The Boy Behind The Camera

Catherine just moved to a small town. She's in 10th grade. She meets a weird outcast named Louis. He's fascinated in the art of photography. He seems to have an interest in her but, she wants no part of the shaggy haired outsider. What will com of this? will she give him a chance?


3. hello :\

 I observed him. He was short but, taller than me. He had a camera on a strap around his neck. He tilted his head and the corners of his lips curved into a smirk. I glared at him. 

"Clumsy much?" He asked 

"Annoying much?" I shot back

           He put his hands up in defense and chuckled. I turned to walk but, he grabbed my arm and pulled me back. His smirk faded and he frowned.

"No, hey look... I'm sorry." he spoke and scratched the back of his neck,"I'm Louis. I'm guessing you are..."

           He took out a folder from his backpack and opened it. 

"Your Catherine Peters." He continued

           I glared and stood on my tiptoes to see what was in the folder. 

"You have a folder about me?! You creep!" I screamed

          He gave me a slight glare.

"I'm apart of student council. I"m supposed to show you to your classes." He informed.

          I felt my cheeks grow hot from embarrassment. This made him smirk. Suddenly, Louis was slammed to the ground. His camera broke off the strap and slammed to the ground. A tall black haired boy hovered above him. Louis looked at him and his eyes filled with fear.

"Your poor camera!" another boy called and picked up his camera

        Louis' eyes grew and shook his head.

"N-No! Give it to me, Please Travis?!" Louis begged

        Travis examined it and slammed it to the ground hard. The camera lens shattered and pieces came off. Louis screamed and grabbed it.

"Sorry, Click. You know me, pal. I'm just so clumsy." He spoke sarcastically

      The black haired boy looked me up and down. He smirked. 

"Look, Travis, Click's got a girlfriend!" He laughed

       I blushed in embarrassment. Suddenly, I realized if Louis was the nerd or the dork, being seen with him could ruin everything I was trying to plan for myself. I looked at Louis and made a disgusted face. 

"Ew! He came up to me, he was being creepy. Besides, I'm not into the nerdy type." I spoke codly

       Travis and the boy laughed. Louis' face showed hurt and he shook his head. He mumbled under his breath. Travis grabbed him by his chin and glared down at him.

"What was that? I didn't quit hear what you said there." He growled

     Louis looked me in the eyes and spoke.

"I said, 'Fuck you'. Could you hear me now?"  


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