The Boy Behind The Camera

Catherine just moved to a small town. She's in 10th grade. She meets a weird outcast named Louis. He's fascinated in the art of photography. He seems to have an interest in her but, she wants no part of the shaggy haired outsider. What will com of this? will she give him a chance?


4. Welcome to hell, Catherine

              Louis took me to first period in silence and walked away. I slowly walked in. Girls were gathered around a table in the corner and others student talked with each other quietly. I bit my lip and sat in a desk in the front of the row. I thought about Louis and the boys. It's not my fault, It's just the way things are. It's not like I broke his camera, right? right! A tall grey haired man walked in and put his bag down on his desk. 

"Alright! Take your seats, come on! you guys were away from each other for two days, you couldn't have missed much." he spoke loudly

           He glanced at me and smiled. The

"Ah! You must be Catherine. I'm Mr. Scott. I'll be your reading teacher." He announced happily,"Mind telling us where your from and a little about your family?"

            Yes, in fact I didn't say it. I swallowed hard and felt my cheeks glow that familiar red. 

"I-I'm Catherine Peters. I'm from Willard Town. It's pretty small but, It's alright...I guess. I moved in with my Aunt and cousins..." I announced 

            He smiled.

"Well, It's nice to meet you." 

           Mr. Scott's class was the most boring thing I have ever had to take part in, in my entire life and that's coming from someone who had to volunteer as senior citizen supervisor at the library. When the bell rang I gathered my stuff and followed the students into the hallway. I was pushed and shoved. I had walked right into a group of girls and suddenly, I was on the ground. The girls glared down at me. The girl in the middle had blonde hair and light blue eyes. She was very pretty. Her face was twisted in anger. I then noticed the big wet spot on her shirt and the water bottle she held in her hand. Students gathered around us and laughed. 

"Watch where your going! Oh, my god! I'm soaked! Y-You dork!" she screamed

         I slowly stood up.

"I-I'm sorry, I didn't see you. I-It's just water, though." I tried to reason

         She shoved me and I was on the ground again.

"Just water?! I'm still soaked!" she yelled

        I stood up and glared.

"Listen, it was an accident! It'll dry, not a big deal! You don't have to act like a bitch about it!" I shot

       The crowd oh'd and laughed. She shoved me again and her glare hardened.

"Listen here, dork." she growled,"This is my school! My dad will be hearing about this and if you think for one moment that this is over, you got another thing coming cause, I don't forget!" 

       With that she strutted away. I noticed Louis in the crowd smirking. Our eyes met and he slowly walked up to me. He helped me up and chuckled.

"Told you, you were clumsy."

         I glared slightly. He raised an eyebrow. He raised his camera and it made a click sound. My eyes widened and i glared more.

"Did you just take a picture of me?! I knew you were a creep!" I scolded

        He smirked and his eyebrow stayed raised. 

"My bad, love. I'll just stalk from a distance." he joked

        He noticed I wasn't laughing and his smirk faded. 

"You just got into an argument with Amber Wilton, her dad is the principle!" he informed and chuckled,"Oh, you just couldn't be the quiet new mysterious girl could you? Nope! You had to make enemies with the meanest, most popular, bitchy girl in school!"

        I gulped and looked at my feet. What had I gotten myself into. Louis shifted from foot to foot. 

"You're late to your second class." he informed 

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