As Time Ticks By

25 year old Austin Mahone has been away from his friends and girlfriend Brenna Smith for five whole months. After a final breakdown, he finally decides to go back home and spend some time with his family and friends. When he gets back, he is greeted with a surprise....Brenna is five months pregnant. After a wonderful welcome home greeting, Brenna falls down the stairs and hits her head pretty badly. She is then taken to the hospital that night.

When she wakes up from the accident, she slowly begins to loose her memory; eventually forgetting who Austin is completely. His friends begin to wonder if their love will ever be the same again, but Austin is determined that Brenna's memory will come back.

Will Brenna's memory come back and love Austin the way she did before? Or will she forget who Austin is forever and never love him again?


1. Going Home.

I slowly drove among the streets of LA as everyone passed by me. The voices and laughter pierced my ears as I watched the streets in front of me, trying my hardest not to cry. The orangey pinkish sky above me hung tightly in the air as if it was about to fall in any moment. Everyone around me looked happy, like they had purpose in life and like their life was going somewhere. I was stuck in my range rover, feeling numb and soulless as the sun slowly dragged itself into the ground; ending another day.    I was never expecting to be away from her, at least not for five months. The album was taking a long time to make and everyday I was loosing myself and loosing who I was as a person. I missed her. Every second that passed by, every sunset that slowly disappeared, and every moonlight that hung high in the clouds piercing my soul; I missed her deeply. I was asked if I wanted to do another album by a producer, and I said yes without even thinking about my friends or family….especially without even thinking about my girlfriend.    I kept driving along the streets when I heard my phone go off. I didn’t really pick my phone all day, I was too damn sad to pick it up. Yes I know; I was pathetic for not facing the music (even though I face it everyday, no pun intended), but hearing her voice made me feel like I was being stabbed in the chest 1000 times over and over. I didn’t wanna have to cry over the phone while talking to her, it would just be too much. I hated being away from her, I hated being away from all of them.   After the fourth ring, I picked up and put it on speaker. “Hello?” I yelled trying to hold back the tears. “AUSTIN, WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?” Brenna yelled through the phone. My eyesight became blurry as tears started to build up in my eyes and my nose began to sting.  “AUSTIN?” She yelled at me again. “I know, I’m sorry babe!” Suddenly there was silence that drifted through the air before Brenna began to speak. “Austin….?” She asked me calmly. I didn’t answer her as I tried so hard to hold back the tears, feeling my face turn cherry red as I did so and making an ugly facial expression at the same time. My hazel eyes became a dark brown colour (almost like a black) as I did so.  “Austin….? Austin are you crying?” For a second I didn’t answer her, but then I decided to tell her the truth. At least I wasn’t hiding anything suspicious. “Yes babe, yes I am. I am crying.”  “Why are you crying?”  “Because do you know how hard it is to be away from you and the boys? It’s SUPER HARD!!! I lost who I am as a person while being here. I hate it! I didn’t think I’d be here in LA that long.”  “Then why don’t you come home baby? I miss you and I need you here with me!”  “I know baby, I know!”  “Please come home baby, I love you.” As I kept driving along the streets, hot tears started pouring down my face one after the other and my nose became very runny. “Brenna….Brenna please don’t hang up!”  “I won’t baby, I won’t!” Brenna said sympathetically through the phone. I pulled over onto the side of the road and shut off the car. I laid on my side even though it felt uncomfortable and laid my head next to the phone. Brenna spoke up again. “Babe, why don’t you come home? Like why don’t you come home tonight? The boys would love that and I would love that to. Please come home baby, I love and I miss you.” I could here her voice cracking through the phone and I could tell she was about to cry. For a moment she didn’t say anything and I leaned over towards the phone and caressed it as if it was Brenna. “C’mon baby, please don’t cry, please don’t cry!”  “It’s hard not to Austin! I MISS YOU EVERY SINGLE DAY AND I’M TRYING TO KEEP IT TOGETHER BUT I CAN’T!!!!! I’M JUST SO LOST WITHOUT YOU, IT’S NOT EVEN FUNNY!!!”  “Baby I miss you to, I miss you to!!” We both began crying and each time we did, I realized that I needed to go home, even if it costed me an album. I needed to go home and see my beautiful girlfriend and my friends.   After hours of crying and talking to Brenna, I hung up the phone and turned on the vehicle and drove off into the night. The sky was as black as new asphalt and the stars scattered amongst the sky as if they were sprinkles on top of a cupcake. The moon shined bright in the sky leaving light onto the stores and streets that I came across. After driving for at least 15 minutes, I came across a big hotel with a bright white sign hanging on the top of it. I pulled into the parking lot and found a parking space closest to the door. Once I parked into the parking space, I shut off the car and locked it once I stepped out of it.   I walked towards the front doors and thought about what it would be like going home to Brenna and the boys. It would be a nice homecoming after five months of being LA. A smile had suddenly spread across my face as I reached the doors and opened one of them and walked through the hotel lobby. I stood at the front doors for a moment and took in a deep breath and let it all out with a smile. I placed my hands on my hips like Superman and puffed out my chest as I spoke up. “I’m going home tonight! I’m going home!” I then began to walk towards the elevator to get my stuff out of my hotel room.    