As Time Ticks By

25 year old Austin Mahone has been away from his friends and girlfriend Brenna Smith for five whole months. After a final breakdown, he finally decides to go back home and spend some time with his family and friends. When he gets back, he is greeted with a surprise....Brenna is five months pregnant. After a wonderful welcome home greeting, Brenna falls down the stairs and hits her head pretty badly. She is then taken to the hospital that night.

When she wakes up from the accident, she slowly begins to loose her memory; eventually forgetting who Austin is completely. His friends begin to wonder if their love will ever be the same again, but Austin is determined that Brenna's memory will come back.

Will Brenna's memory come back and love Austin the way she did before? Or will she forget who Austin is forever and never love him again?


2. Back In Miami; Brenna's P.O.V


  I sat in the living room with nothing but the lamp light on. Everything else in the house was pitch black. I pictured Austin sitting beside me, my head laying on his lap and my arms tucked inside my body. I looked down at my stomach, softly rubbing the fat that stuck out in front of me. That’s right, I’m five months pregnant. I only found out just a couple of days after Austin left for LA. There were multiple times that I wanted to tell him, but I was too sad to tell him. I didn’t think that there was any moment to tell him that I was pregnant. It wasn’t like he was gonna get home and get upset that I was pregnant, I’m five months along; I’ve never cheated on him once.    As I sat there rubbing my stomach, I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. I widened my eyes and quickly turned my head to see who was coming down the stairs. It was Robert. As he got down the last step, he sleepily walked over to the entrance of the living room. “Brenna, what are you still doing up? You should be going to bed.” I kept rubbing my stomach and I looked down at it sadly. “I know, I just miss Austin.” I looked up at Robert who looked at me sadly. “I know, we all miss him; but I guess we just have to wait a little longer until he comes back. I know it’s taking a long time, but we have to be patient.” Tears started to well in my eyes. Robert then grabbed my hand.  “Why don’t you just come up to bed. I’ll help you up the stairs.” I looked at him sadly.  “Fine.” He placed a hand on my back which suddenly sent a chill up and down my spine. I slowly stood up and he began to slowly walk me over to the bottom steps. He then lifted one leg up and I followed after him. We slowly kept going up the stairs, with me following his footsteps. As we got up to the landing, Robert turned towards me.  “Are you ok walking to the door by yourself?” I looked at him with a smile. “Yeah I think I’m fine.”  “Are you sure? Cause it’s kinda dark out here in the hallway.” “Yes Robert, I’m fine.” “Ok, goodnight Brenna.”  “Night Robert.” He walked towards his room and I walked towards mine. I opened the door to my room and shut it behind me. I slowly walked over to my bed and got into it carefully. I pulled the covers over me and turned my head to the right side and began to fall asleep.   See here’s the thing about Robert and I. Ever since I came into the picture of their lives, Robert has had this big crush on me. I met them all at a red carpet event when I was starting out my music career. They all came up to me and introduced themselves (even though I already knew them). Austin and I hit it off in an instant and Robert kept looking at the both of us like he was a sad lost puppy. Everyone knew that he had a big crush on me, and maybe a little part of me likes him to; but I’m very much in love with Austin. Austin Makes me feel happy, like I can be myself without any worries; and I know he’s gonna be a wonderful father to our child. He means everything to me and I’m not gonna let that go to waste.    As I began to drift off to sleep, everything went black for a moment. Suddenly, I was in a bedroom. I could hear moaning and groaning coming from two people. I looked over to see Robert and I….I don’t wanna explain it. I looked at us from a viewers point of view then I was suddenly put into my place. I looked into Roberts eyes but for some odd reason, they didn’t feel like Roberts. Suddenly, Robert turned into Austin and Austin was angry. He began screaming at me.  “I KNOW YOU LOVE HIM!!! I KNOW YOU LOVE ROBERT!!!! YOU DON’T LOVE ME!!! YOU NEVER LOVED ME!!!” Everything began to turn black around me and it was just me and Austin. I felt like I couldn’t breathe, like someone was strangling me. I saw myself in Austin’s eyes and I could see my face turning blue. I suddenly woke up to myself screaming and I jolted right up in my bed. I felt tears trickling down my face and I wiped them both one at a time away and looked at them with a questioned face. I then began crying into my hands. I suddenly heard my door burst open and I could hear someone calling out to me, but I couldn’t make out who it was. “Brenna? Brenna are you ok?” The person suddenly moved from the door right beside me like he was Superman. I looked up to see Alex staring at me. The light in the hallway was on and it was hurting my eyes. I looked towards it while squinting my eyes.  “Why is the light in the hallway on?” I asked him as I turned back to look at him. He looked at me with worry.  “Well, I heard screaming coming from your bedroom and I thought that maybe you fell so I turned the light on in the hallway to see where I’m going.” I looked down at my blanket.  “You didn’t have to do that.” I said looking back at him. “Well, I wanted to.” I looked at him with a smile and he looked at me with a smile as well. After a moment of looking at each other with smiles on our faces, I looked back at my blanket. “So, what was all the screaming about?” I looked up at him not changing my stressed out expression on my face.  “I umm, I umm, I had a nightmare!”  “About what?” He asked me. I looked at him with sadness spread across my face. “It was about Austin and Robert.”  “What about them?” He asked me. I looked back at him. “Umm, I was in bed with Robert. We were umm….sleeping together.” “Really? You were sleeping together?” I looked up at him. “Please don’t ask me that question, it makes me feel worse about the situation.”  “Well, why do you feel bad, it never actually happened. ….Did it?” I looked at him with an ‘are you kidding me’ expression on my face. “Heck no! I would never sleep with Robert. I’m a very faithful person.”  “Ok, so tell me more about what happened.”  “Well Robert turned into Austin and Austin was really angry. He yelled at me saying that he knew I loved him, that he knew I loved Robert. He said that I didn’t love him, that I never loved him.” Alex looked at me with a sad face. “Well, you know that’s not true right?”  “There’s more…” I said in a fearful voice with a tear rolling down my eye.  “Everything around us turned black and then I couldn’t breathe. When I looked into his eyes my face started turning blue. That’s when I realized that I knew he was choking me. That’s when I woke up screaming and jolting up straight in my bed. It was horrible!” I said starting to cry again. I placed my head in my hands and began to burst into tears again. Alex began to rub my back.  “It’s ok Brenna, it was just dream. It’s not like it ever happened.” I looked back at him with tears streaming down my face. “I know it never happened, but it’s a dream that I’d never wanna think about ever again! I hate that dream.” Alex continued to rub my back.  “Well, I promise that you won’t have that dream again. It’s just a one time thing.”  “I know.” I told him. He smiled at me and got up from my bed. He started walking towards the door and turned back towards me with a small smile on his face. “Are you gonna be ok?”  “Yeah, I think so.”  “Ok.” I smiled a small smile at him. “Night Brenna.”  “Night Alex.” He then shut the door behind him and I laid back down and began to fall back asleep.   A couple hours later, I woke up to my phone blowing up with my text ringtone and I looked up to see that the sky was an aqua blue, indicating that it was now dawn. I grabbed my phone while grunting and complained a little. “UGH, who would call me at this hour?” I sat up in my bed with my phone in my head and I checked the text. The text was from Austin. I widened my eyes as I read what it said.  Austin: Hey babe, I just got on my flight from the LAX airport. I’ll be home in a few hours. Love you. <3 :* I smiled at the text and I texted him back. Me: I love you to baby. I’ll be waiting for you in bed. Just make sure to close the door on the way in; and be very quiet. Everyone’s still gonna be asleep.  Austin: Ok baby, I love you. <3 :*  Me. I love you to. <3 :* I put my phone down an fell back asleep.    