Teenage Queen

She was the most popular girl in school and everyone knew it.
She was the most beautiful girl in school and everyone knew it.
She was a teenage queen and everyone knew it.
She was pretty, perfect and popular.
She ain't got no time for you.


4. Yearbook

"Hey, will you sign my notebook?" 
I glanced up from where I was sat, scribbling down notes for my next upcoming exam.
I came face to face with a pair of bright, blue pair of eyes, taking my breath away for a moment.
Lee smiled at me and I smiled back, almost in a daze as I replied
"Sure thing" 
She handed me her book, which was filled to the brim with signatures and I looked for a place to sign.
"Here's a spot" Lee said, pointing to an oddly perfect spot in the middle of the page.
I quickly wrote down a message
"Hey, Lee! Stay as cool as ever! ;)" 
She beamed at me, waving a quick goodbye and strutting off in the other direction.
"Huh, looks like somebody's got a thing for little ol' Calum" Michael teased, coming up behind me.
"As if!" I muttered
"Seriously, I was signing her yearbook earlier and she wouldn't let anybody else sign the little spot she was saving for you" Michael told me and I raised and eyebrow, my heart skipping a beat.
I looked over to wear Lee was chatting with her friends and I caught her eye. She quickly smiled at me and then looked away, a faint blush across her cheeks.
"Well I'll be damned" I mumbled, hope rising inside of me.


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