but he has got a point, the new girl is hot. 

"What new girl?" Luca asks. He's not in our form, so he misses out on a lot. 

"Taylor, she's British" I say, remembering her cute accent. 

"I want to meet this hottie" Luca says, he's as bad as Chace, they're like a duo. 

"Ash you can ask her to come to the beach bar tonight" Chace says, looking excited. 

"What? Why me?" Ashton says, acting like they're ganging up on him. 

"Because your girlfriend is her friend now" Chace says.  "They've only just met, they're like acquaintances" Ashton says. 

"Don't be a wimp Ash, just ask Ruby to come down the bar and bring her friends, to be fair they're probably going anyway" Luca says. 

"Yeah okay then, if it shuts you pair up" Ashton says. He doesn't seem too interested in the new girl, but I am. I suppose it's because he has a girlfriend, but then again, so do I. 

It's soon last lesson, time for the joys of History. It's not too bad when I walk into my room (late as usual) and see Taylor the newbie, is also in this class. None of Ruby's friends are in this class, so she's on her own. I suppose the teacher has already introduced her to the class, but I must have missed that. I decide to ignore my seat with my mates and instead go to sit next to her. They're two people desks, so it's just me and her. She looks a bit confused as to why I'm sitting next to her. 

"Oh... Sorry is this your seat?" She says, going to stand up. 

"No no, just thought you might want some company" I say.  "Well... I'm quite happy to sit on my own" she says, I'm starting to realise that she's quite sassy. I did laugh this morning when she was sarcastic with Mia, no one usually dares to talk to her like that, it's sort of refreshing to see someone that doesn't care what they say or do. We are then given work to get on with, but people are still talking. 

"You really are different to most of the girls around here" I say, with a laugh. 

"What do you mean?" She says, confused. 

"Well to be honest, I can't think of one other girl that would say no to sitting next to me" I say, realising I sound a bit big headed.

"Wow, you think highly of yourself don't you?" She says, shaking her head, as though she's shocked by what I said. 

"No I don't, but other people think highly of me I suppose" I say, I'm really not purposely trying to make myself come across as some kind of self obsessed jerk. 

"Oh why? Because your the most popular guy in the school, every girl wants to be with you and every guy wants to be you?" She says in a sort of exaggerated voice, as though she finds it common and ridiculous. I don't think what she's saying is true, but maybe it is. 

"Are you one of those girls then?" I say, meaning to be cheeky as I can see it annoys her, I have no clue why. Most girls usually like a bit of self confidence, clearly not her. 

"Ha you wish. What is wrong with you? I don't even know you and you have a girlfriend" she says.  When she puts it like that she makes me sound like a two timing creep, that's not true surely, at least the creep part isn't. I decide to ignore what she said, she's right I do have a girlfriend, but I don't want to talk about Mia right now. 

"So how come you moved all the way over here, from England" I ask. 

"I didn't" she says, whilst copying some words from a textbook into her work book. She quite obviously doesn't want to be talking to me, but I want to talk to her, I want to know more about her, she's so unlike al the other girls in this school. 

"But your British right?" I say, already knowing she clearly is.  "Yeah" she says, I can tell she's hardly listening to me. 

"So where did you move from?" I say, making her get sick of my question asking.  

"Seriously is this twenty questions or something?" she moans, finally lifting her pen from the page and listening to me. 

"I just want to know more about you Taylor... Parker" I say in a casual voice, almost forgetting her surname. 

"Ok if you really want to know..." she says straightening up in her seat, as though she's got a lot to say. 

"I was born in England, I've moved to different schools all over the place because of my Dad's job, I've just moved from California, I have an older brother and is there anything else... Oh yeah, my favourite colour is blue" she says, exaggerating to be sarcastic. 

"Nice, what was California like?" I say, as I've never been. She looks slightly surprised that I actually listened to what she said.  "Good, amazing actually, I didn't want to leave" she says.  "Well I'm glad you did" I say, with a smirk. She looks like she feels sort of awkward. 

"So where do you originate from?" She jokes, but she is only saying that to annoy me. She needs to realise that nothing annoys me, I'm quite laid back. Just as I'm about to give her a cheeky comment back, I'm interrupted. 

"Leo what are you doing? Get back to your own seat" Ms Willer, our teacher says. She's not even shouting, she's just confused as to why I'm sitting over the other side of the room. I don't know how it took her so long to realise I'm not in my normal seat. 

"Sorry looks like I'll have to go" I say, grabbing my bag. 

"Go on then" she says.  I spend the rest of the lesson thinking how different Taylor is, compared to most of the girls around here.  I'm not used to someone being sarcastic with me, they've usually never got the guts. I catch her as she walks out of the class room. She doesn't look too pleased to see me dragging her aside. Her head reaches my neck, so it's like I'm looking down on her. She's not short, I'm just tall. 

"What now?" She says. 

"Nothing, but I'll catch you at the beach later right?" I say walking off. It's not a question I expect an answer to, she's definitely going, who would miss tonight? 

"I don't think so" she says. I look back to see her crossing her arms as though she's frustrated.   

The guys come back to mine after school. We end up going down the beach early to catch some waves. I've surfed all my life, my dad owns a board shop along the beach walk, so he's always encouraged me to surf. I did win the 17 year olds surf champion award at the start of the year.   

Unfortunately, Mia also decided to come to the beach early. That means she's going to watch me surf for the next hour. I really wish she wouldn't be so clingy, it's kind of annoying. She has never even tried surfing, which I find really boring. She's probably just too scared to get her hair wet. I pull my shirt off and chuck it over my shoulder bag. 

"Are you really going to stay here until the bar opening?" I say, as that won't be for a few hours. 

"Seriously! Of course not, look at me I'm hardly dressed for tonight and I've got to put my make up on and do my hair" she says, making me roll my eyes. I don't get what she's talking about, she's wearing a bikini, wedges and a flower patterned wrap. It's basically a beach party tonight, so what else is she planning on wearing? Her face is also already plastered in make up. 

"You look ready" I say. 

"I'm not turning up tonight in my bikini Leo!" She snaps. 

"Ok whatever, catch you later" I say, quickly kissing her cheek.  "Where are you going?" She moans. 

"Surfing" I say, before following Chase into the sea.   

I'm pretty sure that everyone else will be wearing swimwear, I sure hope Taylor is. That's something I would hate to miss. Tonight should be great, especially if she turns up. 

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