The Diary

Summer is forced to live with four boys while her parents leave for a trip, she never thought they would find the thing no one was ever supposed to see...


4. Liv's POV

DAMN Luke is hot like be my daddy please!

Ok let's stop writing before this gets even weirder "Liv come watch Poltergeist with us!" Luke yells I run downstairs and sit down next to him. As the movie gets scarier I move closer to Luke m, only like an hour into the movie I'm baisicly in top of him. "You scared babe?" Luke whispers in my ear giving me the chills "yeah" I say back.

He pulls me closer and closer as the movie goes on, he suddenly gets really tense he jumps up and runs to the bathroom, me and the boys try to catch up but because of his long legs we can't he gets to the bathroom and locks it. "I think he's sick" Calum says "no dip Sherlock can you not hear him vomiting in there, Luke please let me in" I say "no I can let you see me like this"

"Olivia I think he's more than just sick"

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