Flash Fiction

A collection of all my flash fiction, ranging in genre. Feedback is appreciated, either overall or on specific pieces.


3. Ian Told Me

Ian told me that he was cooler than me, his tone of voice teasing. I replied without looking up from my book, and said, “Well, obviously. I’m smoking hot.”

From the chair next to him, Ben interjected, “Bro, you just got owned.”

Ian laughed and shook his head.

Ian told me he would ask if it hurt when I fell from heaven, but he didn’t want to suggest I was a demon. “Well, I am sexy as hell,” I shot back easily.

From the lunch table three feet over, Emily laughed and stretched to give me a high five.

Ian laughed and shook his head.

Ian asked me what I would do with my bottle of water if he was on fire. “Easy,” I said. “I’d buy a goldfish.”

He said, “You hate goldfish.”

“It can be your company in the hospital,” I replied.

He put a big hand to his mouth in dramatic affrontation. “So cold.”

“Well, I’m definitely cooler than you,” I said, looking over to his eyes. They twinkled, bluer than usual.

“Well, obviously,” Ian said with a triumphant smirk. “I’m smoking hot.”

“Crap,” I said, standing up, water bottle in hand. “Looks like I have to go buy a goldfish.”

As I walked away, Ian laughed and shook his head behind me.

Sara one, Ian zero.

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