Another couple hours later, I woke up to someone banging something in the kitchen. I woke up with a questioned look on my face and got up from the bed.  “DAMN IT!!!” I heard someone scream through the door. I walked right up to the door and opened it. I peeked my head outside of the door and looked around to see if anyone was upstairs. I heard the sounds coming from the kitchen. I walked down the stairs to see who was down there. When I got to the bottom of the stairs, I saw Robert doing something in the kitchen. “Robert?” I called out to him. He turned around to see me standing at the end of the stairs.  “Oh, umm, hey Brenna, what are you doing up?”  “I just heard some noise coming form upstairs and was wondering what it was. What are you doing up?”  “I’m just umm, trying to umm, I was just….”  “Robert?” I asked him.  “I’m sorry Brenna.” He said in a soft voice. I knew by this time that he was starting to cry. “Robert please don’t cry, tell me what’s up.” I quickly walked over to him and placed my hand on his back. He just stood there with his hands on the counter, silently crying. “Robert, please tell me what’s wrong-“ He suddenly turned around fast without any warning making me back up from him. His eyes were all red and sore looking from crying. “I just don’t get it!”  “Get what?”  “Why you’re with him!” For a second I didn’t know who he was talking about, but then I figured it out. “Because I love him Robert. That’s why I’m with him.” This time he was facing the sink trying so hard not to cry. “And you’re having a baby with him.”  “Yeah so?” He turned around with tears streaming down his face. “And he doesn’t even know about it!”  “Because I haven’t found the perfect time.”  “The perfect time? THE PERFECT TIME?” I made fists with my hands and got really angry at him. “YOU’RE NOT REALLY ANGRY ABOUT THIS!!! YOU’RE JUST ANGRY BECAUSE YOU WANNA BE WITH ME AND YOU CAN’T!!! YOU NEED TO STOP THIS ROBERT!!! YOU NEED TO STOP THIS NOW!!! STOP TRYING TO COME AFTER ME!!! I LOVE AUSTIN AND THIS NEEDS TO STOP!”  “OH REALLY? YOU LOVE HIM? THEN EXPLAIN WHY I FEEL LIKE YOU HAVE SOME SORT OF FEELING FOR ME INSIDE OF THAT HEART OF YOURS!!” He said as he jabbed his finger on the left side of my chest. I grabbed his finger and twisted it a little. “First of all. Don’t.Touch.Me.Like.That!” I threw his finger out of my way and crossed my arms over my chest. “And second of all. It’s because you want me so bad that you’re willing to think that I have some sort of feeling for you which I don’t. So you need to stop this. Before it gets out of hand.” I began to walk away from the kitchen and was about to walk up the stairs when I heard the door open. I turned to suddenly see Austin walking through the door. I widened my eyes.  “AUSTIN!!!” I screamed as I turned around and ran up to him and jumped on him making him fall down because of my weight gain. I kissed him passionately for a minute then looked at him with a smile. He looked at me and drew a big grin on his face. “Hey gorgeous. How’s my girl doing?”  “I’m doing fine….” I then got up and stood nice and tall right in front of him and began to rub my obvious pregnant belly. “Actually…we’re doing fine!” He widened his eyes.  “You’re pregnant?” He asked me. “Yep, with your baby sweetie. And he or she is going to be a beautiful baby. I’m sure that if it’s a boy it’s gonna look like his daddy and that if it’s a girl, it’s gonna look like her mommy.” He smiled a huge smile and quickly got up and ran over towards me and gave me a big hug while doing a little mini spin with me in his arms. He then put me down and looked at me with a loving smile and happiness in his eyes.  “I can see that you’re happy baby, I love it! You deserve to be happy sweetie.” He looked at me with a huge smile on his face. “I know I do.” He told me. He then lifted me up into his arms and gave me a passionate kiss. After our passionate kiss, Austin looked up from me and saw Robert standing in the kitchen. He smiled a friendly smile at him.  “Oh hey man!” He let go of my arms and walked over to him. I looked at them both with a smile on my face. “Hey man!” They did their bro hand shake and Austin talked to him for a little bit. After they were done, Austin walked over to me and we began walking up the stairs.   As we were walking up the stairs, I felt something hit me from behind and I fell onto the stairs hitting my head pretty hard. Then suddenly, everything turned black. 
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