The hotel had an old broadway movie feel to it. It was like taking step back into the 1920’s. It almost felt like Marilyn Monroe was gonna come out from one of the elevators in any second. The wallpaper that stuck the walls and ceiling were brown and two white fancy chandeliers hung in from one end of the room, to the other end of the room. While it looked all nice and fancy, I was glad that I was choosing to go home. It was time for me to go home.    I pressed a button that pointed upwards and stood there in front of the elevator waiting for the doors to open. I knew that I was making a sacrifice by not finishing an album (which I never did), but I was 25 years old with a girlfriend and a bunch of friends at home waiting for me. I felt like at this point in my life, it was time for me to settle down; time for me to take a break from being a famous singer and just live a normal happy life (well, one where I can spend some time with my girlfriend and friends and maybe….just maybe….have a baby in the near future). Suddenly the doors to the elevator opened and I walked right inside it. I pressed the number that ph on it and the elevator doors closed and started going up.    As the elevator was going up, I thought about Brenna; her beautiful long straight brown hair flowing down her back and her big dark brown eyes staring into mine. She was the most beautiful girl on earth that anyone could ever ask for! I loved her with all of my heart. Everything about her made me feel good about myself. She was the perfect girlfriend anyone could ever ask for. Whenever there was a game on, she’d never ask me to change the channel; instead she’d make us snacks and come watch the game with me. I always questioned her about why she did it, but she simply just told me because it was just her way of being an absolute great girlfriend; and believe me she was. She listened to everything that I had to say and she’d cuddle with me at night. A couple of times she even saved my ass from people trying to hurt me. She was one of the best girlfriends I’ve ever had. Out of all of them, she was the one that I wanted to make my wife one day. She was just simply the best.   I suddenly heard a ding coming from the elevator and the elevator doors opened right before my eyes. I looked out in front of me and saw the pent house area staring back at me. I walked out of the elevator and headed straight for my room. When I stood right in front of my door, I took the card I used to get inside out of my pocked and slid it inside the slot hole. The light suddenly went green and I pushed the doorknob downwards and pushed the door open and I walked inside the pent house suite.    The pent house suite was big. The carpets were red and the walls were brown. There was living room area and a kitchen area just right to the doorway. Right beside the kitchen there was a big master bedroom and a big huge bathroom just right beside the doorway leading inside. Beside the living room widow there was a spiral staircase that led to another master bedroom which was for a second guest. It was a beautiful pent house suite but that didn’t matter to me at that moment. I quickly walked further into the suite and turned into the master bedroom where all my clothes laid out on the floor. It’s really funny how I didn’t have anyone with me because usually I did, but this time for some odd reason, I wanted to go by myself; to which in the end I was really wrong about.    I picked up all of my clothes and shoved them in the suitcase. I grabbed all of my items that I had and packed them into a bag that I brought with me and I grabbed my carry on bag and swung it onto my shoulder and quickly got out of the suite. I sped walk up to the elevator and pressed the button to go back down to the lobby. I waited for the elevator doors to open and as soon as they opened, I walked straight inside the elevator and pressed the main floor button and the elevator doors closed and started going downwards. Once I got to the main lobby, I walked over to the checkout desk and waited for someone to assist me. After a minute of waiting, a girl with short medium brown hair walked up to the desk.  “Are you checking out today sir?” She asked me with a polite voice.  “Ye-yes I am. I’m checking out today.”  “Ok what’s your name?”  “Uhh, Austin Mahone.” She looked up at me with a grin on her face. I figured she knew who I was.  “Well then Austin, I hope you have fun going back home to your girlfriend. Brenna would be so happy to see you after five months.”  “So you’re a fan of me huh?”  “Yes I am. I mean, who isn’t a fan of your music?”  “Yeah true.” She typed away at the computer and then I checked myself out. When I was done, I began to turn away and the lady called after me. “Bye Austin, have a safe trip home.”  “Thank you.” I yelled back with a smile on my face. She smiled at me back and I looked towards the doors and headed towards them.   When I walked outside of the hotel, I headed towards the car I was renting and unlocked it as I did so. Once I got to the car, I opened up the trunk and put all my stuff into the trunk and shut it close. I walked up to the drivers side of the car and got inside of it. I buckled up and placed the keys inside the ignition and turned on the car. Once I started the car, I backed out of the parking space and drove out of the parking lot and onto the streets of LA.    