Flash Fiction

A collection of all my flash fiction, ranging in genre. Feedback is appreciated, either overall or on specific pieces.


1. Another Road

A girl stands alone, the tendrils of her skirt rippling in the wind. She closes her eyes, long curls flowing in the chilly breeze, catching the flickering light of the orange streetlights. The air around her is damp and cool, the cold humidity of a summer night. The last rays of the sun's blinding daylight clinging to the horizon, causing the entire sky to set a deep, musky purple. Her bare feet, flat against the pavement, hide behind the shreds of dress, the one that is indigo at the ends of the skirt and fades up into grey in a muted ombre. Loneliness fills her entire being as she watches the long road ahead. She is a lone wolf, setting off all by herself into a new life. This is the way it's supposed to be.

From a dark window in a house behind her, the boy watches her breathtaking silhouette, framed by dusk. The same loneliness taints his heart, and he feels as if the wind has been knocked out of his body like the life of a bird lying behind a car. As the girl takes her first steps to anywhere but here, he feels his mind take him to a surreal place where he would rush out of the worn-down house that was his refuge. He would call her beautiful name, soft and sweet on his tongue, and she would turn to him, huge blue eyes illuminated by the moon's hazy glow. He would tell her not to go, passionately beg his love not to leave him.

As he thinks these things, a pair of gleaming yellow headlights fade into view silently, merely specks in the distance. The girl breathes steadily and watches them grow larger, trying to clear amiss thoughts from her mind.

As he watches, a peculiar feeling twists in his gut, flooding the rest of his body with an intense courage. He tears down the rickety stairs and flings himself into the rocky road. He yells for her to stop in a breathy, tear-choked tone.

She freezes at the sound of his voice. He walks towards her turned, exposed back until she can feel his warm breath on her exposed neck, which sends shivers down her spine. He asks her to please not go, to stay here with him. He promises her a life filled with love and happiness as tears form in his eyes. She stands still, transfixed, a violent war raging within her soul.

To stay, to be loved? To go, to be free? What if freedom is nothing, or is just regret?

Suddenly, at seemingly inhuman speeds, she spins around and presses her soft lips to his, arms finding their way around his neck. A knot of sorrow unwinds within his stomach, and he fits his arms around her waist. She whispers softly between kisses, all he needed to do was ask and she’s sorry. He says he loves her.

At this moment, the gleaming headlights disappear, turning to another road.

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