Teenage Queen

She was the most popular girl in school and everyone knew it.
She was the most beautiful girl in school and everyone knew it.
She was a teenage queen and everyone knew it.
She was pretty, perfect and popular.
She ain't got no time for you.


6. Tutor

"Great going, Lee! Now you have to find a date!" I huffed to myself.
I was laid in my bed, my music blasting loudly as I thought about what to do.
"It's not like I want to go out with anyone" I sighed loudly.
I was lying. There was one boy at school that my heart skip a beat when I saw him.
Calum Hood, the star of the football (soccer) team.
I never admitted it but I had always secretly liked him. He was such a gentleman compared to everyone else I've ever gone out with and I'd only had two conversations with him....
"Lee? Lee, can you come downstairs? We've got visitors!" My mother called and I quickly turned my music off.
"Coming, mother!" I replied loudly, getting up and smoothing out the creases on my dress.
It was most likely business colleagues of my fathers that my parents wanted to impress with their 'perfect' little daughter.
I hurried downstairs, taking two steps at a time and taking a deep breath as I opened the kitchen door.
"Hello!" I smiled politely as I came into the room and sat down beside my mother.
My maths teacher was sat down at the dining table and I looked at my father with a confused expression on my face.
"Is there a problem?" I asked calmly, glancing at my mother and then my teacher, Mr. Walker.
"No, there's no problem. Mr. Walker was actually just explaining how well you were doing in Maths" My mother told me and I smiled, even though I knew I was acing all my classes.
"Anyway, Mr. Walker was saying that you would be able to get 10% extra credit if you tutor a student twice a week" My father continued and I frowned.
"I'm not really sure I have the time...." I trailed off.
"Well, I strongly advise it. I wouldn't trust many people to tutor Calum" Mr. Walker added.
"Calum Hood?" I asked, my eyes widening in disbelief.
"The one and only. Sadly, he can't get good grades in Maths and be a star player also" Mr. Walker sighed.
"Oh? Is that who Calum Hood is?" My father questioned.
My father was a big fan of football and often came to watch all the home matches.
As Mr. Walker and my father discussed the team I considered the offer of tutoring Calum.
"I'll do it" I decided and Mr. Walker and my parents beamed.
"Great!" Mr. Walker said, clapping his hands together happily.
"Well, Calum should still be at the school, at football practice for another 20 minutes if you'd like to discuss a schedule" Mr. Walker informed me and my parents nodded.
"Although it's rather cold outside so change into something warmer" My mother added and I agreed, waving goodbye and heading back up to my bedroom, a small smile on my face. 


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