The Boy Behind The Camera

Catherine just moved to a small town. She's in 10th grade. She meets a weird outcast named Louis. He's fascinated in the art of photography. He seems to have an interest in her but, she wants no part of the shaggy haired outsider. What will com of this? will she give him a chance?


1. County of regrets

               I sat on the bus, staring out the window. Trees passed by in blurs of green and brown. I sighed softly and leaned back in my seat. This is the longest I've ever actually spent away from home. It's been three days since I was sent off to live with my aunt and cousins. The thought of living with them made me sick. You see, my aunt and uncle live in a very big house. As far as I can tell from past visits there not very likable ether. When my cousin Rachel visited a year ago, she broke my Game Cube. It was in pieces! 

              Suddenly, the bus stopped. I looked away from the window and glanced around. 

"Where are we?" I asked the bus driver

            He glanced back at me.

"Taylor County." He answered

            I quickly gathered my stuff and stood up. I looked and the bus driver. He glanced at me. I slowly walked off the bus and looked around. The smell of freshly cut grass filled my nose. Tall houses and stores lined the street. People and cars passed by. I looked for aunt Caddy's car but, it wasn't there of course. I grumbled and sat on a bench. Of course she wouldn't be here like she said that would be too convenient. I twirled my blonde hair around my finger and crossed my legs. This trip has been nothing but, hell. I sighed.

           Aunt Caddy arrived about 2 hours later. She opened the passenger door and looked at me.

"Sorry, I'm late, honey. No hard feelings, right?" she asked

          I ignored her and got in. She sighed and started driving. She glanced at my suitcase. 

"That's all you brought?" she questioned

         My cheeks grew red out of embarrassment and I looked at my hands.

"That's all i have." I answered

        She bit her lip. I looked out the window and back at my hands. 

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