I decided to drive to the studio to let the producer know that I was going home. I was in LA for five whole months, it was time for me to go home. I was exhausted and I needed to take a break from making this album. As I was driving to the studio, my mind raced with all of these scenarios that could happen. The one scenario that I was worried about was the one where he says that I couldn’t go home and that I had to stay here in LA until the album was finished, which would’ve made me break down and cry. I didn’t wanna loose my friends or my girlfriend, and I felt that if I stayed any longer, I would loose them and never get them back ever again; and that thought broke my heart.   After twenty minutes or so of driving, I finally got to the studio. I pulled into the parking lot and parked into a parking space closest to the door. I turned off the ignition and got out of the car. Once I got out of the car and slammed the car door shut, I locked it behind me. I then began walking towards the studio with my heart pounding hard in my chest. It felt like there was an 808 drum inside of me that was replacing my heart. I was really scared to tell him that I wanted to go home to my friends and my lovely girlfriend Brenna Smith. When I got to the door, I pulled it open with all of my might and walked inside. The hallway was kind of dark with only one lightbulb to light up the whole area. The walls were a dark brown and the carpet was like a sandy kind of brown. There were many pictures that hung on the walls beside me.  They were pictures of legendary artists. There was one of Elvis Presley, Madonna, and there was also one of my favourite artists-Michael Jackson. I walked slowly to the studio with my heart pumping steadily now, but my hands and legs were shaking like a person wearing t-shirt and shorts on a very cold winter day.    Once I was close enough to the door, I knocked on it about three times. I waited for him to come up to the door and open. It only took him a minute, but it felt like an eternity waiting for him. He opened the door with a smile spread across his face. Music was playing softly in the background. “AUSTIN, BUDDY!”  “Hey man!” I said in a nervous tone.  “WHY DON’T YOU COME IN?” He asked me. “Umm, sure.” I said, still feeling nervous. I walked into the sorta darkened room and sat on a brown leather couch that he had in his studio.  “So AUSTIN!”  “Yes.”  “What can I do for you on this wonderful night?”  “Well, I need to ask you a question.”  “Anything for the greatest singer of all time.”  “Uhh, thanks.”  “So….spit it out man, what is it?”  “Well….I was just wondering….”  “Just wondering what….?”  “I was just wondering….if I could….maybe…..go home.” He looked at me with a questioned face. “What do you mean?” I leaned forward and put my arms on my knees and explained to him what I meant using my hands for expression. “What I mean is that I wanna go home and see my family. I haven’t seen them in five months and I think it’s time for me to go home.” I then sat back in the sofa again. “I mean you’ve seen it. I’ve barley gotten a word down for new songs and my head is not in the game anymore.”  “It was in the game five months ago….” He told me.  “Yeah, maybe five months ago, but it’s not anymore. I need to go home and take a break. I mean, I should be settling down instead of doing this right now. I should be acting like an adult and spending time with my family!” For a moment he didn’t say anything. He then let out a big sigh and looked at me.  “Well, I can’t stop you from doing what you want, but you know if you do this; the whole project goes to waste.” “I’m not worried about that right now, I just wanna go home.”  “Then I’m not gonna stop you, it’s your choice to go home and see your family, but I’m just saying the project isn’t going to be here waiting for you. I’ve got other artists lined up and ready to work with me; and if you no longer want work with me, then I’m not gonna stop you. But what’s your manager gonna say about this?”  “I’ll deal with that when I get home, but right now I need to go home and see my family.”  “Ok then fine, you can go home.”  “Thank you.” I got up for the sofa and headed towards the door.  “It’s just a shame that you’d let a great talent go to waste.” I turned around and looked at him before I headed out the door. “I’m 25 years old, I think my talent isn’t wasted. I used it enough. I just need some time to take a break from this life.”  “It’s just a shame. I mean you’re so good. Heck, you risen to the top last year.”  “Well maybe I’ll get that time back, but for now, you’re just gonna have to deal with me settling down.”  “Fine.”  “Ok, bye.”  “Bye.” I walked out the door and headed down the hallway where the door that led to the outside was.    I opened the door and walked outside towards the car. I unlocked the car as I walked towards it and hopped inside the drivers seat. I shut the drivers side door and turned on the ignition and drove out of the parking space and parking lot and drove off into the streets of LA. Once I got to the LAX airport, I parked the car where the rental cars were and I walked inside the airport. I quickly payed for the time I rented the car then walked towards the ticket area to buy the tickets. Once I bought the tickets, I walked up to the desk to check myself in and I placed my suitcase and another bag onto the carousel. When everything was approved, I walked up to security and put everything inside of the bucket and walked through the machine. Everything was clear and I once I got my stuff, I walked towards the gate number the airplane was gonna be at and I sat down waiting for the plane to arrive. I can’t believe I was actually going home. All this time, I was too scared to do it; but now I was finally doing it. I couldn’t wait to go home. I was gonna see my girlfriend, and also my friends. My night couldn’t have gotten any better.     
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