The Boy Behind The Camera

Catherine just moved to a small town. She's in 10th grade. She meets a weird outcast named Louis. He's fascinated in the art of photography. He seems to have an interest in her but, she wants no part of the shaggy haired outsider. What will com of this? will she give him a chance?


2. ugh!

         I'd been there 2 days and already hated it. My cousins were brats and I mean brats. Rachel was a snobby bitch, James was an annoying pest, and Tomas doesn't come out of his room. My room was in the basement. It was cold and smelled like laundry detergent. It was dusty but, i liked it. I like the safety of it gives me.

         It was Monday and I was sitting in the front of the bus. I stared out the window nervously playing with my hands. 

"First day, huh?" a voice asked

        I looked around and saw a girl in the seat across from me. She smiled. Her hair was a neon green color, she wore big geeky glasses and had a black shirt that said "Taylor County Run since 1998." I raised an eyebrow at the stange girl in front of me. Her smile grew.

"I'm Jazzy." She introduced 

"I'm Catherine..." I answered

        The bus stopped and Jazzy stood up. People flooded off the bus pushing and shoving. As I was walking off i got pushed and tripped off. I landed on the ground hard. I felt the wind get knocked out of me. People stepped on me as they walked by. I recovered my breath and sat up. I held my head as if it could stop the throbbing. Suddenly, I noticed someone stood in front of me. I looked up. A boy with shaggy brown hair and green/blue eyes stood looking down at me. He smiled wide and laughed. I glared.

"You alright?" he asked smirking

         I stood up and brushed myself off.

"Peachy." I answered sarcastically.  

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